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Animal Restaurant

435 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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(323) 782-9225


  • Sunday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Monday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Family Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 207 reviews

price range:$26 to $50



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Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
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  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
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  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

Animal Restaurant Reviews

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  • EaterThere may be no more iconic french fry dish in Los Angeles than the oxtail poutine option at Animal.

    55555 by Eater

  • Melody H.Not the place for something light. Be prepared for rich, unctuous dishes. Don't skip dessert - pastry chef is on point.

    55555 by Melody H.

  • Daniel STry the bone marrow burger. No joke, it's fantastic.

    55555 by Daniel S

  • Chloe LThe loco moco is even better! So flavorful with foie gras

    55555 by Chloe L

  • Chloe LFoie gras biscuit! Such a bomb!

    55555 by Chloe L

  • Nate T.Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar

    55555 by Nate T.

  • Sydney @Hamachi tostada

    55555 by Sydney @

  • Chloe LTruly gorgeous little gem. Have to order foie gras biscuit with gravy if you like foie gras. Dessert with ice cream is delicious too!

    55555 by Chloe L

  • EricEnjoyed our meal. Highlights: chicken liver toast, sweetbreads, hamachi tostda, Brussel sprouts

    55555 by Eric

  • Manuel TAmazing restaurant. Pork ear, Rib eye steak!

    55555 by Manuel T

  • Jackie NA little bit expensive but good

    55555 by Jackie N

  • EaterJon Shook and Vinny Dotolo made their mark in the late aughts with this over the top dish, packing stewed oxtail and cheddar cheese atop french fries in a minimalist space along Fairfax.

    33333 by Eater

  • Natalie GuerraThis place was everything I could ever dreamed of. The pork belly and the turkey leg were so 🔥

    55555 by Natalie Guerra

  • Adrian PhillipsThe sweet breads are not to be missed. If they have a burger special, give that a try as it was incredible. The best plate of the evening had to be the smoked turkey leg with white barbecue sauce.

    55555 by Adrian Phillips

  • Dylan F.HOLY SH*T IS THIS PLACE THE BEST RESTAURANT OF ALL TIME? Chicken liver toast and the bone-in ribeye with bone marrow butter. The steak is to die for, and the wine was out of this world.

    55555 by Dylan F.

  • CNTraveler“For all the talk about pig’s ears, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s secret weapon is their amazing produce, which is so very Los Angeles.” - Peter Jon Lindberg

    55555 by CNTraveler

  • Connie ChiuUnbelievable. Highlights: liver toast, foie gras maple biscuit (get it), pig ear. The oxtail poutine and bone marrow burger were good but overhyped. Still, all around tasty.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • Bianca COne of the best meals I've ever had. I love exploring food so this was awesome. The flavors are interesting and surprising.

    55555 by Bianca C

  • Chefs FeedThe menu changes frequently here, but the poutine made with oxtail gravy and Cheddar is a mainstay. It's a punch in the face in the best way possible.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Rayshawn JBest poutine and oxtail meat ever! I can eat this dish all day everyday if given the opportunity.

    55555 by Rayshawn J

  • Linda LMongolian sweetbreads, sirloin carpaccio, turkey leg, balsamic pork ribs, poutine

    55555 by Linda L

  • Casey F.Favorites I always order are: chicken liver toast, hamachi tostada, foie gras loco moco, and beef tendon chips. Recently tried the boner burger, it was pretty great.

    55555 by Casey F.

  • Rahil B.The foie grais, biscuit, and maple sausage gravy is literally the answer to life.

    33333 by Rahil B.

  • Kevin S.A super hyped restaurant that really lived up to it. Of the 13 dishes we tried standouts include: hamachi tostada, foie gras biscuit, and the sirloin carpaccio.

    55555 by Kevin S.

  • Harry L.Massive turkey leg!

    55555 by Harry L.

  • Paul SmithGo here!!!! Dinner was amazing!!! Such great flavors. Just be aware there is no sign out front.

