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The John Dory Oyster Bar

1196 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10001

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(212) 792-9000

Cuisine: Bars, Seafood Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 198 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY
  • The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan, NY

The John Dory Oyster Bar Reviews

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  • Elizabeth B.Great dry rose

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Jen MGet the Oyster Pan Roast

    55555 by Jen M

  • Yannis StanisiereShellfish tower with one of their cocktails

    55555 by Yannis Stanisiere

  • Colin B.Kedgeree was amazing

    55555 by Colin B.

  • HolidayHappy hour rocks, you are in New York - do the east coast oysters. No question! Nice rotating cocktail du jour selection.

    55555 by Holiday

  • Freka S.This mint mojito is LIT 😓

    55555 by Freka S.

  • Freka S.Little aquariums by the bar, pretty cool!

    33333 by Freka S.

  • Emily SI've never liked lobster (and therefore lobster rolls)... I know, I know... but John Dory's version served on a crunchy, buttery roll opened my mind. Get it.

    55555 by Emily S

  • Natalie V.Delicious apps and a good place for after work drinks

    55555 by Natalie V.

  • Ryan NantellWeekday and weekend happy hours

    55555 by Ryan Nantell

  • Blair B.Best oyster in NYC, lobster roll and seafood tower is excellent.

    55555 by Blair B.

  • Jackie G.One of the best oyster bars in NYC. Get a shellfish plateaux. great lobster boil and their special large format Thai feast is the best for big parties!!!

    55555 by Jackie G.

  • Rebecca P.Good happy hour

    55555 by Rebecca P.

  • Matty CitoPricey. Menu is a bit small but all high quality, Some good cocktails make you forget

    55555 by Matty Cito

  • Elizabeth B.This place has phenomenal cocktails and oysters . The conquistador, the oaxacanite, the calliope, bottle rocket, fiesta, and the oyster shooters all so good

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Elizabeth B.Best cocktails ever !! See tip in restaurant list

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Gretchen SLove it but so expensive

    55555 by Gretchen S

  • Cole K.The seafood platter is perfect for an indecisive group, and I had no idea how much I'd love pickled mussels!

    55555 by Cole K.

  • Guest of a GuestThe JDOB lobster roll is made with lobster roe butter and placed on a specialty roll that is made just for the restaurant.

    55555 by Guest of a Guest

  • James P.The oysters are amazing - what a great variety.

    55555 by James P.

  • Stephen O.Oh........!!! My

    55555 by Stephen O.

  • Katie S.Tap wines half off 5-7 weekdays, 12-3 weekends. Open from 11:30 daily

    55555 by Katie S.

  • Zee JShellfish Plateaus is really delicious. Yummy, but a little pricey 😋.

    55555 by Zee J

  • 🐼 gThe Mind Of A Chef - Season 2 - Episode 10

    33333 by 🐼 g

  • Miguel L.Small portions, but satisfying nonetheless. The lobster scramble was great. And the Bloody Mary is bomb (even though it's not listed on the menu).

    55555 by Miguel L.

  • Ryan A.Everything was fine but generally twice as expensive as it should have been

    33333 by Ryan A.

  • Danyel S.amazing food; snobby at the door. but awesome waitstaff. #oysters and more #oysters pls

    55555 by Danyel S.

  • Bo Beyer-JohnsonLots of oysters

    55555 by Bo Beyer-Johnson

  • Alex MalovExcellent east coast oysters!

    55555 by Alex Malov

  • EbonyThe American West coast oysters are DELICIOUS

    55555 by Ebony

  • YelenaTiny plates, decent cocktails. Oysters are fantastic but the mains are forgettable.

    55555 by Yelena

  • Isabel AEverything was delicious but the mains were small. Great ambiance and cool decor.

    55555 by Isabel A

  • Zé Renato KO que há de melhor no Chelsea Market!

    55555 by Zé Renato K

  • April Kate 🍴I prefer the west coast oysters with a glass of martini or champagne

    55555 by April Kate 🍴

  • Melissa R.Pretty pricey but the food and oyster section is always amazing.

    55555 by Melissa R.

  • Ricky S.A good place to grab some after work drinks. Nice cocktails & bar menu.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Miss PiggyExcellent selection of oysters and cocktails!

