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Plaza Ceveles Cafe

105 Northeast 3rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132

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(305) 577-3454

  • Sun - 12:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:30am - 10:00pm
  • Fri 11:30am - 11:00pm
  • Sat 12:00pm - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Cafes

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4.8 of 5.0 from 245 reviews


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Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL
  • Plaza Ceveles Cafe in Miami, FL

Plaza Ceveles Cafe Reviews

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  • Heba-I-am LGreat ceviche! I loved it! It was filling btw, it doesn't feel like an appetizer. This is the mixed seafood one. You get to choose the sauce you want and how spicy it is. I recommend this place 👍🏻

    55555 by Heba-I-am L

  • Olesya AОчень вкусно! Обязательно попробуйте десерт из лукума!❤️

    55555 by Olesya A

  • Sonal IGorgeous presentation. The ceviche was the best I've ever had. Loved the ambience. Friendly service.

    55555 by Sonal I

  • Murat EYemekler çok lezzetli ve porsiyonlar büyük. Izgara ahtapot harika!!! Bayside'daki boktan lokantalara boş yere para harcamayın.

    33333 by Murat E

  • Tulio NDeliciosa comida e ótimo atendimento.

    55555 by Tulio N

  • Ariana VTheir off-the-menu watermelon Mule made with pisco and dessert that's a combination of Suspiro Limeno & Mousse de Lucuma is a dream!

    55555 by Ariana V

  • Ariana VThe Ceviche Mixto, Veil Heart and Octopus were amazing. Out of the 3, I would especially recommend the octopus!

    55555 by Ariana V

  • Hector FMuy sabroso este platillo

    55555 by Hector F

  • Paola DDivino! Excelente ambiente y comida, la atención falla un poquito quizás sea la cantidad de gente que asiste

    55555 by Paola D

  • Marcus RA must go place when in Miami. The Peruvian food is as good as in Lima.

    55555 by Marcus R

  • Jamie L.The Ceviche is excellent!

    55555 by Jamie L.

  • Jose Luis TejónExcelente! Pulpo al Grill y el Ceviche, prueben tambien sus postres tipicos

    55555 by Jose Luis Tejón

  • Alexey PGreat service. Excellent ceviche - try the trios, they are good value for money

    55555 by Alexey P

  • Anthony M.Get the classic ceviche (spicy) and a dessert. We tried the Lacuna cheesecake and mouse and both were great. Very unique flavor.

    55555 by Anthony M.

  • Márcia BMelhor cevicheria

    55555 by Márcia B

  • Marlon MThe Ceviche is amazing! So fresh. The Octopus appetizer is great. The flank steak on the Linguini 105 was perfectly done and tender.

    55555 by Marlon M

  • Patty D.Ceviche Pucusana😋😋 so delicious❤️❤️❤️

    55555 by Patty D.

  • Juan Carlos DLos ceviches tradicionales, les dejo una entrada

    55555 by Juan Carlos D

  • Viviana OLa comida excelente los postres aún mejor! Muy buenos precios

    55555 by Viviana O

  • Patty D.No doubt! Best ceviche in town!😋

    55555 by Patty D.

  • Jose O.Great Peruvian food. Try the ceviche, tiraditos, arroz chaufa nd jalea real

    55555 by Jose O.

  • Jose O.Order the suviche ceviche!

    33333 by Jose O.

  • Katie VEverything!

    55555 by Katie V

  • BeL DAmazing dinner, perfect ceviche and risotto. Spectacular staff.

    55555 by BeL D

  • Patty D.I never get tired of the ceviche Anconero, its so delicious, but today we had a feast trying other dishes: Jalea, Pulpo a la parrilla, and Arroz con Mariacos😋🍸

    55555 by Patty D.

  • Karolina B.Excelente atención y comida! Buen ambiente

    55555 by Karolina B.

  • Liz AWhitefish ceviche is amazing!

    55555 by Liz A

  • LukeOrder the ceviche to share and a pisco sour

    55555 by Luke

  • Patty D.Best Ceviche (Anconero) and Arroz con Mariscos ever!!!!😁😋

    55555 by Patty D.

