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Cherry Cricket

2641 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

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(303) 322-7666

  • Sun - Sat 11:00am - 2:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars, Burger Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 216 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Cherry Cricket in Denver, CO
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Blogger Reviews of Cherry Cricket

  • SandBookWich on Aug 23, 2013

    Im going to go ahead and marry this sandwich from The Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado. It is grilled delicious goodness. Piled with Swiss Cheese, avocado, tomato, grilled onion, and 1000 Island dressing

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Cherry Cricket Reviews

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  • Juan Carlos JSuper hamburguesas!, gran lugar y ambiente!

    55555 by Juan Carlos J

  • Justin C.One of the best burgers I've ever had. Do yourself a favor and go nuts with toppings like pb&j or cream cheese!

    55555 by Justin C.

  • Michael T.Awesome, large burgers - very tasty, and customized to exactly what you want. Thin-cut fries are better seasoned than the steak-cut. Would recommend.

    55555 by Michael T.

  • J CNever disappoints Lil Cricket with avocado, grilled onions, and a fried egg on top.

    55555 by J C

  • Ed NEd Simm says " The Best Burgers in town"

    55555 by Ed N

  • Marc E.MentalFloss 25Iconic BurgerSpots(US): Angus chuck patty w/bcn, egg, chz, & onions; Build-your-own options: beef, turkey, bison, black bean burger; Tops include cream cheese, PButter and jalapeño jelly

    55555 by Marc E.

  • Daniel JGreat wings

    55555 by Daniel J

  • lino b.Temporarily closed!!

    33333 by lino b.

  • Jamie NHave a burger any way you can imagine it!

    55555 by Jamie N

  • David EKitchen closes at midnight

    22222 by David E

  • Scented AAbsolutely Delicious! The bison burger is definitely a favorite, but ALL of their menu items are really amazing! The wait isn't too long and the staff is super friendly! Always a pleasure visiting!

    55555 by Scented A

  • Michael S.Best burgers

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Joey H.great burger! added bleu cheese, bacon, and green chile strips. foursquare hooked it up with a free brownie too!

    55555 by Joey H.

  • Addison G.Burgers are one of a kind, literally, since you make your own. I recommend getting the 1/4 burgers cause those are filling enough.

    55555 by Addison G.

  • Mark HoenerI'm still not sure why people like cherry cricket so much, there are better options for burgers out there.

    33333 by Mark Hoener

  • Alyssa MGreat customizable burgers!

    55555 by Alyssa M

  • Stina P.one of the best burgers in denver. infinite amounts of topping choices from smoked cheddar to peanut butter. they also serve awesome steak fries and a great chicken caesar salad

    55555 by Stina P.

  • PureWowYou’re the boss at this build-your-own-burger joint--you could even top your patty with grilled pineapple and peanut butter. (But, um, we wouldn’t recommend it.)

    33333 by PureWow

  • Ben MaxwellLegendary Denver haunt. Good burgers, great atmosphere, almost like a time warp in an excellent way.

    55555 by Ben Maxwell

  • Seresa DBurgers fries and cheese enchiladas

    55555 by Seresa D

  • Stephane MBurgers a little overrated but still very good and with a lot of customization. French fries are whatever.

    55555 by Stephane M

  • Michael C.Fantastic burgers and sandwiches... great beer selection. Loved the hot, crispy onion rings and stellar fries. 🍔🍟🍺

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Sarah C.The Bison burger was delicious. Fries were mediocre. Staff very friendly.

    55555 by Sarah C.

  • Heather M.Best burgers in cherry creek! The herbed cream cheese is the best and wing sauce+fries=amazzzzing!!

    55555 by Heather M.

  • Mike DCricket Burger, the shakes, and the wings + stuffed peppers are all wonderful. Be prepared to wait on Saturday nights, though.

    55555 by Mike D

  • John BThe burgers are to die for

    55555 by John B

  • Kaila S.Delicious green chili, burgers, and even turkey sandwiches. Huge beer list!

    55555 by Kaila S.

  • Franc ABison burgers YUM!

    55555 by Franc A

  • Eric NBest burgers in Denver.

    55555 by Eric N

  • Daniel JSensational burger

    55555 by Daniel J

  • Matthew L.Some say it's the best burger in town. I would rate it high, but there are other greats in town too.

    55555 by Matthew L.

  • Eliana SСамые вкусные бургеры тут

    55555 by Eliana S

  • Natalie S.Their hot herbed artichoke dip is to die for. Super delicious. A bit of a dive but food and service is what keeps me coming back.