    55555 by Paul Smith

  • Cameron M.I had the chicken liver toast, the crispy pig ear, the bone marrow, oxtail poutine and the foie gras biscuit. All was delicious.

    55555 by Cameron M.

  • Rem KoningVery loud but it doesn't matter because your mouth will be stuffed with liver, heart, ears and more tasty bits!

    55555 by Rem Koning

  • Gorka CGreat food and portions. Tried the ribs and the turkey leg, both were pretty awesome. The staff was helpful, in special Victor, who suggested us some places to go after

    55555 by Gorka C

  • Liz S.I wish I'd ordered 4 hamachi tostada. They are so good.

    55555 by Liz S.

  • Mona N.Hamachi tostada. That is all.

    55555 by Mona N.

  • Charles L.Get all the big meat dishes here. The ribs and beef carpaccio was very good.

    55555 by Charles L.

  • Sarah P.fantastic. It's a tiny place – and it's very meat-heavy, so expect a hearty meal. They opened a more seafood-centric place called Son of a Gun that's also quite good. (from a friend)

    55555 by Sarah P.

  • RolandThe ox tail pouting is a must!

    55555 by Roland

  • JaimeMeat lover delight! Soft shell crab is amazing and so is the poutin. The Brussels sprouts are also to die for!!

    55555 by Jaime

  • Benjamin GarciaThe Boner Burger is a serious piece of obscenity.

    33333 by Benjamin Garcia

  • Steph cPig ears, bone marrow, sweetbreads... You really can't go wrong

    55555 by Steph c


    55555 by Phong N.

  • LA WeeklyOne of our 99 Essential Restaurants 2015!

    33333 by LA Weekly

  • LA WeeklyIf you were to trace our city’s current boom of exciting, highly regarded restaurants garnering national attention, almost all roads would lead back to Animal.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • LA WeeklyThe menu is full of combinations that sound discordant (veal tongue w/salmon roe & black mustard?) but you basically can’t go wrong ordering, which is astounding given the range & breadth of the thing

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • LA WeeklyAnimal gives you yet another reason to dine on beef tendon, veal brains, sweetbreads and pig’s ears after 10pm. The meat-centric restaurant is open until midnight on Fri + Sat and 11pm during the week

    33333 by LA Weekly

  • George H.Everything is amazing, especially the poutine!

    55555 by George H.

  • Jen B.Dine with a group and get ready to go splitsies on chicken liver toast, hamachi tostada, burrata, b-sprouts, sweetbreads, spare ribs and both/any/all foie gras dishes especially the biscuit gravy.

    55555 by Jen B.

  • Jap-cTry the chicken liver toast!

    55555 by Jap-c

  • Meg FarmerTrendy, loud, and delicious. Bone marrow was a win.

    55555 by Meg Farmer

  • Eli S.This is a distinctive restaurant with a very unique meat-heavy menu. A great night out. Definitely one of the must-visit restaurants of LA. They also serve beer in comically small beer glasses.

    55555 by Eli S.

  • Katrina ZaiThe most amazing thing ever was the foie & biscuit. Also pork belly sliders are awesome too.

    55555 by Katrina Zai

  • Melon L.just order everything. Trust me.

    55555 by Melon L.

  • HéloïseDon't miss the Burrata and Hamachi.

    55555 by Héloïse

  • Men's Health MagVinny Dotolo and Jon Shook's noisy meat hall is a must for adventurous carnivores. If the poutine with oxtail gravy is on the menu when you visit, don't hesitate—just order it.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • Lauren BertoliniPork ear was the best. Pork ribs and pork belly were meh. Skip the BLT.

    55555 by Lauren Bertolini

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Animal as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Abu Aya aka KDVery good eat everything off an animal

    55555 by Abu Aya aka KD

  • Jen MEverything

    55555 by Jen M

  • Pocket SunDistinctive place. Casual setting, great variety of meat. Loved the chicken liver toast, the quail and the crispy duck leg! Definitely worth it. Innovative cooking method mixed with fun ingredients.