    55555 by Miss Piggy

  • Valentina M.The Deal:< $2 Oysters Mon-Fri: 5-7pm, Sat-Sun: 12-3pm

    55555 by Valentina M.

  • Margot M.It doesn't say, but they do have a happy hour that ends at 7. Fancy shmancy.

    55555 by Margot M.

  • Elizabeth I.Fantastic selection of both oysters and cocktails! Grab a seat at the window for some good people watching.

    55555 by Elizabeth I.

  • Fati LOyster shooters here are great

    55555 by Fati L

  • Elliot WehnerGet the plateau! So much good seafood. Cocktails are tasty as well - nice selection of classics and new creates

    55555 by Elliot Wehner

  • Sara BigwoodGreat platter, nice trendy music but the prawn are far too expensive for the quality and quantity.

    55555 by Sara Bigwood

  • Amber CrisciWell crafted drinks. Maitre D is easy on the eyes!

    55555 by Amber Crisci

  • dot. hGood food but small portions for the price... and fries are not an option! :O

    55555 by dot. h

  • Ritchie YaoAmateurs ...

    22222 by Ritchie Yao

  • Claude H.The seafood plateaus are excellent. The whelk in the butter? Talk about soul satisfying! Clams, oysters, lobster... all on point.

    55555 by Claude H.

  • Collin HughesBloody Mary is fantastic

    55555 by Collin Hughes

  • Frank R.Chanterelles, lobster roll, chorizo stuffed squid, oysters, definitely the kedgeree…and save room for the sticky toffee pudding!

    55555 by Frank R.

  • Sari WongFreshest oysters I've ever had. Wish the by the glass wine list was a little more extensive.

    55555 by Sari Wong

  • Matt S.Don't miss the brunch offerings - great lobster scrambled eggs and amazing oyster happy hour.

    55555 by Matt S.

  • Mischa LumiereGet the oyster and prosecco special for $15. Worth every penny!

    55555 by Mischa Lumiere

  • Shelley C.Solid cold bar with pretty decor!

    55555 by Shelley C.

  • suneel t.gin oyster shooter >>> tequila oyster shooter

    55555 by suneel t.

  • Jonathan C.$2 happy hour oysters are a quality bang for the buck

    55555 by Jonathan C.

  • Mindy CIt's all about Parker house rolls and cucumber rickeys

    55555 by Mindy C

  • RRStellarGinger Remedy and the squid chorizo are the best

    55555 by RRStellar

  • Shelley C.Small plates and amazing cold bar. Sit by the window and people-watch.

    55555 by Shelley C.

  • AllisonYummy oysters, overpriced vino.

    55555 by Allison

  • Polya CУстричный суп - это рай.

    55555 by Polya C

  • Fernando PGreat oysters, nice deco, excellent ambiance. Good cocktails.

    55555 by Fernando P

  • siewThe stuffed squid is great. But the service is soooooo slow.

    55555 by siew

  • Susan C.Shockingly small portions for the $. summer squash on toast and stuffed squid amazing. Oysters and prawns tasty. Sticky toffee cake divine. Would only go on expense account. Service slooooow.

    55555 by Susan C.

  • Adam B.Oyster shooters, welks and lobster rolls, oh my!!!!

    55555 by Adam B.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out John Dory Oyster Bar as seen on Best Bars in America

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Josephine S.I love this place. Fresh seafood, great oysters. My perfect meal: oyster shooter with gin, chilled lobster, oyster pan roast, Parker house rolls. Trust me, you'll be happy!

    55555 by Josephine S.

  • Mark G.Good cocktails and oysters

    55555 by Mark G.

  • Nance C.You leave hungry and feel like you've been ripped off.

    33333 by Nance C.

  • Public House WinePricy with small portions, but you can't beat the scene or the quality of fish. Skip the raw bar and opt for the awesome crudos instead.

    55555 by Public House Wine

  • VoiceStreetAmong the small plates, opt for the excellent raw oysters, parsley and anchovy toast, lobster panade, oyster pan roast, and escarole salad.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • VoiceStreetDrop by during off-hours or for lunch: You'll avoid the throngs and hour-long waits and people who think they're the only fish in the sea.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Stephanie Y.The ginger cider drink!!