    55555 by Natalie S.

  • Pat SinatraBeen there done that...just the other day. Built my burger. Yum! Sat outside. Had a mule.

    55555 by Pat Sinatra

  • Pat SinatraCricket Burger done your way!

    55555 by Pat Sinatra

  • Roberto B.They are known to be the best burger in Colorado. The patty is very juicy and I had mine with an egg, grilled onions and green chili sauce. It's good, but Texas burger joints are much better.

    55555 by Roberto B.

  • Clint CBest burger joint in Denver! You can have anything they have in the kitchen put on your burger.

    55555 by Clint C

  • Jordan W.No burger options for vegetarians so I tried the Mexican which was ok. I wouldn't go back again.

    33333 by Jordan W.

  • Kelly WeaverCricket Burger with Bacon, Cream Cheese, Jalapeño, and yes Raspberry Jam. Unreal. I was skeptical at the suggestion, but just go with it.

    55555 by Kelly Weaver

  • Michael RThe Burgers ❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by Michael R

  • Usaj R.Always check out their burger of the month! It's always an amazing combination of delicious ingredients, and a great price!

    55555 by Usaj R.

  • Josh D.Burgers are great

    55555 by Josh D.

  • Bronzie JThe tangy wings

    55555 by Bronzie J

  • Steve H.If you can't find a good burger here, you're doing something wrong - green chili is great too

    55555 by Steve H.

  • Natalie S.The gyro sub is delicious. Very laid back relaxed atmosphere and good prices for great food.

    55555 by Natalie S.

  • Daniel Glen M.Cricket burger.

    33333 by Daniel Glen M.

  • Elsbeth T.Mash puppies are great and peanut butter and fried egg burger is a must try!

    55555 by Elsbeth T.

  • RaynaGo for happy hour, they have two a day. Wide variety of burger toppings, I get sour cream, raspberry jam, and grilled onions. Love their atomic wings too!

    55555 by Rayna

  • Erin G.Denver staple featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; it's not hard to tell why once you arrive. Build your burger however you damn well please :)

    55555 by Erin G.

  • Jay H.Cool old spot to have a beer.

    55555 by Jay H.

  • Kip MBurgers are big.

    55555 by Kip M

  • Lauren DI'm from Chicago and everyone said this pace has the best burgers. Well we get there and there is a 20 min wait, while multiple tables are open, order a burger medium rare, comes back a hockey puck :(

    33333 by Lauren D

  • Kevin RipperGet a peanut butter and jam burger with bacon. The best burger I've ever had.

    55555 by Kevin Ripper

  • Diana D.Burgers and frings = yum!

    55555 by Diana D.

  • Kevin OttomeyerFringe and little cricket

    55555 by Kevin Ottomeyer

  • Debbie JThrow an egg on it!

    33333 by Debbie J

  • Seth T.Recommend the half pound Cricket Burger with Cream Cheese, Fried Egg, Bacon, Red Onion, and Green Chili Strips.

    55555 by Seth T.

  • Jacqueline LombardiBurgers are always good, but the Cobb is what I go for when I'm here.

    55555 by Jacqueline Lombardi

  • Scott RGreat green chili

    55555 by Scott R

  • SheniaThe Cherry Cricket was on our bucket list of local places to try and it exceeded or expectations! The food was incredible and service was fast for as busy as they were.

    55555 by Shenia

  • Andrea LBest burger in Denver hands down and the fries are terrific too! I love the gyro Sammy when I want to change it up too.

    55555 by Andrea L

  • Jacobo SBurgers and outdoor scenery. What's also great is the service!😄

    55555 by Jacobo S

  • Elise MTry the cricket burger. Get whatcha like.

    55555 by Elise M

  • Nathan SFood was very good. Atmosphere was phenomenal. Made this Texan very happy. "20 minute wait" was more like 11-13. A+!

    55555 by Nathan S

  • Meakie Meakthe onion rings are awesome

    55555 by Meakie Meak

  • Thomas P.Burgers! They are excellent

    55555 by Thomas P.

  • Brian TranSaw this place on Man vs. Food and had to come try it. The Cricket burger was really good here!

    55555 by Brian Tran

  • Juan AHalf pounder with sliced pinnapples, Philly cheese and jalapeños! 🍔👌😍😌😋

    55555 by Juan A

  • Chai O.A very tasty burger, and they know the proper way to cook it. Definitely take advantage of their many toppings.