    55555 by Pocket Sun

  • Gina MHamachi taco. Just order it! You won't be sorry.

    55555 by Gina M

  • LA WeeklyThe first thing you should know about Animal is that it is practically a shrine to bacon, which appears everywhere on the short, seasonal menu, up to and including a chocolate dessert.

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • Men's Health MagGiven the time of year, the seasonal menu may contain any of the following: pig tails, pig ears, veal brains, rabbit legs, bone marrow, lamb neck, sweetbreads, quail, foie gras, and, yes, Spam.

    55555 by Men's Health Mag

  • Men's Health MagThe owners of this restaurant can get away with charging $35 for a Spam burger. And it’s worth it.

    33333 by Men's Health Mag

  • Los Angeles TimesAnimal is the kind of restaurant that other chefs dream about, a kitchen that renders its darkest, and happiest, thoughts in smoking, dripping flesh.

    55555 by Los Angeles Times

  • Tony CunThey played Bone Thugz "Crossroads" during dinner. This automatically won me over.

    55555 by Tony Cun

  • Kyxz AI recommend everything ! Love this place !

    55555 by Kyxz A

  • CamilleEat absofuckinglutely everything

    55555 by Camille

  • Carolyn F.Order as much as you can. Everything is delicious. Skip the peaches & gnocchi. Go for the tongue, pigs ears, toast, and Caesar salad.

    55555 by Carolyn F.

  • Ryan CBe adventurous and Animal will reward you!

    55555 by Ryan C

  • John I.Absolutely OVERRATED. Nothing special and nothing to worth $100+ per person.

    33333 by John I.

  • Molly T.I'm a vegetarian and I had a great time.

    55555 by Molly T.

  • Nathan K.The tendon chips with pho dipping sauce was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten!

    55555 by Nathan K.

  • João Victor Aasdgf dg adfgasdf

    55555 by João Victor A

  • Rael C.lugar bem divertido otima comida

    55555 by Rael C.

  • Ratthazart H.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😋

    55555 by Ratthazart H.

  • Babí L.Muito boom,

    55555 by Babí L.

  • Ray T.Quail, rabbit, and the strawberry/guava pudding dessert are amazing.

    55555 by Ray T.

  • Dru B.Phenomenal service and a solid menu. Choose anything - it'll be delicious!

    55555 by Dru B.

  • Los AngelesThe hamachi tostada packs a wallop of flavor with slivers of jalapeño, crunchy peanuts, Thai basil and fried onion. For heartier appetites, there’s a Flintstones-size smoked turkey leg.

    55555 by Los Angeles

  • Tony X.If the Pig Tails are on the menu, get it. But always start off with the chicken liver mousse on toast. End the meal with the veal sweetbreads which they flash fry leaving the inside super creamy.

    55555 by Tony X.

  • Akiko I.Better than "Son of a Gun" (sister restaurant), but not as good as "ink". Very solid foods but I'm kinda bored to see the same items as other tapas places.. But chicken liver toast was great!

    55555 by Akiko I.

  • Mohammedمايصلح لنا ابد

    55555 by Mohammed

  • Maguis S.Kampachi is great ! As well as turkey leg!

    55555 by Maguis S.

  • Nicci C.Chicken liver toast, wow wow wow!!

    55555 by Nicci C.

  • Rob H.Off menu item: agedashi tofu... trust me

    55555 by Rob H.

  • Amy C.Uni uni uni uni uni :D

    55555 by Amy C.

  • Paul J.i love this place i found it from

    55555 by Paul J.

  • Travis S.Eat that poutine and feel good.

    55555 by Travis S.

  • Ryan B.I love tendon in my pho but puffed tendon with pho onion dip takes it to a whole other level.

    55555 by Ryan B.

  • LeAnneYOU NEED to eat here - considering the quality and service - this was one of the MOST reasonably priced meals I have ever eaten in LA! Three Cheers!

    55555 by LeAnne

  • Soner Ü.Sabahin 5 buçuğu ve donut yiyorlar:)

    55555 by Soner Ü.

