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7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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(323) 939-6455

  • Sun - Thu 10:00am - 10:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 10:00am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Dog Friendly Restaurants, Ice Cream

4.7 of 5.0 from 247 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Milk Reviews

Add your review for Milk.

  • Jen A.The Thai iced tea ice cream sandwich is the best

    55555 by Jen A.

  • Alkhuzama AThe macron ice cream sandwich "red velvet one" was so yummy

    55555 by Alkhuzama A

  • Naz KIt's 6/10..... the ice-cream is too sweet! Cookies are too sweet as well: a lot of sugar. Prices are reasonable!

    55555 by Naz K

  • Rosy C.Amazing desserts! Come back often to try all the yummy goodies.

    55555 by Rosy C.

  • Natalie GuerraBe prepared to wait in a long line but it is totally worth it. Amazing ice cream and I recommend making ur own ice cream sandwich with red velvet cookie

    55555 by Natalie Guerra

  • Lau GAntojo de malteada este es el lugar, la de triple chocolate es lo máximo al igual que el pastel de 3x chocolate. Sin pensarlo de los mejores lugares para el postre.

    55555 by Lau G

  • Kami HThe ice cream sandwiches are so tasty!

    55555 by Kami H

  • Larisa GrollemondMacaron. Ice Cream. Sandwich. That is all.

    55555 by Larisa Grollemond

  • Cherith Z.Delicious! A sundae was way bigger than I bargained for, but tasted amazing. The fudge sauce is thick with a rich chocolate flavor, not that drippy stuff you see elsewhere

    55555 by Cherith Z.

  • Tegan SThe powered sugar chocolate cookie.

    33333 by Tegan S

  • PureWowHow to make a next-level ice-cream sandwich? Take air-light macarons and put house-made ice cream in between them, with flavors that range from Froot Loops to red velvet to pumpkin pie.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Thirsty J.Next time I'll get a fruit loops #icecream sandwich, but tonight we feast on the Brownie Sundae (with red velvet ice cream)

    33333 by Thirsty J.

  • William S.The delicious ice cream macaroon sandwiches are a must try. Also try The Brownie and swap the chocolate+vanilla for whatever flavors you want.

    55555 by William S.

  • Manal Rعادي جدا جدا وحالي مره التوفي كفي

    55555 by Manal R

  • Crystal WI don't like cookies. But I LOVE their Ooey-gooey cookies. Use it in a ice cream sandwich with their homemade cookies and cream and cream ice cream. Prepare yourself for a mouthgasm.

    55555 by Crystal W

  • Rick AFor more natural, subtle flavors better go to Rose Creamery down the road... these are bold, outspoken ones. Specialty is the macaron ice cream sandwich, Thai tea one was pretty good!

    55555 by Rick A

  • Muneera @Red velvet 😻

    55555 by Muneera @

  • Trevor KThe Fruity Pebble Ice Cream Sandwich was on point!

    55555 by Trevor K

  • Maddy EColorful and delightful ice cream sammiches

    55555 by Maddy E

  • Forrest J.They serve soy milk here as a dairy free option

    55555 by Forrest J.

  • Meredith MaimoniTry the fruit loops sandwich! So good!

    55555 by Meredith Maimoni

  • Paul M.macaron ice cream sandwiches are the shit

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Melanie DRed Velvet Macaron Ice cream 😍

    55555 by Melanie D

  • Sabrina M.Red Velvet ice cream was so good! It had actual red velvet cake chunks in it.

    55555 by Sabrina M.

  • C JIce cream sandwiches, cookies, cakes and bars

    55555 by C J

  • Michelle Arnaiz-Dela RosaI love that it's easier to get to this branch than the original one. Same old good stuff.

    55555 by Michelle Arnaiz-Dela Rosa

  • JT ANice and creamy

    55555 by JT A

  • Rachel L.Omg those macaron ice cream sandwiches!

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • Rachel L.Macaroon ice cream sandwiches!!!!!

    55555 by Rachel L.

  • AmandaMint ice cream was 😍. So sweet and yummy!

    55555 by Amanda

  • Marc V.Lines are miserable, prepare to wait, but the food is terrific.

    55555 by Marc V.

  • Nikki ATried the CALI Strawberry and it was amazing! The ice cream taste fresh and was 1/2 dipped in white chocolate. The long line was annoying but worth waiting.

