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1128 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226

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(313) 961-2500

  • Sun - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 5:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Coffee and Tea, Steak Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 139 reviews

price range:$11 to $25



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Roast in Detroit, MI
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  • Roast in Detroit, MI
  • Roast in Detroit, MI

Roast Reviews

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  • SuperintendentChalmers reviewWell, Seymour, I made it- despite your directions.
    Superintendent Chalmers.
    - I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon.
    - Yeah.
    Oh, egads! My roast is ruined.
    But what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? Delightfully devilish, Seymour.
    Ah- Skinner with his crazy explanations The superintendent's gonna need his medication When he hears Skinner's lame exaggerations There'll be trouble in town tonight Seymour! Superintendent, I was just- uh, just stretching my calves on the windowsill.
    Isometric exercise.
    Care to join me? Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Seymour? Uh- Oh.
    That isn't smoke.
    It's steam.
    Steam from the steamed clams we're having.
    Steamed clams.
    Superintendent, I hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers.
    I thought we were having steamed clams.
    D'oh, no.
    I said steamed hams.
    That's what I call hamburgers.
    You call hamburgers steamed hams? Yes.
    It's a regional dialect.
    - Uh-huh.
    Uh, what region? - Uh, upstate New York.
    Well, I'm from Utica, and I've never heard anyone use the phrase "steamed hams.
    " Oh, not in Utica.
    It's an Albany expression.
    I see.
    You know, these hamburgers are quite similar to the ones they have at Krusty Burger.
    Oh, no.
    Patented Skinner burgers.
    Old family recipe.
    - For steamed hams.
    - Yes.
    And you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled.
    Ye- You know, the- One thing I should- - Excuse me for one second.
    - Of course.
    Well, that was wonderful.
    A good time was had by all.
    I'm pooped.
    I should be- Good Lord! What is happening in there? - Aurora borealis.
    - Uh- Aurora borealis at this time of year at this time of day in this part of the country localized entirely within your kitchen? - Yes.
    - May I see it? No.
    ! The house is on fire.
    ! No, Mother.
    It's just the northern lights.
    Well, Seymour, you are an odd fellow but I must say you steam a good ham.

    55555 by SuperintendentChalmers

  • blake d.Literally best checking dinner ever. Ever.

    33333 by blake d.

  • Alex TRated as the best restaurant in Michigan and listed in 50 best steakhouses in US. Reality didn't meet the expectations. Probably they changed the menu or something... I find Ruth Chris way better.

    55555 by Alex T

  • All About Technology HI love the roasted goat and fried brussel sprouts!

    55555 by All About Technology H

  • Samir Nazirthe happy hour is food focused - only one beer was on special

    55555 by Samir Nazir

  • Brian S.The wines list is truly worldwide. Not your typical Napa-centric steakhouse list. Enjoyed a Hungarian Tokaji with dessert.

    55555 by Brian S.

  • Anica PBest Steaks Ever,pricy but worth it!

    55555 by Anica P

  • Laura L.My husband makes the best scallops, hands down, but Roast's were a very close second to his. The dessert "The Bar," was a sugar addicts dream. It was phenoninal, it's a must!

    55555 by Laura L.

  • Timothy H.Excellent food

    55555 by Timothy H.

  • Jessy ROrdered the beast tacos and they were very dry and bland with no good hot sauce available. Stuffed peppered were very spicy.

    33333 by Jessy R

  • Amy L.Great drinks. I'm not comfy eating here as a vegetarian --not much choice if any-- but it's definitely a nice stop for a fancy cocktail.

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Todd W.The food was very good. I had the beef tartar, pork chop and Brussels sprouts. Chop and tartar, phenomenal. Service, so so.

    55555 by Todd W.

  • Michael T.Cocktails. Meat. Vegetables. The holy Trinity.

    55555 by Michael T.

  • WilliamEverything was good!