    55555 by Chai O.

  • Sabrajett H.Everything is good. Outstanding burgers, onion rings. Can get really busy

    55555 by Sabrajett H.

  • Jason A.Burgers and a non-cherry creek atmosphere

    55555 by Jason A.

  • Whitney KleiberFarmers salad

    55555 by Whitney Kleiber

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Cherry Cricket as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate , Man vs Food

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Erik MThey switched to frozen burger pattys. No bueno at all.

    22222 by Erik M

  • Cari BlainBurgers and beer. Hands down best place.

    55555 by Cari Blain

  • Terra LeighAmazing food, decor, and service!

    55555 by Terra Leigh

  • JillMac and cheese wedges are amazing!

    55555 by Jill

  • Rhea ADana found true love here.

    55555 by Rhea A

  • Michael RYou have to go here at least three times. You have to eat the burgers. Like heaven in your hand!

    55555 by Michael R

  • Nadia T.This is the place to be for a family dinner, a date or a beer. Burgers are mouthwatering and various beers.

    55555 by Nadia T.

  • Drew B.AC/DC Pinball.

    55555 by Drew B.

  • Nadia GedeonSurf & Turf burger. Quote after giving someone a bite. "That's an incredible f (bleep) burger! Yum!

    55555 by Nadia Gedeon

  • Amy M.Bring back the queso!

    33333 by Amy M.

  • Jill L.Try a 1/4 lb burger with her bed cream cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and grilled onions. Delicious. Also- fried jalapeños!!! Yum!

    55555 by Jill L.

  • Daisy B.Let charbroiled chicken breast burger is DELICIOUS!

    55555 by Daisy B.

  • Serious EatsThe Cricket can get crazy crowded. You may be able to skirt the wait list by asking to sit at the back bar.

    33333 by Serious Eats

  • Ray T.Try the Alice chicken sandwich

    55555 by Ray T.

  • Jim C.Best burgers in Denver.

    55555 by Jim C.

  • HansReady for adventure?! Get a burger and top it with PB, bacon, and jalapeños! It will blow your mind!

    55555 by Hans

  • Doug B.Champ place if you get a craving for a burger! Good beer selections.

    55555 by Doug B.

  • Alecia B.Great burgers and brews plus a nice laid back ambience.

    55555 by Alecia B.

  • Peter N.EAT HERE!!!!

    55555 by Peter N.

  • Name.comGet the cricket burger! #justdoit

    33333 by Name.com

  • Paul B.yummy... get the fried mac and cheese!

    55555 by Paul B.

  • Desiree G.My first time here and I gotta say better than Red Robin :)

    55555 by Desiree G.

  • Eric S.Try the Cricket Burger! The absolute best!

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Gayle H.Great Onion Rings and cold beer!

    55555 by Gayle H.

  • Jennifer A.Great burgers!

    55555 by Jennifer A.

  • ThrillistTopping their legendary Cricket burger with green chile, an egg, and bacon is always a good choice. Wash it down with one of 23 beers on tap.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Taras T.Cricket burger with herb cream cheese was awesome! Great place, but a little bit pricey in my opinion. Definitely MUST to try. 

    55555 by Taras T.

  • Annie F.Put peanut butter on your burger, sounds gross but so delicious!

    55555 by Annie F.

  • Anthony C.Food was good but the attitudes were horrible... The waiters rolled their eyes at us and told us tho go back to Aurora, like we didn't hear them... We are from northern Chicago? 3 thumbs down..

    22222 by Anthony C.

  • Dustin S.Ask for "The Dustin". That's one of everything on your burger. Also, ask for a napkin.

    33333 by Dustin S.

  • Jeff K.Horseradish, grilled onions, and guacamole.

    55555 by Jeff K.

  • Tiffany M.Everything is good. Juicy epic burgers.

    55555 by Tiffany M.

  • Donal W.Get eggs bacon and peanut butter

    55555 by Donal W.

  • Alex B.Just had the best burger of my life:Cricket burgerCream cheeseFried egg whitesSautéed mushroomsFresh avocadoGrilled onionsGrilled pineapple

    55555 by Alex B.

  • Josh R.Great tangy wings, amazing burgers and a huge selections of craft and regular beers

    55555 by Josh R.

  • Tom K.What a great mushroom burger!!

    55555 by Tom K.

  • Trent T.GREAT burger! Hung out here all through law school. One of my favs!

    55555 by Trent T.

  • Alex K.Believe the hype. Best burger in Denver. Great upscale dive bar atmosphere too!