    55555 by Nikki A

  • HelenSome say the blue velvet cake is so good it makes your poop blue.

    55555 by Helen

  • Matt ShapiroMacaroons!

    55555 by Matt Shapiro

  • Roger M.Thai tea macaron!

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Aleksandr M.Ну не знаю, второй раз брать этот макаруновый сэндвич я бы не стал. Сладкий и химический как сука последняя

    55555 by Aleksandr M.

  • Connie ChiuFruit loops macaroon ice cream sammich is so good and beautiful.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • Kelly WongFruit pebble, Thai ice tea, and pb&j are bomb! Can't go wrong with any macaroon flavor. Don't get the fudge bar - too sweet.

    55555 by Kelly Wong

  • Nada ANice place.. avoid the weekends coz it gets crowded

    33333 by Nada A

  • Nada ACoffee toffee is nice..

    55555 by Nada A

  • Mohamed CI love the ice cream

    55555 by Mohamed C

  • JenniferThe line situation can be contentious, but I'll always brave it for a butterscotch drumstick.

    55555 by Jennifer

  • Faris Dعندهم كوكيز روعة وايس كريم المكرون رووووووعه😋 best macron ice cram

    55555 by Faris D

  • Hajar SBlueberry macaron ice cream was super delicious 😋😋

    55555 by Hajar S

  • Erika E.The red velvet milkshake is sublime!

    55555 by Erika E.

  • Naaila lThai tea macaroon ice cream situation!

    55555 by Naaila l

  • Charles T OIf you are on a restricted diet and suddenly might like something sweet, these people will go out of their way to accomodate.

    33333 by Charles T O

  • Chris K.Macaroon ice cream always has my heart.

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Matt ShapiroThe blue velvet cake and the macaron ice cream sandwiches

    55555 by Matt Shapiro

  • Hessao_ HThe coffee toffee ice cream sandwich .. Need I say more???

    55555 by Hessao_ H

  • Elliot SHuge ice cream sandwiches made with macaroons instead of regular cookies. My favorite dessert in LA, get the red velvet or the grasshopper

    55555 by Elliot S

  • Julianna S.Coffee toffee macaron ice cream sandwich is heaven on earth.

    55555 by Julianna S.

  • Deanna WThe thai tea macaron ice cream sandwich is to die for!

    55555 by Deanna W

  • Caroline DengMacaron ice cream sandwiches are heaven. It does get crowded and parking is an issue—your best bet are the residential neighborhoods nearby.

    55555 by Caroline Deng

  • Michelle L.Try the macaron ice cream sandwiches

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Maha AldossaryOverrated.

    11111 by Maha Aldossary

  • Lina Hbrownie ice cream is yummy :)

    55555 by Lina H

  • Chris C.The Thai Tea ice cream is absolutely delightful, tastes exactly like a Thai Iced Tea, works better in ice cream form because then it isn't overly sweet.

    55555 by Chris C.

  • Efrem PHey Milk, join Freebie!

    33333 by Efrem P

  • Tamy aWas expecting more from a place which has a huge line almost every day.

    55555 by Tamy a

  • Winnie K.Fave: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich - Thai Tea

    55555 by Winnie K.

  • Chez S.macaron ice cream sandwiches to die for. I will pay $5 for this amazingness.

    55555 by Chez S.

  • Carmen K.Salads are huge and delicious.

    55555 by Carmen K.

  • Brodie WMake your own ice cream sandwiches! You pick the cookies. You pick the ice cream. You are in control of your happiness. Make yourself proud.

    55555 by Brodie W

  • Jeff S.Try the Homemade Oreos!Awesome!

    55555 by Jeff S.

  • Christina HyunJung JungI ate Red velvet and blueberry crumble. Nice~~~ Best macaroon ice cream!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Christina HyunJung Jung

  • Michael K.Macaron ice cream sandwiches are perfectly executed. The fridge keeps them at the perfect chewy-soft temperature!!

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Hasan BucklinMacaroon ice cream sandwich, try the cookies and cream flavor

    55555 by Hasan Bucklin

  • Paige C.Delicious (and filling) milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches! I need to come back for more.

    55555 by Paige C.

