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Tropics Bar & Grill

2005 Kalia Road
Honolulu, HI 96815

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(808) 949-4321


  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 10:30 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars

4 of 5.0 from 109 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Tropics Bar & Grill Reviews

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  • D BCoconut shrimp was excellent

    55555 by D B

  • Kenyc J15-20 minutes waiting and when you get inside around 10 tables empty! ๐Ÿ™„

    22222 by Kenyc J

  • Glitch L๋งค์šฐ ์นœ์ ˆ.์Œ์‹์€ ๋…ธ๋ฉ€ํ•œ ๋ฏธ๊ตญ์Šคํƒ€์ผ.ํ€ด๋…ธ์•„์ƒ๋Ÿฌ๋“œ&ํ”ผ์‰ฌ์•ค์นฒ ์–‘ ๋งŽ๊ณ  ์ƒ๋Ÿฌ๋“œ ์™•ํ„ฐํ”„. ํ‹ฐ๋ž‘ ์ปคํ”ผ๋Š” ๋ฉ”๋‰ดํŒ์—” ์—†์œผ๋‚˜ ๋ถ€ํƒํ•˜๋ฉด ํฌํŠธ๋กœ ํ•œ๊ฐ€๋“์คŒ.ํ•ด๋ณ€์— ๋ถ™์–ด์žˆ์–ด ์ƒˆ๋–ผ ์ฃผ์˜.๊ฐ€๊ฒฉ๋ณดํ†ต.

    55555 by Glitch L

  • Doug BMistakes happen, and they did to our drinks. They comp the bill and as I'm pulling out my wallet to leave a nice tip the waiter tells us not to come back. Bye bye tip and trust me we won't.

    22222 by Doug B

  • Le AVery nice beach restaurant with decent food. A bit pricey but can put up with it!

    55555 by Le A

  • Ashley Rose S.The coconut shrimp were delicious; but the vegetable stir fry was more noodle than veggie so I'd skip it. Cocktails are sweet and seemingly lacking alcohol so for $11 stick to the 22oz pour of beer.

    55555 by Ashley Rose S.

  • Jacki JService the first night there was horrific! Took us leaving our table to actually get drinks at the bar and then another 45 min+ before anyone took our food order. But the food/drinks were good!

    11111 by Jacki J

  • Deb BThe Kalua Pork Nachos was the BEST DISH I ate in Hawaii. Seriously. And you can't beat the view

    55555 by Deb B

  • Angela JSurprised that the restaurant didn't open until 7:00 am for breakfast. Quite a line of people waiting, food was pretty good, bill came to more than $60 for 2 Omelettes juice and coffee! Ouch!!

    33333 by Angela J

  • Angela JLoved the view on the beach. Late afternoon lunches make seating a breeze. Loved the Kalua Pork Nachos from the apps section of the menu and a perfectly blended Pina Colada made a terrific dinner!

    55555 by Angela J

  • Colleen SCaesar ahi salad

    55555 by Colleen S

  • PaddyNice casual beachside bar and grill. Fresh seafood and cocktails while looking out at the ocean.

    55555 by Paddy

  • Janet S.Food was delicious

    55555 by Janet S.

  • Jamie N.The Kalua Pork Nachos and the Island ceviche are to die for. I'm never going home.

    55555 by Jamie N.

  • Meltem GPizza and burger

    55555 by Meltem G

  • Bew BCoconut shrimp and new york steak

    55555 by Bew B

  • danielaWent here for drinks & apps but definitely loved the breakfast more. The pancakes were to DIE for & the view can't be beat! Definitely perfect if you're staying at the Hilton.

    55555 by daniela

  • Mike LHawaii 5-0 had its name changed to "Lava Rock" due to legal concerns.

    55555 by Mike L

  • Rickard sResort food with loud music and overpriced food

    22222 by Rickard s

  • Paul W.Right on the beach. Awesome place to watch the sunset and people. Very crowded in the evening, so make a reservation. A few decent beers โ€“ mostly Kona. Expensive, Limited menu

    55555 by Paul W.

  • Kosta AHonestly? Only the cocktails are good! The food?..medium and overpriced.. Not coming back for dinner..

    33333 by Kosta A

  • Julian EBest Poke and Coconut Shrimp in Waikiki

    55555 by Julian E

  • Steven H.Slow staff. Didn't know what a black n tan was.

    22222 by Steven H.

  • Scott W.Great breakfast

    55555 by Scott W.

  • Janelle A.Fish tacos and big kahuna burger are winners

    55555 by Janelle A.

  • Daniel JTrรจs bon mais 2 oeufs c'est 18$

    55555 by Daniel J

  • Deanna P.Fantastic gluten free pizza!

    55555 by Deanna P.

  • Leah Tamayo Kinoshita-RobicheauThere were 3 other strollers around us. Slow service as well.

    22222 by Leah Tamayo Kinoshita-Robicheau

  • Leah Tamayo Kinoshita-Robicheau11:30am trying to get food before going to the airport had to wait to get a table, then told we couldn't bring stroller.

