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25 Ionia Avenue Southwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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(616) 451-4677


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am

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Cuisine: Bars

4.6 of 5.0 from 135 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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HopCat Reviews

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  • Jimmy KNice place!!!

    55555 by Jimmy K

  • Josh AYou can't beat the happy hour deal. $5 off sandwiches and something like $3.50 wells and local beer list. 3-6pm mon-thur.

    55555 by Josh A

  • Kevin TenBrinkGreat beer selection and yes, the crack fries live up to the hype.

    55555 by Kevin TenBrink

  • Kristen J.Get the crack fries 🍟. Don't even bother sharing . Get a full order for yourself! Best fries ever!!!!!!!

    33333 by Kristen J.

  • Kevin AGreat beer selection, awesome burgers, and knowledge staff.

    55555 by Kevin A

  • Earl B.Fish tacos on the late night menu are sick! Blackened tilapia. Avocado on the side. Lava sauce, on the side, is lethal.

    55555 by Earl B.

  • Thomas DuebnerGreat beer selection. Crack Fries are a must.

    55555 by Thomas Duebner

  • Danni CTheir crack fries has perfect crispy texture. But it too salty for me that I could not eat up all. Their local beer selection is awesome. This place is usually too crowded and busy.

    55555 by Danni C

  • Danika TCrack fries are good but the beer selection is even better!

    55555 by Danika T

  • Samir NazirI had no idea they brewed their own beer-

    33333 by Samir Nazir

  • Diane F.The food and service was fantastic. A must to visit. Great beer also.

    55555 by Diane F.

  • Miguel JCrack fries & Fire Wings!

    55555 by Miguel J

  • PureWowThe “crack fries” at this Grand Rapids institution were so popular that they’re now franchised all over the Midwest. So what’s the secret? Beer batter and an assertive, peppery seasoning.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Hillary BPretzel nuggz were delicious, the Reuben Kincaid had amazing flavor and the beer selection was perfect. Found 4 new favorites.

    55555 by Hillary B

  • TimGreat food & an excellent craft beer selection!

    55555 by Tim

  • Earl B.Open til stated close every night. Full menu until midnight. Late night menu until 1:40am; includes crack fries :)

    55555 by Earl B.

  • Earl B.Awesome craft beer list. Lots of local stuff.

    55555 by Earl B.

  • Nell-OThe Crack Fries are DELICIOUS!

    55555 by Nell-O

  • Bryn MI was so disappointed. Our waitress was rude and the food took forever and was served cold. Won't be coming back.

    11111 by Bryn M

  • Justin RGreat beer, fries, and food

    55555 by Justin R

  • Jim W.Good beer, try the Crack fries.

    55555 by Jim W.

  • Carlton JBeer and food hospitality

    55555 by Carlton J

  • Sandy F.When you go downtown Grand Rapids, stop and get the crack fries! A craft beer goes well with them!

    55555 by Sandy F.

  • Chris AAwesome selection of beers.

    55555 by Chris A

  • Lisa VoldeckGreat atmosphere at this location. As usual, good beer and great fries.

    55555 by Lisa Voldeck

  • the Lala JRefinished brick walls are just the start of the industrial ambiance, finished off with paintings on the ceiling. These subtle touches make for an extremely unique and intimate bar experience.

    55555 by the Lala J

  • John DCrack fries. Duh.

    33333 by John D

  • Andy KNice slection of beer, local, across the state and from everywhere else. Burgers a good. Beer curse soup.

    55555 by Andy K

  • Devin KCrack fries omg I know why they call em crack fries can't put them down or stop eating them

    33333 by Devin K

  • Devin KFries,burgers n there house beers I like the light side of the sun

    55555 by Devin K

  • Katie J.Great selection of craft beer + amazing crack fries!!

    55555 by Katie J.

  • Heather MOne word: fries!

    33333 by Heather M

  • Alexandra V.The fries 😍😰

    33333 by Alexandra V.

