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Port Fonda

4141 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, MO 64111

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(816) 216-6462


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 1:00 am

Cuisine: Mexican Restaurants

4.4 of 5.0 from 66 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO
  • Port Fonda in Kansas City, MO

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Port Fonda Reviews

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  • Makena JIndustry night on Sundays! Chicharrones come crackling out of the fryer. Amazing.

    55555 by Makena J

  • Richard A.Excellent modern Mexican food. Had excellent pork bellies, and tamales. If you're looking for chips and salsa kind of Mexican restaurant you're in the wrong place.

    55555 by Richard A.

  • Alexandra BVerde Bloody Mary is amazing

    55555 by Alexandra B

  • Christopher FlossAwesome Margaritas! The guacamole and chips is a great starter.

    55555 by Christopher Floss

  • Mackenzie MGreat vegetarian options, great salsa

    55555 by Mackenzie M

  • Eduardo NMargaritas are made the right way and the "cachetes" are awesome

    55555 by Eduardo N

  • Eduardo NMargaritas and the "cachetes"

    55555 by Eduardo N

  • Zachary C.I really want to like this place because everyone else does but I just don't get the love fest with the food. Regardless there is a great atmosphere and liquor selection.

    55555 by Zachary C.

  • Shawna P.What an amazing place! The music and service was awesome, the food delicious, incredible atmosphere. Definitely a new favorite in my books.

    55555 by Shawna P.

  • Josh W.Buy the kitchen staff a round of beers for $5. Karma.

    33333 by Josh W.

  • Josh W.Amazing Mexican food with diverse menu. Try the lengua.

    55555 by Josh W.

  • Michael C.Breakfast chimichanga at brunch... yes please

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Jenny L.Wish their guacamole was bigger...it's so good.

    55555 by Jenny L.

  • Andrew DVery flavorful food! Come from San Antonio. This was awesome..and I was impressed. Even the salsas were intricate..complex flavors

    55555 by Andrew D

  • Michael C.The chimi brunch special was fantastic! Also the San Antonio enchiladas, guacamole and house chips. Mix in a Free State Port Fonda Ale.

    55555 by Michael C.

  • Arianna JPort Fonda is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Westport, maybe even in KC! The atmosphere is wonderful! Sometime the music can be a little loud, but for the most part that is not a problem!

    55555 by Arianna J

  • Paige C.Corn Dip! Nom nom nom.

    55555 by Paige C.

  • Gavin GoodackFood sucked. Had to pay for chips and salsa, which isn't the end of the world but one of the two salsas was inedible. The guacamole was quite bland. The taco Tuesday tacos tasted cheap also.2/5 rating

    22222 by Gavin Goodack

  • AllisonFun taco spot!

    55555 by Allison

  • Katie B.I'd rather eat at tengo sed than this place

    11111 by Katie B.

  • Melanie C.Great tacos and margaritas.

    55555 by Melanie C.

  • Tyler M.Margaritas

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • Brandon C.Gotta love the tequila and mezcal selection!! Totally recommend trying a Tequila Ocho tasting!

    55555 by Brandon C.

  • Tyson GachFantastic brunch.

    55555 by Tyson Gach

  • Kansas City2014 World Cup games being shown here (with Boulevard Beer specials!).

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Tyrone ToliverSo the gay waiterMark saved the day with the meatball something something.. F-ing Epic. Ty Gay Mark leave it to a homo!

    33333 by Tyrone Toliver

  • Tyrone ToliverThe food was totally devoid of any season whatsoever.... All expect this roasted corn something...

    22222 by Tyrone Toliver

  • Tyrone ToliverThe food was totally devoid of any season whatsoever.... All expect this roasted corn something

    22222 by Tyrone Toliver

  • Robert R.Always ask about the Chimi Changa of the Day.

    55555 by Robert R.

  • Rayna A.Amazing food...but tv/music is way too loud!

    55555 by Rayna A.

  • Charles J.Small amount of food, large amount of money. Nice atmosphere but the food is forgettable

    33333 by Charles J.