  • Derek J.Classic ice cream parlor with specialty shakes, malts, and floats!

    55555 by Derek J.

  • Macs VinsonMacarons and blood orange ice cream are bomb.com

    55555 by Macs Vinson

  • LAistThis ice cream institution will have a line around the building on most days. However, their macaron ice cream is worth the wait. Make sure to try flavors like thai tea, rocky road, and red velvet.

    55555 by LAist

  • Dominique FYay, it's open! One grasshopper macaron ice cream sandwich.

    55555 by Dominique F

  • Jih W.Can't. resist. ice cream macarons

    55555 by Jih W.

  • Matthew JThe tres leches is the best in LA hands down

    55555 by Matthew J

  • Matt LewWe all know that ice cream sandwiches are good. But Milk has found a way to make them even better: They swap the cookie for a sweet, crispy French-style macaron.

    55555 by Matt Lew

  • Jennifer MaasMix the cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookie with the peanut butter and jelly in a shake. Yum.

    55555 by Jennifer Maas

  • Eli S.The ice cream scoops are quite large.

    55555 by Eli S.

  • JenniferThe ice cream cakes are delicious. If you order one for a special occasion, you won't regret it.

    55555 by Jennifer

  • D O.Excellent sandwiches, salads an especially the shakes are just great.

    55555 by D O.

  • RTWgirl A.Get the macaron ice cream sandwich but wait for it to soften up a bit

    55555 by RTWgirl A.

  • Michelle Arnaiz-Dela RosaIce cream and dulce de Leche cake is awesome!!

    55555 by Michelle Arnaiz-Dela Rosa

  • H. C.The cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream bar is much better than the ice cream sandwich. If you still want a sandwich, stick to color-blocking: get the RED velvet or BLUEberry.

    55555 by H. C.

  • Arden SantosIce cream macarons are to die for. I love the thai tea flavor

    55555 by Arden Santos

  • Danny V.Try the ice cream macaron sandwich and dulce de leche latte. You have to wait in line like 30min or so. But its worth it! 🍧☕️

    55555 by Danny V.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Milk as seen on Cupcake Wars

    33333 by TV Food Maps

  • Abu Aya aka KDGreat ice cream

    55555 by Abu Aya aka KD

  • Joseph KVanilla/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Red Velvet cake. Blue Velvet is sweeter. They ALWAYS seem to run out of the good stuff fast so, come early! Always lines. Amazing shakes- Vanilla, being my favorite!

    55555 by Joseph K

  • Heather AReese's pieces ice cream was super tasty!

    55555 by Heather A

  • Al B.A definite spot to visit if you're in downtown LA.

    55555 by Al B.

  • Diana C.Giant ice cream macarons! Must try their thai tea flavor

    55555 by Diana C.

  • Mary CEverything.

    55555 by Mary C

  • Teresa PhamThis is hands down the best macaron ice cream sandwich I've had, and cheap in comparison to other places!

    55555 by Teresa Pham

  • Christopho L.Thai Tea Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches - We all know that ice cream sandwiches are good. But Milk has found a way to make them even better: They swap the cookie for a sweet, crispy French-style macaron

    55555 by Christopho L.

  • JoyWatermelon ice cream is so refreshing!

    55555 by Joy

  • Tera DoanAlso beware of residential parking bc I got a ticket. This place also tends to have a long line outside.

    33333 by Tera Doan

  • Tera DoanJasmine tea flavor :D must get/sample

    55555 by Tera Doan

  • Regina B.An LA must for dessert lovers and amazing milk shakes

    55555 by Regina B.

  • Min Jung ParkProbably had too much expectation. The macaron sandwich is just not what I expected.

    33333 by Min Jung Park

  • Aly P.Ice cream sandwiches, both the make your own and macaroon version are great.

    55555 by Aly P.

  • Matthew WilsonMacarons take the place of cupcakes or cookies in the ice cream sandwich at MILK. This typically delicate French treat is super-sized and ice cream replaces the conventional light meringue filling.

    55555 by Matthew Wilson

  • Lauren-Michelle K.I honestly don't understand why people are so amazed by this place. Their ice cream isn't anything special. I'm not impressed at all.

    33333 by Lauren-Michelle K.

  • Joanna Wangood ice cream sandwich and decoration!