  • Alyssa B.Order this. The only thing missing from the pineapple is Spongebob.

    33333 by Alyssa B.

  • Xavier DOctopus & suspiro limeño

    55555 by Xavier D

  • Fiannetta VI loved passion fruit's sangria. A good place to chat and enjoy Peruvian food, the best!

    55555 by Fiannetta V

  • Mehmet A.Narrow choice of Peruvian cuisine but food is pretty good.

    55555 by Mehmet A.

  • Aldo JExcelente. Experimente os cerviches!

    55555 by Aldo J

  • Jacqueline TCoquetel de pisco delicioso e o melhor ceviche que já comi.

    55555 by Jacqueline T

  • Victoria S.Everything is delicious here! The best Peruvian i have had outside of Peru so far. The portions are huge btw! Order accordingly:))

    55555 by Victoria S.

  • Elias FPulpito herradura

    55555 by Elias F

  • Hernando RThe Yellow peruvian peper's Causas are to die for at Cvi.che 105!!

    55555 by Hernando R

  • Yuri PA human being dignity is damaged when you see that everybody around you is served but not you. Never again. La dignidad del ser humano se ve afectada cuando ves que a todo el mundo sirven menos a ti(

    33333 by Yuri P

  • Diego R.Great ceviches and suspiro limeño!

    55555 by Diego R.

  • Tim ALinguine 105 - delicious meat and shrimps on top of linguine and a special sauce. The sauce is quite rich and thick... Makes you definitely full without appetizers

    55555 by Tim A

  • Enrique J. MCeviche peruano nivel

    55555 by Enrique J. M

  • Isaiah CostelloAmazing ceviche

    55555 by Isaiah Costello

  • Michael MThis place is OVER the top!!! 👌 Try the Causa de Pollo and Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos!!! 🍲🐙🐠

    55555 by Michael M

  • J JA great great place to eat. Peruvian cuisine done so well. Waiters are attentive and will guide you through the large menu. The food will want you coming back for me.

    55555 by J J

  • Antonietta C.I used to love this place. I loved to go with my hubby and also loved to take guests. What changed in my opinion? They reduced the portion on the plates. Nothing else to say.

    55555 by Antonietta C.

  • Javier CCeviches y tiraditos over range. Te rest... On average

    55555 by Javier C

  • Patty D.Best ceviche ever outside Peru! Thank you to the manager, she gave us 25% off the check and a free dessert! We had a great time ;)

    33333 by Patty D.

  • Dennis RThis happens to be right in my backyard and I love this place! Best Grilled Octopus and the ceviche orgy is truly a masterpiece!

    55555 by Dennis R

  • Paula F.Food is good, but the place is too noisy!

    33333 by Paula F.

  • Paula F.Food is food, but they try to make you to choose expensive dishes.

    55555 by Paula F.

  • ElizabethFood and service both great!

    55555 by Elizabeth

  • Jorge PNos dejamos recomendar por nuestra mesera y todo estuvo excelente!!

    55555 by Jorge P

  • *DANNY M.K.*Orgia is the best!

    55555 by *DANNY M.K.*

  • Jacobo GómezJust as good as the downtown location, just slightly more crowded

    55555 by Jacobo Gómez

  • Debra FernaldFood was just OK. Felt rushed. Very very busy. I have had better

    33333 by Debra Fernald

  • Silvia ReusensWow!!! Absolutely delicious!

    55555 by Silvia Reusens

  • Omar JFresh fish

    55555 by Omar J

  • Bieyka DBest ceviche ever! Un must en Miami!!!

    55555 by Bieyka D

  • Sammy RodriguezServicio es excelente. Myrian es la mejor server y la comida muy buena.

    55555 by Sammy Rodriguez

  • Ray D.Pulpo al Grill (Grilled Octopus) is fantastic. Also ask fir a Marajito (Passion Fruit Mojito)

    55555 by Ray D.

  • Bonnie J.Try ALL the ceviches!

    55555 by Bonnie J.

  • Rafael HBest ceviche in town!!

    55555 by Rafael H

  • Marcus RUm dos melhores restaurantes peruanos de Miami. Preços acessíveis e bom ambiente.

