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Root & Bone

200 E 3rd St
Manhattan, NY 10009

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(646) 682-7076


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Monday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Thursday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Friday: 5:30 am - 1:30 am
  • Saturday: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm, 5:30 am - 1:30 am

4.8 of 5.0 from 200 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Root & Bone Reviews

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  • Abdulelah DMac and cheese and fried chicken 👌🏻

    55555 by Abdulelah D

  • Sabih DUpscale vibe. Upscale pricing. Average food. Don't bother fighting the basic Instagram crowd for a table here. Walk a couple of blocks to Bobwhite or Sweet Chick.

    33333 by Sabih D

  • Sofia BI recommend chicken and waffle sandwich. Delicious it was!

    55555 by Sofia B

  • Monique CGravy and Biscuits so good, fried chicken too. Key Lime Pie very good!

    55555 by Monique C

  • HachikaoruGood place for brunch. Delicious bloody Mary.

    55555 by Hachikaoru

  • Don Lichterman FThe best food you will ever experience, ever! Fried Chicken on a waffle, Mac & Cheese...

    55555 by Don Lichterman F

  • Felix LBest fried chicken in town. Grits are the bomb as well!

    55555 by Felix L

  • Michelle W.Those cheesy waffles are sweet and savory and moist and crunchy and exactly what late night dreams are made of

    55555 by Michelle W.

  • Christopher L.Amazing waffles (light, fluffy, perfect consistency). Ridiculously juicy fried chicken. Get a bucket of rosé while you're at it...

    55555 by Christopher L.

  • Lilia AAmazing Place!

    55555 by Lilia A

  • Tucker rMade a trip here but they closed an hour and a half early and told me they "are just closing early. sorry." while still serving other customers.

    22222 by Tucker r

  • Andrickson LI love food and I love to go to new places, if you are like me you would love this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10-Bpb2A-jo

    55555 by Andrickson L

  • Elif EFried chicken biscuits harika, mutlaka deneyin.

    55555 by Elif E

  • Andie BWe got so much food - mac, biscuits, chicken, shrimp and grits, corn...so good.

    55555 by Andie B

  • Sarah V.Everything was amazing. Biscuits melt in your mouth. Ribs have a good kick, and the pot pie is huge. Share everything so you don't miss out!

    55555 by Sarah V.

  • Samantha JoBest brunch in the east village. Def get the Bonuts. Not good for big groups and gets crowded. Arrive early and hungry.

    55555 by Samantha Jo

  • William HReally loved the fried chicken and waffle sandwich. An absolute must get if you go here!

    55555 by William H

  • Adam VSolid fried chicken, good drinks, and laid back atmosphere.

    55555 by Adam V

  • Herve BSmall space but BIG taste, the menu is an assortment of everything I want to eat and when I did bite into my meal, it was heaven.

    55555 by Herve B

  • Bradley KBest fried chicken in NYC, far as I can tell, thanks to the sweet tea brining. Learn just how much pimento cheese can do for all foods.

    55555 by Bradley K

  • Christian D.The angel biscuits are to die for. Period. Top 5 all time NY favorite. But the chicken and esp waffles are much better at sweet chick. Butternut squash and mac&cheese were solid but not outstanding.

    55555 by Christian D.

  • Deon D.Restaurant week: Chicken and waffles, salad, biscuit, both sides and both desserts were great. Drink included with dinner for restaurant week. The restaurant is small.

    55555 by Deon D.

  • Tommy ChenCome for weekday lunch, there's little to no wait. The chicken is oozing with flavor. Get the cheddar waffles with your chicken. The biscuits were much better this go.

    55555 by Tommy Chen

  • Christine JThe fried chicken is the best I've had so far!

    55555 by Christine J

  • Rama LouisThe bucket of chicken and brussel sprouts are a must, dinner was fantastic! The atmosphere was perfect for date night.

    55555 by Rama Louis

  • Ashley AFarro & Burrata was delicious

    55555 by Ashley A

  • Patrick N.Honestly we came here because of the reviews but I think it's highly overrated. The chicken was dry and the sides were only decent. Better to go to Bobwhite Counter.

