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137 Back River Neck Road
Essex, MD 21221

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(410) 686-2816

Cuisine: American Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 36 reviews

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Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD
  • Jads in Essex, MD

Blogger Reviews of Jads

  • Baltimore Bistros & Beer on Jul 08, 2013

    This isn't going to be one of those restaurants you see reviewed by most people. To be honest, some people might turn their nose up at a place like this because Jad's doesn't go out of their way to be fancy or put items on their menu that are trendy. But what they do, they do well and they deserve you're patronage. Jad's serves delicious food for prices that are beyond fair and sure to make you happy. And for all of you craft beer fans out there, they do a surprisingly good job with their local offerings.

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Jads Reviews

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  • Christopher U.They no longer serve cappuccino. That's my favorite breakfast treat. Such a shame.

    55555 by Christopher U.

  • HillaryPool tables are there to play pool not get it on won't go back ever

    33333 by Hillary

  • Hillaryer going back pool people need to get a room

    33333 by Hillary

  • Mark S.Order the buffalo chicken pretzel.It's amazing .Great food good drinks at a good price!

    55555 by Mark S.

  • Catherine G.Had such a bad experience with take out it will be a long time I come back here.

    33333 by Catherine G.

  • Darlene B.Great food. Ask for Moe's table awesome waiter

    55555 by Darlene B.

  • Darlene B.Great food good company

    55555 by Darlene B.

  • Sandra C.Waitresses have the slow attitudes always gotta get thete attention for table service'but the cream of crab is delish

    55555 by Sandra C.

  • Melissa P.Best food ever

    55555 by Melissa P.

  • Cassie N.Get a red headed slut! YUM

    55555 by Cassie N.

  • Dorrance W.Great crab cakes!

    55555 by Dorrance W.

  • jamie B.Crabby ceaser salad is da bomb!!!

    55555 by jamie B.

  • KathleenBest cream of crab soup!

    55555 by Kathleen

  • Andrew N.Karaoke at jade is fun

    55555 by Andrew N.

  • Anthony H.Seafood jambalaya is boss

    55555 by Anthony H.

  • Shareena W.The fried rock fish and the stuffed rock fish is delicious.

    55555 by Shareena W.

  • Cassie N.Come in for kereoke! Its so fun on fridays && saturdays

    55555 by Cassie N.

  • Vanessa P.Ask for Wendy great waitress

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Christopher U.Ribs, cream of crab, caddy steak, and steamed shrimp with onions are amazing. The breakfast is always good too!

    55555 by Christopher U.

  • Vanessa P.Ask for Wendy she is the best ..:-) :-) :-) :-)

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Krystal Lake K.cream of crab is the best ever and if your in the mood for a burger try the caddy burger mmm mmm mmm also very good drink prices

    55555 by Krystal Lake K.

  • Karl S.The Maryland Crab Soup is Tasty too.

    55555 by Karl S.

  • Karl S.So many omelets so little time

    55555 by Karl S.

  • Karl S.Omelets are great. Highly recommend.

    55555 by Karl S.

  • Karen Q.Breakfast is great... and inexpensive. But if you want good service, sit at the bar

    55555 by Karen Q.

  • Courtney W.The ppl that own and run this place r fuckN retarded... and joe C iZ even worse

    22222 by Courtney W.

  • Vanessa P.Cream of Crab. Is awesome....

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • Crystal C.Grilled Chicken sandwich is delish!

    55555 by Crystal C.

  • Cody F.Caddy fries

    33333 by Cody F.

  • Alicia E.Fried pickles!!!!!!

    55555 by Alicia E.

  • Renee M.Good food, lots of canes and walkers

    55555 by Renee M.

  • Amy B.Best french onion soup I have ever had!!!

    55555 by Amy B.

  • Vanessa P.Good food good service ask for Wendy!!!!!!

    55555 by Vanessa P.

  • tammie m.Food's good!

    55555 by tammie m.

  • Brian J.Cheap drinks, food is great!

    55555 by Brian J.

  • scott h.Cream of crab is awesome drink prices are good. Can't beat the price on bombs anywhere

    55555 by scott h.

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