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Fiorella's Private Dining

22nd Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64108

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(816) 472-7427

  • Sun - 11:00am - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:00am - 10:30pm

Cuisine: Barbecue Restaurants, Bars

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4.7 of 5.0 from 197 reviews


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Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO
  • Fiorella's Private Dining in Kansas City, MO

Fiorella's Private Dining Reviews

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  • Clint H.Do *not* miss the Crown Rib, but, honestly: you can't go wrong with any of the food here.

    55555 by Clint H.

  • Duncan RBurnt ends!

    22222 by Duncan R

  • BeertrackerBurnt ends, cheesy corn & onion rings! 🐷🧀

    33333 by Beertracker

  • Richard A.Get the crown beef ribs. Over one pound of delicious meat per rib!!

    55555 by Richard A.

  • Christian AyotteGet the crown beef rib paired with Boulevard Tank. The baby back ribs are excellent as well.

    55555 by Christian Ayotte

  • Erik R.Again my mind is a whirl trying to decide on my favorite BBQ spot in this town. Fiorella's is a strong contender, upscale dining experience with some phenomenal burnt ends.

    55555 by Erik R.

  • Brendan M.The burnt ends def deliver

    33333 by Brendan M.

  • Jeannie JThe ribs were AWESOME and HUGE! Great food, great atmosphere, great place! Can't wait to go back!

    55555 by Jeannie J

  • Donna LBBQ beans!!!

    55555 by Donna L

  • Ryan ScherffUpscale bbq, nice•Service was fast & friendly•Wait was about 25mins• Best brisket sandwich I've ever had•Couple can eat for $30 and leave full•Big portions•Sandwiches start at about $10•3/3-🌟

    55555 by Ryan Scherff

  • Paul CGreat beef ribs and the barbecue sauces. Adam the bartender was great to this tourist from Philly, he actual likes Andy Reed...

    55555 by Paul C

  • Chung-yee N.The food was great as was the service.

    55555 by Chung-yee N.

  • Alberto S.Ribs and burnt ends!

    22222 by Alberto S.

  • Chris T.The food here was delicious, maybe even the best BBQ I have ever had and the service was great too.

    55555 by Chris T.

  • Bob S.If it's your first time doing KC BBQ, do yourself a favor and get The Sampler. Burnt ends, ribs, and meat galore. Also, cheesy corn is a must.

    55555 by Bob S.

  • Eric J. JTake some home for later.

    55555 by Eric J. J

  • Kaitlynn JonesThe atmosphere and food and just fantastic! The cheesy corn bake is my favorite side. Definitely try the cucumber jalapeño margarita. YUM.

    55555 by Kaitlynn Jones

  • Jason MRibs are awesome.

    55555 by Jason M

  • Zachary C.Best Kansas City BBQ if you want to have a nice sit down dining experience. Beef and ribs are stars but the cheesy corn is a great side and they have a surprise star in their carrot cake.

    55555 by Zachary C.

  • Anthony R.Go for the burnt ends

    33333 by Anthony R.

  • DoubleDeuceDont come for the food, as it's not the best BBQ in KC. BUT do come for the upscale dining ambiance (seating, lighting, design and staff).

    55555 by DoubleDeuce

  • Jennifer TBurnt ends with cheesy corn. And the carrot cake is to die for!

    55555 by Jennifer T

  • Andres GTry the burnt ends with a side of cheesy corn and their beans. Also, their strawberry salad is amazing!!

    55555 by Andres G

  • James B.Mmmmm, burnt ends... Mmmmmm

    55555 by James B.

  • Keith BExceptional ribs and burnt ends. Try Martin City Mayor sandwich--chopped burnt ends on bun topped with coleslaw.

    55555 by Keith B

  • Seth TGreat ribs especially the Prime cut

    55555 by Seth T

  • Zeb Y.Good fancy barbecue

    55555 by Zeb Y.

  • Joe F.Start with a Kansas City favorite, the burnt ends.

    55555 by Joe F.

  • Kurt ABurnt ends

    22222 by Kurt A

  • Randy J.Blackened wings are awesome!

    55555 by Randy J.