    55555 by Stephanie Y.

  • Christina LuAlways do half dozen east & half dozen west with squid stuffed with chorizo. Perfection.

    55555 by Christina Lu

  • fefakate MScrambled eggs with lobster are perfect!

    55555 by fefakate M

  • Christopher P.Front desk hipster d-bag was extraordinarily rude to us and insisted on arguing over our choice of chair for our 5th person. We almost walked out but our terrific waitress smoothed things over.

    22222 by Christopher P.

  • Drew Y.The food was fantastic but the service was pretty awful all the way around

    33333 by Drew Y.

  • Urban CompassDine on oysters, clams, and mussels and the sea-loving restaurant in the Ace Hotel.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • hugo l.Smells. The emperor has no clothes.

    11111 by hugo l.

  • DinaDaily 5-7pm. 6 oysters + beer/Cava $15.

    55555 by Dina

  • Wilson Z.Chef April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's casual, seafood spot.

    55555 by Wilson Z.

  • Emmit L.Get here earily.

    55555 by Emmit L.

  • BuzzFeedSlices of bottarga (pressed mullet roe) & little chiles are placed between two Italian crackers spread with butter, which are called carte de musica because they’re so thin they look like sheet music.

    33333 by BuzzFeed

  • ECavaOysters (naked cowboys), cab franc rosé, Parker House rolls and oyster pan roast. Dassit, forever. (Ok, and maybe that razor clam ceviche, too.)

    55555 by ECava

  • Lindsay AEat all of the burrata, wash it down with the bartender's choice. They won't lead you astray.

    33333 by Lindsay A

  • Geppy MaffeiE nice place for appetizer , great seafood and beautiful atmosphere

    55555 by Geppy Maffei

  • Sean StenstromIf it's not too busy, The Dory is a cool place to pop in for oysters and cocktails.

    55555 by Sean Stenstrom

  • Jenny M.Service is poor, drinks are overpriced, oysters are just ok.

    22222 by Jenny M.

  • Sinem S.I wish they had New England clam chowder here.

    55555 by Sinem S.

  • Wayne S.Happy Hour, Oysters and Beer/Booze. Great drinks and terrific seafood.

    55555 by Wayne S.

  • Elyse E.Truth: I don't like oysters. BUT: I loved the crudo trout, chorizo stuffed squid and the house Riesling on tap. Also the Parker house rolls are spectacular. Just bread but really, really good.

    55555 by Elyse E.

  • Kathryn J.Best lobster roll. Flavor is perfect and the chef couldn't have picked a better roll to deliver it.

    55555 by Kathryn J.

  • Siraj A.Drink lots of the bloody Mary. It's bloody good!

    55555 by Siraj A.

  • Didi M.Small plates and an amazing raw bar.

    55555 by Didi M.

  • Carlos R.Try the Assorted Oysters - Love them!

    55555 by Carlos R.

  • Joanna L.Oyster pan roast with uni crostini - Indulgently good but a tad too salty. Goes well with a beer!

    55555 by Joanna L.

  • MasAmazing lobster rolls!

    55555 by Mas

  • Adam D.The lousiest excuse for a lobster roll I've ever suffered through. $28 for an over-dressed skimpy soggy roll that would drive any Mainer to madness.

    22222 by Adam D.

  • Stephanie M.The Txakoli Spanish white wine is perfect. Pair it with everything.

    55555 by Stephanie M.

  • Margaret C.The John Dory has the most amazing Parker house rolls, ever! do not miss them (or the market salad). Order from the crudo menu with some oysters (& fresh horseradish). Those are some proper sliders.

    55555 by Margaret C.

  • Erin ReillyWow. I knew it would be good but it was even better than expected. Oyster pan roast is delicious but really rich/decadent. My boyfriend and I had to split the small cup. Get lobster roll and any crudo

    55555 by Erin Reilly

  • Kody AOyster shooter ftw

    55555 by Kody A

  • Jason K.If I was on death row and had to choose my last meal, it would start with the Maine lobster chowder.

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Natalie F.Go for the oysters, the Parker house rolls, and the john dory oyster stout. Lobster roll had too much mayo for my taste but its in the same bread as the rolls so yum!

    55555 by Natalie F.