    55555 by Alex K.

  • Tom V.Best burger in town! #Denver

    55555 by Tom V.

  • Ava R.Try the rum punch! It's delicious.

    55555 by Ava R.

  • Brett O.Get a fried egg on your burger, or as I like to call it, "time deployed unborn-chicken sauce."

    55555 by Brett O.

  • Derek H.Best Burger. Try the cream cheese on the burger. Its pretty good

    55555 by Derek H.

  • Alyssa O.Attempted to enjoy a beer and burger with a group but was treated rudely by an OBNOXIOUS employee. Hospitality is definitely not a strong point for them.

    22222 by Alyssa O.

  • Stef J.Freaking awesome turkey Reuben. Get it w/ avocado.

    55555 by Stef J.

  • Cherry C.We have new beers! Come try them all!

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • Sunny G.Turkey burger with provolone, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo and hot sauce. The onion rings are the best I've ever had - Crist all the way through.

    55555 by Sunny G.

  • Diana H.Phenominal! Cherry Cricket burger...yum!!!

    55555 by Diana H.

  • Corey J.Try the Cricket Burger - Ripped from the Man vs. Food headlines: The Cricket Burger. Topped with green chile strips, cream cheese & white cheddar. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Corey J.

  • EaterIt gives a comfortable atmosphere in the center of Cherry Creek, but it has elevated untraditional burger toppings like peanut butter, cream cheese & wing sauce to new heights. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Ryan L.Jason at the Bar will take great care of you. Get the Mac & Cheese wedges and ask him about his special burger. Tip will dammit!!!

    55555 by Ryan L.

  • Men's Health MagIf you can handle it, order the half-pounder Cricket Burger. Then, ask them to slather on peanut butter and a fried egg. No, really. You'll have the world's most unforgettable, decadent burger.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • EaterThis place provide a comfortable dive atmosphere in the center of Cherry Creek, but it has elevated less traditional burger toppings like peanut butter, cream cheese and wing sauce to new heights.

    55555 by Eater

  • Jessica L.Such a good place :)

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • Axel M.Awesome food, but if you're getting a burger the fries or whatever side is extra. Great scene and staff. Some fine trim dropping by, too

    55555 by Axel M.

  • MaryFring it on!! Order the frings- half fried half onion rings!

    33333 by Mary

  • TheReal J.Try a peanut butter burger with pepperjack and bacon, it's my fav creation I've made there!

    55555 by TheReal J.

  • Cherry C.Come get our Cherry Cricket sliders! Made from the same delicious beef as our Cricket burgers but only smaller. Available from 10-midnight!

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • amyI know everyone loves the burgers but the Avocado Melt is my FAVORITE!! Try it!

    55555 by amy

  • Frank B.The turkey burger was the best turkey burger ever!

    55555 by Frank B.

  • kyla s.a burger with cream cheese, and green chilies is the way to go!

    33333 by kyla s.

  • MeyvemixMeyvemix Juice... Follow us!

    11111 by Meyvemix

  • Elisabeth E.I eat/spend too much (happily) at Cherry Cricket often. But though I follow Travel Channel + Man v Food Nation List on Foursquare, I can't earn TC/MvFN badge when I check in. (Is the badge retired?)

    55555 by Elisabeth E.

  • Cherry C.Come in from 10-Midnight and try our Cricket burger sliders! So delicious.

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • Julie B.Best bartenders and Burgers in Cherry Creek!

    55555 by Julie B.

  • Melissa T.Try an Apricot Ale with your favorite Cricket Burger

    55555 by Melissa T.

  • Mary S.OMG get the buffalo chicken salad

    55555 by Mary S.

  • Cherry C.Late night happy hour! 3$ Absolute, Skyy, and Wild Turkey. 4$ rumple, jager, and Jameson. 1$ off all draft beer, house wine, and well drinks. And sliders!

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • Jeff T.Try the Green Chili - #spicy (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeff T.

  • Manny P.Come for the egg and chili burgers, stay for the biceps on the servers.

    55555 by Manny P.

  • Cherry C.Get excited! Only 2 weeks until St. Pats. Make your plans at the Cherry Cricket!

    33333 by Cherry C.

  • Andrea A.Friends who share frings are friends forever.

    55555 by Andrea A.

  • Brad S.The sign out front completes 2,096,640 full rotations a year.

    33333 by Brad S.

  • Cherry C.Happy Valentines Day! Choco Razz Martinis and late night happy hour from 10-midnight featuring sliders!

