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Flying Saucer

705 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

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(713) 228-9472

  • Sun - 12:00pm - 12:00am
  • Mon - Wed 11:00am - 1:00am
  • Thu - Fri 11:00am - 2:00am
  • Sat 12:00pm - 2:00am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars

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4.7 of 5.0 from 194 reviews


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Flying Saucer in Houston, TX
  • Flying Saucer in Houston, TX
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  • Flying Saucer in Houston, TX
  • Flying Saucer in Houston, TX
  • Flying Saucer in Houston, TX

Flying Saucer Reviews

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  • Joanna jFrench Engineering, LLC is a specialty engineering firm that has successfully provided consulting services! Website: http://www.frenchengineering.com/wsdindex.html

    55555 by Joanna j

  • Gary RBEER!! And the food isn't bad

    33333 by Gary R

  • Jeremy P.This saucer location is great. The staff is super friendly and the beer is good and cold. The food isn't bad either. I usually sit at the bar and get helped out within a minute Regulars are friendly

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Nancy BVery dirty so our party left without trying the menu.

    22222 by Nancy B

  • Andres CAmazing collection of beers

    55555 by Andres C

  • SpaceTex M.Join the club. Drink the beer. Get a saucer.

    33333 by SpaceTex M.

  • Jeremy P.This place is great. The beer selection is amazing and always changing. This is the place to come if you want to get something other than your everyday beer.

    55555 by Jeremy P.

  • Rebeca HGood decoration in a really big place.

    55555 by Rebeca H

  • Боно Rbeer is tap

    55555 by Боно R

  • Purva L.Best pretzels and cheese around!

    55555 by Purva L.

  • Tim V#beer and the dipster

    33333 by Tim V

  • Nena TThe beer, the staff, the food, it ALL RAWKS!!!

    55555 by Nena T

  • Brandi AGreat beer selection. It is always changing and the awesome staff are always willing to help you find something. I love the Saucer Brazel! Sign up for the U.F.O card! It's worth it.

    55555 by Brandi A

  • Nicholas B.Been coming here for years. Always has some of the best beers in town, and great daily specials.

    55555 by Nicholas B.

  • Selin NMükemmel bir ortam ve mekan

    55555 by Selin N

  • Kevin H.Great selection of beers and outdoor space right in downtown

    55555 by Kevin H.

  • Luciana KFound it by chance after walking by the downtown... I was hungry and the bar food was great, but it's a must go place for the beer lovers!

    55555 by Luciana K

  • Jose mBeer, food, people:-)

    55555 by Jose m

  • Seth DouangaphaivongThe atmosphere and service here is no where near the one in Ft. Worth. Had it not been for the craft brew selection, I would have left.

    55555 by Seth Douangaphaivong

  • Aaron W.Great place for a huge variety of beers, but none particularly interesting.

    55555 by Aaron W.

  • Mike S.Amazing beer selection. Food is decent - a bit too much German food for my liking. Great atmosphere

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Rebecca ASeasonal menu is the reason to come.

    55555 by Rebecca A

  • BatuhanMac and Cheese is amazing. Lovers of it should taste it.. Just the right spiciness..

    55555 by Batuhan"Bush" A.

  • Greg G.Love the pretzels

    55555 by Greg G.

  • Oscar E.One of my favorite places in Downtown Houston, try Sour Beer, is not so good but the flavor is one on it's kind !!

    55555 by Oscar E.

  • Maaria YasinCool place for beer lovers. Enjoyed the private party space upstairs.

    55555 by Maaria Yasin

  • Jacobo GómezBeer spot in downtown Houston

    55555 by Jacobo Gómez

  • Linda B.Good food. Service is slow.

    55555 by Linda B.

  • Laura GAfter 10 years, the beer cheese soup served in a bread bowl is still the best!

    55555 by Laura G

  • Robertogood fun, nice service and beers!

    55555 by Roberto

  • Julia C.Soft pretzels are amazing!!

    55555 by Julia C.

  • Briana AKick ass chicken sandwich is fantastic. Same with the jalapeño tater tot poppers.

    55555 by Briana A

  • Danielle JThey don't just have beer here- there's three super yummy ciders to try too. I'm obsessed with the pineapple cider! And food is way above typical bar food.

    55555 by Danielle J

  • Timothy jB-52, Fireman's #4! Plenty of beers for anyone to enjoy!

    55555 by Timothy j

  • Ryan PLiterally everything is good.

