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Griddle Cafe

7916 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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(323) 874-0377

  • Sun - 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Mon - Fri 7:00am - 4:00pm
  • Sat 8:00am - 4:00pm

Cuisine: Breakfast and Brunch, Cafes, Dog Friendly Restaurants

4.6 of 5.0 from 155 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
  • Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles, CA

Blogger Reviews of Griddle Cafe

  • Is It Any Good on Aug 21, 2013

    Listen, I like the Griddle. I had a great time with the ladies I was with, and had a great meal. The only problem isis a breakfastany breakfastworth an hours wait to get to...

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Griddle Cafe Reviews

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  • Deemah H.من حجم الأكل تنسد نفسك 👎🏻😷

    55555 by Deemah H.

  • Jon S.One red velvet pancake is plenty. They are giant size.

    55555 by Jon S.

  • Jess KonoGet the peanut bubba and side bacon! So decadent and big. No need for syrup!

    55555 by Jess Kono

  • Taylor G.Dope hangover spot. Cured immediately with fried grease sugar food and a pitcher of 20% maybe alcohols and orange juice concentrate.

    55555 by Taylor G.

  • Hunter HarrisThe french toast 🙏🙏🙏

    55555 by Hunter Harris

  • Brett H.Pancakes are OVER the top here, although you may need a nap afterwards

    55555 by Brett H.

  • Corina MöllerThe Red Velvet Pancake is simply OMG! :)

    55555 by Corina Möller

  • Taylor G.Dope service amazing hangover food

    55555 by Taylor G.

  • Khalifa Al DhaheriAmazing place for breakfast, to try the huge pancakes and French toast

    55555 by Khalifa Al Dhaheri

  • Lana DAll rhe gd things said about those pancakes are true! HUGE and delicious!! We had the blueberry pancakes and added strawberries on top. Also had muscle smg, eggs and spinach, good as well

    55555 by Lana D

  • Abdullah AlrajhiThe place is awesome, tried the cookie French toast and it is crunchy, just a heads up. If you come with your loved one, just order one plate only,all what they have are huge sizes, we couldn't finish

    55555 by Abdullah Alrajhi

  • DAR AbdulNot worth he hype, thought it would be better. Share with 3 ppl it's too big.

    33333 by DAR Abdul

  • Seth OtterstadLiterally everything is good. This is the best place to eat breakfast in the world by far.

    55555 by Seth Otterstad

  • AllisonRed Velvet Pancake!👌

    55555 by Allison

  • Alia A.Try their hot scramble and if you want a healthy option go for the "muscle bound scramble".. pancakes and french toast to die for but ask for a half portion

    55555 by Alia A.

  • Justin F.Gets busy very quickly in the morning. Go early. Has giant pancakes and eggs.

    55555 by Justin F.

  • Justin O.You can order just one of the pancakes instead of getting three. They are large and extremely filling. The mounds of pleasure was delicious with the Nutella and toasted coconut all topped with cream.

    55555 by Justin O.

  • Justin O.Great place for breakfast but be warned this place is packed. Park behind the rite aid. The some like it hot scramble was great. The salty tortilla chips were great with the scramble.

    55555 by Justin O.

  • WdeemehYum yum 👌

    55555 by Wdeemeh

  • Ben TaylorEnormous portions. You can, and should, order just a single pancake.

    55555 by Ben Taylor

  • K@te ☤HOLY PANCAKES! Amazing, but the portion sizes are ridiculous! Could have probably fed four people. The French toast was also excellent. Come hungry with a crew for PANCAKES!

    55555 by K@te ☤

  • Charlie BirdStarting the day off right!

    33333 by Charlie Bird

  • Hani AlawadiAmazing breakfast spot but watch out for their portions .. Sharing is caring 😉

    55555 by Hani Alawadi

  • Abby G.the eggs we're surprisingly amazing too.

    55555 by Abby G.

  • Chrissy StonebrakerFabulous apple pancakes. Super popular place!

    55555 by Chrissy Stonebraker

  • Lydia UnicørnThose pancakes are huge! Good enough to share with 2-3 people.