  • Jordi M.Despres del veganisme i el crudovorisme, a L.A. triomfa la cuina animal. Carta sencera dedicada a carns poc nobles i vísceres. Molt recomenable.

    55555 by Jordi M.

  • James G.Always say yes to the pig ears.

    33333 by James G.

  • Zachary S.If you're an adventurous carnivore there is no better place to get delicious food that will challenge your taste buds and blow your mind. You owe it to yourself to stop in if you're in the area.

    55555 by Zachary S.

  • Los Angeles TimesJohn Shook and Vinny Dotolo have a pretty good sense of what tastes good, be it melted cheese with chorizo or calves' brains with the French curry vadouvan

    55555 by Los Angeles Times

  • Hadeel O.Veal tongue, chicken liver toast and bone marrow dishes were sublime!

    55555 by Hadeel O.

  • Scott L.Amazing meal. Amazing staff. Be forewarned the staff will do everything to accommodate you but if your allergic to peanuts, your choices will be limited.

    55555 by Scott L.

  • Keith W.make a reservation! the marrow bone and pork belly were amazing.

    55555 by Keith W.

  • Mortgage Capital AssociatesHigh quality ingredients and an inventive kitchen make for a fantastic experience. You can't go wrong with anything, but the pork belly sandwich is my favorite (at least, this week!).

    55555 by Mortgage Capital Associates

  • Monica J.Tried and loved the Hamachi Tostada, pig ear, PIGS HEAD, and **pork belly sliders**. Skip the bacon chocolate dessert (did not like!)

    55555 by Monica J.

  • Gloria C.get the pig ear, bone marrow, hamachi tostada, maple sausage gravy, chicken liver toast, pork belly sandwich, foie gras, bacon chocolate crunch bar!!

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • LillycitaMiserable, make sure you tell your waiter about peanut allergy- they fry EVERYTHING in it :(

    33333 by Lillycita

  • @SDWIFEYSticky Toffee Pudding. To. Die. For.

    55555 by @SDWIFEY

  • Calvin T.Delicious Chicken Liver Toast. For $3, it's practically free relative to your total bill.

    55555 by Calvin T.

  • Brian B.Try the Chocolate Bacon Bar (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Try the Duck Breast (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Try the Duck And Shrimp Spring Rolls (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Try the Pork Belly Sandwiches (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Try the crispy pig head (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Brian B.Try the Chicken Liver Toast (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Vlad G.Bacon crunch bar for dessert is a must!

    55555 by Vlad G.

  • Sean B.Small place, but has quickly become the must go to place for chefs when they visit LA; they are doing some crazy things with meat there. The bacon chocolate bar for dessert is great!

    55555 by Sean B.

  • Kiat 明.The chicken liver toast (with balsamic shallots) is amazeballs! Must order. To. Die. For.

    55555 by Kiat 明.

  • Karolina K.Amazing... Try it all, do not be afraid

    55555 by Karolina K.

  • Cyndi B.Animal = Amazing. The rabbit and shrimp spring rolls, the marrow, pork belly sliders, chicken liver toast, all Ridiculously good.We even went with a kosher friend & she found some salad gems. Enjoy!

    55555 by Cyndi B.

  • Elizabeth L.Bone marrow, hamachi tostada, shrimp sausage spring rolls (best spring roll ever), grilled quail, tandoori octopus.

    55555 by Elizabeth L.

  • Brian G.With a name like Animal, you'd expect this restaurant to either have 17 different kinds of meat, or intense, regularly occurring drum solos. Surprisingly, it's the latter.

    55555 by Brian G.

  • David S.Get a table by the why haven't I been seated yet, i have a reservation?!

    22222 by David S.

  • Gabe R.Go for the rabbit spring rolls, ribs, ox tail poutine (essentially gravy fries), and veal brains. You haven't lived until you've tried veal brains.

    55555 by Gabe R.

  • Dan L.Definitely try the Poutine with Oxtail Gravy and cheddar!

