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Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

111 East Fourth Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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(817) 336-7470

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4.6 of 5.0 from 137 reviews

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Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Reviews

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  • Sam @Wings, Mojo.

    55555 by Sam @

  • Max W.Reasonable beer selection. Very little that's local.

    55555 by Max W.

  • Umesh PCool place to try variety of beers.

    55555 by Umesh P

  • Steve KGreat waitresses. Lot of varieties of beer.

    55555 by Steve K

  • Michael LaneAmazing selection of beer!

    55555 by Michael Lane

  • Eric DGreat beer, great patio. Sundays are $3 Texas pints!

    55555 by Eric D

  • Rowdy MBest beer selection in DFW!

    55555 by Rowdy M

  • Joe LGhost Flight... Mystery beers chosen as top picks by the staff!

    55555 by Joe L

  • John JGreat outdoor patio with live music on the big stage. Really good range or brews but the food doesn't match up to the rest of the experience.

    55555 by John J

  • Kyle O.Excellent! Wonderful and wide beer options.

    55555 by Kyle O.

  • John V.This place has really gone downhill. Regulars aren't treated like your business matters.

    22222 by John V.

  • Jeff M.Nice location. Huge patio. Nice inside too. Tons and tons of beer

    55555 by Jeff M.

  • Shelton LThe saucer bratzel was great! And their beer selection is CRAZYYY

    55555 by Shelton L

  • John HankusTons of craft beer on tap. Huge beer garden with stage and live music. Try the pretzels as an appetizer. Soups are pretty good as well.

    55555 by John Hankus

  • Brittany NHuge patio and great selection of beers

    55555 by Brittany N

  • Jackie W.Great patio! And the Cheese Fries Surprise is awesome!

    55555 by Jackie W.

  • Chris B.Can't go wrong with pretzels and beer, and the veggie burger is also really good! San Miguel burger is another favorite of mine

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Suzanne BedoungGreat atmosphere and cool vibe...good chill spot after you have left work and want to decompress

    55555 by Suzanne Bedoung

  • Suzanne BedoungGreat atmosphere...attentive staff

    55555 by Suzanne Bedoung

  • Guillaume ALa nourriture est convenable, le choix de bières est très vaste! Concert live le dimanche où nous y sommes allés. Bon spot pour boire un verre dehors

    55555 by Guillaume A

  • Cutter DGreat beer good food! The nachos are pretty good.

    55555 by Cutter D

  • Howie B.If you like draught beer, this is the place to be in Fort Worth. Many many choices.

    55555 by Howie B.

  • Lance SBeer selection

    55555 by Lance S

  • Daniel MI got drunk here. Delicious fried foods on the menu too!

    55555 by Daniel M

  • Paul SI'm addicted to their pretzels. They are so good. I was skeptical about ordering hummus here, but it actually had a lot of flavor and you could tell it was made on site. Will definitely order again.

    55555 by Paul S

  • Paul SLove this place. Went on a Tuesday night for some trivia which means you can win some cash to cover drinks. Ask your beer goddess if any drinks are on fire sale to get $3 beers.

    55555 by Paul S

  • Angeline Collazo RiveraNot per friendly :(

    55555 by Angeline Collazo Rivera

  • BailieAll the Craft Beer your little Knurd heart could desire. Awesome patio!!

    55555 by Bailie

  • James RGreat beer! Good food, awesome people.

    55555 by James R

  • Lucerito L.Great way to stay warm.

    55555 by Lucerito L.

  • David P.SO MUCH BEER. Great spot to try new brews, they've got basically everything. The patio is a prime spot on fall afternoons too!

    55555 by David P.

  • Stephanie R.Amazing variety. Any beer you could possibly want is here!

    55555 by Stephanie R.

  • Tater ADrink 1 of everything

    33333 by Tater A

  • Berni MLot's of beer. Too Many to choose...

    55555 by Berni M

  • Erik O.The Bratzel is where it's at!

    55555 by Erik O.

