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1261 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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(213) 250-7600


  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Monday: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:30 am - 10:00 pm

Cuisine: Mexican Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 144 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA
  • Guisados in Los Angeles, CA

Guisados Reviews

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  • Gisella nTacos were fine. Armando Palermo was great 🍹

    55555 by Gisella n

  • Atef SGet the sampler plate for sure! It's a great deal.

    55555 by Atef S

  • Eletta B.Very flavorful and exciting tacos! Very impressed with the party I had in my mouth with every bite.

    55555 by Eletta B.

  • Adrian AParking lot further south on Sunset, after the seemingly condemned and mysteriously padlocked vintage windowless hillside buildings... Mole, hongos and quesadilla!!

    33333 by Adrian A

  • Bob RBest tacos I've ever had.

    55555 by Bob R

  • Mike Molol it's a joke how good they are

    33333 by Mike Mo

  • cami j.i want to wrap myself in these tortillas-they're so delicious. the fish taco was one of the best i've ever had, and the mole was fantastic.

    55555 by cami j.

  • Austin P.PSA: it's not on the menu but you can get Vegan tacos 🌮! Just be sure to ask.

    55555 by Austin P.

  • Jen CI usually get the 6 taco sampler plate. So yummm!

    55555 by Jen C

  • Vansi V.Get lots of tacos! They're pretty small but tasty.

    55555 by Vansi V.

  • Garry T.Definitely get the sampler!

    55555 by Garry T.

  • Paul EThe taco 🌮 sampler plate is filling and a great way to get to try different things out

    55555 by Paul E

  • Elevine B.Horchata ice pops!! Quesadilla with super thick cheese is so good it's otherworldly!

    55555 by Elevine B.

  • Michael GPhenomenal tacos, and the perfect place to go before a Dodgers game.

    55555 by Michael G

  • Jesse L.Mushroom tacos are amazing, and the horchata/cold brew... <3

    55555 by Jesse L.

  • Crystal RThe Horchata here is no joke! What dreams are made of.

    55555 by Crystal R

  • Becky B.The store front is a little deceiving - don't be fooled. Delicious and savory tacos. Homemade corn tortillas. Get the sampler. No regrets.

    55555 by Becky B.

  • Art JNothing was good. Go to King Taco. Cold tortillas. Over priced hype. Truly saddened I waited in line for this subpar hipster horse shit

    22222 by Art J

  • Frode MFirst Time? Horchata + sampler menu will sort you out.

    55555 by Frode M

  • Babak KFresh and delicious Tacos. Ask for the recommendation. They have quite a lot of varieties of Tacos.

    55555 by Babak K

  • CNTraveler“Freshly pressed tortillas and stewed meat make this L.A.'s best taco spot.” - Matt Rodbard

    55555 by CNTraveler

  • Hungry PEverything is great here. 3 Chilli tacos turns you into a fire breathing dragon.

    55555 by Hungry P

  • vicente timiraosTacos and tamales

    55555 by vicente timiraos

  • Anthony NguyenIncredible tacos for three dollars or less. Always get the horchata with cold brew too.

    55555 by Anthony Nguyen

  • Charles T OEclectic LA. Was brought the taco sampler a while back. It was GREAT!

    55555 by Charles T O

  • Mark P.Tinga and the Chorizo!!!

    55555 by Mark P.

  • fredy EExcelentes tacos.

    55555 by fredy E

  • Barbara MTaco sampler!!!

    55555 by Barbara M

  • Justin M.Ask for the horchata with Stumptown coffee.

    55555 by Justin M.

  • JT ATacos are great, especially the cochinita pibil. Pescado was also good, but missing a bit of tartness

    55555 by JT A

  • Jonny Rorder a sampler and an Armando Palmero

    55555 by Jonny R

  • Shaunt B.Tacos tacos tacos!!!

    55555 by Shaunt B.

  • Michael CFast and friendly. Great tacos

    55555 by Michael C

  • Ian Mhorchata with cold brew might be the best thing I've put in my mouth

    55555 by Ian M

  • Jordan F.The tortillas were out of this world. Fave tacos were the chicarron and pescado

    55555 by Jordan F.

  • J LVegetarian tacos are plenty!

    55555 by J L

  • Emily SI'd skip the sampler of 6 mini tacos for 4 of your own choice. The sampler isn't customizable and it doesn't include a fish or shrimp taco.

    55555 by Emily S

  • Lauren R.Horchata with coffee? Yes!

    55555 by Lauren R.

  • Erika cGet whatever they have that's spicy. The 6 mini tacos are a fun way to try more options without filling up too quickly.

