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Detroit Beer Co

1529 Broadway Street
Detroit, MI 48226

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(313) 962-1529

  • Sun - 12:00pm - 12:00am
  • Mon - Thu 11:00am - 12:00am
  • Fri - Sat 11:00am - 2:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 141 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Detroit Beer Co Reviews

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  • Marie SWay too loud in here. Granted, a Tigers game just ended, and a U2 concert is about to start. Every worker here is working their a** off, they are doing their best. They're obviously understaffed atm

    33333 by Marie S

  • Jeff AMy brother and I were taking our kids along with some of our friends to the Tiger game. We all enjoyed everything from the appetizers, to the great tasting beers and the entrees ,and service great,

    55555 by Jeff A

  • DanAlthough I recommend it, the giant soft pretzel is just soft pretzel sticks so don't be fooled. Pizza Veneto is absolutely delicious. Tried all of their beers and enjoyed them all.

    55555 by Dan

  • Erica CopelandPasta Italiano and The Tuscan Tenderloin!!May possibly be my new favorite thing here! Pasta, steak, and veggies with a half of cheese pizza... What's not to love?

    55555 by Erica Copeland

  • April KRight across from Detroit Opera House so makes it a perfect dinner and show place to go.

    55555 by April K

  • Laura L.Grab a beer before or after a game, as it's walking distance to Comerica Park and Ford Field. Order the stout.

    55555 by Laura L.

  • Erica CopelandThe steak dinner and the blackened salmon dinner are the best you can get! I've never had a more tender steak in my life!! And the asparagus that comes with is perfectly cooked! A definite must!!

    55555 by Erica Copeland

  • Erica CopelandFlights are only $6.50 for 5 of them!! Definitely can't beat that. Pizza Caribbean is delish. Mussels & chicken quesadillas are good too.

    55555 by Erica Copeland

  • Michael TGreat beers, and the pretzels with beer cheese is a great starter. Try the Cubano.

    55555 by Michael T

  • Sean CCheese sandwich with Apple and Bacon is my top pick.

    55555 by Sean C

  • Cameron M.I enjoyed the People Mover Porter, lighter than you expect.

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Andrew JPretzels, the beer

    55555 by Andrew J

  • Darryl JKrampus Imperial Stout is good, Brewhouse nachos are great.

    55555 by Darryl J

  • Drew W.Solid beers all around, and some great bar food to go with it.

    55555 by Drew W.

  • Hillary BPretzel appetizer is to die for! The cheese dip is amazing.

    55555 by Hillary B

  • Annie ABlarney Stones, Jambalaya

    55555 by Annie A

  • Daniel M.Good beer and food, head to the upstairs bar if it looks crowded when you first walk in.

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Chris BGreat beer. Nice stop prior to a ballgame.

    55555 by Chris B

  • Chris BGreat beer. Close to the ballpark.

    55555 by Chris B

  • Chris BLove the white IPA. Great seasonal selection

    55555 by Chris B

  • Elizabeth W.People mover porter

    55555 by Elizabeth W.

  • Ben S.Amazing food and great atmosphere. Extremely busy because of its great location.

    55555 by Ben S.

  • Tyler M.Even don't like fish. Salmon was absolutely amazing with some great beers offered

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • PaulWhere's the beef?

    11111 by Paul

  • Maarten ETry all their beers in a tasting package

    55555 by Maarten E

  • Brandon BThe local 1529 IPA was superb, easily one of the best IPAs I've ever had! Also, the hostess and waitressing staff were excellent, very knowledgeable and extremely friendly! I'll def be going back!

    55555 by Brandon B

  • Satish M.Try the "Local 1529 I.P.A". Citrus-et but better than expected.

    55555 by Satish M.

  • Kate H.Don't get the turkey burger. Veggie wrap is a wise choice tho.

    55555 by Kate H.

  • Pete G.Beer. Duh!!!

    55555 by Pete G.

  • Kate H.The Maurice Salad is big and tasty! Enjoy it with a Broadway Light.

    55555 by Kate H.

  • Thomas JShrimp Po'boy & Cubano

    55555 by Thomas J

  • Janine W.They will give you people mover tokens before you go. Join the Mug Club, if you're going to come back it's worth it.

    55555 by Janine W.

  • Candice W.Try the fish and chips it's awesome

    55555 by Candice W.

  • Kate H.The Southwestern style chicken salad is really good. The bbq sliders not so much. If you like American light beers, get the Broadway Light or Baseball brew. Or try something new and more delicious!

    55555 by Kate H.

  • paul t.Small selection, but good standards. 🍺

    55555 by paul t.

  • Joshua D.Fantastic microbrewery. I would recommend to anybody to stop in and enjoy some of the house beer.

    55555 by Joshua D.

  • JasonThe fish and chips are great! Be aware of the smell when you walk in, it's just the malt that they use for the beer.

    55555 by Jason

  • Alexa J.Don't come here on game day. Horrible service (took over an hour to get sandwiches), food wasn't good (was cold and bread was so soggy you could barely pick it up). Not worth it- go elsewhere!