  • Michael JThey screwed the smokers and book the entire patio on Friday nights.

    33333 by Michael J

  • Jordan W.Great outside patio! Lots of beers to try!

    55555 by Jordan W.

  • Austin R.I love this place, but the service is very hit or miss.

    55555 by Austin R.

  • tällēybįrd™Waited 43 minutes for a beer. Literally. Sent it away and left.

    11111 by tällēybįrd™

  • DustinHere for a conference? Show your name tag and get 20% off food. Also, always off-menu items. Ask your server.

    55555 by Dustin

  • Mary HinzeThe black&tan is awesome!!

    55555 by Mary Hinze

  • Pepe Y.Todas las chelas que se te ocurran. ¡Salú!

    55555 by Pepe Y.

  • Carol KSmoked Salmon is the bomb!!!

    55555 by Carol K

  • HildaBryan, Homer, Emily, Malore, & John are the best bartenders!! Luv this plaxe

    55555 by Hilda

  • Chris G.Try the Soft Pretzel With Beer Cheese Sauce - Best.

    55555 by Chris G.

  • Omar O.Miss the old Fly, but this will do just fine. It would be nice if they brought in some of the old bands. Waitresses and bartenders have always been good to me. Glad to be alive.

    55555 by Omar O.

  • Brittany N.Great outdoor patio!!!

    55555 by Brittany N.

  • Angela B.Horrible place to eat! Rude weekend/day time manager! I was a UFO member. I will never go back!

    11111 by Angela B.

  • Robin D.Trivia Tuesdays!

    55555 by Robin D.

  • Emily L.Mmmm More rocket tots please!!

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Hez L.Hummingbird water cider... FTW!

    55555 by Hez L.

  • Scott S.River rocket and a flight! Only way to go!

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Jeff E.Love this place. The Pork Belly sandwich is great for a hangover

    55555 by Jeff E.

  • Don N.Don't be a douche and order a Bud, Miller or Coors. Support Craft Breweries. Cheers friend!

    55555 by Don N.

  • Emily L.River rocket. River rocket. River rocket. Just do it.

    55555 by Emily L.

  • Sherri BI'm just here for the pizza & beer ;)

    55555 by Sherri B

  • Steve J.The bartenders know their beer. Don't know what to order just ask them for a recommendation, they will take care of you.

    55555 by Steve J.

  • Meredith M.They've moved, and there's more seating, but I miss the ambience of the old location.

    55555 by Meredith M.

  • Gail JAwesome popcorn!

    55555 by Gail J

  • Lee L.Order some french fries

    33333 by Lee L.

  • Mark K.Great place! Love it!

    55555 by Mark K.

  • Bjorn H.Try the "Paulaner Oktoberfest"! Great taste, smooth, and a little bit more alcohol content

    55555 by Bjorn H.

  •  ℋugh ℳorris H.Try the Grilled Chicken Sandwich - ☺

    55555 by  ℋugh ℳorris H.

  • Jeff B.Great draught beer selection!

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Angela T.Left hand milk stout! Need I say more!

    55555 by Angela T.

  • Deven K.Sign up for the UFO club and become a Beer Knurd

    55555 by Deven K.

  • Elliot R.Great new location with huge beer garden! Beer is always cold and food is always hot! Great place to hang with friends and meet new ones.

    55555 by Elliot R.

  • NR T.Get the Rocket Tots!

    33333 by NR T.

  • Rosalie VNo high chairs! Wtf!

    11111 by Rosalie V

  • Carlos D.Having 6 plates I have had more than a few pints. Trivia Night is also fun when you place

    55555 by Carlos D.

  • John V.The servers Samantha, Megan, & Amber are awesome! Good selection of craft beers from USA! I wish they would stock more European beers!!!

    55555 by John V.

  • Brandon Z.This place is fantastic awesome environment great food amazing beer selection helpful staff if you don't quiet know.what you want... Just great. Honey dipped chicken... Just saying.

    55555 by Brandon Z.

