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Burger King

410 Pearl Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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(616) 742-5753

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Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants

2.7 of 5.0 from 36 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Burger King in Grand Rapids, MI

Burger King Reviews

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  • Angi F.Love breakfast

    55555 by Angi F.

  • Matthew MandevilleRenovation is very nice but service is still pretty slow #chickenfries

    55555 by Matthew Mandeville

  • Doowy P.I feel like all I do is complain here. They fucked up my boyfriends order 3 times so he just got a refund. Also the fries smell old as shit. McDonald's all the way bitches! Haha

    22222 by Doowy P.

  • Gregg P.Store should be getting a remodel soon. Service was prompt and decently fast considering my order is a made-to-order item.

    55555 by Gregg P.

  • Amber M.If you like being leered at by homeless people, this is the spot.

    22222 by Amber M.

  • Alexandria S.I can't tell what's worse, the fact that this place is swarming with homeless people or that this is the slowest place ever.

    11111 by Alexandria S.

  • Stephen G.So slow for being fast food. Man behind me asked for his money back just on a single coffee. C'mond people. Had to wait 10 minites for oatmeal. Prolly cause its the only healthy option.

    22222 by Stephen G.

  • Justin R.I love Burger King, but I hated this place. I would rather eat at McDonald's than here.

    22222 by Justin R.

  • Fawn L.Check your food! They like "forgetting" food. Fuckers

    22222 by Fawn L.

  • Katie D.Kendra is the only polite person here!

    33333 by Katie D.

  • Bryan M.15 mins waiting... fuck this place

    11111 by Bryan M.

  • Nathan A.Very slow and dirty

    11111 by Nathan A.

  • Dustin E.Slow as fuck !!!

    22222 by Dustin E.

  • Ryan C.Slow service

    22222 by Ryan C.

  • Karen H.Ordered a whopper, got a big cheeseburger. Whatever it's called. Boo. Also got bunch of burnt pcs in my fries. :(

    22222 by Karen H.

  • Jeff H.Slower than Rosie O'Donnell's metabolism

    55555 by Jeff H.

  • Aimee A.Very slow Drive-thru and once you're in it, you're stuck.

    33333 by Aimee A.

  • Alison C.Slowest service in town, and sketchy as hell. Charles Manson was more organized than this place. The employees are really nice for the most part, though.

    33333 by Alison C.

  • Shawn B.Sigh. Bums sleeping on the couch

    22222 by Shawn B.

  • Nate S.Pretty much what everybody else is saying about speed and cleanliness . The employees are nice though......

    33333 by Nate S.

  • Audrina C.Omg been sittin in drive-thru for almost 15 min! I will never come to this one again! So damn slow!

    11111 by Audrina C.


    22222 by Kayla S.

  • Andrew V.So effing sloww!!!! Just get McDonalds!

    33333 by Andrew V.

  • Michael W.Why I come here is a question I can't answer -__-

    33333 by Michael W.

  • Amanda *Moe* V.Never ever.make Ur food right y do I keep coming here

    55555 by Amanda *Moe* V.

  • Keagan R.Don't come here unless you have NO other choice. Turn around. Dirty. Slow.

    22222 by Keagan R.

  • Todd V.Drive thru is fucking gay! !!

    33333 by Todd V.

  • Cameren C.They let homeless sleep in the dining room, and don't do a damn thing when beggars harass their customers...

    22222 by Cameren C.

  • Jon G.Slow. Leave plenty of time.

    33333 by Jon G.

  • David B.Slowest place ever, if your hungry go somewhere else!

    11111 by David B.

  • Ally M.They dont use gloves when they make your food. Not cool.

    22222 by Ally M.

  • Noe I.Damn. These people always take forever.

    33333 by Noe I.

  • Jessica L.I love the onion rings.

    55555 by Jessica L.

  • William R.This place is slower than cold molasses. Don't come here if you're in a hurry.

    33333 by William R.

  • Amanda *Moe* V.Omg this drive threw is soooooooo slow!!!!

    33333 by Amanda *Moe* V.

  • Tim L.Drive thru is NEVER fast

    33333 by Tim L.

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