    55555 by Ryan P

  • Ryan W.The Friday lunch special rocks: bratwurst on a bun with just the right amount of mustard and awesome sauerkraut (speckled with rye seeds). Washed down with an IPA I hadn’t tried before. Yum!

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Teri Nicole eGreat selection for food and drinks

    55555 by Teri Nicole e

  • Kyle F.Another great Saucer.

    55555 by Kyle F.

  • Nik KLarge selection of beers, good spot to walk to after/before Astros games at Minute Maid Park

    55555 by Nik K

  • Christian DDont take the quessadilas. Nasty but the beers are great

    33333 by Christian D

  • Reymundo LoMeBuen lugar para tomar cerveza y botanear!

    55555 by Reymundo LoMe

  • Michael JuveGreat selection of beers and prices

    55555 by Michael Juve

  • Ben S.How can you go wrong with this many beers on tap?

    55555 by Ben S.

  • Paul B.The soft Pretzels with dips are amazing

    55555 by Paul B.

  • Paul B.Great choice of beers but avoid the corn dogs, they are really bad

    55555 by Paul B.

  • TPB E.Outstanding beer selection including growing number of sours.

    55555 by TPB E.

  • Cadence K.4 different GF beers and lots of cider.

    55555 by Cadence K.

  • Scott F.Great rotation on their beers. The bratzel is worth every penny.

    55555 by Scott F.

  • Angela JGreat beer! Great atmosphere and service!

    55555 by Angela J

  • Kamil SözenÇok güzel bir mekan. Ve bir o kadar da dolu. 100 çeşit draft birası olan başla yer görmedim. Flyer adında tester setleri var değişik değişik. Ben beğendim çok.

    55555 by Kamil Sözen

  • Brandy M.Hummingbird water and the Saucer Bratzel were amazing! Must try! And the chili was pretty good too.

    55555 by Brandy M.

  • Anita Alvz de CortesBeer, beer, beer. Great place to go grab some food before hitting bars in downtown. They are open late too though.

    55555 by Anita Alvz de Cortes

  • Henrique GMuito bom, mais de 80 tipos de cerveja!

    55555 by Henrique G

  • Gerardo M.Many beers local and foreign... Get your name on a plate!

    55555 by Gerardo M.

  • Clint L.A saucer bratsel and a couple good beers can do wonders for your day

    55555 by Clint L.

  • jeremy m.Join the club. Be part of something.

    33333 by jeremy m.

  • jeremy m.Join the beer club and look out for good fire sale beers.

    55555 by jeremy m.

  • emmanuel c.Popcorn!!!!!

    55555 by emmanuel c.

  • Hector PLa comida muy buena pero las bebidas mejores... Gran variedad de cervezas. La mía estuvo fantástica. Excelente servicio

    55555 by Hector P

  • Esteban RPita bread and hummus, and basically beer!

    55555 by Esteban R

  • Adam S.This place is too corporate for my tastes.

    33333 by Adam S.

  • Rosana IEnorme variedad de cervezas y buena comida, abre hasta tarde

    55555 by Rosana I

  • Travis C.Huge tap list with nice rotation. Bartenders seem too busy to discuss the beer. Wait stuff doesn't seem to know the beer.

    33333 by Travis C.

  • Travis C.Large, constantly rotating selection of craft beers.

    55555 by Travis C.

  • Laura PGreat beer selection! Best pretzels ever!

    55555 by Laura P

  • Michael R.Beer. Yes

    55555 by Michael R.

  • Stephen A.The beer spot that caters to all! Want awesome newly released Craft brews? Got em. Want watered down mainstream beers? Got those too.

    55555 by Stephen A.

  • Kristin S.Hummingbird water

    55555 by Kristin S.

  • Renato GWin a beer's glass every Wednesday!

    55555 by Renato G

  • Grace G.Be nice and eat this.

    55555 by Grace G.

  • Ali SamayBest place around here!

    55555 by Ali Samay

  • Greg L.Really good craft beer bar. The food is good and the service great.

    55555 by Greg L.

  • Tiffany C.A great variety of draft beers ... Also we just paid $6 for two beers

    55555 by Tiffany C.

  • Bob M.Check out the plates upstairs. That's where mine is.

    33333 by Bob M.

  • TopSpot Internet MarketingTuesday night trivia at the Saucer made Project Manager Niki's top geek places in Houston list. Find her there, where she'll won't be using Google for once.

