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Musubi Cafe Iyasume

2410 Koa Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

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(808) 921-0168


  • Monday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm

Cuisine: Cafes, Japanese Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 90 reviews

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Musubi Cafe Iyasume Reviews

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  • Vanessa mPerfect place for late night food craving and quick meal! Oden is so good!💕💕

    55555 by Vanessa m

  • Ahmet RGreat poke bowl

    55555 by Ahmet R

  • Roger M.Spam musubi varieties for days! So good!

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Mitchell RAhi poke and salmon bowls were great.

    55555 by Mitchell R

  • Abraham Ronel M.Inexpensive quick way to eat. It gives you a quick idea of local food, which (unexpectedly) is a mix between asian and american food.

    55555 by Abraham Ronel M.

  • Glo T.Spam egg cucumber is my favorite. Yummy bento boxes and curry bowls too.

    55555 by Glo T.

  • ShaneOMG - best mushubi ever! Try to spam, egg and cucumber one. Perfect balance and flavor!

    55555 by Shane

  • Randy HuaHad their bacon, avacado, and spam musubi pack (which comes with fried chicken, sausage and egg). All very delicious and a great value!

    55555 by Randy Hua

  • Justin D.Spam musubi and onigiri are the best foods for a day at the beach and on the hiking trail.

    55555 by Justin D.

  • Nnkoji Wテイクアウトでも必ず温かい状態で提供してくれます(少し待ちますが)。店内には小さなイートインスペースもあります。

    55555 by Nnkoji W

  • Nnkoji Wスパムむすびの種類が豊富で味も良し。ついつい通いたくなる小さなおにぎり屋さんです。

    55555 by Nnkoji W

  • Angela W.Best spot to pick up a beach snack!

    55555 by Angela W.

  • Tanya MScrew a musubi, these chili cheese dogs me and my boyfriend are about to eat are what's happening !

    33333 by Tanya M

  • Whitney R.Get shiso on your musubi

    55555 by Whitney R.

  • ginny h.Egg cucumber spam. Don't be going back to ABC for musubi.

    33333 by ginny h.

  • jon f.super delicious ume spam musubi! the perfect beach snack

    55555 by jon f.

  • Raleigh K.Plum spam musubi. Not sweet, just delicious. And cheap.

    55555 by Raleigh K.

  • Jason O.Freshly made musubi. Buy a bunch and take them to the beach for a snack!

    55555 by Jason O.

  • Eatosaurus RexWhat would you expect to get from a place called Musubi Cafe Iyasume? That's right, carne asada burritos. Wait, I mean musubi. Get one with cucumber in it.

    55555 by Eatosaurus Rex

  • Michelle JGreat food

    55555 by Michelle J

  • Michelle JGreat food with great price😉

    55555 by Michelle J

  • Simone JMust get the salmon with spicy cod roe onigiri, the spicy fried chicken onigiri, and pretty much any of their musubi

    55555 by Simone J

  • UrbanFoodMaven BBacon egg spam musubi.. Bacon egg avocado musubi..

    55555 by UrbanFoodMaven B

  • Sam SDelicious. Try the curry bowl, if you're not into musubi. But why are you not into musubi?! The teriyaki SPAM musubi is great. Alternatively, the salmon & seaweed musubi was also exceptional.

    55555 by Sam S

  • Hao T.Excellent quick snack or lunch. Can't beat the value, within walking distance of most Waikiki beachfront hotels

    55555 by Hao T.

  • Shirley L.Try their different musubi options like spam and cheese or spam egg and bacon

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Max SCute mini-mart filled with fresh and simple Musubi. The spam avocado were a highlight.

    55555 by Max S

  • Ting T.I could eat here every meal.

    55555 by Ting T.

  • Márton MThe meal was incredible!

