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900 S Miami Ave #133
Miami, FL 33131

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(305) 373-4633


  • Sunday: 1:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 5:00 am - 10:30 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 1:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Sushi Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 69 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL
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  • Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL
  • Doraku in Miami, FL

Doraku Reviews

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  • Yaya MGrabbed sushi last night, staff we're friendly, tried their strawberry sakè, I enjoyed Sakè felt it was overly sweet, not a fan. I also had the shrimp rock tempura with a bowl of white rice. 🖖🏽

    55555 by Yaya M

  • Isabella vThey have good lunch specials. Love the teriyaki salmon

    55555 by Isabella v

  • Eric Muy buena calidad de sushi. No me pareció tan buena la atención . Nos trajeron todo rápido como para seguir rotando gente. El producto y oferta es muy bueno

    55555 by Eric

  • Alejandro KFood was good, but service sucked. The place was empty and I had to wait more than 40 minutes to get food.

    22222 by Alejandro K

  • Joe HBad food , horrible and inattentive service

    11111 by Joe H

  • Nia AWhore dragon roll, fried rice are awesome ..:Brussel sprouts and the jalapeño rolls and crispy rice things on the happy hour menu are incredible

    55555 by Nia A

  • Maria STerrible attention and the AC was not working.

    11111 by Maria S

  • Jeanine P.There's a secret teriyaki sauce you can ask for with the spicy edamame and if you don't ask for it, you're playing yourself.

    55555 by Jeanine P.

  • Larissa L.Alright sushi, quick service, good lunch special.

    55555 by Larissa L.

  • Zhanna RSno Queen Roll!

    55555 by Zhanna R

  • Ramiro LYakisoba Chicken very good choice!

    55555 by Ramiro L

  • Dennis RI have had great sushi at other restaurants but I truly think this place has it all.. freshness of the seafood, crisp fresh veggies, and just an all out experience like no other - Dennis Mancino

    55555 by Dennis R

  • Paula F.I like their sashimi's dishes!

    55555 by Paula F.

  • Kaan GCatch happy hour and enjoy all of the promoted stuff and don't think about anything else.

    55555 by Kaan G

  • Guillermo M.Food was great but did not had half of their beer list.

    33333 by Guillermo M.

  • Hazel BarbozaSweet & Spicy edamame a must try!

    55555 by Hazel Barboza

  • Coco M.If you like spicy tuna try the mighty fire roll (it's new and was recently added to the Happy Hour Menu!)

    55555 by Coco M.

  • Liu MelendezTry the fried rice with chicken is you want something good and not to small. It's a generous portion. Crunchy crab roll is refreshing and fun. Good price

    55555 by Liu Melendez

  • V JLopezThe food and service was nice. The tuna tartar was great. The cocktail menu have some goods options.

    55555 by V JLopez

  • KellyGreat place for happy hour. shrimp tempura is great and the Lychee Martinis are delicious.

    55555 by Kelly

  • Summer K.Doraku is amazing, they have great HH! I basically order everything on the HH menu...

    55555 by Summer K.

  • Kerem Özçetin 💸Tatlısından sushi' sine hersey cok guzel burda 👍

    55555 by Kerem Özçetin 💸

  • Alex G.Great happy hour

    55555 by Alex G.

  • Arturo GironaExcellent - fresh sushi, try the dragon roll. Best tempura ice cream

    55555 by Arturo Girona

  • Surr3alist .This was an excellent dinner to end a night out at the Marlins Game! We ordered the Yellowtail Firecracker and Surf & Turf roll, Kara'age chicken and some shrimp too! Amazing service as well!

    55555 by Surr3alist .

  • Summer K.Ah-mazing Happy Hourrr

    55555 by Summer K.

  • Alexandra CastillaGreat happy hour. Spicy tuna roll is delicious. Lycheetini for the ladies and sake for the guys. Sexy atmosphere. Good with friends or even on a fun date.

    55555 by Alexandra Castilla

  • Mabel R.Try the garlic teriyaki Edemame

    55555 by Mabel R.

  • John DeCaroWe really liked the shrimp-basil tempura offered during happy hour.

    55555 by John DeCaro

  • Sam M.Awesome Happy Hour from 3PM to 8PM

    55555 by Sam M.