    55555 by Marcus R

  • Adri RodriguezCausa de pulpo al olivo, conchitas a la parmesana, ceviche 105, tacu tacu de lomo saltado! Everything in this place is absolutely delicious. Kitchen can run a bit on the slow side.

    55555 by Adri Rodriguez

  • aurore q.Amazing ceviche, a bit spicy for European taste. Ceviche Orgia de marisco will fill you up. Very good price.

    55555 by aurore q.

  • Tyler DThis Restaurant Has Some Great Good Here You Should Come To This Place.

    55555 by Tyler D

  • Chenchen Areally great taste, especially the rice one

    55555 by Chenchen A

  • Rosalynn MCeviche orgy, lomo saltado

    55555 by Rosalynn M

  • sara garridoGood food but be ready to wait. Three times there and always the same story... They tell you 20 mins wait and its more than an hour. Bad time expectations. Its a shame as food is really good

    33333 by sara garrido

  • Stephanie L.Grilled octopus is Amazing as is the ceviche trio which is good for sharing. I'm a big ceviche lover & this was one of the best in Miami! Server was annoying & salesy for that I would say it's a 4/5.

    55555 by Stephanie L.

  • Luis CEl Taculomo con su garrafa de sangria muy buena combinacion Delicioso, ambiente agradable para pasarlo en familia y si te quieres meter un dancing en el ambiente externo hay salsita cubana en vivo.

    55555 by Luis C

  • Christina SAsk for the seafood orgy appetizer. It's amazing. The best in all of miami.

    55555 by Christina S

  • Ilan RFood is superb

    55555 by Ilan R

  • Willie C.Ceviches of course!

    55555 by Willie C.

  • Ximena SLa corvina mamá Ele. buenisima !!!

    55555 by Ximena S

  • Dina BobrovaBest ceviche and cocktails, reasonable prices. Do not order the ceviche sampler, not worth it.

    55555 by Dina Bobrova

  • Cleaver GreeneMaybe I'm missing something here, sauces sickly sweet, foodHall styling and that vaguely lacking feeling your cheap aunt could have cooked. . .

    33333 by Cleaver Greene

  • Caro TEl pulpo a la parilla es espectacular!

    55555 by Caro T

  • Koji JLomo Salteado rocks!

    55555 by Koji J

  • Mike JiménezFresh ceviche & seafood dishes in downtown. Nice clean, decor. Popular spot for the business lunch crowds.

    55555 by Mike Jiménez

  • Lina HTodoooo es delicioso y la atencion súper rápida!!!

    55555 by Lina H

  • Felix L.All ceviche variations

    55555 by Felix L.

  • Daniel TPulpo a la parrilla buenísimo

    55555 by Daniel T

  • TV Food MapsCheck out CVI.CHE 105 as seen on Heat Seekers

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Alejandra Stefany aEl entrante tremendo con dos clases de cebiche y dos sushi peruanos!

    55555 by Alejandra Stefany a

  • Miami New TimesLocated in the heart of downtown Miami, CVI.CHE 105 recently expanded.

    55555 by Miami New Times

  • MsTiffany_Ceviche was tasty and so was most of their dishes!

    55555 by MsTiffany_

  • Genevieve V.Quality has gone down. A bit disappointed.

    22222 by Genevieve V.

  • Annie JTodo riquísimo!!!!

    55555 by Annie J

  • Gabo PDe postre, la crême bruleé de guanábana

    55555 by Gabo P

  • JC C.Great food! bad service for lunch. Ceviche Ganador was awesome.

    55555 by JC C.

  • Steven M.Amazing get the lomo!

    55555 by Steven M.

  • Jennifer ALet's make a daiquiri

    33333 by Jennifer A

  • Juan TDelicioso el Lomo Salteado, recomendado. Muy buen restaurante.

    55555 by Juan T

  • arbkvSo great! Crowded, loud, white plastic chairs, but food and service is absolutely fantastic!! 5 star folks!

    55555 by arbkv

  • Luis OGreat place to eat "Lomo Saltado".

