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Eatalian Cafe

15500 S Broadway St
Gardena, CA 90248

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(310) 532-8880

  • Sun - 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Sat 7:00am - 9:00pm

Cuisine: Cafes, Italian Restaurants, Pizza Places

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4.9 of 5.0 from 106 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA
  • Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA
  • Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA
  • Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA
  • Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA
  • Eatalian Cafe in Gardena, CA

Eatalian Cafe Reviews

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  • Phil FoteFresh pasta, Italian wine, and gelato for dessert!!!

    55555 by Phil Fote

  • Ryan LWho would have thought one could transform an industrial warehouse into an inviting, delicious, diverse ltalian eatery. Casual date location approved.

    55555 by Ryan L

  • Tanya T.The pizza was delicious for this New Yorker.

    55555 by Tanya T.

  • Claire SThis is the worst Italian food I've ever had in a restaurant. They served me pasta from a box and tomato sauce that tasted like it came from a can.

    22222 by Claire S

  • Chrishon M.It's very unclear to me why this place has such good reviews. 7 out of 10 at best.

    33333 by Chrishon M.

  • Hungry PHouse cake is great.

    55555 by Hungry P

  • Hungry PRock pizza.

    55555 by Hungry P

  • Jessica I.Authentic and right next to Compton. Very unassuming from the outside but once inside, you can smell Italy from La! Try the gnocchi.

    55555 by Jessica I.

  • Kjell K.The seafood risotto was amazing, as well as all the Gelatos!!!

    55555 by Kjell K.

  • Roberto B.Everything here looks great! I had a Brando pizza and it was very well done! Capuccino was good and the Croissant with Nutela was delicious. It doesn't look as good as it is!

    55555 by Roberto B.

  • Taka A量と味ともにサイコーなイタリアン❗️ベストレストラン in ガーデナー。日本人に合うアメリカにあるイタリア料理。

    33333 by Taka A

  • John R.Try everything!!!! It's all good.

    55555 by John R.

  • Leilani SI had spinach tortelli with meat ragu. Yum!

    55555 by Leilani S

  • Lauren-Michelle K.Absolutely amazing! All their ingredients are imported from Italy and they make everything themselves from scratch! Their gelato is truly authentic too!!!

    55555 by Lauren-Michelle K.

  • KENDRICK K.Yummy!!!!!

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.Wine bar . Interesting

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • KENDRICK K.Nice wine collection

    55555 by KENDRICK K.

  • Naomi PAuthentic Italian all around. They make their own pasta and gnocchi. Their ingredients are fresh and clean. The gnocchi is my favorite. We always share an arugula pizza as an appetizer. Delicious.

    55555 by Naomi P

  • Ion S.This is my new fave spot.. I'm not a big fan of Italian food but this place turn it around.. Their panna cotta is to die for 😍😍😍

    55555 by Ion S.

  • BIG CRosemary Chicken Salad...

    55555 by BIG C

  • Terry Robert OrnelasBest pizza ever

    55555 by Terry Robert Ornelas

  • Oliver DPizzas, pastas, beer, everything. Friend had chance to work for them for their cheese plant and the owner is just as awesome as the food is!

    55555 by Oliver D

  • Joshua LRock Pizza

    55555 by Joshua L

  • Justin O.The house cake is delicious, very much like a tiramisu but with crunchier layers. Great selection of desserts, would come here just for the sweets.

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Frank K.Pizza Diavolo and all desserts

    55555 by Frank K.

  • Frank K.Just the best Italian food. Today tried the Liguini . Very good

    55555 by Frank K.

  • Ashlynn Burkthe Greca pizza is where it's at! you can't go wrong with the gelato either every flavor I've had has been delicious.

    55555 by Ashlynn Burk

  • beulah pidakalaSkip the lunch crowd late in the afternoon. Great place for groups

    55555 by beulah pidakala

  • Meredith MaimoniYou can walk around the area and watch them prepare your food. Such a cool atmosphere!

    55555 by Meredith Maimoni

  • Neil Ceverything!!

    55555 by Neil C

  • Jun D.Authentic Italian pizza!

    55555 by Jun D.

  • Shelly BrunnenkantEverything is great. Especially the Biscotti Gelato!

    55555 by Shelly Brunnenkant

  • Betty RubeCool industrial feel. Pizza just like what I had in Italy. Artisan beers, pricey but worth a try. My group loved all their pasta and seafood dishes. Easy to miss the location so drive by slowly!

    55555 by Betty Rube

  • Samuel VerissimoComida fresca e feita na hora. O espaguete a carbonara é divino. Também tem pizzas e risotos maravilhosos.