  • Laura S.Beans. Best beans ever. Loved the turkey and chicken this time too.

    55555 by Laura S.

  • Jonathan NBurnt ends is the thing to go for with the cheesy corn. Book in advance or wait or eat at the bar

    33333 by Jonathan N

  • Aaron L.AWESOME sit-down place w/ server. Got Jack's Best (a sampler). CROWNE PRIME BEEF RIBS ARE AMAZING! I would order just those ribs next time. Baked beans and corn were just okay. Fries were average.

    55555 by Aaron L.

  • 김형래 T캔자스시티 최고의 바베큐

    55555 by 김형래 T

  • Olin K.You've gotta try the lamb ribs and potato bake. Simply delish

    55555 by Olin K.

  • Alex M.The pork ribs are excellent and a must try

    55555 by Alex M.

  • Michael C.Some of the best BBQ Kansas City has to offer... always a winner for folks new to KC BBQ

    55555 by Michael C.

  • David PBig Pig is great

    55555 by David P

  • Marlo C.Mouthwatering, flavorful, and unique dishes. Cannot go wrong with anything you order. BUT if I may insist, try the grilled chicken (add some shrimp) and you will know heaven.

    55555 by Marlo C.

  • Greg RBBQ and pulled pork are excellent. Love this place! Always a good meal.

    55555 by Greg R

  • Douglass L.The wings. OH MY LAWD. I forgot how good wings were.

    55555 by Douglass L.

  • Nick BergusHuge onion rings (a single one is about half an onion). Big Pig sandwich is delicious. Boulevard beers on tap, of course. Expect to wait.

    55555 by Nick Bergus

  • g oconnorThey were a family battle back in the day - Martin City to Op - well, the deal went down and the big opportunity can ship KC BBQ!!! Decent ribs, great burnt ends.

    55555 by g oconnor

  • Andrea RamirezCarrot cake is absolutely amazing

    55555 by Andrea Ramirez

  • Stefano R.Great barbecue restaurant. A very complete menu. I like the local beer selection.

    55555 by Stefano R.

  • John K.A bit over rated, there are better and cheaper alternatives close by

    33333 by John K.

  • Rebecca MBig pig is amazing and a huge portion!

    55555 by Rebecca M

  • AliciaYummy & fancy!

    55555 by Alicia

  • Mikala T.They have really good cheesey corn and onion rings!!

    55555 by Mikala T.

  • Jeff B.Get some ribs

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Brandie M.A must try is the burnt ends and if your up to it the Kansas City combo.

    55555 by Brandie M.

  • Kevin M.Sliced meat, burnt ends, and the corn is amazing.

    55555 by Kevin M.

  • Rocky VillafaneAll good. Sit at bar if busy.

    55555 by Rocky Villafane

  • Jeannie DBaby back ribs! Cole slaw!

    55555 by Jeannie D

  • J. I.G.Great BBQ. Great building

    55555 by J. I.G.

  • Clint J.A true KC icon. What locals call businessman BBQ. Location and ambience is great for out of towners. Believe the hype of three cheesy corn. It's life changing.

    55555 by Clint J.

  • Jackson B./baby back ribs the best

    55555 by Jackson B.

  • Kathleen JIt all looks good to me.

    55555 by Kathleen J

  • JonathanIf you are from out of town, just order the sampler. That is all you need to know.

    55555 by Jonathan

  • Heather D.Best food I have EVER Ate. Highly recommend!

    55555 by Heather D.

  • Neil J.Mixed rib platter. Good choice.

    55555 by Neil J.

  • Rod G.Everything I had

    55555 by Rod G.

  • Danielle K.Found this place by googling good restaurants in KC. The food was amazing! My favorite by far was the cheesy corn bake side. Gotta find that recipe!

    55555 by Danielle K.

  • Phil T.The Ultimate Rib Dinner tho

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Kris C.Pork cracklings are a must!

    55555 by Kris C.

  • Jackie L.Try fire kissed wing appetizer, beef ribs, cheesy corn, cheesy potato bake, broccoli.

    55555 by Jackie L.

  • Frank L.As you read this, I know they are pushing you to get the burnt ends. Do not! Dry and below average.