  • Casey AThe crack fries are to die for... A must try and if you don't know what kind of beer your want you can always ask to sample it!

    55555 by Casey A

  • Michelle BI had the fish and chips.Excellent!The crack fries are delicious, but were just a tad too salty for me.Our server was very knowledgable and I left it up to him what beer to serve me, chose well.

    33333 by Michelle B

  • Raymond BaileyHuuuge beer list. Great atmosphere

    55555 by Raymond Bailey

  • Tim C.Fries. Period.

    55555 by Tim C.

  • Ty M.Try the Crack Fries - Best fries I've ever had. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ty M.

  • Amanda Z.Great beer selection. Crack fries rock.

    55555 by Amanda Z.

  • HollyCrack fries

    33333 by Holly

  • John JFair share of craft brews as well as some of their own. Their summer beer - Lime Cucumber Ale was incredibly refreshing.

    55555 by John J

  • Daniel LThe crack fries are a must:-)

    55555 by Daniel L

  • Brittany L.Food is decent. Service is absolute shit.

    55555 by Brittany L.

  • Doug BI am the pork sandwich that came knocking.

    33333 by Doug B

  • Sarah FoleyThose crack fries... They live up to the hype.

    33333 by Sarah Foley

  • James M.The Loaded Crack Fries are to die for!!!!

    55555 by James M.

  • Alex L.I think I love HopCat more than HopCat loves me.

    55555 by Alex L.

  • Jeff SMussels are amazing and the beer is too!

    55555 by Jeff S

  • Scotland BNacho Burger is my favorite along with a Hop Slam brewski!

    55555 by Scotland B

  • Laura NeiserCrack fries for days. So addicting.

    55555 by Laura Neiser

  • Victoria DBest Burger, Crack Fries 👌 Amazing atmosphere Great Beer !!!! ❤️ this place !!!

    55555 by Victoria D

  • Ben S.It's rated well and the crowds are testimony. Get there early, but sit at communal tables for best experience.

    55555 by Ben S.

  • Stephanie BishopGreat place. Great atmosphere. Great entertainment

    55555 by Stephanie Bishop

  • Forrest J.Arrogant servers. Great food specials.

    55555 by Forrest J.

  • Justin LockeCrack fries and beer. Only choice to make

    55555 by Justin Locke

  • Daniel M.Awesome beer selection and very good burgers

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Jeff JOlive Burgers. Microbrewery. Beer.

    55555 by Jeff J

  • Matthew MandevilleTry a new beer (they have a ton) and you HAVE TO try some food (especially crack fries!)

    55555 by Matthew Mandeville

  • nickie JCrack fries!! So good. Service was great when I went too.

    55555 by nickie J

  • Courtney JillBar Zee burger is delicious. And of course you have to get the crack fries!

    55555 by Courtney Jill

  • Chow Down DetroitThe grande Royale is sloppy joe on top of crack fries. It's delicious!

    55555 by Chow Down Detroit

  • Jeff D.Beer obviously. Foods good. Nice little outdoor porch. Took the kids and they loved.

    55555 by Jeff D.

  • Eric BloombergThe crack fries are amazing.

    55555 by Eric Bloomberg

  • Evan B.If the weather permits, sit outside. The patio is inviting. Come between 4pm and 6pm for the great burger and beer deal.

    55555 by Evan B.

  • Andre B.If you like two kinds of meat in your burger, I highly recommend the Munster Burger.

    55555 by Andre B.

  • Ann S.Got a great set up to relax and watch sports. Bring friends!

    55555 by Ann S.

  • Ashe B.Chicken salad wrap and Blanche de Bruxelles. We went for a low key 10 year anniversary... The staff def shocked us with a generous surprise on our bill and the food and beer was our fave in town!!!yay

    55555 by Ashe B.

  • Andre B.The chicken quesadilla never disappoints.

    55555 by Andre B.