  • Rafael B.My tongue had a lot of orgasms tonight

    55555 by Rafael B.

  • Katie S.Choice of a half-dozen oysters or clams and a choice of a glass of bubbly or an English pint of Sixpoint Oyster Stout ($18). Offered daily, 5-7 p.m. and 11 p.m. to midnight.

    55555 by Katie S.

  • ShadiTry the George Washington cocktail with east side Oysters. Great to kickstart your evening.

    55555 by Shadi

  • Serious EatsApril Bloomfield's Mediterranean bar-style restaurant in the Ace Hotel. Though waits can get long and the space is noisy, we've loved almost everything we've tried. Save room for dessert.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Lindsay F.2 years later, this place still has the most inept service on the planet. The oysters are ok. I guess.

    33333 by Lindsay F.

  • Stephanie K.Organic or unfiltered wine and Fanny Bay oysters!

    55555 by Stephanie K.

  • Daniel F.Bottlerocket is a must order cocktail!

    55555 by Daniel F.

  • Patryk C.Best oysters in town, seriously.

    55555 by Patryk C.

  • Michael L.Cannot beat the daily oyster happy hour from 5-7 pm. 6 oysters and a sixpoint pilsner - $15. The oysters from pei are smooth and crisp

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Ryan W."April Bloomfield's Ace Hotel seafood spot serves shellfish plateaus and Parker House rolls for two, four, or six people. Dine on oysters, scallops, crudo, oyster pan roast, and Eccles cake for..."

    55555 by Ryan W.

  • Nat15 min for butter. Really? Yes by all means go have a 10 min conversation with the people next to me, Let's go Yankees! Food is always great but poor inconsistent service!

    33333 by Nat

  • NatOut of everything on the menu the server recommends Parker rolls Really? Seafood place and your suggesting I get challah bread because that's all it really is. Terrible where do they find these people

    33333 by Nat

  • James DThe best bar / restaurant in the Ace Hotel. Lovely Staff and drinks.

    55555 by James D

  • Leo L.Try the Assorted Oysters

    55555 by Leo L.

  • vikramYou probably know this but the Oyster Pan Roast is the most decadent and amazing thing. Also get Parker House rolls an one of the ceviches.

    55555 by vikram

  • Anna F.The oysters are SO good; I'll have a dozen more, kthx.

    55555 by Anna F.

  • Emily C.Get the bottlerocket cocktail; has jalapeno,lime, honey, tequila, and soda...SO good!

    33333 by Emily C.

  • Philip LSkip the chorizo squid.. But oysters and the bread are great!

    55555 by Philip L

  • Lindsay D.Must get shellfish plateau.

    55555 by Lindsay D.

  • Takahiro I.Let's compare East Coast and West Coast oysters.

    55555 by Takahiro I.

  • Matt H.The raw bar is open during odd hours, which is nice. For cocktails, I like the De La Sol: lime, honey, hot sauce, tequila and soda. Kinda strange there's no Sol beer in there, no?

    55555 by Matt H.

  • Jeremy J.Try the Asparaghus With Almonds, Spek, And Shaved Parmesan - Simply amazing!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • Jeremy J.Try the Cold Poached Lobster - Very interesting twist on a lobster dish. The tomalley vinaigrette was superb!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • Jeremy J.Try the Madagascar Jumbo Prawn - The prawns were super fresh and tasty. The coriander mayonnaise brought it all together into a great finish!

    55555 by Jeremy J.

  • S D.Happy hour deal from 5-7pm includes a choice of a half-dozen oysters or clams and the choice of sparkling wine or a pint of oyster stout ale for $15.

    55555 by S D.

  • Anthea P.Naked Cowboys here too

    55555 by Anthea P.

  • Robert AWest coast oysters are unbelievable!!!

    55555 by Robert A

  • Jordan M.The daurade alone is worth the trip.

    55555 by Jordan M.

  • Anand G.Always get the squid stuffed with chorizo. And the peanuts.

    55555 by Anand G.

  • Matt DIf you like whiskey and ginger, order the penicillin, especially if the bearded fella is bartending.

    55555 by Matt D

  • Michelle M.Cowboy from the east coast - YUM ;-)

    55555 by Michelle M.