    22222 by Patrick N.

  • Theresa R.Fried chicken and wine perfection

    55555 by Theresa R.

  • Kristina PThe basket of fried chicken and the Brussels sprouts were the jam.

    55555 by Kristina P

  • EaterThe fried chicken at this East Village spot has been famously marinated in sweet lemon ice tea, which leads to a pronounced flavor and spongy flesh.

    55555 by Eater

  • Morgan LAmazing fried chicken, and deviled eggs too!

    55555 by Morgan L

  • Peter T.Fried chicken

    55555 by Peter T.

  • Elle MSouthern, Gastropub. Daily Brunch, Dinner.

    55555 by Elle M

  • Brian D.grandma biscuits, chicken waffle sandwich and the gentleman farmer.

    55555 by Brian D.

  • Peta S.The food is delicious. Been here on 3 occasions and have never been disappointed with the food. The jury is still out on the service. I've only had great service on a weekday. 😕

    55555 by Peta S.

  • Cory CChic,Mac & chiz.

    55555 by Cory C

  • PureWowGet the macaroni and cheese!

    33333 by PureWow

  • PureWowWhat’s the secret to Root & Bone’s mouthwatering chicken-and-waffle sandwich? Shh, the meat is brined in sweet tea with cayenne and paprika.

    55555 by PureWow

  • PureWowMacaroni & Cheese: Massive macaroni noodles are topped with white & yellow cheddar and topped with crumbled biscuits.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Bin Y.For a party of 2, the half chicken + waffles + the deviled eggs should do you in. For 4, double everything except the waffles and get another app! Save room for dessert!

    55555 by Bin Y.

  • Sebastian DChicken sandwich appetizers. Just do it.

    55555 by Sebastian D

  • Jo BDeviled eggs

    55555 by Jo B

  • Caroline DengWaffle eggs Benedict was delicious, and the southern style decor was extremely cute and charming. Make sure to reserve because wait times will be around 30 mins during brunch hours.

    55555 by Caroline Deng

  • Ronald B.I've had their fried chicken three times, and every time my thought is "why do people like this so much?" Pretty overrated. Head over to Bobwhite Counter where the fried chicken is 10 times better.

    33333 by Ronald B.

  • Ralph JSeems like there aren't a shortage of fried chicken spots on the east side of lower Manhattan. and this spot is totally on my top five rotation

    55555 by Ralph J

  • Christopher D.The fried chicken was amazing! So moist m, yet crispy. The waffles were delicious, as well. Would eat them again and again!!

    55555 by Christopher D.

  • Ashley M.Not great brunch. Maybe dinner is better. Chicken & waffles are pre-made, get reheated upon ordering. Biscuits are good, but go to Sweet Chick or Pies n Thighs for significantly better fried chicken.

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Chris DHalf chicken, biscuits, Mac and cheese, and@a specialty cocktail x2

    55555 by Chris D

  • Nate B.I came here thinking I was in for over-battered deep fry and was pleasantly surprised by the delicately prepared, exquisite, delicious meal. Try the deviled eggs to start - not your typical fare.

    55555 by Nate B.

  • Brant AA solid southern brunch a buckwheat cheddar waffles and crisp fried chicken.

    55555 by Brant A

  • Lauren RChicken and waffles are some of the best

    55555 by Lauren R

  • Sonny K.Yeah, this place is for real, get anything and u will be happy

    55555 by Sonny K.

  • Acire BThe shrimp and grits are amazing. Also try the Mac and cheese. Can't go wrong with cheese grits. Highly recommended.

    55555 by Acire B

  • Amber LoweyFried chicken and waffles. Sides are good too.

    55555 by Amber Lowey

  • Teresa FGreat fried chicken waffle! Good portion, crispy but not too oily!

    55555 by Teresa F

  • Todd THalf a chicken and shrimp and grits. Can not beat it!