    55555 by Joanna Wan

  • Courtney T.Vanilla milk shake!

    55555 by Courtney T.

  • Jason CGotta say, fairly disappointing. And I've never witnessed people complain about ice cream! An off night??

    33333 by Jason C

  • Jenny T.You can never go wrong with the Thai Tea sandwich! It actually tastes like it

    33333 by Jenny T.

  • Tyler SThe nutella bar was great!

    55555 by Tyler S

  • Cindy BJasmine macaroon ice cream (:

    55555 by Cindy B

  • Ashley W.Straight candy... Everything is candy. I mean this in a good way... Unique and visually tantalizing treats. They've got some savory menu items and coffee too... You won't be able to say no!

    55555 by Ashley W.

  • Jimson CTheir Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich is a must-try.

    55555 by Jimson C

  • Lorraine TjahjadiBest Thai ice cream and macaroon sandwich ever! Tres Leches cake is also decadent!

    55555 by Lorraine Tjahjadi

  • Tabatha jIt was delish!! Get the blueberry I've cream sandwich!!

    55555 by Tabatha j

  • Jon M.You literally can't go wrong with this place. I've only had their ice cream sandwiches but everything looks great. Try the Red Velvet, Grasshopper, or Cookies and Cream and thank me later. 👌

    55555 by Jon M.

  • Jean-Claudette F.Finally got to try their meal items and the breakfast sandwich I got was good. Servings are big, which accommodates it's slightly expensive price. Try their pesto pasta! Yummy

    55555 by Jean-Claudette F.

  • sydney g.Milkie Way Malt Milkshake

    55555 by sydney g.

  • Vickie Z.BANANA DE LECHE DULCE ICE CREAM. Not too sweet that it makes you get sick of it after a while plus it has real walnuts in it :)

    55555 by Vickie Z.

  • Max L.amazing ice cream macaron sandwich!

    55555 by Max L.

  • Jean-Claudette F.Their ice cream sandwiches ($5 each) are yummy! Thai tea and Red velvet are my favorite. The jasmine one is good too. Their blue velvet cake ($5/slice) is so moist and served cold. Perfect with milk!

    55555 by Jean-Claudette F.

  • Vinicius A.amazing.... :o

    55555 by Vinicius A.

  • Sara C.couldn't decide between salted caramel & jasmine ice cream sandwiches so my friend and i got both and halved them. both were so tasty and consumed very quickly.

    55555 by Sara C.

  • Cayla C. G.It was so delicious ! I can't wait to go back

    55555 by Cayla C. G.

  • Tin A.Banana dulce de leche ice cream with Chico chip cookie = awesome.

    55555 by Tin A.

  • Pam L.The chocolate croissant bread pudding is to die for. Deeeelicious.

    55555 by Pam L.

  • Abdullah J.Amazing macaroon ice cream sandwiches! Best. Ever.

    55555 by Abdullah J.

  • alice w.The wait can be long.. prices r kinda high.. but if u have time to kill and money to splurge then go for it. Thai tea marcaron ice cream sandwiches are the best!

    55555 by alice w.

  • Elizabeth R.Get milky way malt shake

    55555 by Elizabeth R.

  • Los AngelesSplit a gigantic brownie sundae!

    55555 by Los Angeles

  • Alton W.Pricey and over sweet, but the banana ice cream is kick ass.

    55555 by Alton W.

  • Bhavika R.Coffee Toffee Crunch Shake. The BEST.

    55555 by Bhavika R.

  • Kenneth D.The Brownie sundae

    33333 by Kenneth D.


    55555 by Luis A.

  • Cassia N.Dont go at night, everything good is sold out and you're left with food that are too sweet to eat, such as the cookie and cream ice cream macaron.

    55555 by Cassia N.

  • John H.Molasses cookies are the bomb!

    55555 by John H.

  • ToryBurchA great place for milk shakes. Locals also love the root beer float.

    55555 by ToryBurch

  • Morgan B.forgot to mention how startling that blondie was.. #takenaback #delightful

    33333 by Morgan B.

  • Neil K.Blue velvet cake and strawberry cheesecake macaroon ice cream sandwich are phenomenal. The macaroon part of the ice cream sandwich is killer - crunchy and chewy!

    55555 by Neil K.

  • Angela L.Blueberry crumble ice cream sammie!