    22222 by Frank L.

  • Luis E.try the turkey bbq is better than Texas

    55555 by Luis E.

  • tae c.Fried mushrooms...yum!!

    55555 by tae c.

  • Jakub K.The pork burnt ends are the best. They are tender and flavorful.

    55555 by Jakub K.

  • Ben U.The burnt ends stew is amazing and the KC combo is unbelievable.

    55555 by Ben U.

  • Dawn N.Not that impressed. Wanted real KC barbecue, this was not it.

    33333 by Dawn N.

  • Davin M.Get the 12 oz Prime Rib. You'll be more than satisfied.

    55555 by Davin M.

  • Andrew FochtAwesome place so glad we chose this place

    55555 by Andrew Focht

  • Matthew CBurnt ends!! We were there on Thursday. Wait was 1.5 hours. Sat in the bar, no wait.

    22222 by Matthew C

  • Dustin M.Best pork chop ever!

    55555 by Dustin M.

  • Ron M.You will not be disappointed!

    55555 by Ron M.

  • Adam V.I expected the BBQ to be great, which it was, but the sides were the biggest pleasant surprise. Cheesy Corn was unique and delicious, and the bakes beans were the best I've had anywhere.

    55555 by Adam V.

  • Josh L.Best Damn bbq I've tasted all across the country!!!

    55555 by Josh L.

  • Sasha W.If it's super busy - check out seat availability at the bar. Never had to wait to eat.

    55555 by Sasha W.

  • Jackburnt tips are the bomb

    55555 by Jack

  • Dave T.Try the burnt ends, the sausage, the cheesy corn and the baked beans. Washed down with a No. 7!

    33333 by Dave T.

  • Restaurant Guide KCJack Stack Barbecue carry-out will be open every day at 9am starting on Dec 1st, and at 7am on Christmas Eve.

    55555 by Restaurant Guide KC

  • Restaurant Guide KC@jackstackbbq $6.95 flat shipping rate on all orders only today! http://www.jackstackbbq.com/mail-order-barbecue.aspx

    33333 by Restaurant Guide KC

  • Dabian C.Beef burnt ends are the best. Book early because it's always full!

    55555 by Dabian C.

  • Andrew D.Nice place. Carrot cake was awesome. Main course was ok, but didn't live up to the hype. Would probably try it again if in town.

    55555 by Andrew D.

  • Suzanne H.Fabulous Brisket, amazing beef crown rib....and crazy good service by Alan W in the bar! A must visit! Very accommodating regarding a food allergy to onion - highly appreciated! Creme brûlée too!

    55555 by Suzanne H.

  • Tyler D.Try the carrot cake, its beyond good. It's orgasmic

    55555 by Tyler D.

  • JeffService was great, food was good - get the burnt ends!

    55555 by Jeff

  • RolaBest BBQ I've ever had... The chicken wings are fabulous like everything else for that matter

    55555 by Rola

  • Robert A.Just moved to KC and everyone keeps telling me to eat BBQ. So I stop in, get the KC Combo (burnt ends and lamb ribs), wow words can't describe the goodness. The meat melted right off the rib. GO NOW.

    55555 by Robert A.

  • Vivian N.Amazing BBQ place! I had baby back ribs and I can say they were among the best I have ever had! The baked beans were delicious.They also offer local beer from a brewery from just around the corner.

    55555 by Vivian N.

  • Ryan W.BBQ KC bucket list: Baked Beans

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Wes H.I head to the bar to avoid the lines. Go with burnt ends, brisket, and ribs you'll be in heaven. The cheesy corn is well made too, although I'm a Texan so it's a new food to me.

    55555 by Wes H.

  • Michael N.Wow !! Try the combo platter @

    55555 by Michael N.

  • Tanya S.Get the BBQ Pork Sandwich its Delicious

    55555 by Tanya S.

  • Matt R.Overpriced for the quality of food. Not the amazing BBQ I expected.

    55555 by Matt R.

  • Steve B.Not Gates but a tasty variety.

    55555 by Steve B.

  • Crystal A.Get the crown prime beef ribs.

    33333 by Crystal A.