    55555 by Todd T

  • Chris P.Loved it. Deviled eggs, fried chicken w/waffles, fried green tomato sandwiches & short rib meat loaf all great. The chicken and green tomatoes were the stars. Excellent southern food.

    55555 by Chris P.

  • Matt S.Mac and cheese has a crust made out of biscuit crumbs. It is creamy and delicious.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Matt S.Biscuits are small yet insanely tasty. They come two per order. Don't forget to get a good dip in the chicken jus.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Edmund BoeyFried chicken and waffles! Mac and cheese! Do it now!

    55555 by Edmund Boey

  • Eliot CFried chicken

    55555 by Eliot C

  • Guillaume FlandreAmazing soul food restaurant! Get the bird bucket with waffles and the incredible mac and cheese!

    55555 by Guillaume Flandre

  • AllisonFried Chicken👌

    55555 by Allison

  • Tyler L.Root and Bone has often been named the best Southern cooking in the city. The menu doesn’t go far beyond fried chicken, but whenever fried chicken comes in a basket, you know you don’t need anything

    55555 by Tyler L.

  • Max B.This is one of the best places for fried chicken. Everything was fresh and delicious! The chocolate hazelnut bar for dessert is a must have!

    55555 by Max B.

  • Michael JFried chicken, Brussels sprouts

    55555 by Michael J

  • Loren F.The Deviled eggs are phenomenal. And so cute. :-)

    55555 by Loren F.

  • Karina Z.Fried chicken, biscuits, deviled eggs were meh. Mac n cheese was the only decent thing. Service was horrible, had to ask the lady 5x for water.

    22222 by Karina Z.

  • citizenMThere's usually a crowd but the homemade honey-Tabasco sauce alone is worth the wait.

    55555 by citizenM

  • Ryan CA strong YES to the fried chicken, corn spoon bread, and Mac and cheese. This place is great, and DO get a reservation. The wait times are crazy no matter what they say because people linger.

    55555 by Ryan C

  • Alex SimonFried chicken

    55555 by Alex Simon

  • Jennifer S.don't miss out on the mac and cheese.

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Jo BFried chicken, deviled eggs

    55555 by Jo B

  • GlennFried chicken is the best you'll find in NYC. The shrimp and grits and the mac and cheese are also fantastic. Ask to sit at the chefs counter and chat with the chefs!

    55555 by Glenn

  • Danielle HaynerThe roots and ricotta is one of the most unique sandwiches I've had - and I'll definitely be back for seconds.

    55555 by Danielle Hayner

  • Stephen LChicken was great. Desserts were too reliant on marzipan ice cream -- which was not good.

    55555 by Stephen L

  • Giray AtalayCrispy Chicken Biscuits!!!!!

    55555 by Giray Atalay

  • Giray AtalayCrispy Chicken Biscuits

    55555 by Giray Atalay

  • Dri APeça pelo fried chicken waffle sandwich! Delicioso! Ambiente super charmoso!

    55555 by Dri A

  • Jason B.The deviled eggs were some of the best I've had and the fried chicken lived up to the billing. Also don't be afraid to sit at the chef's bar on a busy night for a great experience!

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Augustin de Guerryok place but not worth it given the wait

    33333 by Augustin de Guerry

  • Yaz MusWaaaaaaaaay overpriced for the tiny serving sizes. Literally, brunch for ants.

    22222 by Yaz Mus

  • David VThe Chicken and waffles is to die for and is highly deliucious.

    55555 by David V

  • Bitches Who B.The Bitches say: A. The perfect neighborhood spot for some comfort food and Southern hospitality. Don’t miss the biscuits and fried chicken, there’s even a take-out window!

    55555 by Bitches Who B.

  • Kirsten P.The root vegetables are as delicious as they are beautiful. A great accompaniment to the fried chicken and biscuits.

    55555 by Kirsten P.

  • Sol H.Bad service and mediocre food

    22222 by Sol H.

  • Marco J.Everything!! Can't go wrong with the Brisket Biscuit

    55555 by Marco J.