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • Jackal A.Get the Cricket Burger add pepper jack cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and don't forget to get a basket of onion rings!! +9,000 internets if you can finish it all.

    55555 by Jackal A.

  • Adam M.Try the cricket with avocado, cream cheese, beer mustard, swiss and Bermuda onions.

    55555 by Adam M.

  • Pamela V.The Jalapeño and cream cheese burger was featured on Man vs Food

    55555 by Pamela V.

  • Pamela V.Try the white chili...chicken & green chiles...awesome

    55555 by Pamela V.

  • Todd C.Get some Wynkoop Chili Beer.

    55555 by Todd C.

  • Eleni S.Little cricket with peanut butter, egg, bacon, and smoked cheddar FTW. And dont skip the frings. Johnny A was great too.

    55555 by Eleni S.

  • Michael MantoothThey don't utilize any of the specials/discounts that Foursquare offers...

    33333 by Michael Mantooth

  • Andrea N.The burger with cream cheese and jalapenos rocks as does their green chilie. Order a cup its MORE than enough.

    55555 by Andrea N.

  • ScoutmobIn 1945, Cherry Cricket opened as "Mary Zimmerman's Bar" and the bar was actually the living room of her home, which sat where the Sears Auto Center is today. We say that's a downgrade.

    33333 by Scoutmob

  • Scott T.Get the wings sauce on the side, cricket burger and the Green Chili & cheese steak fries!

    55555 by Scott T.

  • Patrick AFun environment, good tasting beer and plenty of great looking woman!

    55555 by Patrick A

  • Art EIts actually called a Rachael, Eric...gaw!

    33333 by Art E

  • Cristina L.The burgers are what you must have. Put whatever you want on it!

    55555 by Cristina L.

  • Eric N.Turkey Ruben is pretty tasty.

    55555 by Eric N.

  • Brent T.Get the jalapeno poppers but ask for the jam...trust me, perfect combo of sweet and spicy

    55555 by Brent T.

  • Nick TTry a hamburger with smoked cheddar, bacon and peanut butter. Sounds weird, but it's absolutely amazing.

    55555 by Nick T

  • Erin K.A Denver classic!

    55555 by Erin K.

  • Emily P.Cricket burger with cream cheese and jalapenos. Done, done, and done. Now your turn. SO GOOD.

    33333 by Emily P.

  • Travel ChannelGet the Cricket Burger -- a half-lb. patty with your choice of 21 different toppings. --Adam Richman, Man v Food Nation

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Karen J.All American burger comes with 1000 island dressing make sure u get it in yours

    55555 by Karen J.

  • Ryan S.Classic. It's been here for decades and still great!

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Michelle P.Try the cricket cooler

    55555 by Michelle P.

  • Chris P.Never get your fries; share a basket with friends. You can also 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings. Do it!

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Jordan M.Peanut butter on a burger. Sounds weird but it's really good!!

    55555 by Jordan M.

  • David NThe $3 drink specials - sounds a little pricey but holy shit, strongest drinks ever!

    55555 by David N

  • James SAmazing burgers, you can pick and choose from a huge list of ingredients, even a fried egg. Great selection at the bar. Phenomenal burger restaurant!

    55555 by James S

  • Alex S.There's a validated parking lot in back.

    33333 by Alex S.

  • Nick L.Order your burger with the buns on the side. Otherwise they get soaked with grease and fall apart halfway into your meal.

    22222 by Nick L.

  • 🎯Eric💀 🐙.i spend too much money here everytime i go - almost have to stop being creative and not smoke that bowl before walking in lol

    33333 by 🎯Eric💀 🐙.

  • Examiner.comVoted the 'Best Burger in Denver,' many years in a row by the Westword and 5280 magazine. See for yourself on our recommendation! Go for the Cherry Cricket Burger with the 'works.'

    55555 by Examiner.com

  • Melissa G.Best ranch in the city!

    55555 by Melissa G.

  • makeupbyjanineCan't decide between onion rings & fries? Order a basket of Frings: a mix of the two. Be sure to get a side of green chili to dip them in!

    55555 by makeupbyjanine

  • Travis S.Medium burger with blackening spice, blue cheese and bacon might be the BEST burger I have ever had!

    55555 by Travis S.

  • Steven G.Come n get 2 fried eggs on ur burger! It's the best thing ever!

    55555 by Steven G.

  • Brandon B.Best Burgers in Denver...

    55555 by Brandon B.

