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801 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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(817) 945-1545


  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars

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4.6 of 5.0 from 80 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX
  • BREWED in Fort Worth, TX

BREWED Reviews

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  • Savina JMac n cheese waffles!

    55555 by Savina J

  • Ryan MSirracha Burger is a must at this one. Ask for a couch spot when you come.

    55555 by Ryan M

  • Eric DA little overpriced

    33333 by Eric D

  • Shri NFood menu equally good, if not better. Atmosphere is great. Avoid actually getting coffee

    55555 by Shri N

  • Melody AReally good chai lattes. It's a bit pricey, but good atmosphere.

    55555 by Melody A

  • Paige B.Kombucha on tap!! Great local place with delicious dinner too (not just a cafe!)

    55555 by Paige B.

  • Angela S.Pretty ok hot chocolate. Milk and honey was interesting. Maybe I just don't like hot milk. Duck fat fries were good.

    55555 by Angela S.

  • Huri G.Great selection of coffee and tea. Food is pretty hit and miss for the price, but you will never be let down by their sweet potato duck fat fries. Try the fermented tea!

    55555 by Huri G.

  • DeimosGreat selection of craft beers! Anything on the coffee menu is sure to impress. Beware the swarms of hipsters.

    55555 by Deimos

  • Keith B.I thought the Coffee Beer was good, great service.

    55555 by Keith B.

  • Skyler L.The espresso was awesome. I went at 10PM and I got a perfectly pulled shot and some cold brew. Unbelievably good! I want to go back to try the food.

    55555 by Skyler L.

  • David P.Craft beer for brunch and lunch, you won't regret it, promise. Sriracha burger is awesome, not dare-level spicy. Sweet potato fries are stellar.

    55555 by David P.

  • E G.Nice atmosphere with a great beer selection. Also...the sweet potato duck fat fries? Hell yes.

    55555 by E G.

  • Samone RGreat chicken and waffles - get the syrup on the side!

    55555 by Samone R

  • Ashley SGood hangout for groups. The craft beers are great!

    55555 by Ashley S

  • George N.Brunch: the burger is far, far better than it should be. The chicken and waffles were better than they looked, but ask for the syrup on the side or you'll get a soggy waffle.

    33333 by George N.

  • Minh N.As others have said, they have trouble making a burger anything less than well done--even when I asked for it rare. The Brussels sprouts were mighty tasty, however.

    33333 by Minh N.

  • Amanda H.I had the Brewed Burger which wasn't like any other burger you get from a restaurant. It was tasty and didn't feel too heavy. I had the Dandelion as a drink; very unique and a great mixture.

    55555 by Amanda H.

  • Eve CepedaLive the vibe here !!!!

    55555 by Eve Cepeda

  • Veronica SitesSuch a great meeting place. Enjoyed pretzel bites and great customer service. Love the little greeter I call him "Mr. Brew"

    55555 by Veronica Sites

  • Jeremy J.What a chill spot with awesome food, and drink selections!! Loved the burger and great craft beer list! Wish I could bring this place to NYC with me!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • Charissa W.Great Kombacha tea and the pretzel bites are AMAZING!

    55555 by Charissa W.

  • BailieServes mostly Texas products from craft beer, coffee and food.

    55555 by Bailie

  • denny muhaGreat for brunch!

    55555 by denny muha

  • Karen L.Jalapeño gritsss!

    55555 by Karen L.

  • Alan SearsGoat cheese queso dip with pita chips were amazing.

    55555 by Alan Sears

  • Jay GadgilGood Texas beers on tap

    55555 by Jay Gadgil

  • Josephine B.Very friendly staff.

    55555 by Josephine B.

  • Mike Z.Good coffee. Overpriced chicken tenders and waffles. I'd come back tho. Great spot.

    55555 by Mike Z.

  • Tina H.Great patio! Mocha!!

    55555 by Tina H.

  • Gwen W.Get the duck fat fries, I don't care what else you do.

    55555 by Gwen W.

  • Jane LimDulce de leche bread pudding with cream cheese ice cream, delicious!

    55555 by Jane Lim

  • Ashley B.Mimosas!!!!candy Bar Latte!

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Laura H.I've actually lived in Brooklyn and I'd be pinterested in adding some beards on the men in this place. Not enough dudes with beards. Add them to the menu next to the shakerato.

    33333 by Laura H.

  • Lauren K.The goat cheese queso thing is horrible. I tastes like absolutely nothing, even with the meat and onions it just barely has a flavor. The 'cheese' looks like some weird bechamel mix and is tasteless.

    22222 by Lauren K.

  • Chris G.Ask for the java nitro, a frothy mix of espresso and beer.

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Kara ELThe serrano grits are amazing

    55555 by Kara EL

  • Social News NetworkThis cozy coffee pub has games, brews, a creative environment and a menu that you can't refuse. Don't skip the chicken & waffles and a glass of their draft kombucha for breakfast.

    55555 by Social News Network

  • David SasdaChai latte is phenomenal, hot chocolate is mind blowing and pumpkin spice latte warms the soul. My favorite spot in Fort Worth.

    55555 by David Sasda

  • Lord CharlesNice atmosphere with an impressive beer selection.