  • Don N.For a change of pace, try Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey! Made with Dead Guy Ale and then distilled and ocean aged!

    55555 by Don N.

  • Greg P.Order an IPA. Any IPA, well except for the Maharaja. Not good. Not good at all.

    33333 by Greg P.

  • Dave P.Check with Curtis in the beer hall upstairs. Smaller selection, but he will pick a good one, two or more for you!

    55555 by Dave P.

  • ILiveInDallas.comTry the 1554, Warsteiner Dunkel, or the Belhaven.

    55555 by ILiveInDallas.com

  • Rick H.Sucks to pay cover and not even care to hear the band and want to just go upstairs.

    22222 by Rick H.

  • QC Industries ConveyorsGreat spot for craft beers. Try some of the local favorites from Rahr, or if you're into IPAs, try the Breckenridge 471 or Green Flash West Coast IPA.

    55555 by QC Industries Conveyors

  • Mr. C.Our waitress was a sourpuss... She obviously hated her job and killed the experience for all of us!

    22222 by Mr. C.

  • Michael R.There's pine nuts in the pesto

    55555 by Michael R.

  • Fischer Real Estate ServicesThe best selection of beer on tap downtown. Great food too. Nice patio and music too.

    55555 by Fischer Real Estate Services

  • Andy L.Join the club to start earning your way to a plate...as if I needed another reason to drink more beer.

    33333 by Andy L.

  • Kevin EGreat little joint to have a pint. . .or 2. . .or. . .

    55555 by Kevin E

  • Lee W.First time here. Hope the food is good. Don't look at the menu online. It is not updated.

    33333 by Lee W.

  • *Dominic G.Amazing bar at sunset! So many beers to choose from...The upper patio bar is a must. Great view of DT Fort Worth!

    55555 by *Dominic G.

  • Tim T.The better beers they never seem to have on tap. Other pubs DO have these beers on tap, although they may not have as many on tap as FS. Which is why I don't frequent FS that much.

    55555 by Tim T.

  • Caitlin M.Sit in either Jenna or Gey's section. Best waitresses ever.

    55555 by Caitlin M.

  • Judith C.Last time I was here I was with kellie. Matt and Lisa. I remember good food and good times

    55555 by Judith C.

  • Luke RicksIt's not on the menu, but you can order one pretzel instead of two.

    55555 by Luke Ricks

  • Nick AAnother awesome beer bar.

    55555 by Nick A

  • Michael H.GREAT place! Staff is super helpful, and yea, there's over 200 beers. Give it a try.

    55555 by Michael H.

  • Mile PAsk for the complimentary popcorn!

    55555 by Mile P

  • Omar O.Old speckled hen you are faithful.

    55555 by Omar O.

  • Valerie F.There's a difference between laid back service and incredibly sloooow service. Just sayin.

    33333 by Valerie F.

  • Rodney B.The UFO club is one of the coolest pub concepts ever.

    55555 by Rodney B.

  • Alyssa G.Ask for some popcorn - it's delicious AND it's free!

    55555 by Alyssa G.

  • Scott W.Order an Old Rasputin, you will not be disappointed.

    55555 by Scott W.

  • Tracey-DawnBlue Moon with a lemon was my choice for the day.

    33333 by Tracey-Dawn

  • ScottTuesday night trivia is the best place to be in FW. Look out for team mustache!

    55555 by Scott

  • 🌟Erin.🌟My friend recommended coming here when I was visiting and I can proudly say i wasnt disappointed! The bartender was very attentive and made me feel at home! Love the beer selection as well!

    55555 by 🌟Erin.🌟

  • Zach S.Try the North Coast Old Rasputin stout! Its da bomb!

    55555 by Zach S.

  • Trey *There should be a one per customer limit on the limited edition glasses! Grrrrr.... : (

    22222 by Trey *

  • HillaryThe bratwurst plate is fantastic and very authentic.

    55555 by Hillary

  • Andy L.Fav bar in FW. Head upstairs for a view of Sundance Square.

