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McDonald's on Hillsborough Road

2.8 of 5.0 from 16 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC
  • McDonald's in Durham, NC

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McDonald's Reviews

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  • Jessica PServicios muy malo no recomiendo este lugar

    22222 by Jessica P

  • Mike S.Having a little bite to eat. Now i am sleepy, but house work to do.

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Trish C.Had to wait extra long for nuggets. So much for "fast" food.

    33333 by Trish C.

  • Rhonda P.This is the worst place ever customer service is terrible !!!!!never gave food right!!!

    11111 by Rhonda P.

  • Parker K.Imagine spending eternity in the 7th layer of hell with Qu'agmr the Dark feasting on your soul while demons pierce you with red hot needles. Thats how here is; their ice cream machine is always broken

    33333 by Parker K.

  • Bryan W.It's McDonalds what do you expect?

    33333 by Bryan W.

  • Derick W.I thought it was really clean...first time here. Good service.

    55555 by Derick W.

  • Jack B.This place is dirty, McD's finest.

    22222 by Jack B.

  • Justin B.This is a place where dreams and hopes go to die.

    55555 by Justin B.

  • Caroline H.Found a hair in my food

    11111 by Caroline H.

  • Caroline H.You know it's bad the bathroom is cleaner than restaurant

    22222 by Caroline H.

  • Judd-Michelle W.Slowest drive thru ever

    11111 by Judd-Michelle W.

  • Mia I.Drive thru sucks. Takes too long to get an order.

    22222 by Mia I.

  • Tim B.Slow, horrible service. Couldn't even get tea done properly.

    11111 by Tim B.

  • Ildar S.What it looks like when nobody is eating this unhealthy food.

    33333 by Ildar S.

  • George C.Dimwit heaven.

    55555 by George C.

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