    22222 by Leah Tamayo Kinoshita-Robicheau

  • James SLove the view and the Village Mai Tai.

    55555 by James S

  • Michael P.No more issues with Birds. They enclosed the outdoor seating with a net.

    33333 by Michael P.

  • Isabela FTry coconut shrimp and ahi poke!!!

    55555 by Isabela F

  • Kejone H.Oceanfront seating. Great ambiance and reasonably priced compared to all of the other restaurants here at the hotel. Try the Hawaii 5-0 it's awesome. Live band on Friday night.

    55555 by Kejone H.

  • Katie S.Nice location and pretty good food, but overpriced (like everything in the resort). A side of fries will cost you $6 and a soda is $5!

    33333 by Katie S.

  • Shari K.Great hamburgers and fish tacos --nice views of the ocean!

    55555 by Shari K.

  • VarunA varied selection of tropical cocktails. Tasty and refreshing!

    55555 by Varun

  • PoojaExtensive selection of cocktails. Blue Hawaii and Mango-Ginger Mohito are refreshing and light-can be had with lunch or dinner. Drinks come nicely decorated with edible pineapple slices and flowers.

    55555 by Pooja

  • John S.The Ali'i Mai Tais are excellent!

    55555 by John S.

  • Isabela FGreat Ahi Poke and Coconut shrimp!!!

    55555 by Isabela F

  • Jeff J.Those frickin' birds completely ruined my dining experience.

    11111 by Jeff J.

  • Nicole K.Love the Mai Tais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Nicole K.

  • Betsy G.Who wins when eating here?

    55555 by Betsy G.

  • Erin S.This is a Hunger Games themed restaurant where only the strongest survive and get to eat. Your foe is a club-footed pigeon named Jean-Claude that will pounce your meal every time you avert your eyes.

    55555 by Erin S.

  • Su H.Nice bar staff but service is horrifically slow

    33333 by Su H.

  • Kim M.$5 for a watered down Coke w/meal...keeps refilling coke from a pitcher of ice. Coke should NOT be see through! food was ok, not worth the price. Paying for the ambience of the beach. Tons of birds!

    22222 by Kim M.

  • Brooke N.Fish tacos were good, but fish and ships were not. Also birds attacked, and the waitress spilled coffe all over my bag!

    22222 by Brooke N.

  • Carlo MBook early!!!!!!!

    55555 by Carlo M

  • Kwesi Soti M.Don't try to find this on map. East end inside Hilton resort facing beach.

    55555 by Kwesi Soti M.

  • Crazycol PGet a big kahuna burger and some tower onion rings.Dont forget the hawaii 5 o cocktail!

    55555 by Crazycol P

  • Anthony S.The poke is giant chuncks so you better really love raw tuna if you order it. The crab & corn tots are actually like hush puppies. The first order was raw & the replacement order wasn't any better.

    33333 by Anthony S.

  • Anthony S.I saw a Japanese kid take a piss in the door way. This place rules!

    33333 by Anthony S.

  • Derek N.Food could have been a little better for the price. $5 for a Sprite and the server never came by to refill (not even the water). The fireworks show was the best. I guess we had to pay for them somehow

    22222 by Derek N.

  • Nickie E.Ask them to wipe down the table before you sit because the birds rule this joint!

    22222 by Nickie E.

  • Kelen E.Last night waiter debated with me about cola in Mai tai when there was clearly cola in it. Beer is good. Coconut shrimp is good. Salad was drowning in dressing. But service was good today

    33333 by Kelen E.

  • Maryam ERelatively expensive but good :)

    55555 by Maryam E

  • JorgeBest buffalo wings. Thanks Keith or batter say mahalo

    55555 by Jorge

  • Rozanne M.Keith makes amazing Mai Tai plus gives excellent advice on restaurants and sites to see!!!

    55555 by Rozanne M.

  • Hector KThe pulled BBQ Pork sandwich is really good.

    55555 by Hector K

  • Meghan HGreat views if you get there in time to get a table near the beach but service sucks

    33333 by Meghan H

  • Jon SI've cold Bud Light, speedy service at the bar. All good here!

    55555 by Jon S

  • Daniel JBring your pigeon fighting stick. They are ferrel here

    55555 by Daniel J

  • ShawnService is definitely on Hawaiian time. But otherwise good.

    55555 by Shawn

  • Andy H.Check your silverware and glassware to make sure they're actually clean. #pigsty

    33333 by Andy H.

  • Lori JAppalling service at bar.

    11111 by Lori J

  • Michela JGrab a table closest to the water! Then also have an excellent drinks list! Ocean Breeze is great!

    55555 by Michela J

  • Aaron H.Service lousy, food just as good. Dirty tables and over priced. Go somewhere else.

    11111 by Aaron H.

  • Erik-Jan NAvoid coffee here. It is old and burned. Blech.

    22222 by Erik-Jan N

  • Michelle MOrder the pulled pork BBQ sandwich. It is really tasty!!!!