    55555 by Erika c

  • Jorge Alejandro HMuy ricos, gracias

    55555 by Jorge Alejandro H

  • Brandon CBest tacos in LA. Get the sampler platter.

    55555 by Brandon C

  • Akhtar RTry the sampler for brunch.

    55555 by Akhtar R

  • Jonathan P.Tacos are small and packed with flavor! Try the torreados taco if you like super spicy. It's the spiciest taco I've EVER ordered and I'm a huge spicy eater and was surprised. Top notch Cochinita pibil

    55555 by Jonathan P.

  • GQ Magazine$6.99 taco sampler is perhaps the best food deal in all of L.A. You get six mini tacos filled with Guisados amazing stewed meats, each nestle on hand-made tortillas filled and beautifully garnished.

    55555 by GQ Magazine

  • Joseph KHi Arianna! Arianna is a Very Sweet, Nice, Thoughtful, Pretty & Friendly Lady who takes your orders & makes recommendations for you. If you're unsure of where to start, be sure to ask her for help! ❤

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Stephen GCochinita Pibil!!!

    55555 by Stephen G

  • AMWGrab a patio table, chow down on the taco sampler and enjoy the view of DTLA.

    55555 by AMW

  • Elva E.The sample taco plate is delicious and great because I cant ever decide what I want.

    55555 by Elva E.

  • Arzu TaylanAwesome food, try sampler plate, best tortillas, and Chillies Torriados

    55555 by Arzu Taylan

  • Christina LuSample platter and you're all set.

    55555 by Christina Lu

  • Ryan G.Every time I come here, I feel like I'm trying something new. Try the quesadillas too!

    55555 by Ryan G.

  • Ra AGet the Tacos

    33333 by Ra A

  • Allie BrowneSo, so good. The tortillas have such a great texture, and all the meat is always so flavorful. The aguas frescas are amazing, too! My favorite place to eat before a Dodger game!

    55555 by Allie Browne

  • John C.Great stop if you want to have some genuine-article street tacos before a Dodgers game. Get the sampler (or several samplers).

    55555 by John C.

  • Ryan YBest tacos in LA!

    55555 by Ryan Y

  • Eduardo REl Sampler de tacos es riquísimo

    55555 by Eduardo R

  • Devyn D.Sampler is bomb, obviously. Watch out for the habanero though! Also LOVED the quesadilla with chorizo. This is my new favorite spot 💖 also try the armando palmero 🙊😍 can't get enough!

    55555 by Devyn D.

  • Claire KayGet the sampler!!! Looks too tiny to fill you up, but OH YES IT DOES. The steak picado, mole, and tinga (not pictured here) is where it's at. So good. So flavorful.

    55555 by Claire Kay

  • Alexis CEVERYTHING is amazing here. Try the quesadilla and the horchata with cold brew.

    55555 by Alexis C

  • Ross S.Sampler taco plate is the way to go. Also - the spicy taco is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely hot.

    55555 by Ross S.

  • Oliver DEverything!!! One of my favorite places for a quick bite. Ask for their secret hot sauce. Awesome.

    55555 by Oliver D

  • Richard AWaitress at the patio rude and bad attitud

    11111 by Richard A

  • Eugene N.Steak tacos and chorizo

    55555 by Eugene N.

  • C. P. B.Everyone was right. The sampler was the way to go. Tried the quesadilla as well; it was also delicious. Parking is a bitch though.

    55555 by C. P. B.

  • Joey BrantleyThe Quesadilla with Chorizo is incredible!

    55555 by Joey Brantley

  • Dani OThe homemade tortillas are to die for! I was also a huge fan of their twist on the Arnold Palmer: the Armando Palmero (yum!).

    55555 by Dani O

  • Samuel JAmazing horchata!

    55555 by Samuel J

  • Samuel JThe taco sampler is the way to go. They will allow some substitutions to it.

    55555 by Samuel J

  • Eli S.Strong recommendation for mole poblano, bistek roja, & camarones (& horchata + cold brew). Medium recommendation for pescado and hongos. Do not recommend chicharron.

    55555 by Eli S.

  • Noah W.The mini taco plate is incredibly delicious and just $7 to try 6 different types of tacos (2 each of chicken, steak, pork). Throw in a tasty Horchata, too.

    55555 by Noah W.

  • naveenThe quesadilla & the taco sampler. Skip the Armando Palmero - it was too sugary and just Meh.

    33333 by naveen

  • JenniferA lot of vegetarian options; order more than you think you want. The tacos are so good, you'll want seconds despite the long line.

    55555 by Jennifer

  • J. LongoCame back to Guisados 2 days after having the sampler. Delicious, comfortable, well-priced & damn delicious w/fresh and fluffy tortillas. Add a horchata & burst with happiness.