    55555 by Lydia Unicørn

  • Olessia KounitsaЭто легендарное месте, где готовят самые большие и вкусные американские блины!

    55555 by Olessia Kounitsa

  • VladimirGreat for brunch!

    55555 by Vladimir

  • Jason StrongChicago Charlie's

    55555 by Jason Strong

  • Elina ✈I had an French Toast and an amazing lemon/raspberry pancake. Place is always busy, so expect a short wait. Parking, if not available on street, is located behind the restaurant in a parking lot.

    55555 by Elina ✈

  • Djuls P.Good ;) ayed.com.tr

    55555 by Djuls P.

  • Antonio M.Be prepared to wait for a table but definitely worth the wait😃

    55555 by Antonio M.

  • Eser T.Fantastic breakfast stop!!!!

    55555 by Eser T.

  • Tara V.French toast with strawbs. Bring a friend, you won't finish this in your own.

    55555 by Tara V.

  • Carlos F.Enjoy fresh brewed coffee served in a french press coffee maker.

    55555 by Carlos F.

  • Ira Brian MillerYa know, you can order just one pancake as opposed to the traditional three. Three just ruins your afternoon. You're welcome.

    33333 by Ira Brian Miller

  • Faith B.Favorite breakfest place!!!! The oreo pancakes are to DIE for!!!!! *drool*

    55555 by Faith B.

  • Susanna S.Message them on FB or Twitter for special deals and passwords for line cuts. Bring friends cause the portions are very, very generous.

    55555 by Susanna S.

  • Valerie M.Coconut maple pecans on my pancakes? Hella yeah!

    33333 by Valerie M.

  • Feras A.❤️ red velvet pancake

    55555 by Feras A.

  • Feras A.They a pancake made of red velvet what could be better than that 😍

    55555 by Feras A.

  • Mohammed A.Nutella French Toast is the SHIT!!!!!

    55555 by Mohammed A.

  • Lailanie G.Great Sunday brunch experience! I love their French Toast and lively atmosphere! It's best to visit after 2pm when the wait isn't very long. Must come back to try their pancakes!

    55555 by Lailanie G.

  • Jessica S.Frosted flakes pancake with strawberries = bomb diggity

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Steven D.Get the French toast. It is the best I have ever had.

    55555 by Steven D.

  • Doc J C.I really do love this place but one thing I did observe is that the servers' look are not a criteria in hiring anymore as not enough cuties.

    33333 by Doc J C.

  • Piotr O.You can park on The opposite side of The building.

    55555 by Piotr O.

  • Moustafa H.Amazingggggg!!! The Oreo pancake was just too much. So so gooooood!

    55555 by Moustafa H.

  • Ahmad a.Their black coffee is the best.

    55555 by Ahmad a.

  • Marianne S.Best Benedict ever! ❤️

    55555 by Marianne S.

  • Natasha A.Giant stacks of pancakes- come with a group or you'll be buried! Eggs are great too.

    55555 by Natasha A.

  • Kevin R.Amazingly dessert-like pancakes!! Red Velvet pancakes with cream cheese icing is so wrong it's right.

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Jessica C.Save your money, hollandaise sauce is not mayo people

    22222 by Jessica C.

  • Ahlennah B.Pancake orders could serve a whole family! I only got 1/6th of the way thru mine!

    33333 by Ahlennah B.

  • Joey W.Huge portions!

    55555 by Joey W.

  • Bashayer J.Mamas french toast is a must !!

    55555 by Bashayer J.

  • CHENZO T.Not happy with my service no eye contact treated me like I wasn't going to pay really shocked by this 1st Impression

    22222 by CHENZO T.

  • Cher N.Try the Black Magic - (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Cher N.

  • Mia P.Arrive EARLY! It's 8:30 and this place is packed. People line up for miles... Come hungry - 3 of us are sharing one stack of pancakes! Gargantuan! Delicious. Enjoy!!

    55555 by Mia P.

  • Marcus B.One plate of pancakes is good for two. The Oreo cookie pancake is good if u like sweet. And their bacon is very good!!

    55555 by Marcus B.

  • Yousef W. A.The best red-velvet pancakes in the world

    55555 by Yousef W. A.