    55555 by Lord Charles

  • Arianna R.Tried the pumpkin spice latte the other night.. Ehh Ive had better. Disappointed.

    55555 by Arianna R.

  • Billy M.Very cool spot! Great breakfast and great coffee. They have small one item breakfast options or full on breakfast plates. Great place for a morning meeting!

    55555 by Billy M.

  • Courtney Y.This is awesome!!

    55555 by Courtney Y.

  • Arianna R.Tried the biscuits and gravy. Apparently the recipe has changed. These were cheesy and a tad spicy. Very good. My candy bar latte was not as good as last time sadly.. :(

    55555 by Arianna R.

  • Christine M.Nadia (server) is the sweetest! And gave me a great coffee recommendation: iced latte with coconut and vanilla. Perfect.

    55555 by Christine M.

  • William R.Have the Koumbacha tea!

    33333 by William R.

  • Tina H.Great patio area!

    55555 by Tina H.

  • Paul M.They have Crispin Cider

    55555 by Paul M.

  • William KnightIt so awesome a Coffee Shop and restaurant also a bar all in one.

    55555 by William Knight

  • David C.Cafe Freddo on a hot day. 👍 I mentioned how much I love Oskar Blues' beers and they brought me a free tasting. To say I'm loving this place would be an understatement.

    55555 by David C.

  • Matt PullenTry the chicken and waffles with a side of sausage gravy!!!! Amazing!! First time here and I am hooked!!

    55555 by Matt Pullen

  • Arianna R.My favorite coffee bar in all of Ft. Worth thus far! Candy bar latte was ah-mazing and loved the atmosphere at brunch this morning. Keep up the great work!

    55555 by Arianna R.

  • G B H.Interesting atmosphere. A little noisy do Sunday brunch. Absolutely delicious desserts.

    55555 by G B H.

  • Michelle W.Anything the employees say is delish here......IS! Everything I've ordered has been great!!! Waffles are to die for;)!

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Eric K.Good luck with the burger, two people in my party ordered it medium, both arrived well done and charred. Yuck!

    22222 by Eric K.

  • Corey M.It had a rough opening, getting things kinked out. That said, Brewed has really come into it's own lately. Craft beer and coffee, mindblowing burgers, and friendly service make for a great hangout.

    55555 by Corey M.

  • Emily L.Best new bar- great food and beer. You really can't go wrong with anything you order! Also make sure you get the duck fat fries :)

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Julie C.Absolutely amazing spot -- Jessie rocks!

    55555 by Julie C.

  • Julie C.Mac n cheese delish

    55555 by Julie C.

  • Sue MGreat patio seating, eclectic, local food, coffee/craft brews!!! Fun date place!

    55555 by Sue M

  • Mary Katherine EJesse is my favorite!

    55555 by Mary Katherine E

  • MoIf you get a server named Micah, ask for a new one!

    33333 by Mo

  • Eduardo VBad service waiting for 45mins for a drink... go somewhere else plenty of great options on magnolia to wait around at this place...

    33333 by Eduardo V

  • Michael H.Great Cappuccinos! ...worth the wait. (Not sure why it sometimes takes 15 minutes to get one brought out to you though??)

    33333 by Michael H.

  • Jonathan D.Whatever you get, make sure it has bacon on it. Best damn bacon period.

    55555 by Jonathan D.

  • Lauren P.Great little place; nice outdoor patio with a good amount of seating and two fire pits. Happy Hour is $1 off drafts and wine Tues-Thurs 4pm-6pm. Not a huge selection of beer. I'll definitely go again.

    55555 by Lauren P.

  • Mike TGreat food, beer & coffee. An anchor of the Magnolia rejuvenation with an absolutely gorgeous back porch.

    55555 by Mike T

  • Mike VBeer = good. Food = decent. Customer Service = atrocious. Terrible. Non-existent. The business will fold soon at this rate.

    22222 by Mike V

  • Azure T.Great food. Attentive service.

    55555 by Azure T.

  • Jennie W.Hope this time is better than the last few... They already lost Tiff's coffee order but we're staying positive...

    33333 by Jennie W.

  • Mandyfood is good. beer selection is great. it looks like anthropologie in here. i want to love this place, but the service is consistently terrible.

    55555 by Mandy

  • Lauren R.Be prepared to wait. A while. We've had our drink orders lost twice. It's been 30 minutes since we had a drink. Not worth it. Go somewhere else.

    22222 by Lauren R.

  • Jeremy L.Sweet potatoes fried in duck fat! YES they did.

    55555 by Jeremy L.

  • Topher MSunday Funday starts here with drinks and brunch!

    55555 by Topher M

  • Rye C.Order Resin

    22222 by Rye C.

  • CB D.Ugh. It's like Portland threw up all over this joint.

    22222 by CB D.

  • David PessingService needs some work

    55555 by David Pessing

  • KatieGet the Pyramid Apricot Ale and a BLTB! Sooo good!

    55555 by Katie

  • Jason Y.Iced Coffee on tap. So amazing. And Steven's the best. Great, great, great craft coffee spot!

    55555 by Jason Y.

  • shawn r.This place is absolutely amazing. A truly great third place. The coffee and food as well as the staff are excellent. Beautiful comfortable community environment.

    55555 by shawn r.


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