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Tanaka Saimin Inc

888 N Nimitz Hwy # 103
Honolulu, HI 96817

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(808) 524-2020

4 of 5.0 from 44 reviews

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Tanaka Saimin Inc Reviews

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  • Nathan K.Entrance is off Alakawa Street, not Nimitz Highway.

    33333 by Nathan K.

  • Deena G.One of my favorite places to get saimin but the parking here is terrible.

    55555 by Deena G.

  • ❤Ƙҽ  ժ.Dont get the Saimin😡😫! It smells like a bowl of puppy dog🐶😳 smfh

    22222 by ❤Ƙҽ  ժ.

  • Matthew QuarteroTanaka Special. Awesome.

    55555 by Matthew Quartero

  • Marie F.Try the Saimin burger!

    55555 by Marie F.

  • Miss RileyNot worth it. Go anywhere else but here. Saimin tasted like instant noodle, and the ramen burger was oily and not anything special.

    22222 by Miss Riley

  • Ror K.One soda/iced tea refill only, but you can get it to go.

    55555 by Ror K.

  • Eq U.Free wifi from next door Party City. Their signal is strong in Tanaka.

    55555 by Eq U.

  • AndreaGreat prices. Nice local food.

    55555 by Andrea

  • TeenaMarie F.kim chi saimin wasnt spicy at all they just threw the kim chi in the shrimp flavor broth. not very found of their saimin at all.

    22222 by TeenaMarie F.

  • TeenaMarie F.Saimin wasnt that great

    33333 by TeenaMarie F.

  • CynSuper good service and the food was really good!!!:)

    55555 by Cyn

  • SharThe chefs salad with tuna is really yummy.

    55555 by Shar

  • Kimi T.I know it says "saimin" in it's name but their Oxtail Soup is one of the best! Dessert, try the giant 50s style root beer float!

    55555 by Kimi T.

  • Trey T.Usually crowded after 7pm. =)

    55555 by Trey T.

  • ArnskiFor a Saimin joint, they have good burgers!

    55555 by Arnski

  • Clifford KiyabuTry the garlic steak, it's awesome! :)

    55555 by Clifford Kiyabu

  • Jeffrey D.Fresh pacific blue marlin - baked fresh mushroom tomatoes in basil cream sauce

    55555 by Jeffrey D.

  • Melanie B.Nicest servers. Their fried shoyu chicken is taaa die for :9

    55555 by Melanie B.

  • Jeffrey D.Try the new stuffed baked chicken special on Monday's!! It's Ono!!!!

    55555 by Jeffrey D.

  • Ed K.Try the Oxtail Stew Noodle Soup - Hits the spot!

    55555 by Ed K.

  • Ryan A.Expensive for saimin stuff, good, lots of space and parking.

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Yongchae S.I read that the service was bad but I didn't experience any of that. Food came out fast and the waitress checked up on me several times. Maybe I'm too picky.

    33333 by Yongchae S.

  • John GarciaThe combo meal is my go-to choice for this place. Yakitori chicken, shrimp omelette, all fried saimin. So good!

    55555 by John Garcia

  • Tyron H.they treat workers unequally and like dirt. soesnt help that the food is lousy

    11111 by Tyron H.

  • Manu B.French bread French toast is to die for!!!

    55555 by Manu B.

  • Tyron H.avoid the saimin its pretty bad. stick to desserts or breakfast items

    55555 by Tyron H.

  • Lynnale T.Service us super slow!! Tempura was great and so were the noodles. Saimin broth not that great, use a lot of shoyu n hot mustard.

    55555 by Lynnale T.

  • Staci T.Fried ice cream is the bombdiggity!

    55555 by Staci T.

  • Paige M.Basically boulevard saimin in a nicer, bigger building! And with desserts! B

    55555 by Paige M.

  • Curtis L.portuguese 3 egg omelet with brown rice and black coffee... great way to start the day.

    55555 by Curtis L.

  • Tyron H.service is good but the food in general is bad. worst yet this is coming from someone that will eat pretty much anything. i once ordered the oyako don and it had so much green onion on it that i could

    33333 by Tyron H.

  • Allan Shihthere are better options. This place was pretty bad. It looks like a decent spot and I had no problems with service but the saimin, tempura, and even the pie was pretty bad.

    33333 by Allan Shih

  • Sunshine 8.Food was delicious but the service was way too slow.

    33333 by Sunshine 8.

  • Amy Cif your server is Rowena be prepared to have bad service....sitting on table 9. she takes forever just to get your order and isn't apologetic at all. no tip for her!

    22222 by Amy C

  • Nathan K.If you like your tempura batter thick and oily, you'll love the tempura here! Not a favorite of mine. But saimin, teri pork and cone sushi rock!

    55555 by Nathan K.

  • Nathan K.If you're paying by credit card, they don't take American Express. Visa and MasterCard work though.

    22222 by Nathan K.

  • @JaymesSongnot a fan of the broth

    33333 by @JaymesSong

  • Dwayne A.Bleh!

    11111 by Dwayne A.

  • BrentGo during off hours (e.g. 2pm) for parking and short wait-times.

    55555 by Brent

  • Terumi S日本語メニューがないですが、基本は日本食です。おそばとサイメンのお店で広いです,

    55555 by Terumi S

  • Sheldon Y.Parking is a nightmare. Be ready to drive in circles until a stall opens.

    22222 by Sheldon Y.

  • France U.Its better than boulevards....

    55555 by France U.

  • ToropokiThis is the sister of the owners of Boulevard Saimin. They split up.

    33333 by Toropoki

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