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Lambert's Cafe III

2981 South McKenzie Street
Foley, AL 36535

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(251) 943-7655

Cuisine: Cafes

4.3 of 5.0 from 122 reviews

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Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
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  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
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  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL
  • Lambert's Cafe III in Foley, AL

Lambert's Cafe III Reviews

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  • ChefMozAfter hearing a lot of talk about Lambert's, I had to try it myself. The wait was insane, which is usually a good sign, but once inside the service was a bit lacking. Even accounting for the crowd, they just didn't have the staff they needed. We ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and Fried Catfish. The food was a bit pricey for the main dishes, and I'd say the quality was pretty low. But the reason for going to Lambert's is the oft acclaimed "Throwed Rolls." They do indeed throw rolls at you from across the room, and a barrage of servers bring fried okra, molasses for the rolls, potatoes and more. All of the sides were good aside from the macaroni and tomatoes, which was unpleasantly sweet. It was fun. But our tab was $28.00 for two people drinking water. For the quality of food I'd say it was too much. Very similar to what you might get on a buffet or at a cafeteria. So what is my final word on Lambert's, all said? A lot of fun, enjoyable atmosphere, but the food was mediocre. On the upside, there was an endless supply of it. Go for the throwed rolls and sides, and expect to get tons and tons of food. But it isn't anything spectacular.

    33333 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozWe've eaten here several times and it's always a fun time. The rolls are hot and hand thrown to those who want them and sometimes to those who don't. The free sides are a great touch and the apple butter is worth licking right off the napkin. Portions are generous and well cooked. And we can't help but leave smiling. Wish they'd bring one to my hometown!

    44444 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozThe last time somebody threw food at me I punished them! Nothing here to invite a return visit. Over-priced and over-hyped.

    11111 by ChefMoz.org

  • Laken CLove Lambert's! Waited an hour, but would recommend getting the "nowwait" app! You can add yourself to the wait and check your place in line! Otherwise, the food is amazing & there is SO much!!!

    55555 by Laken C

  • Ashley B.Cute place. Good food just VERY HEAVY and extremely large portions. Not for me but I can see why people love it! Southern food served in a southern way! GO HUNGRY!

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Kevin McDonaldAmazing food and fun atmosphere! Everybody should visit Lambert's at least once when in town. Watch out for throwed rolls!!!

    55555 by Kevin McDonald

  • June MChicken and Dumplings

    55555 by June M

  • Constance DuncanHoly Fountain Soda 🀠🀠🀠 #giantcup #freerefills

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanSalmon Patties #turnipgreens #beets #greenbeans #cocktailsauce

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanSaw this in the bathroom. ❀️ it! 😁

    33333 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanLambert's is Historic to Foley πŸ‘πŸ» #musttry

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanVeteran's Parking - Way to go Earl & Anges 🀘🏻

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanPaw prints up to the πŸšͺ #howcute

    22222 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanGood ol' country cooking place! #nothinghealthy

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanWall Art #lookinggood #talentedmess

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanWall Business #wallart #eyepoping #cannotlookaway #busy

    33333 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanHome of theβ€¦πŸžπŸžπŸž #chunkit #throwedrolls

    33333 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanCrowbar on the steering wheel #classic #nostealing #chevrolet

    55555 by Constance Duncan

  • Constance DuncanThrowing them rolls from across the room! #veryinteractive

    22222 by Constance Duncan

  • Mario JGreat great food. Love the flying rolls.

    55555 by Mario J

  • Jennifer AThis place was awesome!! I could've gotten by with just the pass arounds but the meatloaf was to die for!! Hubby's chicken fried steak also incredible...Definitely the place for a break from seafood!

    55555 by Jennifer A

  • L KGreat southern food and service. It's always packed so be prepared to wait. Fried chicken is awesome and of course so are the rolls!!!

    55555 by L K

  • Darryl SGreat food and always look for those rolls flying through the air.

    55555 by Darryl S

  • Takeka βMeat loaf and mashed potatoes!