    55555 by Michelle M

  • Troy N.Order "The Itch" -- two rums and bourbon in coke. Comes with a free wooden back scratcher! $12.00 but its in a BIG glass. Guaranteed to give you a buzz.

    33333 by Troy N.

  • Precious G.The birds are crazy annoying

    33333 by Precious G.

  • AllyConvenient, but that's about it.

    33333 by Ally

  • Ed G.Try the Grilled Bratwurst And Eggs - The bartender said the brats were good, and he was right!

    33333 by Ed G.

  • Heather G.For breakfast order the Hawaiian french toast...its dessert for breakfast! So good

    55555 by Heather G.

  • Tamara BranchOrder the ahi salad and the Creme brรปlรฉe!

    55555 by Tamara Branch

  • Samantha MThe fish and chips don't have much flavor. Cool atmosphere though. The Mac and cheese looks awesome.

    33333 by Samantha M

  • Joรซlle E.Don't expect amazing.

    55555 by Joรซlle E.

  • Jeff KWhen you get the Ago poke you get a lot

    33333 by Jeff K

  • Rebecca R.Hawaii Five-O is quite refreshing!!

    55555 by Rebecca R.

  • John W.Nice Happy Hour from 3 to 5. (Drinks & Apptzrs)

    55555 by John W.

  • Heather C.Food was not very good they are clearly stingy with food costs all batter no fish in fish and chips and a half piece of chicken on sandwich. No booze in tropical drinks and service is super slow

    33333 by Heather C.

  • Craig Y.The birds the birds aaaaaahh! The birds!!! Alfred hitchcock's inspiration.

    55555 by Craig Y.

  • Jessica B.Great music in the evenings....:)

    55555 by Jessica B.

  • Kevin TWorst wings I've had in a long time, hardly any flavor. Coconut shrimp are great though, the nachos look good

    33333 by Kevin T

  • Julia P.We loved it here for the ambiance and easy transition from beach or pool to meal. It is reasonably priced compared to other Hawaiian Village eateries.

    55555 by Julia P.

  • Mucho C.Poke. HH. You're welcome. Enjoy.

    55555 by Mucho C.

  • Mucho C.Bartenders are super friendly (most of them) and HH deals are pretty good for a hotel bar. Enjoy...

    55555 by Mucho C.

  • Human Z.Try their hula Girl. Damn it's good

    55555 by Human Z.

  • Bradley N.Service sucks right now

    22222 by Bradley N.

  • Christin G.Too expensive and not worth it! Looks nice but I wouldn't come back!

    33333 by Christin G.

  • Beth A.Birds can be a pain- beware! Good food tho.

    55555 by Beth A.

  • Jen R.Not worth it for the food but if you go to the bar, make sure you are serves by Larry. Really awesome guy.

    55555 by Jen R.

  • Bruce P.Not a good place

    55555 by Bruce P.

  • Vahan CSlow service, sticky tables, no beer served until 11am!!. Food is decent, view is great. NO BEER UNTIL 11AM!

    33333 by Vahan C

  • Jeremy C.If you like Mai Tai's get the 151 Mai Tai - its worth it. Like mom used to make :-)

    55555 by Jeremy C.

  • Michael BDon't get the Fish-Chips. Their all batter and no fish. For the first timers that don't know any better they'll think this place is the best when it's NOT

    33333 by Michael B

  • Gina N.Good food and the live entertainment is awesome - I didn't catch the name of the singer but she is amazing!

    55555 by Gina N.

  • Maurine T.If u get the pizza, order it extra cripsy

    33333 by Maurine T.

  • Susie C.Mai tais are a little sweet here and have too much lime juice. Get the ahi poke at happy hour for $5 instead of usual $14.

    55555 by Susie C.

  • Heather T.Ahi tuna appetizer is amazing!

    55555 by Heather T.

  • Virginia H.Look for Steven....awesome bartender!

    33333 by Virginia H.

  • Leah J.The Hawaii Five-O drink was also invented by the bartender here!

    33333 by Leah J.

  • Ryan B.The service here is so comically bad that it's actually kind of enjoyable.

    33333 by Ryan B.

  • Mai O.Try the Vegan Works Bagel - Whole wheat bagel with sundried tomato spread, toped with capers, sprouts and fresh tomatoes! It's a vegan party, in my mouth and my belly.

    55555 by Mai O.

  • Marissa POrder a Blue Hawaii! It was created here

    55555 by Marissa P

  • Mark BThe wings are really good

    55555 by Mark B

  • Ed G.Watch out for the birds. They are rather aggressive at times and will land on your table to get food, with or without your OK

    33333 by Ed G.

  • Wendy B.Love this place! Oceanfront seating. Ask for RAMFIS if you get a choice in a server....Friendly staff and great drinks! :^)

    55555 by Wendy B.

  • CarolynnIf they ask u if u want local Hawaiian rum in ur Mai tai say YES! They're delish!

    55555 by Carolynn

  • Nathan K.Try the Kona Brewing Co. beers on tap. My favorite is the Pipeline Porter.

    55555 by Nathan K.

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