  • Florence JSalads can be vegan. Great cocktails and outside seating

    55555 by Florence J

  • Jess L.It's good...not amazing but good enough for Ave B. The service is even less desirable.

    55555 by Jess L.

  • Kibi LAmazing! With a capital A. Get a bucket and prepare to feast.

    55555 by Kibi L

  • Emily KaneMaking a reservation on OpenTable ahead of time is never a bad idea. When you do get here, I suggest splitting an order of everything as long as mac and cheese is involved.

    33333 by Emily Kane

  • Collin ASome of the best chicken and waffles ever!

    55555 by Collin A

  • Jennifer EFresh, delicious, and amazing!

    55555 by Jennifer E

  • Jenny U.Overrated. The mac & cheese noodles were thick & al dente but the sauce was similar to Cheez Whiz. The chicken and waffle sandwich was decent, green tomato was on point but the chicken was tough.

    33333 by Jenny U.

  • AlanaCharming place that's bigger than it appears. Chicken and waffles were very filling and very good. So so Mac and cheese. Spiked Sweet tea didn't seem to be very spiked.

    55555 by Alana

  • Sabrina M.Grandma's biscuits are heavenly and two per order. Peach salad was okay. Chilled watermelon was good but could be spicier. Fried chicken is bomb. 🍗

    55555 by Sabrina M.

  • Julius T.The biscuits are really damn good. Half bird is a huge portion, love the honey tabasco

    55555 by Julius T.

  • Justine RAmazing! Get the chicken & waffle + grandma's angel biscuits + strawberry shortcake (pictured). Do NOT get the deviled eggs.

    55555 by Justine R

  • Justine RAmazing! Get the chicken & waffle + grandma's angel biscuits + strawberry shortcake (pictured). Do NOT get the deviled eggs...

    55555 by Justine R

  • Ryan A.Great mac and cheese and cocktails. Deviled eggs were good but only 3 of them. Skip the shrimp and grits they were too soggy and too many onions.

    33333 by Ryan A.

  • Raphael LangenscheidtThis place is good not great - but definitely worth a visit if you've never been. Do the chicken waffle sandwich and the deviled eggs for sure. Skip the shrimp and grits.

    55555 by Raphael Langenscheidt

  • Vivian KongTheir waffles are out of this world

    55555 by Vivian Kong

  • Jennifer M.Amazing! Definitely try the chicken and waffles!

    55555 by Jennifer M.

  • Leisha MagsisiDelicious chicken and waffles. Biscuits are a must. Mac and cheese was delicious. It's good southern comfort food!

    55555 by Leisha Magsisi

  • Jeanette K.Mac n cheese

    55555 by Jeanette K.

  • Monique SmithThe fried chicken is great! There was a 2hr wait, so just go to the take-out area ... It takes 10min

    55555 by Monique Smith

  • Julia M.Quite possibly the best fried chicken I've had - full of juicy flavour right through the white meat. And those biscuits!

    55555 by Julia M.

  • Fati LFried chicken lives up to the hype. Get the honey biscuits with chicken jus

    55555 by Fati L

  • Ray C.Waffles with crispy chicken

    55555 by Ray C.

  • Steven C.Amazing biscuits, chicken (HOT SAUCE HONEY!), and waffles. Really warm vibe as well. 💯

    55555 by Steven C.

  • Kathryn PhillipsSuch a cute place! Great service and delicious food. Fun summer cocktails.

    55555 by Kathryn Phillips

  • riley fosterWhen we walked in, my partner commented that it smelled like his meme's kitchen -- there is no higher praise. This is the only place I've had real Southern food since moving up north.

    33333 by riley foster

  • Caitlyn K.I've been trying to get in here for months and it was worth the wait. Everything was delicious! Highly recommend the chicken biscuits, but they're small so get some sides. Also don't skip dessert!

    55555 by Caitlyn K.

  • Em AThe fried chicken is fantastic. Very crispy and not greasy at all. Their waffles and biscuits were also amazing.