    55555 by Dan L.

  • Jannica C.Food was on point. Bring a group to try a little bit of everything - approx. 2 plates per person. Great dishes were Pig ears, burata, yellow tail hamachi, putine with oxtail, and pork ribs.

    55555 by Jannica C.

  • Salil G.Hamachi tostada = game changer

    55555 by Salil G.

  • Mucho C.Solid restaurant!! Arguably one of the best in the US. If only they had booze... Enjoy.

    55555 by Mucho C.

  • Daniel C.Victor is the best! Get Hamachi tostada Always , pig ears and porkbelly sliders

    55555 by Daniel C.

  • Benjamin S.Don't miss the bacon chocolate crunch bar w/ salt & pepper ice cream.

    55555 by Benjamin S.

  • Benjamin S.Call right @ 2pm & you can usually get a reservation for that night.

    55555 by Benjamin S.

  • Adam F.Oxtail poutine. Sweet corn agnolotti. Chicken liver toast. Must!

    55555 by Adam F.

  • Travel ChannelAnimal is a carnivore-centric restaurant specializing in all those good bits. Tony Bourdain tried marrow bone, chicken hearts, hamachi tostada, coconut sweetbreads, pig tails and crispy rabbit legs.

    55555 by Travel Channel

  • Falcon ElizabethOh in addition to tandoori octopus, there was this steak (fondue?) dish with truffle sauce which was AMAZING... And the BBQ pork sliders were a must have. This place was SO good!

    55555 by Falcon Elizabeth

  • Falcon ElizabethTandoori octopus!! We loved it so much we got two orders!!

    55555 by Falcon Elizabeth

  • Maxime A.Very Pricey but very good. Meals to share but is you are 3 or more you might have to order more than one dish of the same thing if you want everyone to have a taste. And the house Chardonnay is good.

    55555 by Maxime A.

  • Four Seasons Los Angeles C.More upscale experimental dining and great Angus beef burgers.

    55555 by Four Seasons Los Angeles C.

  • B F.pork belly and marrow bone...yes please.

    55555 by B F.

  • GrubwithusPeople might not talk about this one as much, but we love their balsamic pork ribs. Fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

    55555 by Grubwithus

  • Xavier D.Make your reservation a 2-3 weeks in advance!

    33333 by Xavier D.

  • Dannis L.This is the refined, almost ethereal version of Au Pied de Cochon. Excellent, without making a big fuss about it.

    55555 by Dannis L.

  • Cristo L.Lookin' for Love Badge

    55555 by Cristo L.

  • Daniel H.Animalhas great food. I mean, probably some of the best food I've had ever, but the service was not the best. We had at least 3 incidents occur in one outing. My friend has had the same experience.

    55555 by Daniel H.

  • Tyler M.also, read Chef's Feed and eat everything the Chefs tell you to.

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • Tyler M.Eat the baby rabbit spring rolls, the oxtail poutine, & everything that's snout to tail greatness-not found anywhere but NYC, SF, or the travel channel. Ask for wine pairings&save room for desserts.

    55555 by Tyler M.

  • Richard Z.Oh my goodness the pork belly sliders are the truth. Fois gras maple biscuit will leave you speechless

    55555 by Richard Z.

  • Ben L.Pork belly sandwich is awesome!

    55555 by Ben L.

  • Renee L.It's next to Supreme - no sign

    33333 by Renee L.

  •  Deon P.Pork belly sandwich ! Yum

    55555 by  Deon P.

  • Cynthia S.The poutine is food for the gods. The BEST!!

    55555 by Cynthia S.

  • Mei L.Winning combination of oxtail & poutine, foie gras & biscuits, pork belly sandwich, balsamic ribs, tres leche and bacon chocolate bar!

    55555 by Mei L.

  • Gerard F.Don't forget to end your dinner with the Tres Leches with Dulce de Leche. I can die now!

    55555 by Gerard F.

  • Chris K.Pork belly burgers! Yummy yummy.