    33333 by TopSpot Internet Marketing

  • Elina ✈Bar food here is actually spectacular. Pretty good German cuisine. The bratzel is AMAZING! (Ask for the cream cheese dipping sauce). They also have a great cheese selection.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Mercedes P.One word - pretzels. Pure carby deliciousness.

    55555 by Mercedes P.

  • Carl F.Curious about the mind boggling MESSAGE of 'The Landmark Forum' but not the theatrical experience? This book~"EST: Playing The Game The New Way"~reveals it! Go to www.carlfrederick.org click Free Read

    33333 by Carl F.

  • Salem A.Fantastic selection of beer Good service. A bit of an 'oily ' smell indoors from kitchens So outside is better.

    55555 by Salem A.

  • Kendall W.Wifi password is beerknurd

    55555 by Kendall W.

  • Tyler A.Get the pretzels!

    55555 by Tyler A.

  • Angela D.Jessie is the best waitress ever. Came from Michigan, the best hospitality

    55555 by Angela D.

  • David C.Not a huge fan of the atmosphere in this crowded, after work bar, but it the beer selection is second to none in the city.

    55555 by David C.

  • Houston PressHappy Hour: Tuesday-Friday 4pm-7pm

    55555 by Houston Press

  • My Table MagazineThis downtown joint is serious about beer and caters to those who feel the same way. The walls are covered with brass plates earned by diehards (here they’re referred to as “Masters of the Universe...

    55555 by My Table Magazine

  • Nate A.The best spinach dip around!! The spicy hummus is really good as well!!

    55555 by Nate A.

  • Houston Press Street Team M.Happy Hour: Tuesday-Friday 4pm-7pm

    55555 by Houston Press Street Team M.

  • Axel L.This is just amazing! I'm not a beer lover and I fell in love with the first beer I tried :)

    55555 by Axel L.

  • Cynthia N.Lots of microbrews on tap, w/ new ones coming in all the time. You can get sampler trays which are awesome! Join the UFO Club, get a free t-shirt. Reach 200 beers and get name plate & $100 beer party!

    55555 by Cynthia N.

  • Susan R.512 Pecan Porter is the great

    55555 by Susan R.

  • Ashley R.Try the River Rocket sandwich for a little twist on a classic. Just trust me!

    55555 by Ashley R.

  • T. C.Try the Saucer Brautzer. Yum!

    55555 by T. C.

  • Paul B.Great pub with some great beers but don't start a tab, it's a nightmare trying to get the money back that they took without your permission.

    33333 by Paul B.

  • Giancarlo Z.Hands down this is the best brewery in Houston; good food; all around awesome spot.

    55555 by Giancarlo Z.

  • Jacob S.Support Saint Arnold's by far one of the best breweries in Texas.

    55555 by Jacob S.

  • Jacob S.Divine Reserve #13 on tap

    55555 by Jacob S.

  • kylieguinness is canned- not on tap! much better stouts on tap and poured nitro.

    33333 by kylie

  • Abby B.Dill popcorn is aMAHzing

    55555 by Abby B.

  • Tom K.My order for the night

    22222 by Tom K.

  • DanielLook at the plates, especially 117

    33333 by Daniel

  • Summer L.Wednesday is glass night and it is my fave ! Buy a beer and you keep the glass =) and try the pretzels theyr'e are soft and buttery.... not exaggerating, they're the best I've ever had !

    55555 by Summer L.

  • Rob F.Try the Saucer Bratzel (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Rob F.

  • Tyler M.Double brat with the works! Stay strong Sheboygan!

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • HeidiWatch out for the people in the parking lot who act like they're directing it, took our damn money...so I'm going to take their lives..

    22222 by Heidi

  • jeremy m.Join the club

    33333 by jeremy m.

  • Seth C.Anna is a fantastic server. Tip her well.

    55555 by Seth C.

  • Todd M.jfc - spicy humus is spicy...

    55555 by Todd M.

  • Kalin K."fire sale" Monday...$3 Pint Nite

    55555 by Kalin K.

  • Dylan W.Burried hatchet and space club does the trick.

    33333 by Dylan W.

  • ELS Language CentersThis fun spot has a wide variety of quality craft beers in addition to a full menu of sandwiches, wings, pizza, and fries. They offer hundreds of varieties of beer- literally! Meals $10 to $20.

    55555 by ELS Language Centers

  • Levi H.The turkey meltdown was off the chain

    33333 by Levi H.

  • malcolm j.99cent fries can't go wrong

    55555 by malcolm j.

  • Anton S.Зачетная пивнушка. Ане из Уфы привет :)

    55555 by Anton S.