    55555 by Em A

  • James B.Best biscuits and chicken

    55555 by James B.

  • Mike JThe fried chicken is a must!

    55555 by Mike J

  • Oli F-jGreat southern food. Best mac and cheese

    55555 by Oli F-j

  • Susan S.Fried chicken with sweet tea in the batter!! So delicious. And the banana pudding and sticky toffee desserts were phenomenal!

    55555 by Susan S.

  • marcy s.The fried chicken is the best in the city! Side salads are delicious.

    55555 by marcy s.

  • Jim TaylorTop quality Southern cuisine is on offer at Root & Bone. They boast a huge menu which caters for groups of all shapes and sizes.

    55555 by Jim Taylor

  • Nancy YiRanch cloud, so dreamy

    55555 by Nancy Yi

  • SophiaIf you want food coma, eat here. At least it's good food coma. And if you want fried chicken perfume/cologne, eat here. Or wait inside for 5 mins. At least it smells like heaven.

    55555 by Sophia

  • Mo JSo much flavor in everything! Delicious. Get the chicken and waffle sandwich and the devil eggs

    55555 by Mo J

  • RingoAmazing Food! Come early on weekend, before 10:30, or make reservation a month in advance.

    55555 by Ringo

  • Gaby Z.Great food. Great atmosphere.

    55555 by Gaby Z.

  • AleiaFried chicken and grits filled with cornbread crumbles...true southern sweet tea #heavenly

    55555 by Aleia

  • Giovanni D.Might be the best fried chicken in the East Village. Try the mini waffles and half a bucket. Also, they make a Bloody Mary with your choice of liquor.

    55555 by Giovanni D.

  • Kara T.Grits were filling & very flavorful!

    55555 by Kara T.

  • Maria D.Macaroni and cheese, grits, and fried chicken are delicious.

    55555 by Maria D.

  • Alex F.Amazing fried chicken

    55555 by Alex F.

  • Heidi Q.Fried chicken FTW!

    55555 by Heidi Q.

  • Ashley Rose S.Bob White meets Northern Spy. Food is good but I'd have to say the waffles were the highlight. I'll be returning to my old favorite BW for my friend chicken fix from now on.

    55555 by Ashley Rose S.

  • Kaity C.Tight space but food is good

    55555 by Kaity C.

  • Khalil ibitefoodThe crispy chicken with maple tobasco

    55555 by Khalil ibitefood

  • Michelle RobertsI'm not a huge chicken eater but this fried chicken was divine! So juicy but yet crunchy on the outside. The waffles with a light layer of cheddar cheese was fantastic. Highly recommend this place!

    55555 by Michelle Roberts

  • Sandra C.One of my favorite places for fried chicken. I'm not a dessert person, but I have a weakness for their sticky toffee pudding, the stout ice cream cuts the its sweetness perfectly.

    55555 by Sandra C.

  • Ruby A.Get a glass of sweet tea and the fried chicken waffle sandwich. Also on certain weekdays you can order half the benedict if you're not as hungry.

    55555 by Ruby A.

  • Daniel M.The fried chicken is excellent. The half bucket is 4 pieces and perfect for 2 people to share. Start with the Angel's biscuits. Beers come in a fun glass.

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Maksim A.Fried Chicken And Waffle Sandwich1

    55555 by Maksim A.

  • doug J.This was good, order this.

    33333 by doug J.

  • citizenMFinger lickin’, lip smackin’ good fried chicken

    55555 by citizenM

  • Jon S.oh man. the fried chicken. the waffles. the mac and cheese. just get a veggie side so you can claim it was a little healthy.

    55555 by Jon S.

  • MeganThe fried chicken was amazing. I could eat a whole bucket myself.

    55555 by Megan

  • Briana Adlerwaffles were underwhelming, chicken could've been crispier, biscuits were perfect

    55555 by Briana Adler

  • Joseph F.Food is pretty good but extremely over-rated and a little overboard on the unnecessary hipster ingredients. Cocktails are good but not great. Service is good. I give it a 6.