  • Joe G.The best BBQ. Love the pulled pork sandwich and beans are great too.

    55555 by Joe G.

  • Kelly S.Try the Kansas City Combo (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Kelly S.

  • Suzan H.Try the Kansas City Combo (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Suzan H.

  • Jason H.Try the Jack's Best Platter (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Jarod R.The prime beef ribs are incredible!! Melt in your mouth. Best BBQ I've ever had!!

    55555 by Jarod R.

  • Steven G.Party of 4? Order the Jacks Best and the Ultimate Rib Dinner

    55555 by Steven G.

  • Shelby D.Service for a party of 12 lacked. But, the pork ribs were fantastic. You could taste the fire & smoke. Definitely try the beans. I could do those and their baked potatoes any day! Great wine selection

    55555 by Shelby D.

  • Jodi B.This place was AWESOME! The food was excellent, and the bartenders took great care of us with great suggestions for dinner. Highly recommend.

    55555 by Jodi B.

  • Kyle B.Get the Cheesy Corn Bake. You will not regret it. Also, great KC BBQ!

    55555 by Kyle B.

  • Sheila H.80 minute wait, would not take reservations for only four of us. Huge volleyball tournament at Bartle causing delay. Worth the wait!!!

    22222 by Sheila H.

  • Jack W.Sat at the bar for dinner and was served by Jed. The service was great and he really helped us pick some delicious food. The burnt pork & beef tips are amazing! The cheesy corn is a must try!!

    55555 by Jack W.

  • Joseph B.Best barbecue I've ever had.

    55555 by Joseph B.

  • Kari M.Carrot Cake is absolutely fabulous! To die for!

    55555 by Kari M.

  • Erin R.best sides out of any bbq place in kc...especially the baked beans. brisket and burnt ends are also really good.

    55555 by Erin R.

  • LaShaun W.Cheesy corn is good. Fire seared wings are yummy

    55555 by LaShaun W.

  • MichaelGreat Bread Pudding

    55555 by Michael

  • MichaelTwo hour wait.

    22222 by Michael

  • Albert T.Get the Crown Prime Beef Rib appetizer as a meal - One well-marbled Beef Short Rib. Smoked until fork-tender and truly melts in your mouth. Not many other BBQ joints have something like this.

    55555 by Albert T.

  • Nicholas W.If you get beef ribs, upgrade to Crown

    55555 by Nicholas W.

  • MelodyThe sliced beef is nice and tender but dry. However, the cheesy corn is to die for!

    55555 by Melody

  • Catherine T.The lamb ribs are to die for. Juicy and delicious. Cheesy potato bake is key too.

    55555 by Catherine T.

  • Jewell S.In my opinion this is the best barbecue in Kansas City, Mo. the quality of their meat is superb. It's a rib joint that is able to keep up the looks and feel of a fine dining experience.

    55555 by Jewell S.

  • Local Ruckus KCThe Roundup for two...enough for 3! Subbed roasted carrots (amazing) for coleslaw. Super yummilicious! And filling

    55555 by Local Ruckus KC

  • Julie F.Corporate BBQ....per the locals.

    33333 by Julie F.

  • Kansas City2013 Kansas City Restaurant Week participant (ALL LOCATIONS): http://ow.ly/g2vV9

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Ramsey M.Kansascitians shouldn't say this is the best BBQ in town. BUT if you need a formal place to take a client or visitor for dinner/lunch, and they want BBQ- this is about all you got. Amiright?

    55555 by Ramsey M.

  • Gerrad H.Awesome BBQ! The cheesy corn bake is great. The beans are good as well!

    55555 by Gerrad H.

  • Patrick F.Best BBQ in all of KC. I've been here long enough to know... and now I'm saying it. FANTASTIC food!

    55555 by Patrick F.

  • Bo H.They have a Gluten Free Menu.

    55555 by Bo H.

  • Kansas City2012 Visitors' Choice Award Winner for Favorite Barbecue Restaurant, Best of KC: Dining

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Kansas CityAnthony Bourdain used words like "family-friendly" and "excellent" to describe this torchbearer of KC’s modern barbecue movement. If you're real hungry, try the Flintstone-sized crown prime beef ribs.