    55555 by Luis O

  • Ivory MThe Trilogy dessert is highly recommended

    55555 by Ivory M

  • Yok JBe warned: the specials are double or triple the price of other dishes.

    55555 by Yok J

  • Belen E.Must order the chino sano - OMG!! Holy quinoa

    55555 by Belen E.

  • Paulo LPessosd bonitas.lugar fantastico.

    55555 by Paulo L

  • Iris R.La comida es deliciosa. Los ceviches son lo máximo. Lo que no me gusto fue el servicio. La mesera ya tenia prisa de irse, y de plano nos fue a cobrar a media comida. Ya ni postre pudimos pedir. Tache¡

    55555 by Iris R.

  • April E.Get the ceviche sampler (not on menu) - enough for 2 for dinner. And don't forget a couple rounds of pisco sours!! A+++

    55555 by April E.

  • Ashley SoGet the pitcher of sangria (smoking was delicious!) since it's cheaper than individual glasses ($52/pitcher for about 5 glasses).

    55555 by Ashley So

  • Jose Luis CisnerosLa comida excelente! Los Pisco Sour de los mejores! Deben informar que las raciones son muy grandes para evitar ordenar de más. Las mesas pequeñas e incómodas y la acústica es un problema serio.

    55555 by Jose Luis Cisneros

  • Angelo A.Ceviche trio!

    55555 by Angelo A.

  • Lorayne JBest kept secret in Downtown Miami.. Try Causa with Lobster and Ceviche pocusana.. Amazing place!!

    55555 by Lorayne J

  • Patricia A.El pulpo simplemente delicioso y el suspiro limeño perfecto para terminar

    55555 by Patricia A.

  • Vanessa E.salónera: Vanessa, peruana, super!!

    55555 by Vanessa E.

  • Manuel G.Ask for Julia is the best waitress, pregunten por Julia es la mejor mesonera

    55555 by Manuel G.

  • Maria N.Realmente bueno. Ceviche fresco! Exquisito y el lomo salteado impresionante. Buenos precios!! Un imperdible

    55555 by Maria N.

  • Jason J.BEST ceviche in town! If you're into spicy food, make sure to order yours extra spicy or "bien picante"....you're in for a treat. Also, the BEST anticuchos I've every had!!

    55555 by Jason J.

  • Cayetana H.Fantástico !!!!

    55555 by Cayetana H.

  • Patricia F.Sushi is amazing and the peruvian sushi as well. Pisco sour was very good with a kick to it. Would recommend it. Definetely coming back next time I'm in town.

    55555 by Patricia F.

  • Monique K.Its like being in Peru! A must go to while in Miami!

    55555 by Monique K.

  • Alexandra V.Deliciosa comida peruana, vale muito conferir. E o ceviche é simplesmente delicioso. Pratos bem servidos, comem até 2 pessoas. Atendimento perfeito.

    55555 by Alexandra V.

  • Kimmo T.Some good sh..!

    33333 by Kimmo T.

  • Elena S.No merece la pena. El McDonalds del ceviche! Eso si, los camareros muy atentos, pero nada más....

    55555 by Elena S.

  • Eduardoluis M.Oferta engañosa, mesoneros recomiendan platos de $60 y en la carta los ceviches no pasan de $20

    55555 by Eduardoluis M.

  • Carlos M.Si vienes a Miami no te lo puedes perder! Beyond excellent food!

    55555 by Carlos M.

  • Marci A.Surf & Turk super tasty

    55555 by Marci A.

  • Marci A.Try the ceviche sampler, it's amazing!

    55555 by Marci A.

  • MANNY J.Great food and great service!!!

    55555 by MANNY J.

  • Ana D.Pulpo a la herradura por favorrrr!!

    55555 by Ana D.

  • Adriana A.Great food. Salmon with shrimp sauce is great and so is the Ceviche!!!

    55555 by Adriana A.

  • mónica r.great food. very loud place.

    55555 by mónica r.

  • Maria J.Ask for the ceviche that isn't on the menu.

    55555 by Maria J.

  • Jennie E.Corvina Mamma Ele is to die for. Service is great but the kitchen can be slow.

    55555 by Jennie E.

