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McDonald's on Merchant Drive

2.2 of 5.0 from 32 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's in Knoxville, TN
  • McDonald's in Knoxville, TN
  • McDonald's in Knoxville, TN
  • McDonald's in Knoxville, TN
  • McDonald's in Knoxville, TN

McDonald's Reviews

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  • Jay C.Ive Never had any trouble at this place personally despite the comments.

    33333 by Jay C.

  • Bryan H.Got a breakfast combo and they gave me my food and said order ready before they even got my hash browns out of the freezer.. Ugh

    22222 by Bryan H.

  • James T.Just because they two order lines doesn't make them faster ugg

    22222 by James T.

  • Marguerite L.Not very good food.

    55555 by Marguerite L.

  • Jon P.Horrible very slow

    11111 by Jon P.

  • JamesCashiers get flustered when you give them change - they can't calculate simple math without the register.

    22222 by James

  • Jay C.you people are nuts .. this McDonalds is better than Jesus.

    33333 by Jay C.

  • Ashley H.They never get anything right there!!! They need t open their ears!!!!

    22222 by Ashley H.

  • Sam G.Health score 91

    22222 by Sam G.

  • Kelly C.Slowest. Ever.

    11111 by Kelly C.

  • Nikki W.Very slow, can't get a drink order right. Ordered two Dr Peppers and two Diet Cokes, got one Dr Pepper one three Diet Cokes after explaining the order three times.

    11111 by Nikki W.

  • Nick W.I like waiting 40 minutes in line for my drinks. Recommend coming here at night.

    33333 by Nick W.

  • Brandon S.Very fast and friendly!

    55555 by Brandon S.

  • Prophet6Again they didn't give me a damn straw.

    11111 by Prophet6

  • Prophet6Yet again this McDonald's proves to be a bastion for the most incompetent, ignorant workers around. Order was all wrong and no straws for the drinks.

    11111 by Prophet6

  • Nicole H.THEE slowest McDonalds in Knoxville.

    22222 by Nicole H.

  • Prophet6How hard is it to pjt food in a damn bag?! Came through today, biscuit was old and even ice cold and they gave us no straws or napkins.

    11111 by Prophet6


    11111 by Kellie H.

  • Courtney W.Wow. Terrible.

    11111 by Courtney W.

  • Courtney B.Obnoxious drive-thru staff.

    33333 by Courtney B.

  • Prophet6Another bad order! Got a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and they left off the cheese. They screw up orders on a regular basis.

    22222 by Prophet6

  • Jared R.Only come here when you are ready to wait for bad uncooked nasty food or if you really like bad cosutmer service

    22222 by Jared R.

  • Amanda C.I ordered a plain mchicken meal for my 4 year old... She def got the works... Nothing plain abt that sandwich

    33333 by Amanda C.

  • Prophet6Drive through order: 2 McChicken sandwiches w/xtra mayo. What I got: 1 McChicken only ketchup & 1 plain. Im posting every messed up order on here from now on, I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    22222 by Prophet6

  • Shannon H.Drive thru is slow

    22222 by Shannon H.

  • Prophet6This Mcdonald's blows, you can't get a dollar sweet tea with a combo meal, they charge you more and they give you a smaller size.

    33333 by Prophet6

  • Prophet6THIS IS THE WORST McDONALDS IN KNOXVILLE. Not only is it cashless after midnight, but there is no sign to tell you that, so you wait 20 minutes in line to find out.

    22222 by Prophet6

  • Kelsey M.Seriously the worst McDonalds in Knoxville.

    11111 by Kelsey M.

  • Mike H.Drive through is very slow

    33333 by Mike H.

  • Jonathan R.Service is slow as shit after midnight. Twenty minutes in line and only two cars ahead of me

    11111 by Jonathan R.

  • Christy L.Get the Hot Chocolate....it's the best ever!

    55555 by Christy L.

  • Christin C.Must eat the cheeseburgers and fries or bacon, egg, cheese mcgriddle!

    33333 by Christin C.

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