    22222 by Alexa J.

  • John JService used to be great last 3 times got there before a game didn't get dinner before the 4th inning

    33333 by John J

  • Laurie K.Only beer cheese soup nothing else

    55555 by Laurie K.

  • Melissa D.Ask for Charlie! He's been here for more than 5-years! Very personable guy

    55555 by Melissa D.

  • Tiphanie F.The beer us awesome however make sure u learn about them first it can bit back lol.

    55555 by Tiphanie F.

  • Shavon JNice place. They have very good sweet potato fries.

    55555 by Shavon J

  • KristyWaffle fries every time.

    55555 by Kristy

  • Tiphanie F.enjoyed the burger and the variety of beer well go again

    55555 by Tiphanie F.

  • JordanGreat food, great beer, shitty service

    55555 by Jordan

  • Jim P.No samples. Cheerios

    55555 by Jim P.

  • John L.Love this place!!!

    55555 by John L.

  • Chris A.$6 growler refills on Tuesdays. Mug Club is the way to go if you plan to be a repeat visitor.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Dan S.For something a little lighter, try one of their delicious salads with a side of Detroit Beer Cheese Soup!

    55555 by Dan S.

  • Mike E.Amazing Buffalo wings. The sauce is great.

    55555 by Mike E.

  • Ashley R.Amazing grilled cheese & tomato bisque.... Fontina, white cheddar, bacon and Granny Smith apples, yum!!

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • JordanJambalaya is the shit

    55555 by Jordan

  • Stephanie G.So glad I found this place! Make sure you get one of their beers that they brew. If you have any questions about the beer, Bethany is very knowledgeable n extremely nice! Free beer samples as well :)!

    55555 by Stephanie G.

  • Brian R.1529 IPA is excellent

    55555 by Brian R.

  • Jefani E.House beer is A1!!

    55555 by Jefani E.

  • Sara M.Great food and tasty beer. Really impressed with the Broadway Light.

    55555 by Sara M.

  • Tiffany K.Always a great beer selection! The Door County Harvest Salad is amazing.

    55555 by Tiffany K.

  • Angela D.Best beer cheese soup!

    55555 by Angela D.

  • EaterWith an attentive staff who knows just what beer to pair with your burger or pasta selection, DBC is a great place to cross-sample the city. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Jen F.Grilled chz with Granny Smith apples and bacon is off the hook. Suggested by server Jordan and so delicious.

    55555 by Jen F.

  • AUDIOMINDBest beers for the brew connoisseur are the downtown brown, Detroit dwarf and local 1529.

    55555 by AUDIOMIND

  • Frank G.Love the downtown brown

    55555 by Frank G.

  • Ryan W.Go for the 313 beer. Enough said.

    33333 by Ryan W.

  • Kate H.Detroit Wheat is delish!

    55555 by Kate H.

  • Sid D.If you are a IPA lover like me, do not forget to drink their Local 1529 IPA. Thank you Jesus!

    55555 by Sid D.

  • Korey L.Try the beer!

    55555 by Korey L.

  • Janeia B.Over price food, great atmosphere!

    55555 by Janeia B.

  • Scott R.Don't expect to find the beers listed on their web site.

    33333 by Scott R.

  • Rachel F.Idk why this says "currently closed". Definitely not!

    33333 by Rachel F.

  • James D.Always amazing.. Highly recommend the Quesadilla and the Porter.

    55555 by James D.

  • GrantBest nachos in Detroit.

    55555 by Grant

  • David V.IPA is beautiful

    55555 by David V.

  • Dan W.Clam Chowder is good. Lots of clams, nice size chunks, and balanced with pepper.

    55555 by Dan W.

  • Darius B.The Hair of the dog is Delicious

    33333 by Darius B.

  • David V.IPA is best.

    55555 by David V.

  • Stephanie K.the country grilled cheese is ON POINT here. it even comes with a cup of delicious tomato bisque for dipping.

    55555 by Stephanie K.

  • Cathy W.I don't think I'll ever eat a grilled cheese without apple slices on it again. Thanks DBC!

    33333 by Cathy W.

  • Amy L.I love the fish tacos!

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Tony C.$5 to fill your personal 64 oz. Growler with local goodness on Tuesdays!!!! Can't beat that!

    55555 by Tony C.

  • The Twisted OnionIn true Detroit fashion you need to hop on the "People Mover Porter".

    55555 by The Twisted Onion

  • Tom H.Amarillo Brillo - best beer named after a Zappa song.

    55555 by Tom H.

  • Heazee G.Natalie is super nice! Try the dwarf it's the closest to a staple, simple beer.

    55555 by Heazee G.

  • Bryce R.Love the new Asian Pad Tai, but without eggs!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • VisitDetroitWithin walking distance of Comerica Park, try the People Mover Porter and the Detroit Dwarf before heading to the ballgame.

    55555 by VisitDetroit

  • Ryan H.The spring bock tastes like Steele Reserve!

    55555 by Ryan H.

  • Marvin S.Try the grilled cheese, it's amazing!

    55555 by Marvin S.

