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Cafe Bar & Gril

215 Little York Rd
Houston, TX 77076

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(713) 808-9623

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars, Burger Restaurants, Cafes

4.6 of 5.0 from 136 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
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  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX
  • Cafe Bar & Gril in Houston, TX

Cafe Bar & Gril Reviews

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  • Geo L.Good food. Sucks that you have to go back in line to order a drink.

    33333 by Geo L.

  • Julie NamBreakfast bowl with brisket ftw.

    55555 by Julie Nam

  • Monica DI love how exquisite but tasty the French fries are!

    55555 by Monica D

  • Zach R.Surprisingly good place to grab breakfast before work.

    55555 by Zach R.

  • Jim BaileyEnjoyed the Brisket Breaky with over easy eggs. Nice morning samwich with rich smoke flavor. 👍

    55555 by Jim Bailey

  • Joana JQuinoa and Kale salad- dabomb.com

    55555 by Joana J

  • Elliott BBurgers and beer are outstanding

    55555 by Elliott B

  • Byron M.Wednesday Steak Night, steaks are perfect

    55555 by Byron M.

  • Andres GThursdays are Burger & Pint nights for $14!

    55555 by Andres G

  • Jared JarvisFun restaurant with good selection of brews and good burgers.

    55555 by Jared Jarvis

  • Sarah GTry the big nasty burger. Amazing.

    55555 by Sarah G

  • Sarah GThe hotdogs are amazing.

    55555 by Sarah G

  • John D.The worst of the "creeks". Takes an eternity to get a drink if busy.

    11111 by John D.

  • AmandaTheir frozen mimosas are fabulous!!

    55555 by Amanda

  • IrenaLOVE their patio. Always a great time for brunch.

    55555 by Irena

  • Ryan K.Awesome burgers and awesome atmosphere.

    55555 by Ryan K.

  • Frankie C.Good veggie burger, and yummy French fries

    55555 by Frankie C.

  • Rebekah W.Can't go wrong with the Vedge Tacos!

    55555 by Rebekah W.

  • Ashley EThe beer selection is extensive and the sofas are super comfy! Two thumbs up!

    55555 by Ashley E

  • Maaria YasinTry their Jamaican Shandy & Grilled Chicken Sandwich!!

    55555 by Maaria Yasin

  • AlanOnce there was an Onion Creek on Richmond Rd. Why not there no more?

    33333 by Alan

  • Tommy SamsonPeep the rotating tap list.

    55555 by Tommy Samson

  • Stephen A.Always a cool place to grab lunch, esp when you can sit outside! Good list of rotating local craft beer as well as the general assortment of burgers, dogs and sandwiches which are all pretty good.

    55555 by Stephen A.

  • Timothy P.The burger was great 🍔.

    55555 by Timothy P.

  • Michael DGreat patio! So good.

    55555 by Michael D

  • Miss D.I had the chicken salad sandwich. Good!

    55555 by Miss D.

  • Dyana L.The frozen drinks are always on point. The foods is amazing, I've pretty much tried everything and I habe yet to have something I don't like. Free wifi, great for breakfast and to get some work done.

    55555 by Dyana L.

  • Chance N.Half price Texas beers are awesome

    55555 by Chance N.

  • Britney M.Veggie hot dogs! Frozen mimosas and weekend Bloody Mary's are a must.

    55555 by Britney M.

  • Guij ArnaudSteak night on Mondays

    55555 by Guij Arnaud

  • Houston PressThis is a pleasant, relaxing Heights-area spot that serves up tall cups of caffeine and pints of beer (not a short feat in this dry part of town) as patrons take in live music and DJs.

    55555 by Houston Press

  • Rebecca B.#bloodymary

    33333 by Rebecca B.

  • Abel KWednesday stake night!

    55555 by Abel K

  • Rhi MThe Greek salad was very good along with a Bloody Mary! My husband says the big nasty burger was really good. Not too many GF options.

    55555 by Rhi M

  • Hayley MYou can't go wrong with anything item on the menu. Its all good. A little expensive. $7 frozen mimossa. :/ love this place though.

    55555 by Hayley M

  • Adam K.The "No Dogs Allowed" signs are posted as a joke... As far as I can tell.

    22222 by Adam K.

  • Neets J.Hummus wrap is yuhmazzzing!

    55555 by Neets J.

  • James W.The pizza is awesome!

    55555 by James W.

  • Joshua M.Cowboy Burger, awesome.

    55555 by Joshua M.

  • Adam K.Bring cash. When you use a card, they initially double-charge you, tying up twice the money for your bill in your bank/credit account. The second charge doesn't clear, but it's still a nuisance.

    22222 by Adam K.

  • LauraI enjoyed the fire pit ambience outdoors on the patio. Great place to meet with friends and get some grub and drinks and have a fireside chat. :)

    55555 by Laura

  • patty c.good all the way around....

    33333 by patty c.

  • Grace G.These Burgers are huge and great beef and plenty of Friendly and Posh People.

    55555 by Grace G.

  • Brian F.Love this place! Great patio!!