    55555 by Angela L.

  • Stephanie K.Ooie gooey chocolate cookies + chocolate ice cream = best sandwich treat ever. That's where it's at

    55555 by Stephanie K.

  • Maki R.Strawberry icecream sandwich!!!

    55555 by Maki R.

  • Nina P.Blue. Velvet.

    55555 by Nina P.

  • Sean B.Ooey Gooey Cookie is amazing!

    55555 by Sean B.

  • Robin S.Blue velvet cake ! Go get it. 5$ but oh sooo worth it <3 wasnt really feelin the blueberries but still. can't wait to go back ^_^

    55555 by Robin S.

  • Ann H.Strawberry and grasshopper macaron ice cream. Mmm...

    55555 by Ann H.

  • jennifer h.i like to overdose on their orechiette pasta verde.

    55555 by jennifer h.

  • Rita H.Blueberry cake and red velvet ice cream. Nuff said.

    55555 by Rita H.

  • Gloria C.come for blue velvet cake, banana dulce de leche, strawberry shortcake, macarons and gelato

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Tiffany V.They have the cutest cupcakes but parking sucks. Don't park residential because you'll get a ticket.

    33333 by Tiffany V.

  • Jayleen Y.The Thai iced tea ice cream sandwich is easily one of the best things I've ever eaten! The macaron tops perfectly complement the delicious ice cream! It's a must!!

    55555 by Jayleen Y.

  • Jason B.Good street parking. Try their ice cream sandwiches!

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Melissa L.Overrated waited for 15 minutes to buy a ice cream bar that wasn't frozen at all really crappy

    22222 by Melissa L.

  • Latoya L.Get there early before the run out of the Strawberry shortcake bars... but dont worry if you do miss that they have other delicious choices!!

    55555 by Latoya L.

  • AliOMG. This is heaven on earth,!

    55555 by Ali

  • Alexandra R.TRIPLE CHOCOLATE SHAKE. That is all.

    55555 by Alexandra R.

  • Sung Y.Blue velvet cake is off the chain...highly recommended! !

    55555 by Sung Y.

  • Mike C.Try the Coffee Toffee Ice Cream Macaron Sandwich - This is awesome.

    55555 by Mike C.

  • Gene C.Grasshopper macaroon icecream sandwich is the yums!

    55555 by Gene C.

  • Roger M.Go for the Thai tea macaroon (By the way, blue velvet is overrated and too sweet)

    55555 by Roger M.

  • Cindy S.The blueberry velvet cake is amazing

    55555 by Cindy S.

  • Nina H.Must have: thai tea macaroon & salted caramel ice cream sammies

    55555 by Nina H.

  • Joseph K.Manchego Salad. Done.

    55555 by Joseph K.

  • Joseph K.apparently, Hipsters: don't know the meaning of "excuse me" or "excuse us, please" so, you may have to elbow some to and fro. no big deal.

    22222 by Joseph K.

  • Joseph K.as this place is always busy w/ lines going out to the street, try to come before sunset for, the good stuff runs out @ night

    55555 by Joseph K.

  • Joseph K.Jenn is right on: Blue Velvet Cake & Banana Dulce De Leche w/ some Boylan's

    55555 by Joseph K.

  • Joseph K.Ice Cream: Banana Dulce De Leche, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry Crumble Pie, Vanilla Bean & Coconut

    55555 by Joseph K.

  • Michelle N.Don't get the mint chocolate the chocolate chips are overwhelming

    55555 by Michelle N.

  • Maria L.The lime sorbet is the best!!

    55555 by Maria L.

  • Jeric H.Icecream sandwiches are the way to go.

    55555 by Jeric H.

  • Kid.W.I.K.Blue Velvet Cake here is Awesome but be warned... If you eat it , you will have BLUE POO! For real... literally...

    55555 by Kid.W.I.K.

  • Valerie G.I loved the red velvet sandwich!

    55555 by Valerie G.

  • Reena G.blondie :)

    55555 by Reena G.

  • sereneblue belvet cake was yummy!

    55555 by serene

  • Lauren S.Just ... WOW. Cupcakes, brownies, puddings, cookies, ice cream. Say goodbye to your new diet.

    55555 by Lauren S.