    55555 by J. Longo

  • PamTaco sampler plate and Armando Palmero

    55555 by Pam

  • Michael K.Fish taco is the most multifaceted. Get the mini sampler--they'll make it with whatever meat tacos you want!

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Abner A.Tip: if you order the sampler, you can mix it up as you please. Also get the quesadilla with chorizo! Life changing.

    55555 by Abner A.

  • Abner A.Some of the best tacos I've ever had outside of Mexico. Go for the sampler plate because you must try them all!

    55555 by Abner A.

  • Cristina P.Can't decide what to eat? Try the mini sampler! You can pick your tacos or they choose for you. The Cochinita is pork and has a nice kick!

    55555 by Cristina P.

  • Matt LewLiterally any taco on the menu at Guisado’s will be delicious. They’re not the fancy tacos you’ll find at a lot of restaurants. They’re minimalist.

    55555 by Matt Lew

  • David S.The Armando Palmer is your go-to drink here.

    55555 by David S.

  • Francisco A.The tacos were great. All of them, you can't go wrong. But the habanero salsa disabled my taste buds 😰

    55555 by Francisco A.

  • RoyerArmando Palmero, need I say more?

    55555 by Royer

  • Kingsley YoungerThe Cochinita Pibil has a heat level of 1 to 10. I think level 6 is pretty hot already. Seems it doesn't have cheese so it could be non-dairy.

    55555 by Kingsley Younger

  • Kingsley YoungerFeatured as the 1st restaurant in an episode of Heat Seekers season 1. Try the Tinga De Pollo with chipotle sauce. The hottest item is the Cochinita Pibil. All food items are slow cooked!

    55555 by Kingsley Younger

  • Tim ParkerFirst time? Try the platter of 6 mini tacos...

    55555 by Tim Parker

  • Claire GLoved the mini taco sampler! Corn tortillas are freshly made and delicious

    55555 by Claire G

  • Katherine M.My friend Brian swears that the sampler platter is the best tacos he's had in LA. His wife Lynne is a fan of the horchata popsicles and the patio.

    55555 by Katherine M.

  • Lisa K.Try the sampler mini taco plate for $6.99 if you can't decide!

    55555 by Lisa K.

  • Sal R.I don't recommend the sampler. It's not psychologically filling enough

    33333 by Sal R.

  • Sorrell ScruttonThis place is high in my top 5 taco places in LA. Everything is good. They don't serve alcohol, but they have a great patio in the back. Most things on the menu are gluten free!

    55555 by Sorrell Scrutton

  • Peter RauhGreat vegetarian & meat/pork options abound! A tremendous array of incredible tastes!!

    55555 by Peter Rauh

  • Joseph KSeating inside or in the back patio. Hipster spot. Sometimes their strangeness... just enjoy your deliscious meal! 👍

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Joseph KIf you've read the tips & don't want to listen & go to the counter undecisive still, (with people waiting behind you) the guys who take your order are very nice amd will help you decide something good

    33333 by Joseph K

  • Joseph KNever been to the other locations. Street parking. Do Not Park in Driveway towards Innes Ave. / Elysian Park Ave. (Private apartment tennant parking only) There's are usually spots towards Culb Bahia.

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Joseph KListen to Everybody! Get the sampler to try the unique flavors exclusive to Guisados. Very different & flavorful. Also, order the Armando Palmero. After you've tried the sampler, order your favorites!

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Todd W.Tacos were awesome but no bar

    55555 by Todd W.

  • Hetal SheladiaThe calabacitas taco is delicious! All the veggie options are amazing!

    55555 by Hetal Sheladia

  • Christopho L.Literally any taco on the menu at Guisado’s will be delicious. They’re minimalist. Made on homemade tortillas, they feature very few ingredients but have maximum flavor.

    55555 by Christopho L.

  • Tery HungCold brew horchata

    55555 by Tery Hung

  • Melinda JacksonGet the sampler platter!

    55555 by Melinda Jackson

  • EaterGuisados always seems to be counted among the city’s best. Their stewed and braised offerings sit messily on top of thick, hand-patted tortillas, and come in a wide variety of tasty options.

    55555 by Eater

  • Lincoln G.Just go!!!!

    33333 by Lincoln G.

  • Ron H.Best tacos I've ever had!

    55555 by Ron H.

  • cla310212This place is amazing. Order the sample platter (pictured here) and enjoy the flavourful explosion in your mouth. The Limon drink is also great!

    55555 by cla310212

  • Gary H.La agua de Melon es hecha para los dioses

    55555 by Gary H.