  • Ken VEnjoyed the beer selection, veggie chili and killer mac & cheese (with bacon & basil).

    55555 by Ken V

  • Paul W.Amazing selection of both draft and bottled beer. Get the crack fries!

    55555 by Paul W.

  • Tucker W.The house American IPA, the "Beer Right Meow" is delicious.

    55555 by Tucker W.

  • Chaz COne of my favorite spots in GR. Great atmosphere, great beer selection and the food is fantastic. That combination makes it busy during peak times, well worth it

    55555 by Chaz C

  • Chaz CLoaded crack fries...

    33333 by Chaz C

  • Sam O.The crack fries might actually have crack in them but the beer selection is so good it doesn't matter

    55555 by Sam O.

  • Forrest J.Great spot for a delicious burger.

    55555 by Forrest J.

  • James D.Very cool location downtown. Crack fries are delicious, and a great craft and micro beer selection.

    55555 by James D.

  • Benjamin B.Beer. It's all about the beer here.

    55555 by Benjamin B.

  • James RoederBest brew pub in GR by far, check it out!

    55555 by James Roeder

  • ElysejacquelineThe coconut curry hefeweizen is amazing!! Also, CRACK FRIES.

    55555 by Elysejacqueline

  • Katrina C.Loaded crack fries, 'nuff said. Great service! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great beer pub in Grand Rapids.

    55555 by Katrina C.

  • James G.Jack is a horrible server. Messed up my margarita order and gave pure tequila had to be reminded to give my fries after 30 minutes and we asked for them free, and charged me for the shots. Avoid

    11111 by James G.

  • Karen Z.The chicken tacos & rosemary chicken salad wrap are AMAZING.

    55555 by Karen Z.

  • Brian MEat the 'Crack Fries'

    22222 by Brian M

  • David DUse the "Buy One, Feed One" app. You won't regret helping out hungry kids and getting a little something from hop cat as well. #SoGood

    33333 by David D

  • Dick T.Looking for a festive night out, and a way to stretch your budget? Visit on Tuesday night for 50% off beer!

    55555 by Dick T.

  • Michael CGrad time!

    55555 by Michael C

  • Amanda K.Hippie wrap and veggie chili! yum!

    55555 by Amanda K.

  • Kellysue H.Great beers and CRACK FRIES!!!!!!

    55555 by Kellysue H.

  • Desiree W.If your a vegetarian try he Hippie Wrap- perfection! Side of crack fries makes healthy and bad for you at the same time:) love it!

    55555 by Desiree W.

  • Megan T.Get. The. Crack fries.

    33333 by Megan T.

  • Ashlee FRosemary Chicken Salad Wrap- healthy & delicious, Nom nom nom!!

    55555 by Ashlee F

  • Joe Z.Go to beer school

    55555 by Joe Z.

  • Cis G.Crack Fries. They are worth the trip alone.

    55555 by Cis G.

  • Alex G.Fantastic selection of beers from all over the US and the rest of the world.

    55555 by Alex G.

  • Dick T.Try the Grandwich pulled-pork sandwich. Outrageous!

    55555 by Dick T.

  • GrandRapids GriffinsGreat place to go before or after Griffins games - try the crack fries!

    55555 by GrandRapids Griffins

  • Heather HuffstutlerCrack fries! Pretty much true to their name.

    55555 by Heather Huffstutler

  • Dick T.Try the new Northern Boy American Pale Hopped Wheat. Mmmm.

    55555 by Dick T.

  • Jaren N.1/2 off appetizer for checking in tonight! Thanks hopcat! Meow!

    55555 by Jaren N.

  • Matt D.Get the fries. Famous citywide.

    33333 by Matt D.

  • Jeffrey B.Try the upstairs. Good things do happen after midnight.

    55555 by Jeffrey B.

  • Bree B.Try the bam noir it's delish!

    55555 by Bree B.

  • Tanya G.Food is always good! You must try it!

    55555 by Tanya G.