  • Edwin GAwesome beer

    55555 by Edwin G

  • Bryce R.The Brigand Steak is out of this world!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • Tatiana P.The Detroit Red, it is incredible!

    55555 by Tatiana P.

  • Kevin R.French dip is amazing!!

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Shelly S.Charlie's my favorite!

    55555 by Shelly S.

  • Angela H.Sweet! Free entree on your sixth check-in - Nice!

    55555 by Angela H.

  • TheillKittyKat#dope check-in special ...u would be worthless if u didn't! Come in eat & drink some real good beer!!

    33333 by TheillKittyKat

  • Kevin N.This bar had great food, awesome waitress, but turned OFF football bowl games to show preseason hockey and wouldn't put it back on. I will never return. :-(

    33333 by Kevin N.

  • Bryce R.The Country Grill Cheese is wonderful. Add tomato and onion and it's even better!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • steven a.love, love, love all the food here Mmmmmmmm!

    55555 by steven a.

  • Kyle P.You must go here if you are in Detroit

    55555 by Kyle P.

  • Candice M.Try the grand river red 6% ABV

    55555 by Candice M.

  • Terrence C.Try the seasonal brews, they're always about Detroit and great.

    55555 by Terrence C.

  • Matthew J.The dopple dwarf is fantastic

    55555 by Matthew J.

  • CaraThe BBQ Chicken Pizza is AmaZing with a capital Z

    55555 by Cara

  • Matthew J.Join the mug club. This place is a delight.

    55555 by Matthew J.

  • Motor City Tour CompanyTry the Detroit Dwarf!

    55555 by Motor City Tour Company

  • Jason R.Go over to Inside Detroit on Woodward and check out their selection of Fist of Detroit apparel

    55555 by Jason R.

  • Amanda A.Honey-badger porter is deeeelicious !

    55555 by Amanda A.

  • Jim W.Don't miss the anniverary Bash. Oct. 15th.

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Bryce R.The Country Grill Cheese it tremendous! But add a slice of tomato and onion!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • Jon B.Every beer this brewery makes is stellar. The brewer knows what he's doing.

    55555 by Jon B.

  • Brittney SDetroit Burger is amazing!

    55555 by Brittney S

  • Bryce R.The Country Grilled Cheese with added onion and tomato is my 3rd favorite!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • DETROIT:2012 !.Beer on a busy evening street!

    55555 by DETROIT:2012 !.

  • Miranda W.I love bringing out of town friends here. It is such a great slice of the D.

    55555 by Miranda W.

  • Thom DicksonMust ear the hair of the dog burger

    22222 by Thom Dickson

  • Bryce R.The Tostata is another one of my favorites! 4 stars!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • Bryce R.Pizza Venetto is AWESOME!!!

    55555 by Bryce R.

  • Jack DHair of the Dog...best burger!

    22222 by Jack D

  • David Z.No need to look at the beer list. Get the Dwarf.

    55555 by David Z.

  • Jim W.Charlie is a great bartender.

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Bridget TCountry grilled cheese is a must!

    55555 by Bridget T

  • geraine w.blanco shrimp linguini, enough said!

    33333 by geraine w.

  • Jim W.Black bean dip is very good. Half off during happy hour.

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Lee JGet your growler filled on Tuesday and save $2!

    55555 by Lee J

  • Detroit Free PressA laid-back bar with ton of personality, Detroit Beer Co. has 17 flat screens TVs and two 102 in. projection screens to catch all the pre-game action before heading a block and a half to Comerica.

    55555 by Detroit Free Press

  • Steven JThe Jambalaya was the best I've had. And yes...Roni rocks!

    55555 by Steven J

  • Aperella313isn't it called Detroit Beer (NOT brewery) Company???

    33333 by Aperella313

  • Michael R.Beer good. Pot roast not so good

    55555 by Michael R.

  • Kevin B.the pumpkin spice ale is the shiiiiziiiiit yo

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Therran O.New to the menu Hop Rod is a true hoppy ale. Recommended for all beer geeks.

    55555 by Therran O.

  • Jason D.Get the Beer Cheese soup - it is incredible!

    55555 by Jason D.

  • Andy LDBC's catfish with a People Mover porter might be my favorite meal in Detroit.

    55555 by Andy L

  • Jim W.Ronni is our favorite bartender!

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Jason H.The Detroit313 is currently my favorite beer in the city.

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Jaeson B.Try the Detroit Red

    55555 by Jaeson B.

  • Jordan S.Roni is the best. Liz is tight too but everybody buy your drinks from roni

    55555 by Jordan S.

  • Jose BHappy hour 1.5 apps

    33333 by Jose B

  • Scott J.Fish tacos are the best!

    55555 by Scott J.

  • kensingt0nI usually go for the Dagwood burger and Onion Rings when I'm here.

    55555 by kensingt0n

  • Walt V.Watching the Spartans!

    33333 by Walt V.

  • Jason G.Drink the Dwarf.

    11111 by Jason G.

  • KevinAsk for the seasonals. http://www.detroitbeerco.com/

    55555 by Kevin

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