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Andrew S.Order anything, you can't go wrong. Foie Gras Moco Loco is one of my all time favorites.

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Sean R.Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar

    55555 by Sean R.

  • Kristin C.Sal is the best waiter. He won't "steer" you wrong. The custard dessert is amazing!

    55555 by Kristin C.

  • Nozomi O.foie gras + buiscuit + sausage gravy = nuff said

    55555 by Nozomi O.

  • talisha q.try the foie gras loco moco

    55555 by talisha q.

  • Alex's LemonadeAre you a FOODIE? Then join us and Chef Jon Shook of Animal at our L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade Event on 11/6! TIX: http://bit.ly/bpA6hU

    55555 by Alex's Lemonade

  • Alex's LemonadeWe are honored to have Chef Vinny Dotolo of Animal be a Chef at our L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade Event on 11/6. Join us: http://bit.ly/LALovesAlexsLem

    55555 by Alex's Lemonade

  • LA WeeklyAnimal is small and loud and powered by seasonal organic produce; has a nice list of manly wines and is unafraid to serve an unadorned bowl of fruit for dessert ...

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • Bush A.My LA Favorite..Gourmet food that always is tasty, creative, fun and a feast. We never pay over $120 for 2 and that includes appetizers, food, beverages and at this place dessert.

    55555 by Bush A.

  • Eric C.One of the best dishes: Foie Gras Loco Moco. Yup, they put those two together.

    55555 by Eric C.

  • Brooke KFoie biscuit, hamachi tostada, pork ribs and crispy pig ears are all out of control. Everything is amazing and staff is friendly and helpful.

    55555 by Brooke K

  • QuocBBQ Pork Sandwiches. At least twice.

    55555 by Quoc

  • rebecca l.you want to eat this before you die: foie gras, biscuit & maple sausage gravy

    55555 by rebecca l.

  • rebecca l.ordered the pig ear, which i hate, because i knew if i was ever going to like it, it was going to be at animal. spot on. yum!

    33333 by rebecca l.

  • A.J. B.meat meat meat! For all you meatlovers!

    55555 by A.J. B.

  • Paul K.Favorite restaurant in LA... I dream of the oxtail poutine.

    55555 by Paul K.

  • PlinyThe3rdBest Thing: Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar.

    55555 by PlinyThe3rd

  • Food NetworkDuff Goldman prefers the fresh, local ingredients and the classic American cuisine at Animal on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. We recommend the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar. Find more tips at FN Local.

    55555 by Food Network

  • Michael EBeen a minute.

    33333 by Michael E

  • JakeI know everyone else suggested the "Pork Belly Pig" already, but I am verifying it. It is the best I could ever imagine. Bacon x 10. -- I'd fight a gang of twenty for these slider. I'd destroy them.

    55555 by Jake

  • JakeThere is no signage outside. Just look for black paint on the West side.

    33333 by Jake

  • Geraldine C.Eat your boyfriend's portion of the BBQ pork belly sandwiches...you won't regret it!

    55555 by Geraldine C.

  • Hiram V.poutine with oxtail gravy and cheddar is so unhealthy but so good at the same time

    55555 by Hiram V.

  • The FeastStill really hard to book a table, so trying going for an early 6 PM or late reservation after 10 PM on a Monday.

    33333 by The Feast

  • Thomas B.Yeah the foui gras lives up to the hype

    33333 by Thomas B.

  • Chrissy y.pork buns, foie gras, hamachi tostada. the end.

    55555 by Chrissy y.

  • ECavaThey're knocking it out of the park, overall! Must haves: Hamachi crudo, bone marrow. Also great: cavatelli, pork belly sliders. Just ok: poutine.

    55555 by ECava

  • Georgia M.I have never felt more carnivorous. Get the foie gras biscuit and gravy and the BBQ pork belly if you know what's good for you.

    55555 by Georgia M.

  • Sarah K.Holy crap the fois gras and biscuits dish is RICH and DELICIOUS. Feel like a rock star and order it.