  • Caitlyn F.Whether you're here at 11 am or 11pm--this is the best casual place in CC to grab a burger and a beer. The front patio is great people watching too...

    55555 by Caitlyn F.

  • BRIAN S.WOW! Mushroom Swiss Cricket burger and onion rings! Super, super good!!....Definitely one of the best burgers and rings that I've ever had!

    55555 by BRIAN S.

  • Matthew B.The Cricket, medium rare with smoked cheddar and green chili strips. Nirvana awaits!

    55555 by Matthew B.

  • Ryan C.Cream cheese...on a burger... Do it!

    55555 by Ryan C.

  • Phil T.Cricket Burger and a beer. Nuff said.

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Matt lAsk for DJ Johnny O. He will charm and seduce you as you taste the magic of a cricket burger topped with jalapeños, cream cheese, and love. DJ Johnny O will smile and make you comfortable, oh so comfy

    55555 by Matt l

  • Jason F.THIS is the place for burgers in Denver!! Everything under the sun available, excellent beef, just amazing burgers! And a great beer selection.

    55555 by Jason F.

  • Joseph Z.Best Burgers in Denver. Get an egg on yours!

    55555 by Joseph Z.

  • JCricket burger + white cheddar

    55555 by J

  • MazdaThis is the place for burgers in Denver. They offer you many choices for burger toppings such as green chilis.

    55555 by Mazda

  • Andy BAvoid the mystery meat in the green chili, I may be scarred for life after what I found in mine last time.

    33333 by Andy B

  • Robert H.Cricket burger with jack cheese & green chili strips add a basket of rings and a beer; we are in heaven

    55555 by Robert H.

  • Leah I.best burgers ever.

    55555 by Leah I.

  • -AA+Go have a burger at the bar, Heidi is the sweetest lil Chica; she will make ur visit mouth watering!! Mmm mmmmm!

    55555 by -AA+

  • Nikki M.Cricket Burger + smoked cheddar + green chili strips + bacon = flavor explosion!!!

    55555 by Nikki M.

  • Rob B.Come for the burgers, but have some Mac n' Cheese bites first!!!

    55555 by Rob B.

  • Peter G.Get a burger. Smother it in green chili. Thank me later.

    55555 by Peter G.

  • George H.Cold mozzarella sticks- bad sign

    22222 by George H.

  • Jaime M.Mexican Hamburger is the bomb!

    55555 by Jaime M.

  • DenverHappyHourDrink: $1 off draft beers, house wines, wellsEvery Day 4:30pm-6pmEvery Day 10pm-12am

    55555 by DenverHappyHour

  • CB G.Ok burger, Houston's and Eco Burger are better! Smells like a dirty bar

    22222 by CB G.

  • Casey L.Awesome burgers, however you like it. And good beer selection. Mile Hi.P.A. is awesome

    55555 by Casey L.

  • Luke B.Great mile high Ipa.

    55555 by Luke B.

  • Jenn L.Cricket burger and o-rings FTW!

    55555 by Jenn L.

  • Trent G.Best burger in Denver, hands down. Get some fresh jalepenos on your burger, and grab a side of fries for sure. Used to be owned by Denver's current mayor.

    55555 by Trent G.

  • Michelle AI absolutely LOVE this place, the wings (per my husband) are the best he's ever had. My chicken sandwich was awesome and there is a great local beer selection!

    55555 by Michelle A

  • ChristianFast and efficient seating! It never takes that long to get a table. Plus its always worth the wait!

    55555 by Christian

  • Big Fat Cupcake Curbside BMy Burger my way with onion rings and yummy Margaritas, no salt

    55555 by Big Fat Cupcake Curbside B

  • Jimmy S.Try parking in the back lot to avoid meter charge

    33333 by Jimmy S.

  • Ryan J.Best Burgers in town.

    55555 by Ryan J.

  • Daniel K.Mac N Cheese wedges are awesome! Burgers: BBQ/Bacon/Blackened for tangy; Green Chile/Sour Cream/Pepperjack for Mild Southwest. Frings are tasty! Enjoy with a cold beer!

    55555 by Daniel K.

  • David N.Allow extra time - busy weekends

    55555 by David N.

  • sarah COrder a burger with AnyThing on it!

    55555 by sarah C

  • Justin LGo the the Cherry Cricket. Grab a Cricket Burger with all your favorite toppings.

    55555 by Justin L

  • Drew E.Go to the Cricket and have a great burger with a great draft beer

    55555 by Drew E.

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