    55555 by Takeka β

  • Susan DRolls, sides, shrimp.

    55555 by Susan D

  • Ashley MIf you want your food and drink spilt all over you this is the place for you!!! Not once, but twice it happened. Got a free shirt out of it, but was not worth it. Never coming back again

    33333 by Ashley M

  • Jabari NaledgeRibs are amazing. Just don't gorge on the pass arounds.

    55555 by Jabari Naledge

  • Tania CFried chicken country steak was on point, loved those rolls!!!

    55555 by Tania C

  • drew t.The rolls are free but there is a catch (a literal one). They have a lot food passed around but you sometimes have to be proactive about getting it.

    55555 by drew t.

  • Kailyn LogginsChicken Fried Chicken! Only $12.99. And of course the rolls. They're amazing.

    55555 by Kailyn Loggins

  • Addison JonesFood is disgusting, and the place could use some cleaning. There was a roach crawling around my booth .

    11111 by Addison Jones

  • Shannon Cabanos-WhiddonEVERYTHING especially the thrower rolls! !!

    55555 by Shannon Cabanos-Whiddon

  • Ms G aka Nola_SmurfetteMust eat throwed rolls! Bring your mitt!

    55555 by Ms G aka Nola_Smurfette

  • Jennifer C.This place is amazing! The food is great and portions are huge. Also they bring extra sides to your table in addition to your order. Plus the rolls they throw at you are very large and delicious.

    55555 by Jennifer C.

  • Jay S.Veggies and thrown rolls

    22222 by Jay S.

  • alexx L.Not as great as you'd think.they need more servers to walk around with the sides. Took forever to get the rolls and that was after my super nice waitress got them for us.

    22222 by alexx L.

  • John T.A must visit. Awesome home southern down home food. And the rolls!

    55555 by John T.

  • Zack P.Good home cooking

    55555 by Zack P.

  • Felicia R.Tasty meals for a good price.

    55555 by Felicia R.

  • KendraLove the throwed rolls! Go hungry, you will get a lot of food.

    55555 by Kendra

  • Maisah FatoomOmg!!! Love this place.. The interactive servers throw the yummy warm rolls at ya .. And you get to taste sides as they walk around serving you. Nice southern place. May you rest make sure they visit

    55555 by Maisah Fatoom

  • Stacey ChittamEverything is amazing! Love this place.

    55555 by Stacey Chittam

  • Jim C.Order a few rolls to go.

    55555 by Jim C.

  • Lesley E.This place is always busy. Be prepared to wait. We are here at 3:30 and it is still a long wait. But it is so good and the rolls are super yummy and the atmosphere is fun. Well worth the wait!

    55555 by Lesley E.

  • Mike MatthewsGood home cooked food.

    55555 by Mike Matthews

  • Michelle B.walked up to the hostess who was playing with her iPhone and when she finally put it down she rudely demanded to know what I wanted. Found out there was an hour wait and opted out and she sneered

    11111 by Michelle B.

  • Michael CrispCome hungry!

    55555 by Michael Crisp

  • Maddie O.Food was good! Great portion sizes! Chicken and dumplings were the bomb!!!! So was the fried country steak!!! However, I won't be going back bc of the rude food-runners

    33333 by Maddie O.

  • Don OlsenGreat experience. Watch out for the flying rolls.

    55555 by Don Olsen

  • Brian B.Always the 1st place we eat at coming to the beach, and the last when leaving! LOVE Lamberts. If you're going in peak season though, be prepared to wait. So worth it though!

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Bunky Marks12 noon on Saturday and it was only a 5 minute wait! Food and service was great

    55555 by Bunky Marks

  • Gary TomeyWait for the Applebutter!!

    55555 by Gary Tomey

  • Derrick JayπŸ˜šπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ”πŸ—πŸ€πŸ›πŸ–

    55555 by Derrick Jay

  • Ginger P.Wonderful food and great wait staff. Had a fun time.

    55555 by Ginger P.