    33333 by William

  • Maurice W.Beast of the day or the Pork Chops in cheddar grits <3

    55555 by Maurice W.

  • The Wall Street JournalThis stylish bar in the Westin Book Cadillac hotel draws an after-work and weekend crowd. For $6 you can get the Roast Burger with bacon, cheddar, egg and pickled onion.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Jose M.Try the chocolate coffee bang bang. Chocolate coffee cookie with chocolate ice cream. Oh man it is pretty amazing.

    55555 by Jose M.

  • Satish M.Dining here can be an experience. Ambience, location, staff are welcoming. The sides sometimes can trump the main course. I tried the Goat (a special) on this particular visit - very flavorful.

    55555 by Satish M.

  • Nick J.It may very well be the best restaurant in Detroit. You should probably go with a steak of some variety, but the Bronzino is good.

    55555 by Nick J.

  • Eric R.Everything, including the hanger steak and desserts, was fantastic.

    55555 by Eric R.

  • I Y.The rosemary fries were so good that I contemplated if I could bear eating regular fries ever again... In other words, definitely order them!

    55555 by I Y.

  • Liz BGreat ambiance.

    55555 by Liz B

  • EpicuriousAlways a champion of Sriracha, chef Michael Symon doesn't hold back the hot sauce in his Double Cooked Wings with Pickled Chiles, Cilantro, and Lime.

    55555 by Epicurious

  • Matthew D.Ask for Brian he is a great waiter. He made our dining experience wonderful.

    55555 by Matthew D.

  • Allen C.Decent beer selection, Trappists, sours, ales. Food sucks. Overpriced hotel too. Another swing-and-a-miss, Detroit :(

    33333 by Allen C.

  • Jorge C.The ribeye is a religious experience.

    55555 by Jorge C.

  • Spencer B.One of the best meals I've had! Get the steak with bone marrow! So good!

    55555 by Spencer B.

  • Matthew S.Beast of the Day was awesome. And for dessert you've got to try "the Bar!"

    55555 by Matthew S.

  • Meishawn JTwo words...bone marrow

    55555 by Meishawn J

  • Ettanah C.Amazing food and drinks!! If you have not been, you must experience this for yourself!!

    55555 by Ettanah C.

  • Martin HauckDuck and mignon are best

    55555 by Martin Hauck

  • Len S.This place is all about the meat, but try the Brussels sprouts, they are great.

    55555 by Len S.

  • TheYumYum F.Best Happy Hour in town. Get the burger and rosemary fries!

    55555 by TheYumYum F.

  • Princess D.Handsome well groomed bartenders LEAVE A TIP!

    55555 by Princess D.

  • Sara S.Beef tartare and spinach au gratin were amazing

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Melanie C.Great place - worth the price for a fancy dinner, or save a little and go during happy hour. Full review (with pics) on my site.

    55555 by Melanie C.

  • UpShift DigitalThis place has gone waaaay down hill. Service is ridiculously slow. I can no longer recommend.

    22222 by UpShift Digital

  • Monika C.The Porterhouse for two is absolutely phenomenal! Order that with asparagus an macaroni and cheese and you have a winner!

    55555 by Monika C.

  • Joe P.Top notch,nothing fake here.

    33333 by Joe P.

  • Willie B.For privacy, there are booths by the bar. For a good view, you can't beat the windows that look out onto Washington Boulevard!

    55555 by Willie B.

  • Mikala S....and the steak knives are shitty.

    22222 by Mikala S.

  • Mikala S.I agree with others - the steak is Applebee's quality. But the salads, apps, and sides were yummy. I wasn't impressed by the brussel sprouts, but I'm somewhat of a bs conneseiur. :)

    55555 by Mikala S.

  • Jim M.If you can't go with Micha and Robbi, it may not be as great.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Lisa D.Must get the fries and see Robert (great bartender)!!!!!!

    55555 by Lisa D.