  • Piero P.It was AMAZING!

    55555 by Piero P.


    55555 by Sara A.

  • Claudia S.Maracutinis a MUST! Tomenlo despaciiiiiito!

    55555 by Claudia S.

  • Marie M.Grilled octopus. Mmmmmm........

    55555 by Marie M.

  • SheilaShare plates, portions are big

    55555 by Sheila

  • Andresiito P.So good omg

    55555 by Andresiito P.

  • FranBa B.Plato "Orgía de Ceviches" muy Sabrosssoo!!

    55555 by FranBa B.

  • Grace V.Todo Excelente

    55555 by Grace V.

  • Juan D.5 stars for food but service maybe 3

    33333 by Juan D.

  • Chris M.Major foodgasm!

    55555 by Chris M.

  • John K.Try the octopus. It's the best I've ever had.

    55555 by John K.

  • John K.Try the Octopus!!

    55555 by John K.

  • melbierCeviche was fuckin spicy but it was fuckin awesome!!!! Its cold as fuck maybe my nipps are about to fall off... maybe ill pour some the ceviche sauce on my nipps next time... .

    33333 by melbier

  • Paulo C.The traditional Peruvian ceviche is the best.

    55555 by Paulo C.

  • Billy O.Get the Pulpo a la herradura... It is superb!

    55555 by Billy O.

  • Dietrichpulpo herradura appetizer! not on the menu but always available. so good!

    55555 by Dietrich

  • Sebastian B.Delicious Peruvian food on an affordable price. Try the "4 ceviches" starter to get a taste of everything. Maracuya juice was amazing. Music was 2 loud and was not that baby friendly. #Bigportions

    55555 by Sebastian B.

  • SilvanoFood is great! DO NOT use the valet... their service sucks.

    33333 by Silvano

  • Monica P.My fave in Miami. Almost anything you order here is amazing, no disappointments. Ceviche, linguine105, and grilled octopus for sure !! One of the best bomb Peruvian I've had.

    55555 by Monica P.

  • Alex S.Linguine 105 was sick. The best. Downed that dish in 1 minute. Wish I'd ordered more.

    22222 by Alex S.

  • Xavier C.Ceviche ganador! A MUST!

    55555 by Xavier C.

  • Omar F.Don't eat too much, everything is glorious.

    55555 by Omar F.

  • Tayson H.Get the pisco sour and share the grilled octopus and ceviche platter. Won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Tayson H.

  • Vanni M.Asked the waiter for suggestions and everything was delicious. Really liked the spicy octopus dish, and the passion fruit mojito he suggested was awesome too.

    55555 by Vanni M.

  • Bahaa B.Delicious steak ... Give it a shot ;)

    55555 by Bahaa B.

  • Amy L.I am literally buzzed from the Seafood Orgy. They marinate the ceviche in so much alcohol that I am tipsy! So, delicious and boozy ... Win. Get it. Now.

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Maren C.This was my first Peruvian cuisine experience and it was excellent. The service and food here was awesome. Prices are reasonable and you will have a great dining experience. I would definitely go back

    55555 by Maren C.

  • hoy c.Try the Causa De Camarones - Not bad. Not bad at all! (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by hoy c.

  • Mario C.Muy buen ambiente, buena atención, ubicación y excelente comida. 8/10 sería mi puntuación.

    55555 by Mario C.

  • Christian M.The ceviche taste like tequila!

    33333 by Christian M.

  • hoy c.Try the Ceviche Ganador - One of the best Ceviches I've ever had! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by hoy c.

  • Diane B.Ginger chili marinade for seafood ceviche is incredible put yourself in the hands if the staff and you won't go wrong

    55555 by Diane B.

  • Eddy Mitchell B.Food was good, but the music was super loud.

    33333 by Eddy Mitchell B.

  • Lara B.Their Ceviche anconero and Pisco sours are the BEST in miami!

    55555 by Lara B.

  • Esther F.Una buena opcion para comer comida peruana en Miami. Recomiendo la jalea y el lomo saltado a 13 dolares cada uno, plato generoso como para dos. El ceviche mixto es gourmet no es el original.