  • Amy T.Best and biggest rolls. Got to be quick to catch one. Next time, I might not order a meal and just have rolls and pass arounds.

    55555 by Amy T.

  • Kimberly S.Come Hungry:)

    55555 by Kimberly S.

  • IB Brian Scott B.This is a Great place to get "A Good Ole' Southern Home Cooked Meal"! We Love this Cafe! Y'all will have a Great Time, when Y'all Go To Lambert's, I Promise! Y'all Take Care Now, Ya Hear!

    55555 by IB Brian Scott B.

  • Susan B.Amazing as always!

    55555 by Susan B.

  • Clarence W.Be prepared to wait; although, I didn't wait as long as I thought I would...

    33333 by Clarence W.

  • Doug T.Be prepared! This place does NOT accept credit/debit cards. They do accept cash and checks. There is also an ATM inside.

    33333 by Doug T.

  • Joni D.So much fun to eat here! You had better go very, very hungry.

    55555 by Joni D.

  • Robert B.Be prepared to catch the roll that the guy behind you missed with his butter fingers...

    33333 by Robert B.

  • Matt-Stephanie M.Bring a fully charged IPhone and folding chair. Line is brutalπŸ’€

    22222 by Matt-Stephanie M.

  • Franchize34S-Train legend Terrie Franchize says pick up an official S-Train whistle in the souvenir store

    33333 by Franchize34

  • Mandy S.Amazing food and even better experience. Come hungry, Leave full! Cash or check only. They don't take plastic. Fun and friendly place to eat with very generous portions.

    55555 by Mandy S.

  • Dave M.Come hungry, but expect to wait over an hour to be seated.

    22222 by Dave M.

  • Denise H.Too much food, but it was very good!! a must do in gulf shores

    55555 by Denise H.

  • Brandyn S.Come here around 9:40 when there are not so many people around. There will be a line since it opens at 10:30 but you will be one of the first.

    33333 by Brandyn S.

  • Mae R.If you're outside in the heat waiting for a table treat yourself to a fresh squeezed lemonade, sooo delicious!!

    55555 by Mae R.

  • Jason C.Throwed Rolls, Huge Portions, and passarounds. You wont go home hungry

    55555 by Jason C.

  • Aline S.Wonderful!!!

    55555 by Aline S.

  • Andrew M.Catch a roll like you live! (successfully)

    55555 by Andrew M.

  • Candy B.Wait is well worth it! Enough food to take home for second meal & the price is fair for as much food as you get with pass arounds included. Food was like my MaMaws! Will definitely eat there again!

    55555 by Candy B.

  • David D.Awesome food and lots of fun for the entire family. Definitely leave VERY fill and with leftovers!

    55555 by David D.

  • Amy R.Catch the roll!

    33333 by Amy R.

  • Petar M.come hungry!!!! So good (and bring cash no cc)

    55555 by Petar M.

  • Tammy P.Be ready to waddle out!!! Delicious!!

    55555 by Tammy P.

  • Traci J.Amazing!!!!

    55555 by Traci J.

  • Darlene W.The liver and onions, and meatloaf was delicious!!!! The food is just good :-)

    55555 by Darlene W.

  • Christopher S.The best place to get throwed...rolls!! Love this place!! Come hungry and leave a few pant sizes bigger!!

    55555 by Christopher S.

  • Matt M.Bring cash; they don't accept cards.

    33333 by Matt M.

  • Scott H.Be sure you have cash or check 'cause they don't take plastic.

    33333 by Scott H.

  • Morgan P.Bring cash or check, they don't take cards, and come prepared to catch a hot roll, and bring a hearty appetite . It's all good!

    55555 by Morgan P.

  • Will T.So much food. Pace your self on the rolls until you get your food. The potatoes and onions they pass around are a must.

    55555 by Will T.

  • MaryDumplings are So good! Come ready to eat portions are huge. Be ready for pranks. Love lamberts!

    55555 by Mary

  • Kim M.Good food, but they only take cash or check. ATM at the front of the restaurant.

    33333 by Kim M.