  • Steve MillerBEST. TACOS. EVER.

    55555 by Steve Miller

  • Matthias OChile Verde for the win

    55555 by Matthias O

  • Oscar Z.The sampler is not enough.

    55555 by Oscar Z.

  • Daren P.Get the Sampler plate for your first time

    55555 by Daren P.


    55555 by Charlie J.

  • A R.HORCHATA! seriously, some of the best horchata i've ever had. sweet, cinnamony, refreshing perfection. and handmade tortillas for the tacos, bro.

    55555 by A R.

  • ocean p.Get the sampler and if you like CRAZY spicy get the torreados

    55555 by ocean p.

  • Jennifer Gdelicious tacos!

    55555 by Jennifer G

  • Kyle T.Everything is bomb.com

    55555 by Kyle T.

  • Xavier R.Chile torreados: Officially. The hottest thing. I've ever eaten. I couldn't even swallow one bite. Out of body spicy experience. My body and extremities tingling/numb. Homer J Simpson insanity pepper.

    22222 by Xavier R.

  • Kim C.It was OK. I wouldn't get the shrimp, It's not worth it. I love their homemade tortillas.

    55555 by Kim C.

  • Jason S.Taco sampler for $6.99

    55555 by Jason S.

  • Natasha T.Tried the pescado and camarones tacos. Both excellent! Drinks a little pricey at $3 each

    55555 by Natasha T.

  • Meg MurrayMaybe the best tortillas ever.

    55555 by Meg Murray

  • Parra Damn, just like grandma used to make ;) like the governator once said, "I will be back"

    55555 by Parra "el Mazizo"

  • T.J. P.It's kind of a dick move to order the sampler at guisados if it's not your first time here

    55555 by T.J. P.

  • WalterThe chorizo taco is my favorite one. The quesadilla with chorizo is also a must.

    55555 by Walter

  • Greg D.I loved this place already . They only sell tacos but they are very good ! The tortillas are handmade. And they also sell " aguas frescas" I tried melon and it was very good . Positive experience !

    55555 by Greg D.

  • Abraham JIt is too hot, take a visit to the back patio. It is a really nice outdoor place to eat your tacos.

    55555 by Abraham J

  • Iris W.Tiga & pescado are yummy! Beware the mole has peanuts in it.

    55555 by Iris W.

  • Ben K.They make their own corn tortillas here which are awesome. The Sampler is a great way to try a lot of tacos at once. The bistek, mole, and pescado are all great choices. Amazing Horchata too.

    55555 by Ben K.

  • Kevin H.Not sure what to get? Try the sampler. Start with the ones that look less spicy then proceed to the habanero, unless you want them all to taste about the same.

    33333 by Kevin H.

  • Martin-Jesse L.Their tortillas are like no other! The Chicken Tinga & Bistek Steak tacos are to die for. If you're looking for some heat, Chilies Torreados has the punch to make you cry.

    55555 by Martin-Jesse L.

  • Tara J.Best horchata!

    55555 by Tara J.

  • Gloria C.get the sampler latter!!! cochinita pibil, horchata, steak picado, mole poblano are all amazing

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Dave K.Good tacos. Good salsas. Good Armando Palmeros.

    55555 by Dave K.

  • Jared IPescado tacos and horchata is a must!

    55555 by Jared I

  • Midtown Lunch LADon't even bother with the menu... Sampler platter is the way to go.

    33333 by Midtown Lunch LA

  • Mariana B.Most overpriced ceviche tostada ever and wasn't ven what I expected :-(

    33333 by Mariana B.

  • Jim D.Buy the mayor a taco

    33333 by Jim D.

  • Rosa S.No carnitas, but they have a lot to choose from....

    55555 by Rosa S.

  • Platforms and P.Chorizo quesadilla bitches.

    55555 by Platforms and P.

  • Alice Y.I like fish n chicken tinga

    55555 by Alice Y.

  • Jazmin O.If you haven't tried Guisados... Pobrecit@

    55555 by Jazmin O.

  • Chris C.Definitely try the sampler. Delish!!! Great service.

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Mina A.These guys chose to take over the location of the humble family of La Esquinta after 22 yrs of business out of their Greed to expand. Desgraceful & immoral! Go elsewhere! Boycott this place!!!

    33333 by Mina A.

  • Marco R.If you likey spicy, try the Chiles Torreados #goodness

    55555 by Marco R.

  • Andres C.The sampler platter is a must for your first visit.

    55555 by Andres C.

  • Diane G.Great patio outside for those who enjoy fresh air with urban Downtown LA skyline. Order the Quesadilla!

    55555 by Diane G.

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