  • laurie h.Parking can be tricky and if you don't go early on the weekends, you are in for a long wait. It is very tight and cramped inside but the food is definitely worth it! Can't go wrong with pancakes!

    55555 by laurie h.

  • HéloïsePancakes are insanely big and good!!

    55555 by Héloïse

  • Leena H.Surprised how rude the host & servers were... RUDE!!

    11111 by Leena H.

  • Brody B.Wait, I don't get it...why are y'all waiting in that line again?

    22222 by Brody B.

  • Dave S.Large parties can sit in the private back room. It's quieter than in the main room

    55555 by Dave S.

  • Jenny J.No water. Incomplete order. Never coming by. 3 strike u get a shitty tip eric.

    11111 by Jenny J.

  • David C.The pancakes are enormous - see photo with iPhone to get scale! Very tasty but far too much for a mere mortal :) Good tip is to eat from the middle so you get some of the filling before you're full.

    55555 by David C.

  • James G.Huge portions. Share.

    55555 by James G.

  • FrankTry the Apple Cobbler French Toast - #frenchtoast #breakfast #apple #applecobbler #brunch (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Frank

  • Jayzen P.Missing the chile my soul (RIP) but loving everything here! Cobb Omelette and Muscle Bound Scramble rock!

    55555 by Jayzen P.

  • Nora A.Impresionante!!! Moms french toast! Buenísimo!! Big,big,big portions!!

    55555 by Nora A.

  • CamelBack D.BEST BREAKFAST PLACE EVER! Downside, long wait; but it's an indication of how good this place is. Come with a friend, share a savory and a sweet dish. Just close your eyes & pick, everything is good.

    55555 by CamelBack D.

  • Jonathan H.They don't seat incomplete parties, so I had to wait while tables come open we're opened to smaller groups.

    22222 by Jonathan H.

  • Shao Wei G.Huge pancakes!

    55555 by Shao Wei G.

  • Jeffy G.Definitely worth the wait. Go for Mother's French toast & French press coffee... but don't go acting like Pierre & forgetting your deodorant!

    55555 by Jeffy G.

  • Erik J.The Mama's French Toast is the best in the City. The Some Like it Hot is amazing, get it with the chips.

    55555 by Erik J.

  • Salman A.Free parking at rear.

    55555 by Salman A.

  • ChelseaThe wait wasn't bad at all when we got there at 9am on Sat. I got the "sow my oats" pancakes and they were delicious, even the next day.

    33333 by Chelsea

  • Musaed A.Don't look at the menu.. just get mama's french toast with easy butter and a cup of coffee and thank me..

    55555 by Musaed A.

  • Maab A.A MUST TRY: the chocolate chip cookie french toast 😍😍

    55555 by Maab A.

  • Logan K.Bring friends: one order of any of their pancake stacks (3 flapjacks) is too much delicious for one person to eat alone!

    55555 by Logan K.

  • Erica C.You can easily share pancakes. If you don't, expect leftovers.

    55555 by Erica C.

  • Joe R.Come hungry leave a fatty! Holy portion sizes...

    55555 by Joe R.

  • Joey L.Puts Clinton Street Baking Co in NYC to shame!! Hands down!!

    55555 by Joey L.

  • Christina C.Get their "Black Magic" oreo pancake or creme de la creme french toast! Make sure to order just ONE layer. Portions are ridiculously huge!!!

    55555 by Christina C.

  • Ben B.If you get pancakes, know this: they will defeat you.

    33333 by Ben B.

  • Tanya T.Teachers pet apple pancake & pumpkin pie... Delish!

    55555 by Tanya T.

  • Racquelle T.The Peanut Buttah French Toast is to die for - an order is good enough for two! PS: You can order single pancakes if you'd like! Will definitely come back before I leave.

    55555 by Racquelle T.

  • M A.Jason has great service and is very helpful with clarifying any questions on the menu and even helps you make up your mind if you are stuck between 2 choices. Awesome server :)

    55555 by M A.

  • Den Y.Red velvet pancakes.. Awesome!!"

    55555 by Den Y.

  • Paty D.Excellent pancakes

    55555 by Paty D.