  • MarcTheir Nutella ice cream is truly the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

    55555 by Marc

  • ©Sam Lau®™They've got really good desserts!!!

    55555 by ©Sam Lau®™

  • Gerry A.5 words: Red velvet ice cream sandwich... THE BEST EVER! (red velvet ice cream sandwiched in red velvet macaroon half dipped in white chocolate). Their Thai tea ice cream is good too.

    55555 by Gerry A.

  • J C.Dulce de leche latte & red velvet cupcake <3

    55555 by J C.

  • KevynCheck in special doesn't work. They don't take American express

    33333 by Kevyn

  • don k.Go for the thick stuff

    33333 by don k.

  • Sae P.Salt caramel and red velvet ice cream sandwiches are the best of the best!!!!!

    55555 by Sae P.

  • lindatheir check in special where you get $5 off if you spend more than $10 this summer if you pay with your a/e card doesn't work. they don't even take american express. only visa or mastercard.

    33333 by linda

  • Ashley L.Macaroon ice cream sandwich...yumm! Blue velvet is worth trying..but just once.

    55555 by Ashley L.

  • Four Seasons Los Angeles C.A family-friendly and upscale ice cream parlor. Has ice cream, yogurt, and desserts! Open late.

    55555 by Four Seasons Los Angeles C.

  • Thanh N.Thai tea ice cream sandwich!

    55555 by Thanh N.

  • Jeffrey C.Go for a run on that blue velvet cake.. My son says the shakes are rockin and he's picky

    55555 by Jeffrey C.

  • Nicholas C.Grasshopper icecream sandwich not that good

    33333 by Nicholas C.

  • Rob H.Get the strawberry shortcake bar -- will take you back to your childhood days of chasing after the ice cream truck.

    55555 by Rob H.

  • John G.You HAVE to try the "Blue Velvet Cake!"

    55555 by John G.

  • Lauren D.pure crack.

    33333 by Lauren D.

  • Jenna O.Choose any 2 cookies and any flavor ice cream to create your own ice cream sandwich

    55555 by Jenna O.

  • Felicia M.Try the Salted Caramel Milk Ice Cream Sandwich - Tastes exactly like it sounds!!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Felicia M.

  • Matt O.Milky way malt is the shit!

    55555 by Matt O.

  • JDHRed velvet ice cream bar.

    55555 by JDH

  • Megan F.No place to sit.

    55555 by Megan F.

  • Jackie B.#TreatYoSelf to some high quality dairy desserts!

    55555 by Jackie B.

  • Larry S.Nutella ice cream is scrumptious!

    55555 by Larry S.

  • Danielle N.Macaron ice cream sandwiches!!! AHHHH.

    55555 by Danielle N.

  • John B.Blue velvet cake!

    55555 by John B.

  • Saleena L.Best red velvet cupcakes in LA

    55555 by Saleena L.

  • Kevin Y.Try the Thai tea ice cream sandwich. Tastes just like the drink

    55555 by Kevin Y.

  • Jeremiah R.The mint chocolate crunch milkshake is awesome!

    55555 by Jeremiah R.

  • K P.Don't drive through the alley way in the back. You will seriously mess up your car.

    22222 by K P.

  • Kevin S.Sweet is the name of their game, and this is the only place I've been to where cookies n' creme has huge chunks of oreos in it.

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Justin T.Strawberry shortcake milkshake coupled with a slice of blue velvet cake — $11 total but totally worth it.

    55555 by Justin T.

  • cinthya a.no need to ask for utensils they're on the table...just ask hector v.

    33333 by cinthya a.

  • Shane T.Get the blue velvet cake and monitor your...well...excrements, the next day...

    33333 by Shane T.

  • H.C. @.Get a Blondie to go -- you won't regret it...

    55555 by H.C. @.

  • HemangTry the blue velvet!

    55555 by Hemang

  • LA WeeklyFeatured in LA Weekly's "30 Scoops in 30 Days"

    33333 by LA Weekly

  • @MistyCityLAAmazing salads and desserts!

    55555 by @MistyCityLA

  • Jen J.Open til 10pm on Thursdays! Try the triple chocolate shake or the red velvet cupcakes (mini or regular sizes). They even have blue velvet cake now. I sat behind John Lovitz as he snacked out too!

    55555 by Jen J.