    55555 by Brian F.

  • Rodney P.Came on Football Sundays.. Texans party hard here... Wear your texans gear

    55555 by Rodney P.

  • Dustin F.Great food and fun atmosphere! I love this place.

    55555 by Dustin F.

  • Candice S.This place is ALWAYS full of people, to the point where it's really hard to find parking. And the food is really not good at all. I don't get it.

    33333 by Candice S.

  • Johnny B.Wednesdays are really fun! It's Open Jam night & there's $1.50 PBRs!

    55555 by Johnny B.

  • Chris P.Favorite neighborhood bar. Great mix of people of all ages.

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Kasey H.Wednesday nights are open mic night ! I believe Johnny Bee put everyone one else to shame . You got to come listen !

    55555 by Kasey H.

  • JudeGreat place, service is real fast

    55555 by Jude

  • Dan G.The Frito Pie here is amazing!!

    55555 by Dan G.

  • MarkPico Wrap is Delicious. The Salads are Big. Enough even for a big appetite. Delicious! I will be back!

    55555 by Mark

  • Brent P.Try out the pulled pork nachos for a nice variation on an old favorite. Eat them as a meal or share them with a group. You can't go wrong.

    55555 by Brent P.

  • Danica S.This place is just amazing this restaurant is so good and they got awesome foods.

    55555 by Danica S.

  • Michael P.This place sells bacon. Great establishment.

    55555 by Michael P.

  • Melanie H.House Salad add grilled Chicken $15. Yum!

    55555 by Melanie H.

  • Chris C.Chill place, previous poster was right that some of the bartenders are assholes I did meet a nice one however. Liked the food came out hot and fresh tasting

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Russell M.Don't try to get your drink on before 10am for the Sunday brunch

    55555 by Russell M.

  • Richirich G.Shrimp basket is pretty good but a little bit pricey for 5 shrimps, $14!

    55555 by Richirich G.

  • Melanie H.Trio appetizer. Yum!

    55555 by Melanie H.

  • Melanie H.Patio eating Hill Country style.

    55555 by Melanie H.

  • john a.Don't fall in the creek - unless you are providing the entertainment

    33333 by john a.

  • Kimmie H.The crawfish is decent. A little on the salty side but more flavor than I expected.

    55555 by Kimmie H.

  • Henry C.Finally a piece of the Hill Country Inn The big city:) awesome patio. Come for a cool spot

    55555 by Henry C.

  • Adam R.No wait staff so belly up to the bar quick.

    55555 by Adam R.

  • Houston PressOne of Houston`s Best Patio Bars. Check out more Houston Press Winners here:http://www.houstonpress.com/bestof/ Or go moblie with the free Best Of app.

    55555 by Houston Press

  • Chad T.Great atmosphere, great bar staff.

    55555 by Chad T.

  • Martha M....great time, great friends, great place :)

    55555 by Martha M.

  • Scott H.Good atmosphere minus the two douchebags smoking cigars.

    33333 by Scott H.

  • Jessica H.Open Jam session every Thursday from 6-10. You can join in and play or sing or just sit back and enjoy the show.

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • SuzanneGreat place to go and relax on a weekend. Good beer and great food. Fast service.

    55555 by Suzanne

  • Jay R.Great atmosphere ! Huge amount if outdoor seating !

    55555 by Jay R.

  • ChristopherLaid back crowd, a relaxing atmosphere

    55555 by Christopher

  • Ryan S.The Laredo burger is delicious!

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Dana F.Favorite place in Houston! Fantastic patio and the frozen tea and mimosa are awesome! Great atmosphere compared to the doucebagery on Washington ave

    55555 by Dana F.

  • Becca W.Good food. Love the outside but way to many flies. They were so annoying i couldnt enjoy my meal. But its a great place. Wings and burgers are awesome. And frozen tea. :)

    55555 by Becca W.

  • Ed L.Parking is a little crazy, but don't let that discourage you. Nice atmosphere on the patio!

    55555 by Ed L.

  • Christina F.Ask for Melody. Coolest bartender, super funny!

    55555 by Christina F.

  • Brandee A.$2 Red Stripe on Weds

    55555 by Brandee A.

  • Laura B.Best of Houston 2011 - Top 10 Patios - #7

    55555 by Laura B.

  • Falynn D.Great patio with decent food

    55555 by Falynn D.

  • Henry C.Finally I have Found a piece of the hill country in houston! Reminds me of college... Awesome place for a game out to chill outside

    55555 by Henry C.

  • Jordy S.Great Patio

    55555 by Jordy S.

  • Dakota C.A little out of the way, but cool place. The outside patio is really nice place to chat with friends and have a cocktail. Unless your sponsor told you not to drink...

    55555 by Dakota C.

  • CultureMap Houston M.Cedar Creek purchased tons of furniture from Ninfa's. Look closely and you can spot Mama Ninfa's face hanging on the wall.

    55555 by CultureMap Houston M.

  • Marissa B.Good food, good music, and last but not least good drinks!

    55555 by Marissa B.

  • Emily Z.The tv is too loud.