    55555 by Esther F.

  • Milantia S.This is the best peruan food in Miami! Evething is good!

    55555 by Milantia S.

  • SebastianBest dishes aren't on the menu.

    55555 by Sebastian

  • Aleka L.Ceviche sampler it's the best

    55555 by Aleka L.

  • Okie T.Very reasonably priced Peruvian dishes in very generous sized portions. A must eat when in town... All hail the BEST restaurant in Miami!

    55555 by Okie T.

  • Double Dee💋This place was amazing. I had used Yelp to look up places to eat at prior to being in Miami & it caught my attention. Service was great. BEST ceviche ever! Must go when in Miami

    55555 by Double Dee💋

  • Diego B.Dinner was delicious, we had the Fuente Fria as an app and the Camino Inca entree (an off the menu item), ask for it, you won't regret it!

    55555 by Diego B.

  • Dru K.Piscojito is a must! So good!

    55555 by Dru K.

  • Jimnice succulent steak!

    55555 by Jim

  • Maxi M.GREAT food! ♥ Ceviche to die for!

    55555 by Maxi M.

  • Marlon R.Amazing food and service!

    55555 by Marlon R.

  • Jorge D.Ceviche orgy it's the best.

    55555 by Jorge D.

  • Michael S.well priced ceviche, nice atmosphere at lunch in downtown Miami

    55555 by Michael S.

  • Alejandra L.False advertising... AMEX deal on Foursquare is no longer "valid" ??? why does it say otherwise when I chek-in? #notcool #nobueno #thumbsdown #fail

    22222 by Alejandra L.

  • Tavito G.nice place! love it! 

    55555 by Tavito G.

  • TL Cargo Su carga segura e.Para envios a Venezuela no dejes de contactarnos www.TLCargo.net

    55555 by TL Cargo Su carga segura e.

  • Andrea M.The food is always great but the service has progressively gotten worse. Kitchen gets severely behind. No reservations all walk-ins system is not working out for this place. Also very loud at night

    33333 by Andrea M.

  • Taryn P.Don't know what to order? You can't go wrong with the ceviche orgy. The ceviche here is ridiculous!

    55555 by Taryn P.

  • @DaniellaVerasTry the Flauta - Can't remember what this was called but it was deliciously intoxicating! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by @DaniellaVeras

  • @DaniellaVerasTry the Bandeja Pacifica - Awesome sampler! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by @DaniellaVeras

  • Miguel S.Order grill octopus

    55555 by Miguel S.

  • Ellie W.For the fist time visitor def try the ceviche sampler and the dessert trio. The maracuya mouse is to die for

    55555 by Ellie W.

  • Roberto R.Great ceviche!

    55555 by Roberto R.

  • Katy W.Ceviche Pucusana 105 is the best!

    55555 by Katy W.

  • Related G.Take a quick flavorful trip to Peru and try CVI.CHE 105

    55555 by Related G.

  • Vicki C.Try the Tiradito en salsa de rocoto - My first tiradito experience...delish! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Vicki C.

  • Stephanie I.Looks as good as it tastes!

    55555 by Stephanie I.

  • Stephany G.Best place ever

    55555 by Stephany G.

  • LaTatiTry the Dessert Trio (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by LaTati

  • Erika J.Best ceviche and jalea in town! Almost like eating in Peru!!

    55555 by Erika J.

  • Fer A.Get the tri-colored ceviche! Amazing!

    55555 by Fer A.

  • Barbara R.Trilogia de ceviches, recomendable al 100%. Acompanalo de un piscojito!!

    55555 by Barbara R.

  • Miguel Q.The Best Ceviche , variety of drinks and special peruvian deserts. Exotic gourmet touch .

    55555 by Miguel Q.

  • Jimmy P.Piscojito: like a traditional mojito

    55555 by Jimmy P.

  • Jimmy P.You should all come by and try our array of cocktails all made with authentic Peruvian Pisco 100 all make with fresh ingredients!

    55555 by Jimmy P.

  • Tatiana V.El mejor Cvi.che, aji de gallina y pescado a lo macho de south Florida

    55555 by Tatiana V.