    55555 by Márton M

  • まっふぃ C店員の人はあまり親切じゃないと思うが、ここのスパムおむすびは美味しい。

    55555 by まっふぃ C

  • Alejandro PortelaBacon tamago avocado and spam musubi ❤️

    55555 by Alejandro Portela

  • Joe LuSpam musubi and salmon bowl are very good

    55555 by Joe Lu

  • Jason MJust about everything, good food, friendly and prompt service, queue was ok, but if it's not worth queuing for its not worth having

    55555 by Jason M

  • Janice SPick up some musubis for a really good snack. You can ask them to leave out the spam/bacon for a vegetarian treat.

    55555 by Janice S

  • JennyJennyThe best musubis I've ever had. The plum one is my favorite. They make a great beach snack.

    55555 by JennyJenny

  • 에리얼 쌤11시 이후 가능한 식사들..

    55555 by 에리얼 쌤

  • 에리얼 쌤오전 6:30부터 10:59까지 가능한 식사들...

    22222 by 에리얼 쌤

  • Matt MA must do in Honolulu for any lover if spam. Bacon egg and avocado spam masubi was amazing.

    55555 by Matt M

  • Jennifer H.spam musubi is awesome here!

    55555 by Jennifer H.

  • Treena S.Entrance is on Uluniu

    55555 by Treena S.

  • Jaime R.Inexpensive noodle yet delicious, amazing flaked salmon on rice (real deal, watch out for bones), huge salmon rice ball to die for.

    55555 by Jaime R.

  • Magnus J.Yes, yes and yes. Probably the best value food in Hawaii.

    55555 by Magnus J.

  • Ben M.Omg, sooo good and affordable. Went here numerous times on trip. The Curry and the Bacon, Egg and Spam masubi are fantastic

    55555 by Ben M.

  • Matthew M.Very impressive spam / traditional musubi variety plus other Japanese dishes like curry and gyudon.

    55555 by Matthew M.

  • Richard J.Try the spicy salmon and cod roe rice ball. My fav.

    55555 by Richard J.

  • Ritchie BuenviajeCheap and tasty. Parking is a crap-shot, though.

    55555 by Ritchie Buenviaje

  • Natalie C.Quick and cheap! I preferred the tuna to the spam musubi

    55555 by Natalie C.

  • Kylie M.Spicy chicken musubi is bomb! I love the spicy sauce. Couldn't find the original location, so had to settle for this one. Just as good and the atmosphere was much cuter :3

    55555 by Kylie M.

  • JoyI've never eaten so much spam in my life! Spam & egg musubi and the oyster bento are must have's. Great for a beach lunch.

    55555 by Joy

  • toshiyuki otakeSPAM MUSUBI スパムむすび

    55555 by toshiyuki otake

  • toshiyuki otakeWaikiki ワイキキ Musubi おむすび Beach ビーチ Breakfast 朝食

    55555 by toshiyuki otake

  • Musubi Cafe IYASUMEBacon Egg Teriyaki SPAM $2.28 (Regular Price $2.48)

    33333 by Musubi Cafe IYASUME

  • Jessica N.Great snacks to grab before heading to the beach; all the masubis and onigiris were excellent! My favorite is the cucumber/spam/ume masubi.

    55555 by Jessica N.

  • Vince W.Quaint cafe with a wide selection of musubis (essentially Hawaiian onigiri). My favorites were the 1) ume (plum)/spam, and 2) spicy cod roe/salmon. $5 min for credit cards, so buy a BUNCH to snack on.

    55555 by Vince W.

  • Mike RobertsThey moved to the pacific monarch hotel, to save you some time finding this in the future.

    55555 by Mike Roberts

  • Terri M.Located in the 1st floor of Pacific Monarch hotel, right next door to Jinroku. A bigger store with eat-in tables. Unlike other 2 Waikiki stores, they accept credit card, a big plus✌️

    33333 by Terri M.

  • Cassie Y.New location! Bigger is better

    55555 by Cassie Y.

  • Seongwoo ChoMany kind of bento, musbi are tasty!

    55555 by Seongwoo Cho

  • YOUNAYOUNA12今回はホテルに朝食が付いてなかったのとホテルから近かったので毎朝お世話になりました。日本人に御むすびは相性抜群です。

    55555 by YOUNAYOUNA12

  • Momma C.Yes it is down the alley. Don't miss it. You may walk past it the first time. It's worth hunting down.