  • Daniil S.The best burger you will ever eat in your life! Come early (like 4 PM before they serve food) to guarantee a seat.

    55555 by Daniil S.

  • Billy K.One of Detroit's best restaurants. Service, wine and food - all top notch!

    55555 by Billy K.

  • Princess D.Filet YUM!!!

    55555 by Princess D.

  • EaterWith some of the best happy hour specials in town, plus a meaty main menu that would make any carnivore drool, this is anything but your average hotel dining room. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Drew F.They roast an entire animal each day. Be sure to try to bone marrow.

    55555 by Drew F.

  • Nasser A.Good place for dating !

    55555 by Nasser A.

  • H2O L.Check out the bar menu. Great options.

    55555 by H2O L.

  • Khary S.Trust me when I say this, try the Veal Sweetbreads! I was nervous, but I took a chance and it was definitely the star of my meal!

    55555 by Khary S.

  • Scott P.Best happy hour in the D... Hands down!

    55555 by Scott P.

  • MJ.The Mexican Chocolate Cake is super rich, but so delish!

    55555 by MJ.

  • The Culinary Institute of AmericaCheck out this restaurant from Iron Chef & CIA alumnus Michael Symon! Read more about this very successful chef:

    55555 by The Culinary Institute of America

  • Chris O.The pork shank confit is superb. Nice winter dish .

    55555 by Chris O.

  • Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamWe're a huge fan of the Bacon Lardon Salad, it might be one of the best things we've ever tasted.

    55555 by Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  • Richard S.Every time I come here I get the Filet Mignon. I may try something different next time but like the old saying goes, if it's not broke don't try to fix it.

    33333 by Richard S.

  • AlexandraBeer and pretzels dessert is great and definitely the lamb ragu as an entree :) Do NOT order the gingerbread / cologne mac and cheese - trust.

    55555 by Alexandra

  • Andrew S.Bar menu had some great items, even of you're in the main dining room make sure to ask for it and get the BBLT made with pork belly...you won't be disappointed

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Amber H.The steak with the crabs. Best thing I ever put in my mouth.

    33333 by Amber H.

  • Brittney C.Lamb Ragu is amazing!!!

    55555 by Brittney C.

  • GQ MagazineGet the homemade pappardelle noodles with a slow-braised meat ragu. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

    55555 by GQ Magazine

  • StephanieInnovative cocktail list and the bartenders know how to make a proper cocktail. Great place to belly up to the bar for happy hour and end the evening with a carnivorous meal.

    55555 by Stephanie

  • Max M.The octopus salad is amazing!

    55555 by Max M.

  • Evan G.Shorts Huma Huma on tap. What more can you say.

    55555 by Evan G.

  • Christos M.Really disappointed. Beast of the day was pork and it was tasteless. Only highlight are the fried brussel sprouts.

    33333 by Christos M.

  • Renaissance HotelsOn weekdays between 4:30-6:30pm, James Beard Award winning food and drinks are under $5. And there’s quite a scene. For more local tips, follow us on 4sq or check out www.renhotels.com

    55555 by Renaissance Hotels

  • Matt R.Ask for the bar menu, great burgers and much less expensive than the rest of the menu.

    55555 by Matt R.

  • Ryan M.The Roast burger is like a single-serving religious experience. The Brussels sprouts? They will change you. Best Happy Hour in Detroit.

    55555 by Ryan M.

  • VisitDetroitOne of the best Happy Hours in Detroit. Try the fried brussel sprouts.

    55555 by VisitDetroit

  • Dianna S.Would love to see more MICHIGAN wines!!!

    55555 by Dianna S.

  • Katerina T.Ratchet as hell

    22222 by Katerina T.

  • Sharron W.Try the brussel sprouts fabulous!!!

    55555 by Sharron W.

  • Joy S.Get the bone marrow and the brussel sprouts

    55555 by Joy S.