  • Eduardo A.Size portions are HUGE; share it with a friend. Banana pancake felt just like mushed bananas in the batter. It could use some pecans or chocolate chips for texture and flavor. Bacon was good.

    55555 by Eduardo A.

  • Melissa J.Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered the eggs Benedict..... Everything about it was D'LISH

    55555 by Melissa J.

  • Gloria C.try the poached y papas benedict, black magic pancakes & french toast, and golden ticket!!!

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Priscilla P.Great taste huge portions excellent service!

    55555 by Priscilla P.

  • Nick M.Great breakfast, I recommend the red velvet pancakes!

    55555 by Nick M.

  • Terrell S.Try the Mom's French Toast - A "Best Breakfast Bite" for sure! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Terrell S.

  • Kaitlyn W.Save yourself the money and the feeling of defeat. Only get one! The Teacher's Pet was a baked apple pie and it was delicious. Still could only finish half of it.

    33333 by Kaitlyn W.

  • Michael L.Best French toast I've ever had. Do yourself a favor and order it; drop what you're doing and go order it now.

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Amanda P.Food tastes great. The servers are generally really good looking. I'd come back just for them.

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • James G.The earlier you get here, the better. Pretty good coffee and HUGE servings. A little over priced, to be honest, especially with service that slow. Be careful about where you park!

    55555 by James G.

  • Mike C.Try the Peanut Bubba Crunchy French Toast - French toast dipped in a peanut butter crunch. This one was more reasonably sized and also excellent. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Omar A.Hot chocolate French toast or Nutella French toast! WOW.

    55555 by Omar A.

  • Kevin K.If you happen to get a side go for the potatoes or the oversized slice of ham.

    33333 by Kevin K.

  • Lyd A.Loved it! Went at 3p on a Saturday & there was no line AND we got front door parking! Mom's French Toast for me (incredible!) & Sunset People for the hubby (really incredible!) I'd totally go back.

    55555 by Lyd A.

  • Ranko L.Great breakfast place, amazing food. Be careful it's always crowded.

    55555 by Ranko L.

  • mikeeRed velvet pancakes were really good! Not as sweet as it looks.

    55555 by mikee

  • ariThey have the best coffee...

    55555 by ari

  • Angie C.The Nutella stuffed French toast was amazing. Oh, and always order the bacon.

    55555 by Angie C.

  • Sam T.Get the "kicking and screaming" breakfast tacos. They do not disappoint.

    55555 by Sam T.

  • Fahad M.Get the Benedict and buttermilk pancakes.

    55555 by Fahad M.

  • Chad D.Bring an appetite and just sit at the counter, so much easier, and everybody can walk through the back entrance, not just celebrities

    55555 by Chad D.

  • L W L.Scotch pancakes. Get!

    55555 by L W L.

  • Jacques N.Split orders cuz they are Gigunda!

    33333 by Jacques N.

  • Greg P.The Waffle made w brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon is pretty darn good. Strawberries on top wonderful+juicy but brown sugar-sour cream topping too rich for my blood...

    55555 by Greg P.

  • Greg P.Caballero burrito has chicken chorizo for all you non pork eaters. I pass on sour cream but get extra salsa (fresh and spicy)!

    55555 by Greg P.

  • Dan L.Check The Griddle's Twitter before you come! Depending on the day, they sometimes tweet a deal to get a round of free mimosas or Bloody Mary's!

    55555 by Dan L.

  • Sean M.The Red Velvet pancakes... delicious decadence.

    55555 by Sean M.

  • Brian R.Velvet pancake is nowhere near enough food -- play it safe and get the golden ticket. It should be enough...

    33333 by Brian R.

  • Rebecca R.One plate of pancakes feeds 3. Try "tis the season." Best pumpkin pancakes on the face of the planet. So worth the looking wait to get seated. French press is great too.

    55555 by Rebecca R.

  • 1-800ColleteThe golden ticket yummy!

    33333 by 1-800Collete

  • Elizabeth J.Great service n food

    55555 by Elizabeth J.

  • Nikki V.Every plate can feed 2-3 people, so order a few things and share. The Recess Time pancakes are delicious.

    55555 by Nikki V.