  • N. J.Everyone here is so nice! Chicken wings are a must! Try the okra!!! Everything here is good!!!!!

    55555 by N. J.

  • Teri W.The service at Lamberts is great but the food lacks luster. It's not worth the long wait times, which can be up to 2 hours. Go to Cracker Barrel instead. It's basically the same thing.

    33333 by Teri W.

  • Selena V.So worth the wait!

    55555 by Selena V.

  • Halle M.For all you gluten free people, get the veggie plate. Its your best choice.

    55555 by Halle M.

  • DeDeMake sure to get there early on the weekend or during a holiday. Extremely busy!

    55555 by DeDe

  • Alan F.Seriously?? They don't accept credit or debit cards!!! It's 2012 people!! Get with the program!! Food is awesome though!!!

    33333 by Alan F.

  • Cam K.Ask for Crystal!!

    55555 by Cam K.

  • Grant W.Bring a catcher's mitt.

    33333 by Grant W.

  • Joan I.Bring appetite 4 lots of food.

    55555 by Joan I.

  • Chester M.Wings were good

    33333 by Chester M.

  • Angela J.Good food. Just be patient.

    55555 by Angela J.

  • Elizabeth S.Ask your waiter for a prank! (i.e. fake tea pitcher spill, mouse mint, raccoon soup etc.)

    22222 by Elizabeth S.

  • Samantha B.The Chef Salad can feed 3 easily.

    55555 by Samantha B.

  • DesirΓ©e W.Amazing food! If you're not used to big food portions, be prepared to take home leftovers!

    55555 by DesirΓ©e W.

  • Daria ElleDo not eat or drink anything three hours before coming or you won't get through a third of your meal. I didn't.

    22222 by Daria Elle

  • John W.Definately a family favorite have now eaten at all 3 restaurants

    55555 by John W.

  • Charles N.Watchout for the rolls! They get thrown at you. They are delicious.

    33333 by Charles N.

  • Jasmine Y.Watch your head for free flying rolls and yourself for mischief by the employees

    33333 by Jasmine Y.

  • Grant C.The only resturant where you can ask for seconds

    55555 by Grant C.

  • Drum M.The white beans are really good!

    55555 by Drum M.

  • Chelsea G.Best chicken n dumplings

    55555 by Chelsea G.

  • Bryan C.The food is sub-par and certainly not worth the 1-2 hour waits in the summer heat. Go to LuLu's down the road for less of a wait and better atmosphere. Follow me on Twitter @nzformation

    33333 by Bryan C.

  • Miranda E.The cups for your drink are huge! No need for a refill!

    33333 by Miranda E.

  • Josh F.Order a small meal because they bring around lots of free and delicious food. Oh and heads up

    55555 by Josh F.

  • Emily L.It's like cracker barrel.... On steroids

    33333 by Emily L.

  • Matt S.It's a combination of Dick's and Cracker Barrel.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Matthew A.Keep your heads up, hands free, and eyes open... Watch for those rolls! Haha

    55555 by Matthew A.

  • KiyoServings are typically huge but the chicken/dumplings meal is smaller and cheaper. Tasty, too!

    55555 by Kiyo

  • Michael K.Catch some rolls... eat a little (a lot) of everything. Drink a huge mug of iced tea. Meet the family and associates who make Lambert's Cafe the legendary restaurant that it is!

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Michael H.awesome food. huge servings. go atleast once for the experience.

    55555 by Michael H.

  • Heath A.Great food and good times! Visit every trip!

    55555 by Heath A.

  • Jennifer E.CC not acceptes but they take out of town checks with drivers license.

    33333 by Jennifer E.

  • Charlie CHome of the throwed rolls!

    55555 by Charlie C

  • Mike DFood is not that special but the ambiance is what you go for

    55555 by Mike D

  • Drew A.Keep on your toes for antics!

    55555 by Drew A.

  • Andy C.Home of the throwed roll. They also bring out buckets of hot stuff to try. Friendly people.

    55555 by Andy C.

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