  • Matt C.It's a restaurant by Michael Symon, an Iron Chef. The food is spectacular, the ambience is stylish. Try the 'beer and pretzels' desert for a rich, salty, chocolate treat! (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Matt C.

  • elena l.Root vegetable salad is to nom for!!!!!!! 

    55555 by elena l.

  • Cyberoptix®  Tie LabHappy hour is where it's at, but that's not news. Do it anyway, your wallet and tummy will thank you.

    55555 by Cyberoptix® Tie Lab

  • Barry M.Tremendous place. Crispy sweetbreads or crispy chicken livers? I'll have both, please. And a steak. So good.

    55555 by Barry M.

  • Chris S.Great happy hour.

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Katie F.Not a big meat eater? Try the cod - amazing! And the Mac and cheese is always a must-order

    55555 by Katie F.

  • Rebecca N.Guinness ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels.

    55555 by Rebecca N.

  • annalisa b.Ask the bartender for a breakfast at tiffanys. It's not on the menu, but it's goooood!

    55555 by annalisa b.

  • Edward D.Unfortunately service is poor, in a big night, on happy hour, and with a restaurant completely full One bartender is unacceptable. Then we complained to the manager who was ruddily unprofessional

    22222 by Edward D.

  • BestOfVoted Best Steakhouse in Detroit, MI 2010

    55555 by BestOf

  • AliThe Lamb Ragu is to die for!

    55555 by Ali

  • Fred S.Pork chop w polenta is great.

    55555 by Fred S.

  • Jessica C.Apparently, red metal staplers are very rare. But the Roast bartender has one.

    33333 by Jessica C.

  • thej*saucesan gennaro...immediately

    55555 by thej*sauce

  • Batman !.The porterhouse for 2 is the whip. Get it with a side of cayuse syrah from walla walla.

    55555 by Batman !.

  • Anika G.Still the best Happy Hour in Detroit!

    55555 by Anika G.

  • Alejandro B.Fried Brussel Sprouts are the bomb!!!

    55555 by Alejandro B.

  • Zena J.Order the Mixed Green Salad add Feta. Amazing!!!

    55555 by Zena J.

  • 🌺Donnelle W.The most amazing mac & cheese ever!!

    55555 by 🌺Donnelle W.

  • RandyYou can't go wrong with the Ribeye.

    55555 by Randy

  • Joe TWayne recomends the Porterhouse for two.

    55555 by Joe T

  • David M.Their Pierogi appetizer is delicious.

    55555 by David M.

  • David M.The ribeye is one of the best I've ever had.

    55555 by David M.

  • David M.Ask if they have their butterscotch creme brulee. Delicious!

    55555 by David M.

  • David M.The butterscotch creme brulee is delicious and the chocolate ganache torte is rich enough to share.

    55555 by David M.

  • David M.The Pierogi appetizer is fantastic.

    55555 by David M.

  • David M.Their ribeye is also amazing. Get it with a side of mushrooms

    55555 by David M.

  • Jon S.Appetizer: Marrow served on the half bone, premium salt, parsley, garlic and pepper, great with earthy Cotes du Rhone type wines: Chateauneuf de Pape, Gigondas or Languedoc red.

    55555 by Jon S.

  • The Hungry DudesCheck out their happy hour menu for tasty dishes and drinks at an affordable price but make sure you get there early, fills up quickly. Bar opens at 4p, happy hour 4:30-6:30p M-F.

    55555 by The Hungry Dudes

  • Chuck RBest Happy Hour in Detroit!

    55555 by Chuck R

  • Ryan W.Make sure to have the fried Brussel sprouts, the lamb Ragu, and the Guinness ice cream!!!

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • DETROIT:2012 !.Pay Homage to the Beast of the Day!

    55555 by DETROIT:2012 !.

  • Rebecca N.Get the beef tartare with poached egg and avocado.

    55555 by Rebecca N.

  • Therran O.You can't go wrong with much on this menu.

    55555 by Therran O.