  • Joanna W.Over the top menu and one of the best drinks I've had in a long time (coupe davilla). The habanero salsa is definitely worth the pain. Spoil yourself and order something crazy.

    55555 by Joanna W.

  • Travis C.Way too loud inside... 🙉

    33333 by Travis C.

  • Josh HarrisThis place is one of the first in the state o Missouri to have Tequila Ocho and Pierde Almas mezcal

    55555 by Josh Harris

  • Lucie C.Roselle margarita + guacamole + tacos de aguacate + donas de requeson = ❤ Seriously this place is well worth the noisy atmosphere for some delicious food.

    55555 by Lucie C.

  • Andie P.Get a bfast chimi. Nuff said

    55555 by Andie P.

  • DouglasTry the huevos rancheros or chile relleno. They rock!

    55555 by Douglas

  • Allison B.The Diesmillo is so damn good it could turn the strictest vegetarian into a carnivorous beast! NOM of my friends, NOM on.

    55555 by Allison B.

  • Shawn E.Awesome is an understatement. Terrific food. Great service. Dope drinks. This is a 'real' pimp spot. Check it, especially at night. Great see and be seen spot!

    55555 by Shawn E.

  • Lo L.Don't bring a first date here if you plan on getting to know him/her. The music is hella loud which makes the patrons even louder!

    55555 by Lo L.

  • Shawn H.Nice fresh ingrediants, tacos de carnitas with grilled pineapple great balance!

    55555 by Shawn H.

  • nicholas a.Meh. I guess...

    22222 by nicholas a.

  • Nirav P.Left because their dinner menu only has one chicken meal.

    33333 by Nirav P.

  • Kevin D.Delicious food and drink. Excellent service and wonderful atmosphere.

    55555 by Kevin D.

  • Chris L.Specials from @portfondakc are always amazing -- today we had the veggie chile relleno and it was so flavorful.

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Christopher C.Queso Fondito - lovely!

    55555 by Christopher C.

  • Lauren K.Try the Coupe Davila!

    55555 by Lauren K.

  • Brent W.Chilequiles rock!

    55555 by Brent W.

  • Darrell L.Donas de Requeson is awesome!!!

    55555 by Darrell L.

  • Prentiss E.Not sure which Mezcal to order...say it with me "Crema." wow.

    55555 by Prentiss E.

  • Prentiss E.Just say "Milanesa" & you'll be good the rest of the night! #fire

    33333 by Prentiss E.

  • Kaite S.Bring a megaphone so you can talk to your date. The crappy music is too loud.

    33333 by Kaite S.

  • Mark L.Whatever you do, don't pass up the Donas de Requeson (ricotta doughnuts). Amazing!

    55555 by Mark L.

  • B C.I love the pink margarita!

    55555 by B C.

  • Matt E.Get the Port Fonda. The pork belly will change your life.

    55555 by Matt E.

  • Kristin Y.Start with the best chips and salsa in town, then try the Port Fonda and a gin gimlet.

    55555 by Kristin Y.

  • todd l.the pork rinds are the best I ever had! get the Port Fonda soup also it its on point!

    55555 by todd l.

  • nicholas a.It's really fucking loud.

    55555 by nicholas a.

  • Tim T.The Port Fonda Soup is the best!

    55555 by Tim T.

  • Shelli K.Get the guacamole!

    33333 by Shelli K.

  • Lauren K.try the lengua!

    55555 by Lauren K.

  • Travis F.A horrible, mostly inedible meal for $25.

    11111 by Travis F.

  • Dinh P.Did the arrow hit the pig or is the pig farting arrows?

    33333 by Dinh P.

  • Jimmy R.Dont be fooled by the glass, the Johnny Ringo is the manliest drink on the menu. Do it!!!

    33333 by Jimmy R.

  • Michaela DTry a Mezcal flight and a Oaxacan Sour for a switch-up in your drinking habits! Come see me at the hostess stand for more tips, y'all! Cheers.

    33333 by Michaela D

  • Rebecca C.The gimlet martini is really good! And the bathrooms r nice n clean.

    55555 by Rebecca C.

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