    55555 by Joseph F.

  • Anna Carolina ManfroiThe definition of confort food. Just great.

    55555 by Anna Carolina Manfroi

  • Ben RighthandSteak & Eggs with white truffle shavings and cheddar grits on special. Get some

    55555 by Ben Righthand

  • DaawniiChicken and waffle. Done. O, mac and cheeeese!

    55555 by Daawnii

  • Celeste P.Fried chicken and waffles are amazing!

    55555 by Celeste P.

  • Ranu R.Brunch was really solid! Short rib meatloaf was delicious. Ask for your Bloody Mary extra spicy (they do them with bourbon too). Slightly pricey but tasty!

    55555 by Ranu R.

  • Tiffany L.Upscale take on southern food. They mostly do walk-ins, so getting there early is key to avoiding long waits. Known for their fried chicken

    55555 by Tiffany L.

  • Ursula T.Waffle Benedict and fried chicken 👍

    55555 by Ursula T.

  • Dina RughaniFried chicken, biscuits, and the veggie sides are delish!

    55555 by Dina Rughani

  • @tdavidsonFried chicken, of course.

    55555 by @tdavidson

  • Mike F.Not your average meatloaf. Deviled eggs. Drown everything in honey tabasco.

    55555 by Mike F.

  • Chelle 💃.They deliver orders via Caviar app (all the way across to the West Village! )

    55555 by Chelle 💃.

  • Ha DiemThe fried chicken and mac and cheese was delicious. Ask for some tabasco honey with your chicken, best combination ever. Definitely worth the wait.

    55555 by Ha Diem

  • Melody K.Fried chicken and Mac & Cheese!

    55555 by Melody K.

  • Jeremy J.One of the best brunches I have ever had! Waffle Benedict was insane!! Love that they do brunch weds-sun. Came during a weekday and it was peaceful and quiet! Have to come back to try so much more!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • Susanna MendlerMac and cheese

    55555 by Susanna Mendler

  • Kerry D.Deviled eggs!

    55555 by Kerry D.

  • Kayleigh H.Spoon bread and fried chicken were delicious. A good spot for sharing a few dishes with friends.

    55555 by Kayleigh H.

  • Meg FarmerCute place, love the atmosphere. Fried chicken was good, shrimp and grits was over rated.

    55555 by Meg Farmer

  • EaterStarting Sat, 10/18 there will be live music, which will be a fixture on Friday and Saturday nights. Also, they promised to start delivery through Seamless and Grubhub by the month’s end.

    55555 by Eater

  • Lori L.The excellent sides, such as the biscuits, mac and cheese, and root vegetables seem to outshine their signature sweet tea-brined fried chicken. Come early to avoid a wait.

    55555 by Lori L.

  • Akua A.Wait def worth it. If you get the whole chicken just get 1 side..so much food

    55555 by Akua A.

  • Jordan OplingerAsk to sit outside and skip the entire wait. We essentially got take out delivered to our table and skipped an hour and a half wait. Score.

    22222 by Jordan Oplinger

  • Lisa L.FRIED CHICKEN FTW!!!!! Eat here.

    55555 by Lisa L.

  • Yera H.Everything and anything you could get here is grand.

    55555 by Yera H.

  • Shinal LakshmanEverything is so good! Get the chicken & waffles with the biscuits. Also, make reservations to avoid a long wait.

    55555 by Shinal Lakshman

  • Maggie TWaited 45 minutes on a Sunday but it was totally worth it. We got the half bird and the mix of sweet tea brine and lemon made for a unique refreshing taste. Shrimp grits were solid but a bit salty.

    33333 by Maggie T

  • Brand N.The fried chicken is good but go to Bob White instead.

    33333 by Brand N.

  • Tracey C.Easily one of the best non "fine dining" places that I've eaten in manhattan. Fried chicken might have just beaten red rooster. Get the biscuits with everything - make it two orders.

    55555 by Tracey C.