  • Donna S.brussel sprouts, mashed pots and fries are standout sides. skip the filet with bernaise, go with olive oil and sea salt. porterhouse for two is perfect for three carnivores

    55555 by Donna S.

  • Renee B.The rib eye with bleu cheese is to die for - best steak I ever ate

    55555 by Renee B.

  • Jordan S.Bacon Lardon salad.

    55555 by Jordan S.

  • Steven CDidn't live up to the hype... Sides GREAT... Steaks were bad.... Real bad! I would take texas road house steaks over here, it was that bad.......

    33333 by Steven C

  • Brad F.Get the smoked pork. Hands down.

    55555 by Brad F.

  • Tom S.Order the Brussel Sprouts! Don't worry - it comes with bacon.

    55555 by Tom S.

  • Julie G.Best coney in town.

    55555 by Julie G.

  • Sam S.Parpadelle, hangar, bacon salad, Washington merlot. Dee Fucking licious.

    55555 by Sam S.

  • Kat L.Oh yeah and beer and pretzels dessert us a must!

    55555 by Kat L.

  • Kat L.Love this place! Frank is awesome! Grace is amazing! Oh and the food is REALLY good too!

    55555 by Kat L.

  • Joy S.Great Happy Hour. Try the marrow and the brussell sprouts

    55555 by Joy S.

  • Diana H.For sides with a filet mignon the roasted butternut squash & soft polenta are PERFECT! YUM!

    55555 by Diana H.

  • Food NetworkMichael Symon's Roast Detroit, serves up savory American cuisine like steaks and the Roast Beast of the Day.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Scott B.The best happy hour in Downtown Detroit.

    55555 by Scott B.

  • FoodspottingTry the Heirloom Tomato Salad

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Jen W.The up north cocktail is so yummy!

    55555 by Jen W.

  • Nicole B.Sit at the bar when Joe's working - great drinks, great beers, and full menu served.

    55555 by Nicole B.

  • Leslie P.Get the Roast French Fries seasoned with Rosemay

    55555 by Leslie P.

  • annalisa b.Best happy hour in detroit - must do!

    55555 by annalisa b.

  • Pat W.Recommend the Perfect Pear specialty drink. Tastes like the syrup from canned pears only with less syrup and more martini.

    33333 by Pat W.

  • Michael S.Happy Hour bites 4:30-6:30 are $3.00 and select drinks on special as well, including $4.00 craft beers. Also, try the chicharrones at the bar.

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Leslie S.The fried brussel sprouts are AMAZING!

    55555 by Leslie S.

  • Tammy G.It's @mdsymon's joint (swoon) also rec'd by @sethpm @elyssak

    55555 by Tammy G.

  • Johnny Lee J.Order the hamburger for lunch. So flavorful condiments not needed.

    33333 by Johnny Lee J.

  • thej*saucemultiple delicious items (brussel sprouts, french fries, etc.) are fried in 100% beef fat. use with caution.

    55555 by thej*sauce

  • Maureen F.Nice happy hour. Hard to imagine, but the brussel sprouts make a great happy hour snack (on regular menu). They were amazing.

    55555 by Maureen F.

  • Megan M.The bacon appetizer was the best. Not currently on the menu (or the bacon creamed corn), hopefully it will return. Braised Beef Short Ribs, a-ma-zing. Service is spot on; had Brian both times and he r

    55555 by Megan M.

  • Janet BFantastic! One of the best restaurants downtown.

    55555 by Janet B

  • Detavio S.definitely get to roast any weekday you can between 4:30-6:30p. the roast burger ($12) is only $3 and it's spectacular. you can eat and drink well for about $12 (burger, fries, and a few drinks).

    55555 by Detavio S.

  • Tom L.Visit Roast and get the Roasted Beast of the Day! You will not be disappointed. Don't forget to try a Jolly Pumpkin beer,from one of the best breweries in the US!

    55555 by Tom L.

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