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The Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

6051 Merrill Road
Jacksonville, FL 32277

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(904) 744-6199

Cuisine: Bars, Family Restaurants

2 of 5.0 from 2 reviews

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The Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Jacksonville, FL
  • The Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Jacksonville, FL

The Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill Reviews

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  • ChefMozNew to Jacksonville area, and not really a pub or bar hopper, I did not know of anywhere to just spend a pleasant time out of my apartment. A friend invited me to join her and friends to Scoreboard one Saturday nite. First of all, the previous reviewer obviously was for some reason expecting more than what this little unpretentious bar advertises itself to be. This is primarily a neighborhood bar with a steady local clientèle. Everyone knows everyone and like a famous fictional bar, everyone knows your name -- including the owner/manager and the staff.The prices are actually competitive with other bars in the area and in some cases, even cheaper. There are a couple of pool tables and dart boards and once a month there is a blackjack night. Occasionally, a DJ will spin some oldies and goodies to add some fun to the proceedings.All in all, this not a bad little watering hole if all you want to have a cold beer in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with friendly everyday people who actually work for a living.

    33333 by ChefMoz.org

  • ChefMozTHIS PLACE IS DEPRESSINGLY BAD. Exagerating? No. I am the kind of person that does not like to go to bars and clubs. But on one Saturday night, I decided to do something different for a change and go to this joint. From the moment I walked in the door I felt I was in for a long night of suffering. I only was there for the Spurs@Lakers game 6. I ordered water and orange juice - water must have came from the sewer because it sure wasn't your everyday normal drinking water. And $1.25 for a small glass of OJ? Common now. Every 10 mintes the brainless waitress kept coming up to me and asking me if I needed anything like one NO wasn't enough for her. Before heading out, I called and asked what time they closed and they said 2 am. Well here I was sitting watching the finale of the game late in the 4th quater when out of the blue the manager/owner comes out and says it's "time to go". This was at 1 am! Isn't it illegal for a business to close earlier than their posted schedule? I don't know, but it doesn't seem very professional. Sure, there were only like 2 people in the bar besides me so it wasn't like a fullhouse or anything. Maybe everyone has already been to this shithole and knows to go elsewhere. I know that's how I feel and there is absolutely nothing that will change my mind about this. Take my advice, if you're looking for a fun and exciting night, DO NOT GO TO THIS JOINT! You're welcome.

    11111 by ChefMoz.org

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