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McDonald's on Saint Shopping Centre

3.2 of 5.0 from 20 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA
  • McDonald's in Easton, PA

McDonald's Reviews

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  • Christopher K.Just coffee for me.

    55555 by Christopher K.

  • Suzan F.Really nice staff. Doris reminds me of my grandmother. Helped put cream in my coffee, made sure it tasted just right.

    55555 by Suzan F.

  • Jodi ☕ R.You would think management would look to see that there is a time management issue here and do something to light a fire under these workers asses! Its not rocket science people MOVE!!!

    22222 by Jodi ☕ R.

  • Terry A.I wonder if it would kill the employees here to actually say "thank you."

    33333 by Terry A.

  • Kayla B.Some of the fastest check out time at any McDonald's I've been to. Jonathan the Asian guy was quick and efficient and very friendly.

    55555 by Kayla B.

  • matt m.Would you like some diabetes to go with your pink slime?

    33333 by matt m.

  • Dan E.On the ground floor of Crayola Factory Museum.

    33333 by Dan E.

  • Cheyenne H.Quick service, correct order, and I got a "have a nice day". Not bad!

    33333 by Cheyenne H.

  • Bob D.People think the coffee is good here?? It's tastes like what I imagine hot ashtray water would be like.

    33333 by Bob D.

  • Tracy C.Service is so slow!!! Too much talking

    33333 by Tracy C.

  • Katie A.There service is so slow!

    33333 by Katie A.

  • EJ S.Check your order before you leave the drive through. They CONSISTENTLY screw up.

    22222 by EJ S.

  • Elizabeth J.My service was quick. 1 min tops

    33333 by Elizabeth J.

  • Anthony L.McRibb is back!

    55555 by Anthony L.

  • Anthony L.Waiting nine minutes to place an order.

    22222 by Anthony L.

  • Anthony L.Sweet teas are a waste. All ice.

    22222 by Anthony L.

  • Mike K.Waiting for two sweet teas for 10 mins, the service is bullshit

    22222 by Mike K.

  • Anthony L.Great coffee.

    55555 by Anthony L.

  • Ken W.Don't go early morning. They are all too busy smoking to give good service.

    33333 by Ken W.

  • Jacob K.The don't have water?!?

    11111 by Jacob K.

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