  • BigoHumus and beer go so hard...#bigo

    55555 by Bigo

  • Keelan H.Best soft pretzels in Houston.

    55555 by Keelan H.

  • Hector H.They have beers around all they! Kley

    55555 by Hector H.

  • Hector H.Try the beers

    55555 by Hector H.

  • Kyle D.If a man with a goatee asks you about beer, offer Chardonnay

    22222 by Kyle D.

  • Brad C.Lots. Of. Beers.

    55555 by Brad C.

  • Johann S.Order the brat con queso, its amazing

    55555 by Johann S.

  • Jay S.Ask for Britney! She is the bomb.

    55555 by Jay S.

  • Brian P.So many brews, so little time. Find my plate: it's the only one with the UFO card glued to it.

    33333 by Brian P.

  • Johann S.Order the brat con queso.. its awesome

    55555 by Johann S.

  • Humberto G.Try the Monks Cafe for a nice sour beer.

    55555 by Humberto G.

  • Patricia C.Beer heaven! Don't walk but run here! Gr8 place to people watch. <3

    55555 by Patricia C.

  • Patricia C.Beer Heaven! Gr8 place to people watch. Don't walk but run here! <3

    55555 by Patricia C.

  • Kathy R.We r at racks don't have your number

    33333 by Kathy R.

  • Men's Health MagThis hot sun makes a man crave something strong. The walls of this place are filled with taps, and not a Bud logo in sight. Go for the Saucer Black n Tan: Sierra Nevada Pale ale with Guinness on top.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • Christine P.Their soft pretzels are freakin amazing!

    55555 by Christine P.

  • Humberto G.Ask for the fresh horseradish with the Big Dipper sandwich.

    55555 by Humberto G.

  • Billie M.Try the snakebites and southern star bombshell blonde.

    55555 by Billie M.

  • Don N.Try the St. Feuillien (Foo-Yen) Saison! Great farmhouse beer. ABV-6.5%

    55555 by Don N.

  • Marius H. T.WiFi password is "beerknurd" as of October 2011.

    55555 by Marius H. T.

  • Gabriel F.have a Left Hand Milk Stout

    55555 by Gabriel F.

  • Paul O.Awesome service and pub atmosphere! Definitely try the Southern Star Bombshell Blonde ale....it's a little too good!

    55555 by Paul O.

  • Russell R.Alotta beer and short skirts :)

    55555 by Russell R.


    55555 by Reidis S.

  • Darrell AYou have to try the hot pretzels and queso! It will change you life...

    55555 by Darrell A

  • Anna RSaucer bratzel is the best!

    55555 by Anna R

  • Kireau K.best beer selection in Houston. 100s of taps!

    55555 by Kireau K.

  • Liz W.Try the river rocket sandwich! Yum!

    55555 by Liz W.

  • Russell R.Pretzel with cream cheese -- best you've ever had...hands down

    55555 by Russell R.

  • Christopher EDon't let Sokies drink. He makes a mess of the table and the management will ask you to leave.

    22222 by Christopher E

  • Dena F.Try kronenberg 1664, session, Maui bikini blonde

    55555 by Dena F.

  • Dan AThe late trivia on Tues. is fun, but you better know current events, movies, TV and books.

    55555 by Dan A

  • Roberta B.EXCELLENT beer! The Belgium Framboise one, served in a champagne glass is outstanding! Really cool atmosphere and great to just chill out.

    55555 by Roberta B.

  • Andie P.If you don't really like the taste of heavy beers try Woodchuck. It's an apple cider beer. Very refreshing!

    55555 by Andie P.

  • Manni B.Monday trivia nights are a great time. SCIENCE!! So many beers to choose from too! The saucer bratzel is tasty and comes with a spicy dipping sauce. Join the UFO club and get your saucer on the wall!

    55555 by Manni B.

  • Torri D.$15 all in til 12am every Thursday at Lucies 500 Texas. Tell the door your with Torri

    33333 by Torri D.

  • Marley R.Good luck getting the bartenders attention on a Thursday! They are nice, but not very attentive!

    33333 by Marley R.

  • Kassidy M.Sit in heather's section! She's my favorite beer goddess! Awesome, hot and super knowledgeable.

    55555 by Kassidy M.

  • Jay N.Try the spinach and artichoke dip!

    55555 by Jay N.

  • Steve L.Don't wear Hawaiian shirts.

    33333 by Steve L.

  • Matthew H.So many beers, so little time.