  • Anne K.Go for the Sage Against the Machine. You won't see this beer anywhere else.

    55555 by Anne K.

  • Matt M.Get the crack fries

    33333 by Matt M.

  • Justin N.Mac n chees ftw!

    55555 by Justin N.

  • Rick Pthe crack fries are good tast like arbys curly fries

    33333 by Rick P

  • Ellis P.Best burgers in town hands down, try their in house beer, delicious!

    55555 by Ellis P.

  • David tBe careful on the weekend. Its seat yourself so grabbing a table can be a competition.

    33333 by David t

  • SheenaBlack Cherry Bourbon by Shorts is now on draft!

    55555 by Sheena

  • Ray GGet the turkey bruschetta burger. So much flavor. Plus it comes with crack fries. Dont forget to ask for a pickle.

    55555 by Ray G

  • James P.This place is awesome!! Start with the crack fries n cheese!!

    55555 by James P.

  • TimNotice that the girls from little darlings solicit here too. Support your local economy and ask them to go back to Kalamazoo.

    55555 by Tim

  • Carmen S.Stout beer and Crack Fries...don't know about you, but it's my new death row meal :)

    55555 by Carmen S.

  • Skyler L.Not much of a beer guy but tried the Ichabod last night and it was great. Recommended, especially with Halloween coming up!

    55555 by Skyler L.

  • Eric B.Don't order the salad to-go from here, and if you do make sure you check it before you leave!

    33333 by Eric B.

  • Chao S.Best fries I've ever had

    55555 by Chao S.

  • Andrew R.Like raspberry? Try the framboise!

    55555 by Andrew R.

  • Jake G.Try the crack fries

    55555 by Jake G.

  • allison b.come in & i'll serve you!

    33333 by allison b.

  • ShavonI shouldn't have to explain this, but you need to get the Crack Fries. And yes, they are called that for a reason. Trust me.

    33333 by Shavon

  • Matt DGo here and hang out.

    55555 by Matt D

  • Ken G.Hopcats own in-house brews are well worth a try! Don't overlook them

    55555 by Ken G.

  • Jace B.$6 burger and michigan beer weekdays before 6pm

    55555 by Jace B.

  • Todd M.crack fries and moose drool!

    55555 by Todd M.

  • Mary K.Try the mac & cheese or the rosemary chicken wrap with your tasty beverage

    55555 by Mary K.

  • Jason M.Try to get Katy as a server. She's knowledgeable and has a sense of humor.

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Kayleigh T.Check out the BurgerBeer special - any $4 Michigan beer plus a HUGE burger and crack fries for $6! Best Happy Hour meal deal in town! Mon-Fri 4-6pm

    55555 by Kayleigh T.

  • Lynda S.Love their crack fries and raspberry beer!

    55555 by Lynda S.

  • Ryan H.Mac & Cheese with jalapenos is really good but really powerful. Veggie chili is super good too!

    55555 by Ryan H.

  • Mikinzie S.Like beer? They have their own mini-brew, as well as from Mich, N/ Amer and around the world. Rated 3rd best beer bar in the world. Awesome service, awesome "crack" fries and awesome beer.

    55555 by Mikinzie S.

  • Jason D.bar zee w/ xtra jalepenos and anything from Shorts brewery. screw cars, MI's big 3, is Shorts, Founders and Dark Horse.

    33333 by Jason D.

  • Stephen H.For Food: Grab the Olive Burger and Cracked Pepper Fries... For Beer: pick one, most are amazing but you'll never know till you try. I personally love a good hefenweiser.

    55555 by Stephen H.

  • Greg C.Amazing selection of Michigan brewed beer, great old building and decor in the heart of Grand Rapids.

    55555 by Greg C.

  • Derek D.Try the crack fries; they're sweet, salty, peppery and fried to perfection. The only downside is that it's not just a name - you'll be back to have them again shortly. Guarantee.

    55555 by Derek D.

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