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Hobbit Cafe

2243 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77098

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(713) 526-5460


  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Cafes, Most Romantic Restaurants, Vegetarian Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 52 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Hobbit Cafe Reviews

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  • Ginger BGet the peach smoothie when it's in season. Delicious!

    55555 by Ginger B

  • Balsam ZGreat patio good Food and friendly staff! Food portion is so big that you can share ! We ordered tuna SLIME sandwich and smoked turkey SLIME sandwich and was delicious but couldn't eat them all !

    55555 by Balsam Z

  • Andres CGo here for the ultimate Tolkien experience. The ONLY licensed restaurant for the hobbit franchise, blessed by the man himself. Their sandwiches, beer selection, atmosphere are unparalleled

    55555 by Andres C

  • Skyler J.They pile a mountain of avocado on almost everything! 🥑

    55555 by Skyler J.

  • Alyx JDelicious!

    55555 by Alyx J

  • Anand SNice ambience. I like the menu and they can make every burger vegetarian, even though I didn't want it. Their ciders n meads are amazing if you like strong sweet drinks.

    55555 by Anand S

  • Danielle JThough it isn't listed anywhere online- this place has a dog friendly patio with a bar attached and the staff was kind enough to plug in some fans for us to keep cool while we ate

    55555 by Danielle J

  • Amyn Z.Burgers, sandwiches

    55555 by Amyn Z.

  • Joshua GMEDIOCRE. The food was not good; weird smell in the dining area.

    22222 by Joshua G

  • Stephanie M.All the food and the people included. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the experience. Great for vegetarians/vegans!!! Nice rare beers on tap too!

    55555 by Stephanie M.

  • Ashley KGood vibe and good food. Fish tacos are fantastic and the pecan pie is the best I've had in my LIFE.

    55555 by Ashley K

  • Andres GThe Smaug is delicious! It's an avocado lover's paradise!!

    55555 by Andres G

  • Brian AWhile visiting Houston a coworker took us here for dinner to get out of the downtown area. This place is a hidden gem love their burgers. Great place to try if your in Houston.

    55555 by Brian A

  • Morgan SThe French fries are amazing!!! Be warned, if you ask for extra avocado it will take up most of the plate

    55555 by Morgan S

  • Maaria YasinThe Dwalin (Curry Chicken Salad) Sandwich is a must have along with their Peach Bellini!!! Soooo good! Wonderful service! Never disappointed!

    55555 by Maaria Yasin

  • Marisa KSmaug's Delight

    55555 by Marisa K

  • David T.Friendly, personable staff. Relaxed atmosphere. Wonderful food for peaking the sense of taste

    55555 by David T.

  • M GI like the plain Barbados burger - ask for it cooked medium, as sometimes they overcook it a bit. Awesome carrot cake!

    55555 by M G

  • Jay JGreat hobbit wrap

    55555 by Jay J

  • Peggy JGood service. Great atmosphere.

    55555 by Peggy J

  • Jim BaileyHad the Boudin and Eggs with a Peanut Butter Pancake, servings are large, service is good, Great place for Breakfast⭐️⭐️⭐️

    55555 by Jim Bailey

  • Stephanie AllenCurry chicken salad was great! And, as always, sweet potato fries

    55555 by Stephanie Allen

  • MarniGreat vegetarian food.

    55555 by Marni

  • Andrew D.Eat your jerk burger over your fries. Then eat your jerk fries.

    33333 by Andrew D.

  • Mandi MBenjamin is the best server. Surprisingly good food not just a gimmicky place. We will eat here again.

    55555 by Mandi M

  • Travis C.Wasn't so much a fan of this place, but my server was a trainee. Didn't think much of the food either.

    33333 by Travis C.

  • Britney M.Guacamole salad is heavenly and is made to be shared. Fresh fruit salad with yogurt and honey is SO good.

    55555 by Britney M.

  • Maibey N.This place is a Houston staple. The Withywindle is fantastic, but only get a small portion unless you're ready to eat several pounds of sandwich! They don't mess around with small serving sizes here.

    55555 by Maibey N.

  • Marcia B.The fatty lumpkin is great!

    55555 by Marcia B.

  • Jackie L.So good. Best burgers and fries. They have a delicious mango smoothie, too!

    55555 by Jackie L.

  • Houston PressThe sandwiches and burgers are the stars, particularly the Martinique burger, a mountainous patty of Angus beef with so many messy toppings that you practically need to be hosed down when done eating.

    55555 by Houston Press

  • Amanda P.Awesome beer selection. La Fin Du Monde on tap!

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Colin W.Delicious black bean burger... From a guy who loves bacon!

    55555 by Colin W.

  • Veronics OEverything was really good!! Kids finished everything on their plate! Service was excellent!

    55555 by Veronics O

  • Susanne D.Very friendly service, huge portions, and very tasty! You can easily share a sandwich or wrap.

    55555 by Susanne D.

  • Katy I.You MUST come for weekend brunch at least once! The salmon benedict with their spicy breakfast potatoes are devine and the gingerbread pancakes are a real treat! Don't miss it! 10-2pm weekends only

    55555 by Katy I.

  • Jeanette M.Black bean nachos with guacamole = Heaven

    55555 by Jeanette M.

  • Christie H.Black & Bleu burger is amazing. Best ever! Salsa is good too.

    55555 by Christie H.

  • Josh H.Buffalo burger, Smaug's Delight...all good. Great beer list. Old-school smoothies double as a great dessert.

    55555 by Josh H.

  • Crystal L.Hobbit actually has some delicious nachos. Beef fajita with black beans and white cheese. Do it!

    55555 by Crystal L.

  • Josh CTry the sweet potato fries with honey. Great recommendation from out waitress.

    55555 by Josh C

  • Cheri H.Best hole in the wall cafe hands down. Never had anything off the menu that I didn't like. Food & atmosphere rock!

    55555 by Cheri H.

  • Alyse S.everything is great...except for the black bean burger. it tastes like dirt.

    33333 by Alyse S.

  • Henry C.Not a lord of the rings fan but I really liked this place!

    55555 by Henry C.

  • Hera MLove this place, the vibe is great & black bean burger rocks.

    55555 by Hera M

  • Jake M.For vegetarians the Thorin Oakenshield classic is really good. I've been a customer for over 30 years.

    55555 by Jake M.

  • Sean DSnack on the Smaug's Delight. It is stuffed with a bushal of avocados and it is delightful

    55555 by Sean D

  • Tennille J.Check out the Smaug's Delight if you love avocado!

    55555 by Tennille J.

  • Alyse S.i always get the shire sandwich. their tabouli is the best i've had and it's in the shire accompanied by a huge mound of avocado.

    55555 by Alyse S.

  • Kit O.Huge portions of delicious food. A 'slim' sized sandwich is at least 2 meals of food for me.

    55555 by Kit O.

  • Wyatt CagleFatty Lumkin with corn chips. Simply heaven. Ask for April. She's the best.

    55555 by Wyatt Cagle

  • Mary P.Loving the black bean nachos, yum!!

    55555 by Mary P.

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