    55555 by Andy L.

  • Jeremy P.Try the Frito Pie

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Jeremy P.Make sure and get the glass on Wednesday nights.

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Jeremy P.Buy the guy at the far end of the bar a beer.

    33333 by Jeremy P.

  • Brad M.Find the plate with the NIU Huskie. Soon there will two.

    33333 by Brad M.

  • Aaron H.The patio is excellent... you may as well get there early to make sure you get a spot.

    55555 by Aaron H.

  • Brad W.Not all of the beers served are on the menu. Ask for any special seasonal or rotating beers from the craft breweries. There are new additions weekly in addition to the ones advertised.

    55555 by Brad W.

  • Brian S.Don't sit too close to the men's room, it does not get cleaned often enough, smells awful, and you get a whiff everytime someone opens the door.

    33333 by Brian S.

  • Jeremy P.Try the beer... Excellent.

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Reilly S.I can't believe no one has mentioned the free popcorn.

    33333 by Reilly S.

  •  ℋugh ℳorris H.If you are visiting the U.S. don't forget to tip your bartender! They are not salaried employees like in other countries.

    33333 by  ℋugh ℳorris H.

  • Steve S.Great Beer Selection try the original Pilsner beer Pilsner Urquell is on draught

    55555 by Steve S.

  •  ℋugh ℳorris H.Come on a Sunday to see the greatness that is Big Mike! 

    55555 by  ℋugh ℳorris H.

  • Justin V.Mondays almost all beers on draft are $3.00

    55555 by Justin V.

  • Jake S.If you like good beer, you have to go here!

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Lisa Z.Awesome beer selection and you know what? The food is really great, too. Pretzels are soft and buttery. Pillows of salted joy.

    55555 by Lisa Z.

  • @katebuckjrBest bar food I've ever had!

    55555 by @katebuckjr

  • Jeramie JTry the 512 Bruin if it's on tap. Great beer!

    55555 by Jeramie J

  • Kris JaraPretty cool place with the retro wallpaper and saloon feel to it. Stop by and grab a pint and say hi to whatever awesome bartender is working

    55555 by Kris Jara

  • Chris F.Don't forget to have yourself a glass of Rahr. Hometown brew in downtown Cowtown.

    55555 by Chris F.

  • Douglas M.See Big Mike play acoustic guitar and sing your favorite classic rock tunes! Awesome!

    55555 by Douglas M.

  • Robert D.Great place. Everyone is nice and they have over 200 beers which music to the ears of beer nerd like me.

    55555 by Robert D.

  • Justin C.Go see Homer up in half acre hall. His beer knowledge will amaze you. Then come to Paddy Reds Irish pub. 8th and Throckmorten!

    55555 by Justin C.

  • David GAround the world we go. Where we stop only they know. Don't miss Trivia night either.

    55555 by David G

  • Pete W.Barstool C is the place to be! Barstools A and B have brewer leavins' on them.

    55555 by Pete W.

  • Austin DDon't trust the guy at Barstool B. Hes a crafty little cajun.

    33333 by Austin D

  • Jason EBarstool A is loserville

    55555 by Jason E

  • Andy C.If you go on a Wednesday night and buy the featured beer you get to keep the official glass it is served in.

    33333 by Andy C.

  • Mitch G.Grab a Stone Ruination IPA....hoooppppyyyyyy!

    55555 by Mitch G.

  • Pete W.Join the UFO club if you're not a wuss.

    55555 by Pete W.

  • Tom P.try the blanche de bruxelles. Really good!

    55555 by Tom P.

  • Pete W.Sundays is Texas Beer day -- most draft beers from TX are $2.75Mondays is the best day, tho -- most anything on draft is $2.75

    55555 by Pete W.

  • Alyssa G.Head upstairs for a great vibe and extra seating!

    55555 by Alyssa G.

  • Jacob Jalways at least try the fire sale beer.

    55555 by Jacob J

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