  • Tasting TableWe love the Caesar salad. Also try their take on the classic lobster roll, featuring fresh Maine lobster meat warmed in lobster-roe butter. A delicious contender in our 2012 Lobster Roll Rumble:

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • Laila A.All the oysters + uni crostini.

    55555 by Laila A.

  • Kristy G.Oyster shooter with Gin!!

    55555 by Kristy G.

  • Cat SMaybe the worst service I have ever experienced. Great job guys. You suck.

    33333 by Cat S

  • AlexandraSquid chorizo dish rox. Also oystahs.

    55555 by Alexandra

  • grapefriendOysters? Amazing. Rolls? Killer. Any crudo? A must. And wash it all down with some crisp Muscadet. YUM.

    55555 by grapefriend

  • Michelle C.A choice of half a dozen oysters or clams and sparkling wine or a pint of Oyster Stout ale for $15.

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • Thu N.Tip on Oysters

    33333 by Thu N.

  • Aparna M.Try the A Selection Of East And West Coast Oysters - Kumamotos sweet, beautiful

    55555 by Aparna M.

  • Peter KPossibly the best raw bar in town: just go and have anything, it's all delicious. Great cocktails, too.

    55555 by Peter K

  • Lisa B.Make sure to dip the potato rolls in the lobsta chowdaaa

    55555 by Lisa B.

  • marisa t.Spotted Pig chef Bloomfield verified her concept in seafood here. Great place for upscale yet casual socializing. Innovative combinations of food like burrata and fish roe (4 of 4 petals via Fondu)

    55555 by marisa t.

  • Kira CYummy peanuts!

    55555 by Kira C

  • Bach M.There's a deal on a bottle of champagne as a pairing if you get the plateau!

    55555 by Bach M.

  • Thom P.John Dory Oyster Bar (latest fave) for enjoying Milk & Honey mixology outside the LES

    55555 by Thom P.

  • Christy G.Oyster pan roast = yes

    55555 by Christy G.

  • EaterIf it's not too busy, The Dory is a cool place to pop in for oysters and cocktails. For a special occasion, ask about the chef's table tasting in the kitchen. [Eater 38 Member]

    55555 by Eater

  • Kyle KellyKelso brew etaít tres bon!

    55555 by Kyle Kelly

  • Ashly LWaiters are snotty... Get your free champagne and leave.

    33333 by Ashly L

  • Bach M.that seafood plateau is wonderful and comes with a deal on sparkling wine!

    55555 by Bach M.

  • VoiceStreetWinner of Best Use of Anchovies in the Village Voice 2011 Best Of issue! Order the anchovy and parsley toast - a deal at only $4.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Hillary R.Don't miss the Carte de Musica -- a thin cracker with butter, shaved bottarga and chili. Ethereal. If the razor clam dish is on the menu (seasonal), it's very nice. Obvs oysters as well.

    55555 by Hillary R.

  • Jess L.Everything here is really salty. It's a great place for drinks and oysters but don't waste your time on the small plates.

    33333 by Jess L.

  • Theophilus LondonI love that new oyster bar in the Ace hotel. You might run into Kanye, you might run into David Letterman, you might run into Misha Barton. You never know. There’s always action at the Ace Hotel

    55555 by Theophilus London

  • Karol M.Cocktails (by Sasha Petraske) are amazing.

    55555 by Karol M.

  • Emily P.Order the stuffed squid, it's memorable. But throw caution to the wind if you order the spicy margarita, it's both a libation and an analgesic. :-)

    55555 by Emily P.

  • Time Out New YorkTry the sublime kedgeree, studded with flaky haddock and garnished with fried onions, rice, ribbons of omelette and lime. It’s one of our #100best dishes and drinks of 2011.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Daniel H.Try the Bottlerocket cocktail (tequila, jalapeno, lime, honey, soda) and the diver sea scallops

    55555 by Daniel H.

  • lisa l.The place to be seen and be seen. Small plates are all delicious. Portions are small so it's a good place to have a light bite if you plan on hitting the town after.

    55555 by lisa l.

  • Julia M.oyster pan roast and parker house roll!! love it.

    55555 by Julia M.

  • Jenna N.Oyster happy hour. What else needs to be said? Great wines, including Gotham Project’s (tap wine) Riesling.