  • Andrew P.The menu includes shrimp and grits, a waffle benedict, and chicken and waffles in sandwich form (made with what Ryan Sutton calls some of the best new fried chicken in the city).

    55555 by Andrew P.

  • EaterFrom Ryan Sutton's 2 star review: "Let's get right to the meat of matter: Root & Bone serves New York's best new fried chicken."

    55555 by Eater

  • Len GrandYum!!! ask for the spicy money and the whiskey maple sauce!!!!

    55555 by Len Grand

  • Cassidyfried chicken and waffles are as insane as everyone says they are. sadly, the shrimp and grits not so much. make sure to get the biscuits and some roots on the side to stay true to the resto's name!

    55555 by Cassidy

  • wilfredo p.Local tip: grab your order to go and eat in the garden next door if the wait is too long.

    33333 by wilfredo p.

  • wilfredo p.Two pieces of dark meat chicken is fried to perfection. The scent of dill and lemon is lifted thanks to the warm chicken. Nice biscuit thats a bit moist and not too greesy. Cornbread not included.

    55555 by wilfredo p.

  • Josephine S.Best fried chicken I've had in a really long time. I ordered half a chicken and almost ate the whole thing myself! And yes you must get the biscuits too!

    55555 by Josephine S.

  • Sunita S.Fried chicken with Tabasco honey and short rob meatloaf. Will definitely be back.

    55555 by Sunita S.

  • Staff PicksCraving chicken & waffles? Head to Root & Bone for chicken brined in sweet tea. We recommend the chicken & waffle sandwich or the shrimp & grits!

    55555 by Staff Picks

  • Madeleine H.Tiny, cute, vintage style restaurant. Chicken and waffle sanctuary

    55555 by Madeleine H.

  • Tess CLife changing fried chicken.

    55555 by Tess C

  • Kim AIf you can, get seats at the bench in front of the kitchen to see, smell and chat to the very friendly chefs about all the delectables coming out of the kitchen.

    55555 by Kim A

  • PureWowTheir fried chicken is un-freaking-believable. Go early (it gets busy).

    55555 by PureWow

  • Monica D.Best chicken and waffles sandwich I've ever had. And made to share!

    55555 by Monica D.

  • Mariko SSunday 5pm is the best time to come. No wait.

    55555 by Mariko S

  • Rachel BarbosUnreal, quality chicken, great proportions, awesome service, cute ambiance. GO!

    55555 by Rachel Barbos

  • Bridget JAwesome !!

    55555 by Bridget J

  • Sofia FigueroaAmazing food, friendly service and the counter area is lovely. Generous portions: I suggest sharing a half bucket of chicken, a salad, and ma&cheese.

    55555 by Sofia Figueroa

  • Scott M.Amazing fried chicken. Amazing sides. Everything we ordered was just delicious.

    55555 by Scott M.

  • Kartik SathappanBest fried chicken and mac n cheese I've ever had. Wow.

    55555 by Kartik Sathappan

  • Gloria C.get the gooey cheese sauce waffle fries & chicken and waffle sandwich

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Alex RLovely decor, great natural lighting, succulent fried chicken, and AMAZING deviled eggs. Get the biscuits too!

    55555 by Alex R

  • Leah HammerschlagFried chicken basket. Side of waffles. Both AMAZING Do that, rather than the chicken and waffles sandwich, I promise.

    55555 by Leah Hammerschlag

  • Jackie PEverything is AMAZING but the mac n cheese and chicken and waffle sandwich (the "Avenue A") stole the show. Pair it with an Arnold Palmer (perfect) and don't forget to make a wish on the way out!

    55555 by Jackie P

  • Jo R.The Waffle fries is really good

    55555 by Jo R.

  • Beth SchisslerAmazing tasting menu. Shrimp and grits were fab !

    55555 by Beth Schissler

  • Michael B.The Root and Bone pop-up was a great sneak peak of things to come from these Top Chef alum. The little bites were amazing and the lamb meatloaf was so different it was great.

    55555 by Michael B.

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