    55555 by Momma C.

  • Kevin H.Love the place! So many choices and freshly made. Must visit and early hour!

    55555 by Kevin H.

  • Karin J.Great food! Quick and cheap eats.

    55555 by Karin J.

  • D V.Egg, bacon and spam? All together? Hell yes!!! While this hole on the wall only seats 8 and the menu is on the wall and the counter, everything is amazing. Try the spicy tuna rice ball as well.

    55555 by D V.

  • David Y.Rice balls and curry are great. Small place great price.

    55555 by David Y.

  • Tony HuBreakfast of champions

    55555 by Tony Hu

  • Cassie Y.Free Musubi on your Birthday! Value ($3.00)

    55555 by Cassie Y.

  • Mari B.Bacon, egg and cheese spam musubis are so yum! Get it free on your birthday!

    55555 by Mari B.

  • Art D.Tasty, fresh musubi. The place only sits six, but great for take out.

    55555 by Art D.

  • Terri M.Lunch time bento comes with Miso soup. Pretty good deal:)

    55555 by Terri M.

  • January L.The cucumber egg and spam musubi and the tuna mayo is dee shiiit!!!

    55555 by January L.

  • Tanya S.Check in on foursquare for a 50 cent off special! Specials on yelp check-ins for b'fast musubis.

    55555 by Tanya S.

  • Rachel T.Hell to the yes! Got curry tuna mayo and spam Bacon egg and cheese. FTW!

    33333 by Rachel T.

  • Frank B.This place is awesome. Every time we come to Hawaii we eat here in the morning. Bacon and egg musubi is awesome.

    55555 by Frank B.

  • B GGreat musubi and bento too! Great to grab on the way to the beach.

    55555 by B G

  • Garry C.The miso salmon, chicken w/ mayo, and bacon egg spam are amazing. Great value too!!

    55555 by Garry C.

  • Lora S.Spam egg and cucumber is a must! Or spicy chicken mayo. Everything is delicious, and super cheap!

    55555 by Lora S.

  • Edison T.Stock up on these Musubis before a hike to Diamond Head!

    55555 by Edison T.

  • Melissa K.Super cute, tiny place with the best musubi! Especially the Spam musubi.

    55555 by Melissa K.

  • Elaine H.Onolicious! Where am I going to find musubi like this back on the East Coast?

    55555 by Elaine H.

  • Lorena V.What makes their musubi better than the others is the high quality of the short grain rice. Get the spam, egg and cucumber musubi. You can't go wrong!

    55555 by Lorena V.

  • Vinh L.Get any musubi that has spam! Delicious!

    55555 by Vinh L.

  • StephTry the spicy cod roe and the fried chicken mayo! The salmon bowl with the roe is good too!

    55555 by Steph

  • Lora S.Best Musubi ever! Spicy fried chicken mayo! Or just try a classic spam Musubi, delicious!

    55555 by Lora S.

  • Justin L.Cheap, delicious musubi!

    55555 by Justin L.

  • Nino C.Amazingly tasty rice balls. Spent the past few days eating at touristsy places ($$$$$) when we should have been eating at places like this that taste so much better and cost so much less ($).

    55555 by Nino C.

  • Rex W.Wow! Every type of musubi offering is made-to-order!

    55555 by Rex W.

  • toshiyuki otakebig salomon rice ball $2.58(huge piece of salom)bento $5.50 (with free miso soup)…

    55555 by toshiyuki otake

  • whitney N.Spam egg and cucumber!!! Ask to double it up!! For 50 cent more!!!

    33333 by whitney N.

  • Philip L.best spam musubis! once you try these, you'll never purchase them from ABC stores again! $1.88 for an original Spam Musubi

    55555 by Philip L.

  • Jim B.If you like musubi you owe it to yourself to track this place down - get spam and egg or spam and cheese.

    55555 by Jim B.

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