    55555 by Sarah K.

  • The Daily MealOxtail poutine…oxtail poutine…this little piggy had ears and tails (and we ate them) but most of all, oxtail poutine.

    55555 by The Daily Meal

  • LA WeeklyFeatured on LA Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants!

    55555 by LA Weekly

  • BravoTake a walk on the tasty side of fun food. Totally relaxed atmosphere and spot on food. Lardo has never been my favorite...ever...but I like it here.-Rick Moonen, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • EaterA newbie by comparison to some Eater 38 members, Jon and Vinny's small and loud porkapalooza delight remains all the rage with the food set. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Kate M.They even put Bacon in their dessert...

    33333 by Kate M.

  • GourmetLiveFor dessert, there’s a chocolate crunch bar topped with crumbles of Nueske bacon that sounds sort of bull-in-a-china-shop, but it actually works.

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Rob H.If you don't get the $35 foie GRAS burger you ain't shit

    33333 by Rob H.

  • Margaret TOTO Jean W.Oxtail and pulled pork belly sandwich !

    55555 by Margaret TOTO Jean W.

  • Christine GDon't miss the poutine in oxtail gravy and cheddar or pig ears dressed in lime, chili, and fried egg at Animal.

    55555 by Christine G

  • Ashley B.Order the Pig Ear! It will be love at first nibble :p

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Neil R.Poutine = good

    55555 by Neil R.

  • Johanna F.Poutine is a MUST! Try the lamb meatballs, sweetbreads, pork ribs, hamachi...

    55555 by Johanna F.

  • Fred J.you must try the foie gras on a maple biscuit. Not a light snack, but amazing!

    55555 by Fred J.

  • Augustus MBomb everything. Just enough to not burst open those Dior jeans. Get: loco moco. Delish!

    55555 by Augustus M

  • Mona N.Hamachi tostada and the kale. Just order it.

    55555 by Mona N.

  • AskMenJeremy Fox is a renowned vegetarian chef & starting May 17th - May 23rd, he’ll be doing an exclusive prix fixe menu at the Animal for just $70. Now the trick is getting a reservation. Bonne chance.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Danny L.Ribs, Pork Belly Sliders, Sweetbreads, Soft Shell Crab, Defibrillator! Good to go again!

    55555 by Danny L.

  • Evan C.Mob over with a crew and order everything on the menu.

    55555 by Evan C.

  • Tony DCheck out the bacon chocolate crunch bar, saw it "The Best Thing I ever ate"

    55555 by Tony D

  • Geoff O.Always always always get the porkbelly sandwich. From there, experiment.

    55555 by Geoff O.

  • Maria JI would recommend all the small plates. Go with friends and come prepared to eat it family style. It is amazing.

    55555 by Maria J

  • Jamie M.foie gras, biscuit & maple sausage gravy = my new favorite food

    55555 by Jamie M.

  • Terah Rlooking forward to checking out animal with meep!

    55555 by Terah R

  • Albert L.The pork belly sandwiches won't let you down! Scrumptious!

    55555 by Albert L.

  • David B.The ribs are to die for and evrthing else is just as good.

    55555 by David B.

  • Hillary N.Melted petit basque and baby broccoli, pancetta, and egg are not to be missed. Order a bunch of apps and share.

    55555 by Hillary N.

  • Lindsay APig ear was my favourite dish. Everything pretty great though.

    55555 by Lindsay A

  • Jeremy M.foie gras loco moco. so, so good.

    55555 by Jeremy M.

  • Sarah S.great for sharing; order multiple desserts :)

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • BravoIf you need a late meal, Animal is open until 2am on weekends. Food is great and they serve "PBR" in a can.-Michael Voltaggio, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Megan Oh my...didn't know the animal parts I didn't want to try could be so good!!!

    33333 by Megan

  • Ben Dshare plates. All the food is really good so share it!

    55555 by Ben D

  • Alex R.order the pig ear, chili, lime and fried egg. totAlly worth $9

    55555 by Alex R.

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