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Jo W.Great staff! If you can't choose between the corn or beans just get both.

    55555 by Jo W.

  • RobBurnt brisket ends and cheesy corn are to die for! If I could swim in a pool of cheesy corn I'd be a happy man.

    55555 by Rob

  • Franz S.Can't visit Kansas City without having some BBQ and you might as well eat it here. Very large and barely lit dining room.

    55555 by Franz S.

  • Lydia A.The bartender Jeb is the BEST!

    55555 by Lydia A.

  • Kansas CityTorchbearer of KC’s modern barbecue movement and famous for baked beans and Flintstone-sized crown prime beef short ribs.

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Jack H.The Jalapeno Chicken Wings Rock!

    55555 by Jack H.

  • GourmetLiveFood blogger Rita of Surrender Dorothy recommends Fiorella's Jack Stack. "Vegetarians will rejoice at Fiorella’s, where vegetable kebabs and barbecued trout are just as tasty as the usual favorites."

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Andrew R.I had the Southern Jack. It was a pretty good sandwich if I do say Sí myself.

    33333 by Andrew R.

  • John K.The mayor appears to be an employee. Weak.

    22222 by John K.

  • Nick G.Everything is great here! Two thumbs up!

    55555 by Nick G.

  • Ross W.Lamb ribs and cheesy corn is my number one go to.

    55555 by Ross W.

  • Julie R.Get the cheesy corn bake!!!

    55555 by Julie R.

  • Nick G.The full stack of ribs are amazing.. and not too pricey either.

    55555 by Nick G.

  • James M.Sampler platter is amazing. Cheesy corn, burnt end baked beans, and Texas toast are all awesome sides.Ask for Pat, great waitress!

    55555 by James M.

  • Brian S.Presentation and flavor of the fried mushrooms -wow!!

    55555 by Brian S.

  • James H.Love the beans and the burnt ends

    55555 by James H.

  • Shaun B.The Lamb ribs are amazing! Go for a sampler so you get a bit of everything...cheesy corn & baked beans Yummy!!!

    55555 by Shaun B.

  • Scott P.Disappointed in the turkey.

    33333 by Scott P.

  • Kelsey H.Jack Stack is barbecue for sit-down types, but it's still barbecue. Known for its ribs, cheesy corn bake, classy atmosphere and beans. Priced a little higher than other places, but it will impress.

    55555 by Kelsey H.

  • Angelia O.If you ever come to eat at Jack Stack and the wait is too long...order carry out!!!!!

    33333 by Angelia O.

  • PnPPhat S.The Freight House

    55555 by PnPPhat S.

  • TySkip the pork ribs and stick with the house special Prime Beef ribs

    55555 by Ty

  • JcrowleyPlate of beef ribs was delicious and huge! You get two sides, the cheesy corn bread is a must (texture of mac n cheese). So much food you do *not* need an app.

    55555 by Jcrowley

  • David L.Try the lamb ribs and the cheesy corn!

    55555 by David L.

  • Tyler R.Rumor has it this is the best BbQ in Kansas City

    55555 by Tyler R.

  • Jared B.The fried mushrooms are really good and are huge and the coleslaw is great, the other food is perfectly smoked but the rub used SUCKS!!!

    55555 by Jared B.

  • John A.The Lamb Ribs are incredible!

    55555 by John A.

  • Jeff C.Blame Rick for everything.

    55555 by Jeff C.

  • Pork Barrel BBQSome of the best baked beans you'll ever have!

    55555 by Pork Barrel BBQ

  • Sarah W.Best Dish: Hatfield with Fried and be sure to get the onion ring appetizer

    55555 by Sarah W.

  • Carl S.Good gluten free support. Severs are knowledgeable and most of the basic dishes are GF with a small change on the butter used.

    55555 by Carl S.

  • Ryan J.Catered for RubyMidwest 2011. Absolutely awesome BBQ. The brisket was so tender it was falling apart before I could get it on my plate.

    55555 by Ryan J.

  • Alex S.Do the burnt ends or the Painted Chicken Kabob

    33333 by Alex S.

  • Kansas CityAll the meat is to die for, but when it comes to sides, go with baked beans and cheesy corn!