    55555 by Samuel Verissimo

  • Michelle Arnaiz-Dela RosaEverything we ate from the pizza to the pasta and the dessert was awesome!,

    55555 by Michelle Arnaiz-Dela Rosa

  • Rafaela Figueredo de OliveiraComida deliciosa, atendimento muito simpático e preço justíssimo. Porém, passe longe do café espresso (para sua própria segurança).

    55555 by Rafaela Figueredo de Oliveira

  • Michele RAll most every thing except the lines :)

    33333 by Michele R

  • Ernest S.Expresso Bar

    55555 by Ernest S.

  • Ernest S.Strawberry Gelato

    55555 by Ernest S.

  • Raven V.The capricciosa pizza is excellent. However, unless you've got a small appetite or are going to share with someone, its probably not a wise idea to get one of them.

    55555 by Raven V.

  • Chris B.Gnocchi was awesome.

    55555 by Chris B.

  • LA WeeklyEatalian Cafe is a one-stop pizzeria, café and gelateria in Gardena that offers 30 thin crust pizzas, from traditional Napoli style to more unique flavor combinations, like tuna and onion.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • LAistit is a food factory: making fresh cheese, dough, sauces, pasta, and gelato. The delicious pizza is super thin crust, which is great because you can eat more of it since it's not so filling.

    55555 by LAist

  • EaterSporting thin crust, Neopolitan pizzas, Eatalian was the progenitor of many authentic Neopolitan-style pizzas joints that eventually opened around town.

    55555 by Eater

  • Will ChungHidden in the corner in the middle of factories, a little hard to find at first but good food

    55555 by Will Chung

  • Greg G.A hidden gem in Gardena

    55555 by Greg G.

  • Robert I.Margherita pizza appetizer yum!🍕

    55555 by Robert I.

  • Marco P.Best pizza in great LA. I tried all their pizza (I'm not kidding...) and there isn't even one that I didn't like. My 2 cents is: no matter how much you like their pizza... leave some room for gelato!

    55555 by Marco P.

  • RoseMarie C.Love this place! The food and staff are amazing ❤️

    55555 by RoseMarie C.

  • Brian M.Everything looked great! The Gnocchi and the 4 cheese sauce was outstanding.

    55555 by Brian M.

  • Los AngelesEatalian Café seems perpetually packed with locals clamoring for well-cooked Neapolitan pizzas and freshly-rolled pasta dishes such as spinach and ricotta tortellini or potato gnocchi with beef ragú.

    55555 by Los Angeles

  • Edward F.Unexpected gem of good Italian food in the middle of warehouse.

    55555 by Edward F.

  • Tiffany E.Their pizza is amazing!!!!

    55555 by Tiffany E.

  • Lula C.The best for Italian food and deserts

    55555 by Lula C.

  • Sharon E.Calories smalories....EAT EVERYTHING!!!!!! Lol

    55555 by Sharon E.

  • Eileen M.Beer and wine only. You can not go wrong with any of the pizzas . . . and save room for gelato!

    55555 by Eileen M.

  • Mike D.Holy moly I recommend the 'Marlon Brando' ... SO GOOD!!!

    55555 by Mike D.

  • Florante Peter I.It's all good

    55555 by Florante Peter I.

  • BabsDelicious Butternut squash ravioli!

    55555 by Babs

  • BabsPlenty if vegetarian options and fresh pasta! I loved the Butternut squash ravioli!

    55555 by Babs

  • Jun D.Fast service! Authentic Italian pizza selections! Good flavor!

    55555 by Jun D.

  • Frank K.Pizza Diavolo

    55555 by Frank K.

  • Wendy G.Get here before noon and avoid the lunch time rush.

    33333 by Wendy G.

  • Jazz G.First timer but here's the menu!

    33333 by Jazz G.

  • Katya T.The BEST Tiramisu ever!!!!

    55555 by Katya T.

  • Jeanette H.Great spagetti carbonera!

    55555 by Jeanette H.

  • Lance K.It's all about the Gitana pizza. We have been here maybe 15 times and have had the gitana 15 times...along with just about everything else on the menu. It's like we are back in Italy...

    55555 by Lance K.

  • Stacey Z.Don't forget some gelato n expresso to finish off your meal! Bon appetite!!!

    55555 by Stacey Z.

  • Christian N.Just clear out an entire day and order one of everything. It's worth it.

    55555 by Christian N.

  • Jay C.Parking is a challenge at lunch, however the modern vibe makes this place great for lunch. Try the Penne alla Boscaiola, just light not overly creamy. Don't miss your gelato before heading out!

    55555 by Jay C.

  • Lula C.Once you eat here it will become one of your favorite spots to eat and the Gelato is the bomb

    55555 by Lula C.

  • Will I.Marlon Brando

    55555 by Will I.