  • Chez S.ordered the nutella French toast. so rich.

    55555 by Chez S.

  • LianaMust get pancakes!!!!!

    55555 by Liana

  • David F.I have to come here every time I visit LA. Try the banana pancakes, but just get one. They're massive.

    55555 by David F.

  • K H.Always share bc the plate is big! My niece and I ordered 2 plates of pancakes and we couldn't finished them and my niece eats a lot! Lol

    33333 by K H.

  • Travel + LeisureFeast on sweet brunch treats such as peanut butter French toast dusted with powdered sugar or fluffy red velvet pancakes, topped with swirls of cream cheese frosting.

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • Latoya L.Poached y Papas... Trust me.

    55555 by Latoya L.

  • Lilicherryrosetaza:Because everyone we've talked to said "go here!" so here we are! olhar a foto que tirei do site dela, tem uma dica de menu!

    33333 by Lilicherryrose

  • Chad L.THE place to go for breakfast in LA. They have so many awesome pancake combinations...stuff that I would not even imagine doing w/ pancakes. Red Velvet and Black Magic are awesome!!

    55555 by Chad L.

  • Lilicherryrosetaza:Because everyone we've talked to said "go here!" so here we are!

    33333 by Lilicherryrose

  • Shayna C.Loved this cute little breakfast spot. great service

    55555 by Shayna C.

  • Jayzen P.I miss the chile, but you still can go wrong with omelette my soul!

    55555 by Jayzen P.

  • Brandon H.Grab a seat and be ready for some of the best breakfast dishes in Hollyhood. Don't be shy and leave you diet at the door. Yummy!

    55555 by Brandon H.

  • GrubwithusOrder the red velvet pancake - with a side of extra friends, please. That thing is huge! We recommend visiting on a weekday, unless you don't mind waiting for your food.

    55555 by Grubwithus

  • Chloe C.Very attractive waiters. I recommend the whole wheat pancakes (just ask for 1) and the Gone Shrimpin for eggs. Cant go wrong with the french toast either. Delish fresh squeezed OJ too! Love this place

    55555 by Chloe C.

  • Ardy F.It is usually pretty cold inside, so women dressed in sexy little outfits, don't forget your jacket!

    55555 by Ardy F.

  • Brad M.Eggs Benny is amazing and the portions are huuuuge. Do NOT get avocado for a buck more, they don't give u much.

    55555 by Brad M.

  • David F.Hope you're patient: it takes forever to be seated. Sunday mornings seem particularly crazy.

    33333 by David F.

  • Demeter InteractiveIf you order the pancakes, don't push it and get a side as well. It's not going to end well for you.

    33333 by Demeter Interactive

  • Inartmedia.com #.iAm TIP : #artist #drop-off-location #Independent #Promote #film #music #inartmedia

    55555 by Inartmedia.com #.

  • Kimmie B.Try the Mom's French Toast! It's amazing. If you're a coffee lover, the French press coffee is amazing! Red Velvet Pancakes are also delish!

    55555 by Kimmie B.

  • Keilyn R.They validate parking for 3 hours.

    33333 by Keilyn R.

  • Raul G.Love the Griddle Cafe. Black Magic pancakes are way over the top. One serving is enough for 2-3 people. Great spot. (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by Raul G.

  • Deja O.it's way too loud inside. so so loud. id rather wait 30 min to sit outside where it's quiet.

    33333 by Deja O.

  • Hadie D.BEST French toast I've ever had!! And huge!

    55555 by Hadie D.

  • Caleb L.Amazingggggg

    55555 by Caleb L.

  • Zeynep M.great food,bad service

    33333 by Zeynep M.

  • Gurhan M.Staff look tired and a bit aggressive.

    33333 by Gurhan M.

  • Jacob C.Horrible host staff.

    11111 by Jacob C.

  • HereComsTrouble W.Be very hungry,excellent pancakes but sooo BIG!

    55555 by HereComsTrouble W.

  • Emerald T.another top notch breakfast spot, very happening right off sunset. food portions are huge, not pricey and will probably see a celeb or two

    55555 by Emerald T.

  • FreyboyPancakes are stoopid huge!!

    55555 by Freyboy

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