    55555 by Kansas City

  • Skip C.Try the lamb ribs for something like you've not experienced

    55555 by Skip C.

  • Mike EGood gluten free selections and gluten free buns now

    55555 by Mike E

  • Shaun A.Baked beans are worth it alone. Burnt ends are great. Try the beef and pork.

    55555 by Shaun A.

  • Kobkan AI come from Thailand

    55555 by Kobkan A

  • Melana B.Cheesey Corn is a must here!!!

    55555 by Melana B.

  • Ryan F.Burnt ends, cheesy corn, bangin beans. Can't go wrong.

    55555 by Ryan F.

  • Alex R.Make the trip - get the "Dinner for Two" (RIBS!) with cheesy potatoes, baked beans and corn pudding stuff, you won't be sorry and its the right price for how great it is!

    55555 by Alex R.

  • Kyle R.Almost not fair to compare to other BBQ joints - this is a high-class BBQ joint. I love Jack Stack, but it's a totally different experience than others.

    55555 by Kyle R.

  • Tony J.Go for the Burnt ends

    33333 by Tony J.

  • Jeff C.Try Jack's Best!

    55555 by Jeff C.

  • Maurice R.Poor russ sandwich is the BOMB!!!

    55555 by Maurice R.

  • GourmetLiveWhen the Kansas City Barbecue Society meets for banquets, says Mike Wozniak of Brimfield, Illinois’ Bar–B–Quau team, the Missouri–based mini–chain Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue does the catering.

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Kale W.Cheesy corn and burnt ends are amazing!

    55555 by Kale W.

  • Ashley F.Carrot cake is awesome, but be warned that most of their food (even beans & veggies) is heavily dosed with MSG. If you're allergic like me it's a bummer.

    55555 by Ashley F.

  • Randy L.Best in KC

    55555 by Randy L.

  • BenTry the burnt ends!

    33333 by Ben

  • The P.Try their baked beans! One of the best beans in town!

    55555 by The P.

  • Justin Z.Burnt ends and cheesy corn are beyond greatness!

    55555 by Justin Z.

  • Mike S.Cheesy corn and Beef ribs.... need I say more?

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Eric W.the loaded baked potato was amazing! rolled in sea salt and topped with bacon and shredded cheddar, well worth swapping your two sides for.

    55555 by Eric W.

  • Jeff EHave to try the burnt ends.

    33333 by Jeff E

  • Erin C.The carrot cake is delicious! It's definitely worth saving room for. Served hot!

    55555 by Erin C.

  • David P.Not a bad place, more upscale than Arthur Bryant's and Gate's

    55555 by David P.

  • Joe D.Best burnt ends in KC! Men's room alert: urinals flush automatically but you may feel like sanitizing your shoes after standing in the...muck.

    33333 by Joe D.

  • Kelly R.CHEESY. CORN. BAKE. Heaven. On toast? With burnt ends.

    55555 by Kelly R.

  • Abigail V.You must try the Schlitz on tap

    55555 by Abigail V.

  • Rebecca W.First time here - we will be back! Burnt ends, onion rings, beans, cheesy corn and coleslaw - all fantastic!!!

    55555 by Rebecca W.

  • Renee ZLOVE Jack Stack & miss it deeply. The BBQ, cheesy corn, & beans r the best. Next time I'm n KC its the place I want for BBQ!

    55555 by Renee Z

  • Lyron MCajun Prime Rib is delightful

    55555 by Lyron M

  • Deron H.The cheesy corn is great! Good BBQ in a nicer atmosphere than other area BBQ joints.

    55555 by Deron H.

  • Greg L.great atmosphere located in the old freight house. Lydia's is also great located next door. Some of the best BBQ in KC

    55555 by Greg L.

  • Adam C.Pulled pork is surprisingly good! Great burnt ends, beans, and sausage as well.

    55555 by Adam C.

  • Kyle R.My favorite "nice" BBQ place in KC - all the meat is good, make sure to try the cheesy corn and the onion rings! Beautiful old train depot building, which makes it the best of 4 Jack Stack locales

    55555 by Kyle R.

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