  • KimaiIt's like eating REAL authentic Italian food with ur eyes closed! coz the surrounding area is sorta ghetto. Judging by all the industrial old school businesses around, you would never venture inside!

    55555 by Kimai

  • Richlynn K.The amaretto gelato is amazing!

    55555 by Richlynn K.

  • Cara C.Authentic Italian pizza. And this is from a Former Native New Yorker! Food just like Italy!

    55555 by Cara C.

  • Elizabeth EI love their spaghetti carbonara!

    55555 by Elizabeth E

  • Lisa M.Delish gelato. Thin crust pizzas. Great pastas

    55555 by Lisa M.

  • Dustin TBest pizza around!

    55555 by Dustin T

  • Lpena5Try the rum raisin gelato Wow !

    55555 by Lpena5

  • Jim H.The Rock is one of my favorite pizzas! Make sure you save room for the gelato!

    55555 by Jim H.

  • Matti K.Also, try their new place just No. of Marine on Drenshaw. East Side....darling and love the tablecloths, and service! Can't wait to go again and try their amazing gelato!!! OMG...good!

    55555 by Matti K.

  • MarkoThe Pizza is really thin but full of flavor. I recommend the "Rock" pizza. Also, the gelato is very rich so a small cup will be enough, unless you have a very "sweet tooth."

    55555 by Marko

  • Jason M.Everything is great. Save room for dessert and coffee.

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Yuri K.Margarita pizza

    55555 by Yuri K.

  • Laurie NBest Italian outside of Italy. Very authentic, cool vibe

    55555 by Laurie N

  • Anne G.The butternut squash ravioli is divine.

    55555 by Anne G.

  • Philip C.Great Italian eatery. I lived in Rome for a year and the pizza is as good as in Rome

    55555 by Philip C.

  • Patrick C.This place rocks!

    55555 by Patrick C.

  • Kristen F.omg this has to be by far the best gelato I have ever had. And 4 cheese gnocchi ftw!

    55555 by Kristen F.

  • Grace C.They open at 7am for breakfast but to beat the lunch crowd, don't go later than 11:30am or come after 2pm

    55555 by Grace C.

  • Eric I.Awesome pizza. Thin crust that stays crispy. Make sure to get some gelato for dessert. Love the industrial dining setting.

    55555 by Eric I.

  • David C.So far everything I have had has been delicious, love the pastas and cant go wrong with the gorgonzola pizza.

    55555 by David C.

  • Victoria R.Not sure which gelato to get? Half chocolate half hazelnut is the way to go!! Yum :P

    55555 by Victoria R.

  • Frank F.I haven't had Italian this good since the last time I was in Italy. The pizzas are great with a tortilla-thin crust and authentic toppings, and the hand-made pastas are just like the stuff Nonna made.

    55555 by Frank F.

  • Devin YSo many things I love about this place. Amazing pizza, delicious pastas, and so authentic! You cannot go wrong here. Now if they would just get the okay from the city to let you bring wine in.

    55555 by Devin Y

  • GMoneyAwesome pizzas and yummy gelato especially straciatella flavor.

    55555 by GMoney

  • Kathleen M.been here for 20 minutes and so far not impressed. the service is not very good at all. our waitress is really not good. i sense the tip is going down by the minute.

    33333 by Kathleen M.

  • Steve S.This place is sooooo good. Amazing authentic Italian pizza (like the kind from Italy). Really good pasta too!

    55555 by Steve S.

  • Elizabeth T.I've been here countless times, and I've tried many of the dishes, but my favorite is the homemade tagliatelle with mushrooms

    55555 by Elizabeth T.

  • Bridges to Italy TGreat pasta, pizza and crostate! Industrial location, cool settings, no wine yet...

    55555 by Bridges to Italy T

  • JeffreyLove the pizzas but the Apricot crostini was amazing! Ask for a scoop of PannaCotta gelato on it. Guy will look at you like you're crazy. Guess they don't do A La Mode in Italy! It was yummy.

    55555 by Jeffrey

  • jake p.I've had a lot of gelato in Italy. Eatalian gelato is just as good and very inexpensive for the price. Take it from me, THE MAYOR

    55555 by jake p.

  • Los Angeles TimesMarvel at the enormous size of the Parma ham calzone. It's pulled from the brick oven charred and crackling, packed with porcini mushrooms and draped in ribbons of prosciutto.

    55555 by Los Angeles Times

  • Chase Q.The lasagna is THE best lasagna I've had here in socal! Must try it!

    55555 by Chase Q.

  • shinnygogoPassion fruit gelato is good!!!

    55555 by shinnygogo

  • papawowGet the 4 Stagioni Pizza, it's amazing

    55555 by papawow

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