  • Cheearra E.Try a slice of The Blue Velvet Cake or The Brownie Sundae!

    55555 by Cheearra E.

  • Giancarlo S.$5 minimum for credit cards.

    22222 by Giancarlo S.

  • Sarah Htry the nutella ice cream. the texture is so interesting!

    55555 by Sarah H

  • Caroline N.Coffee toffee macaron ice cream sandwich!!! Do it!!!

    55555 by Caroline N.

  • Patrice M.The chocolate chip cookies are the best

    55555 by Patrice M.

  • Rachel C.The blueberry crumble is quite possibly better than sex.

    55555 by Rachel C.

  • Eric E.Try the cucumber soda!

    55555 by Eric E.

  • Tina K.Must try: Nutella ice cream bar

    55555 by Tina K.

  • Sandie S.Nice atmosphere. I totally loved their brownie icecream!!

    55555 by Sandie S.

  • nellieThe Strawberry Shortcake shake is the only thing that matters!

    55555 by nellie

  • JennTry the blue velvet cake & banana de leche dulce ice cream. Skip the mini red velvet cupcakes.

    55555 by Jenn

  • JennTry the blue velvet cake, dulce de leche, and coffee ice cream sandwich.

    55555 by Jenn

  • Tyler S.Quite possibly the best cookies in town. Snowcap Cookie is the best!

    55555 by Tyler S.

  • Joey S.Sometimes all you need is the simplicity of a chocolate ice cream cone...

    55555 by Joey S.

  • Melancholi CButterscotch pudding!!!

    55555 by Melancholi C

  • DeannaDid not experience nasty service here!

    11111 by Deanna

  • Isabel MBlue velvet cake was so amazing! Make sure u try the red velvet cupcake. It has an interesting texture and flavor. Coffee toffee ice cream was creamy and delicious. Didn't like the chocolate madeline.

    55555 by Isabel M

  • Marat NGreat ice cream, nasty service. Nutela ice cream was goood but a little heavy.

    33333 by Marat N

  • Jon L.The rocky road ice cream sandwich is delicious!

    55555 by Jon L.

  • DJ Kelly DivanThe manchego salad is amazing! I crave it!

    55555 by DJ Kelly Divan

  • Kristina JToffee coffee shake is amazinggg!!

    55555 by Kristina J

  • Ivan HBlue velvet cake, YUMMY.

    55555 by Ivan H

  • Matt D.Get the strawberry lemonade. Delicious.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • Tina K.The Orichette pasta with chicken is thee best!

    55555 by Tina K.

  • Steve MTuna Salad Nicoise, yum!

    55555 by Steve M

  • alice c.Coffee Toffee Shake - popular, very goodWalnut Choco Cookie - yumOoey Gooeyy cookie - nothing specialPastries are pricey.

    55555 by alice c.

  • Alaa Mmmm I was obsessed with the molasses cookies for a while! The vanilla ice cream sandwich is delicious, they use macaroons instead of cookies.

    55555 by Alaa "Ally" T.

  • Rachel O.Milky Way.... absolute awesomeness every time.

    55555 by Rachel O.

  • Pamela N.The Manchego Salad is a must try. Really light, but full of flavor. Save room for ice cream!

    55555 by Pamela N.

  • Sheperd A.The blue velvet cake is quite possibly the most delicious cake I've ever eaten.. And it makes your poo blue.

    55555 by Sheperd A.

  • CaseyThey stop serving entrees at night, so if you're there for food rather than dessert or coffee, make sure you go early.

    55555 by Casey

  • Rachel RGet the media noche sandwhich, it's absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Rachel R

  • Robert Y.Have the strawberry shortcake shake.

    55555 by Robert Y.

  • Eric T.Get the ice cream sandwiches! Awesome salads too.

    55555 by Eric T.

  • Christina W.During the holiday season they make the most amazing candy cane ice cream sandwich with chocolate macaron cookie, my absolute favorite!

    55555 by Christina W.

  • Jamie M.Vanilla Bean ice cream with Ooey Gooey chocolate cookies.

    55555 by Jamie M.

  • Robert H.don't order the 'phosphate' if there is not strawberry soda. and the 'shortcake' malt really is a strawberry shake. sorry to be a downer, but three below average experiences.

    33333 by Robert H.

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