    55555 by Matthew H.

  • Patti S.Wow, its loud hear...what???

    55555 by Patti S.

  • Danielle V.Wifi password is beerknurd

    55555 by Danielle V.

  • Austin J.Beers galore. Don't be afraid to try something new

    55555 by Austin J.

  • Derek G.Best beer selection in Houston ... but you are not real until you are a UFO club member with a plate on the wall!

    55555 by Derek G.

  • Robin NI have one plate here in Houston, and one in Kansas City! My plate in Kansas City states: "Houston, we have a problem. I need another beer!" The Saucer is fun wherever you find them...

    55555 by Robin N

  • Leah J.Southern star bombshell blonde & Live oak hefewizen are good texas light brews!

    55555 by Leah J.

  • Don N.Don't be a tool and order a freakin' miller or bud! Support craft breweries!

    55555 by Don N.

  • Steve C.Love the Nashville Saucer, great beer selection, good music some nites too!

    55555 by Steve C.

  • stephen eFree wifi

    55555 by stephen e

  • Glenn S.Every Wednesday night at 7:00 is brewery night featuring a different brewery glass with their beer!

    55555 by Glenn S.

  • Amanda GFirst time here, waitresses are very friendly n helpful.. popcorn=amazing. hummingbird water=even more amazing!

    55555 by Amanda G

  • Dennis MDrink a beer here!

    55555 by Dennis M

  • Kassidy M.best beer selection in town!! working on getting my plate!

    55555 by Kassidy M.

  • Steven S66 and 1 half days until imotralization

    33333 by Steven S

  • the bullAlmost only kitchen open late on Sunday's

    55555 by the bull

  • Craig P.St bernardus abt 12 in tap??? Come on now, that ain't fair for my gut.

    55555 by Craig P.

  • Patricia R.Try a Black Velvet! The best in town!!!

    55555 by Patricia R.

  • Jenna M.Look for Keelan. He'll be the hot gentelman with the beer! OnOn!

    33333 by Jenna M.

  • Dustin C.The vegetarian waitress's don't eat meat. Ask them about salads and wheat beer.

    33333 by Dustin C.

  • Oliver GOrder a Kwak. Belgian amber!

    55555 by Oliver G

  • Jason H.Definately try the Rocket Tots, and any beer is good

    55555 by Jason H.

  • The Reverend Brandon KThe tables pull out so you can get drunk with more people.

    33333 by The Reverend Brandon K

  • Ethan M.Most amazing bar food. Kick ass chicken FTW.

    55555 by Ethan M.

  • Rob B.Ask for Amanda at the bar as she is THE BOMB and will totally take car of you...=)

    55555 by Rob B.

  • Rob B.Ask for Amanda at the bar as she is THE BOMB and will totally take care of you...=)

    55555 by Rob B.

  • Justin RDrink as many beers as possible!

    55555 by Justin R

  • Amy-Lee Z.The Devil's Backbone with Rocket Tots. Pair with a quick game of closest to the pin. Life is good!

    55555 by Amy-Lee Z.

  • ErnestDrink you a Dark Side of the Moon. but if you want something sweet, try a Pear Ale.

    55555 by Ernest

  • Christopher B.Nom noms, so many delicious beers to be had. Stay thirsty my friends.

    55555 by Christopher B.

  • Keelan H.My home away from home

    55555 by Keelan H.

  • Simon RThe beer goddesses know all. Ask them for a recommendation.

    55555 by Simon R

  • Crystal M.Rocket tots rule!!

    55555 by Crystal M.

  • EricTry the Rubenesque. It's good.

    55555 by Eric

  • Danielle S.the kick ass chicken sandwhich is my fave (yes, its actually called the kick ass chicken sandwhich)

    55555 by Danielle S.

  • erin.Thursdays have Mystery Beers on Fire Sale....Great way to try new beers and spend less than $3!

    55555 by erin.

  • Chris WilliamsGrab a Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA

    55555 by Chris Williams

  • Ryan F.Monday night 2.75 drafts. Try Victory's Golden Monkey, the most bang for your buck at a 8.5 or greater alcohol content. Sunday night 2.75 Texas Drafts and forget about that Shiner Bach, get with the b

    55555 by Ryan F.

  • Jessica H.hummingbird water if you like sweet

    55555 by Jessica H.

  • Kevin HJoin the UFO Club

    33333 by Kevin H

  • Brett H.Best beer selection in Houston. See if you can find my plate, it's near the door.

    55555 by Brett H.

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