    55555 by Jenna N.

  • Misha EJohn Dory Oyster Stout is amazing!

    55555 by Misha E

  • Flatiron Partnership GLate night flash special offering a glass of Cava.

    55555 by Flatiron Partnership G

  • Bill S.Mermaid Island oysters are their best today! 11/08/16

    55555 by Bill S.

  • Khoi U.If they have the steamed snapper head and collar, you have to have it. Unbelievable.

    33333 by Khoi U.

  • Jessica A.The Parker Rolls should not be missed.

    33333 by Jessica A.

  • Halstead PropertyThe ambiance really got us in the mood for seafood with the beautiful shell montages along the walls. The freshness of our meal – which was of course fresh oysters on the half shell – was amazing.

    55555 by Halstead Property

  • Ricky C.Whats up woth the super slow and lax service here.

    33333 by Ricky C.

  • Fred W.The char pate with the buns is the perfect kickoff to a great meal

    55555 by Fred W.

  • Abigail G.The oyster pan roast and chorizo stuffed squid are amazing!

    55555 by Abigail G.

  • Greg GLobster Roll = Heaven

    55555 by Greg G

  • Helen R.The oyster pan roast is basically a bowl of hot, savory cream and butter. It is a religious experience. Do not miss it.

    55555 by Helen R.

  • John Dory Oyster Bar JA contender in the city's lobster roll market emerges at The JDOB

    55555 by John Dory Oyster Bar J

  • Carlos G.Have the sea snails

    33333 by Carlos G.

  • Freyja G.Chorizo stuffed squid.

    55555 by Freyja G.

  • CNTravelerThe bar's happy hour special (5 p.m.-7 p.m. or midnight-2 a.m.) includes a half-dozen oysters and a 20-ounce pint of stout or a glass of cava ($15).

    55555 by CNTraveler

  • Michael B.For a place that only serves small, shareable plates, NOTHING is shareable. But the food is still insanely amazing.

    55555 by Michael B.

  • nantini r.parker rolls.

    55555 by nantini r.

  • Lindsay F.Terrible service, ironically small portions. Don't bother.

    11111 by Lindsay F.

  • Sara JHappy hour, 5-7p. 6 oysters and a glass of cava or beer for $15!

    55555 by Sara J

  • Jeremy G.TBD is a great drink but ask for it in a rocks glass, gentlemen!

    55555 by Jeremy G.

  • The New York TimesOh, man! An hour for a table and you’re in the bar staring at a phone. Order a riesling and the char, make yourself feel better. S’worth it.

    33333 by The New York Times

  • nymagDon’t miss the impossibly decadent $15 oyster pan roast here, and try the Eccles cake with Stilton for dessert. Featured in Where to Eat 2011!

    55555 by nymag

  • Paul J.The lobster tastes like lobster. Oysters chilled and with a great selection

    55555 by Paul J.

  • NOWNESSNew York: We're big fans of all of Chef April Bloomfield's hotspots! Click "More Info" to check out tips from the wine director at John Dory on excellent white wine pairings w/ your oysters

    55555 by NOWNESS

  • Leo d.I'm not fond of anchovies but I loved the Anchovie toast.

    55555 by Leo d.

  • Arden G.Sorry not as good as the old John Dory

    33333 by Arden G.

  • BravoFrom the same folks behind The Spotted Pig, the focus here is (obviously!) on seafood. Had a wonderful peeky-toe bruschetta. -Monica Pope, Top Chef

    55555 by Bravo

  • Jim H.The sixpoint oyster stout is exclusive and is brewed with oyster shells. It's a must.

    55555 by Jim H.

  • Tom dThe live sea urchin is terrifying, but delicious

    55555 by Tom d

  • Clay W.Try the Sea Urchin

    55555 by Clay W.

  • Lawrence H.They made me get up after I had sat down at the bar already! ! !

    22222 by Lawrence H.

  • Steve D.Carla's wine room is awesome!

    55555 by Steve D.

  • AskMenA kitchen of raw goods (oysters, caviar, crudo) plus bar snacks & small plates like eel & parsley pie & Maine lobster chowder. Sixpoint Craft Ales made an oyster stout just for the occasion.

    55555 by AskMen

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