    33333 by Emily Z.

  • FatimaNice outdoor seating if you want a coffee or drinks. Not too crazy about the food.

    55555 by Fatima

  • Lynn Y.Enjoy being in Austin without leaving Houston!

    55555 by Lynn Y.

  • Chuck D.The fries were either recooked or had been sitting out for a while and the place was swarming with flies. The burger was good.

    22222 by Chuck D.

  • Rafael O.Try the Banana Betty - Awesome!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Rafael O.

  • Arch A.apparently the kitchen is closed on mondays at 10 as well. on MNF?!?!? wackness.....

    33333 by Arch A.

  • Sean G.Try the wangs....nom nom

    55555 by Sean G.

  • Harold i K.The patio is awesome. I love that couch too. My partner really recommends the draft beers.

    55555 by Harold i K.

  • JamesWatch out for all the stray cats.. They will steal ur food

    22222 by James

  • Spencer H.Ask for Jeff

    55555 by Spencer H.

  • Javier C.This looks like a "SITUATION" ;)

    22222 by Javier C.

  • Ellery A.Try the apricot tea. You won't need to add sugar/sweeteners to it.

    55555 by Ellery A.

  • Brant C.If you see Wes G, give him a shot of whiskey and a friendly Bangkok tap.

    55555 by Brant C.

  • Rachele T.Scotty is the bestest of all the restest bartenders at Cedar! Glad they have st arnolds

    55555 by Rachele T.

  • Patrick F.Kitchen closes at 10pm on Sundays.

    55555 by Patrick F.

  • RSTFantastic viewing spot for MILFS.

    55555 by RST

  • Denise The chicken salad sandwich on chibatta is amazing!

    55555 by Denise 

  • David M.Bloody Marys are only acceptable with absolute pepper!

    55555 by David M.

  • Kaleb RGet a frozen Mimosa. It'll change your life.

    33333 by Kaleb R

  • Brandon .My mochachino and pecan waffles were an delightful and artistic combination.

    55555 by Brandon .

  • Julianne A.Vegetarian options are limited. Besides the salads, try the veggie sandwich. It's loaded with mushrooms and cheese so it'll leave you full.

    55555 by Julianne A.

  • Bill S.They REALLY REALLY need to light their beer taps so that they're visible - ask they WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!

    55555 by Bill S.

  • m g.Saint Arnolds always on tap.

    55555 by m g.

  • Stephanie K.Baked potato salad....best in the world!

    33333 by Stephanie K.

  • Robert V.Crawfish on Fridays!

    55555 by Robert V.

  • David L.Ruben is very good, but the baked potatoe salad was amazing..

    55555 by David L.

  • Kaci C.The best BLT I've ever had!

    55555 by Kaci C.

  • John S.Their Chicken Pizza is orgasmic. Made on toasted ciabatta roll and topped with bacon bits, red onions and encrusted in cheese. Mmmm!

    55555 by John S.

  • Austin LaneI love breakfast here. Try the lox and bagel.

    55555 by Austin Lane

  • EmanTresPotato salad is rockin'!

    55555 by EmanTres

  • John W.OC burger ummmmmm

    55555 by John W.

  • Ray S.Most authentic Mexican place in town. Horchata is amazing here!

    55555 by Ray S.

  • Jenifer C.Mmm dirty nachos!

    33333 by Jenifer C.

  • Josh S.Good food, but when it's busy it takes FOREVER!

    33333 by Josh S.

  • Blaze E.cheap ass beer night tonight(friday)..$1.25, im wit it!

    55555 by Blaze E.

  • Clayton ROne word, two syllables - Reuben. On chibata, beautiful

    55555 by Clayton R

  • eddie t.Texas beer nite Tuesdays

    55555 by eddie t.

  • Christine S.Monday's happy hour until 11 pm!

    55555 by Christine S.

  • Jesus T.The burgers are good but not great. Not as bad as others may say.

    33333 by Jesus T.

  • Brandon BStay away from the burgers. Go pizza or anything else on the menu

    33333 by Brandon B

  • Rachel(Vasiliki) Dj Diva R.I love the breakfast here you cant go wrong with anything on the menu!

    55555 by Rachel(Vasiliki) Dj Diva R.

  • Tyler H.Great spot to chill and hang out with friends!

    55555 by Tyler H.

  • Keelan H.another nice place in the heights...

    55555 by Keelan H.

  • Bailey C.Great chill place for beer, frozen mimosa or coffee.

    55555 by Bailey C.

  • Laura HansThe frozen mimosas are amazing!

    55555 by Laura Hans

  • Amanda R.Try the Spinach Salad - it's still the best.

    55555 by Amanda R.

  • John S.omg the turkey sandwich is tastey!! thick cut bacon and avocado seal the deal.

    55555 by John S.

  • John S.Gotta try the OC Poboy: essentially an Italian style sandwich and/or the Freek Dog: a all beef hot dog covered with Frito pie!

    55555 by John S.

  • Robert L.still to cozyiest of the 3 creeks

    33333 by Robert L.

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