  • Miguel EspinozaExcellent Japanese food

    55555 by Miguel Espinoza

  • Erika L.Good Happy Hours

    55555 by Erika L.

  • Jamie G.Great food but slooow service! Don't come here in a rush.

    33333 by Jamie G.

  • Caribbean QueenExcellent and fast service at lunch time. In and out of the office in an hour

    55555 by Caribbean Queen

  • MissZapataTerrible customer service, took 25 mins for waiter to come & take our order and thirty to get our bill but food was great- catch 22

    11111 by MissZapata

  • Jaclyn L.Best Philly roll I've ever had

    55555 by Jaclyn L.

  • Rhonda DeaneI loved my server, Arlene. Even though she was busy, she noticed that I needed my glass refilled and stopped to pour my drink from the half filled bottle in front of me.

    22222 by Rhonda Deane

  • Yossi K.Great sushi.

    55555 by Yossi K.

  • Maria C.Emperors Roll...delicious!

    33333 by Maria C.

  • René G.Fahkin great

    55555 by René G.

  • Laura P.Go in Happy Hour

    55555 by Laura P.

  • Dawn L.Coconut Tempura Roll is awesome!!

    55555 by Dawn L.

  • Alfredo S.Ask to be served by Lynnette, she is the best server.

    55555 by Alfredo S.

  • Michelle P.Worst lunch special.. It wasn't special AT ALL! Half the food and half the quality.

    22222 by Michelle P.

  • Coco M.Lettuce Wraps just added to the Happy Hour Menu are yummy!!

    55555 by Coco M.

  • Elena S.Great happy hour specials.

    55555 by Elena S.

  • Melissa G.White dragon roll!!

    55555 by Melissa G.

  • Annie O.Would recommend: Tuna Tatiki, Doraku California and Yellow Tail Scallipn Rolls, Edamame and Rock Shrimp

    55555 by Annie O.

  • Annie O.Happy Hour 5-7 EVERY day!!

    55555 by Annie O.

  • Exquisito R.Their Tuna Tartar is addictive!!!

    55555 by Exquisito R.

  • Andre G.The White Dragon Roll is my favorite sushi plate: shrimp tempura and avocado topped with hamachi, unagi sauce, ao nori, garlic aioli and garlic chips

    55555 by Andre G.

  • Paola P.The Seaweed Salad is also delicious!!!!

    55555 by Paola P.

  • Paola P.The Cucumber Saketini is AMAZING!!!

    55555 by Paola P.

  • Dolores G.Best happy hour! Isaac getting his sushi on!!!

    55555 by Dolores G.

  • Belen E.'twas delish!! Better than the one on Lincoln road

    55555 by Belen E.

  • Vanessa C.A little pricy but it's a great sushi place

    55555 by Vanessa C.

  • NehaTry the surf and turf roll...it's great!

    55555 by Neha

  • ricardoTry their Chocolate Truffle..... No regrets

    55555 by ricardo

  • michael CAmazing wines from france: Demoiselle de By (Bordeaux from Medoc) and Chateau Pouyanne (Grave) goes perfectly with seafood ....

    55555 by michael C

  • Danny DIf your there wednesday or friday night ask for the JOObie sauce by chef Joobie

    55555 by Danny D

  • ThrillistDown the namesake roll, which is loaded with lobster, cream cheese & shredded crab.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • AJ M.great happy hour mon-fri from 5-8, $3 sake and $4 and $5 rolls..crunchy crap roll = yummy....thank me later

    55555 by AJ M.

  • ChatChowTV G.Best Happy Hour!

    55555 by ChatChowTV G.

  • Michael Mtry the cilantro / jalapeño saketini.. AWESOME!

    55555 by Michael M

  • BrickellinfoGreat happy hour specials until 8pm -- my favorite is the $3 eggplant

    55555 by Brickellinfo

  • Elaine S.Philly Roll with cooked salmon!

    55555 by Elaine S.

  • Shelia G.The doraku roll is amazing and their spicy tuna is minced not chopped just the way I love it!

    55555 by Shelia G.

  • alejandro c.Try the chilean miso tery seabass, excellent even for picky tongues...

    55555 by alejandro c.

  • Tania V.Daily happy hour from 5-8 with $4 lychee martinis!

    55555 by Tania V.

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