  • Johanne P.Don't eat too much of it... it'll make you feel sick.

    33333 by Johanne P.

  • Bernard L.Try la jalea real!

    55555 by Bernard L.

  • Luis G.Los postres, buenísimos, prueba el helado de lucuma

    55555 by Luis G.

  • Jimmy P.Try The Caminos Del Inca Platter!Arroz Con Pollo, Tacu Lomo,And Aji De Gallina all on the same plate!Great Plate To Share At The Table

    55555 by Jimmy P.

  • CB G.If they have it, get the Ganador ceviche. It won Ceviche Throwdown, judges & people's choice.

    55555 by CB G.

  • Rafael C.Don't miss the "Seafood orgy" ceviche and the "Tiradito Virgen"

    55555 by Rafael C.

  • Luis C.Try the 105 Linguini. (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Luis C.

  • Jimmy P.The best authentic Peruvian Ceviche in South Florida

    55555 by Jimmy P.

  • Jimmy P.The best Ceviche restaurant in South Florida!

    55555 by Jimmy P.

  • Luigi AAwesome dulce de leche. Try the ceviche sampler!!

    55555 by Luigi A

  • @DaniellaVerasTry the Causa with Ceviche - This was edible art! #foodporn sooooo good!!! #huminahumina

    55555 by @DaniellaVeras

  • @DaniellaVerasTry the Maracutini - Passion Fruit and PISCO!

    55555 by @DaniellaVeras

  • Ivan JCeviche was very good. Was disappointed by the lack of hygiene from the ceviche station. Won't be back!

    33333 by Ivan J

  • Jhon JThe ceviche sampler It is a MUST!!

    55555 by Jhon J

  • Silvia GYou Can't go wrong here. Delicious !!!

    55555 by Silvia G

  • Arminda G.Try the ceviche red and white, or really any ceviche... Just ask the waitress because the menu isn't clear!

    33333 by Arminda G.

  • Jaime M.The noise in here is a bit overwhelming

    33333 by Jaime M.

  • Ray D.Try the Marajito (Msracuya Mojito) Delicious!

    55555 by Ray D.

  • Susan T.Piscojito, jalea, suspiro!

    55555 by Susan T.

  • Carlos HArroz con pollo is one of the cheapest, but best items on the menu. Try it.

    55555 by Carlos H

  • Adriana JThe best tiradito a la guaincaina ever!!

    55555 by Adriana J

  • Flor P.DIOS MIO, la comida es fantástica!!!!

    55555 by Flor P.

  • Denise Y.GREAT FOOD

    55555 by Denise Y.

  • Mia S.I keep walking by this place- it is always packed with a cool crowd in the after-work hours. Right down the street from the office.

    55555 by Mia S.

  • BestOfWinner of Best Ceviche 2011. See more of the best at http://bestof.voiceplaces.com/miami

    55555 by BestOf

  • Tatiana O.Got to have La Causa Maki.. To die for...

    55555 by Tatiana O.

  • Margarita S.A testament to the bad service. This photo shows about 12 plates out and no waitresses or runners taking it out to the tables. Bad service, good food getting cold.

    33333 by Margarita S.

  • Jean J.This is the BEST restaurant form Peru!

    55555 by Jean J.

  • Gonzalo ABest Ceviche in South Florida

    55555 by Gonzalo A

  • Paola DExcelente ceviche, de verdad!!!! Y probar el tradicional pisco!

    55555 by Paola D

  • Nancy HI'm a fan of Ceviche 105. My family and I have been there a few times. The food is good, not the best I've had, but it's close to our home and the food is decent. The atmosphere is too loud for my tas

    55555 by Nancy H

  • Guillermo G.I became a fan of Peruvian cuisine thanks to this place. Get a Cuzqueña beer while you wait for your appetizer (I recommend The Seafood Orgy) and the Tacu Salmon in a Huancaina Sauce as your entree.

    55555 by Guillermo G.

  • Martin K.Excelent Choritos and Ceviches!

    55555 by Martin K.

  • Georgetown BagelryExperiencing GREAT service:)

    55555 by Georgetown Bagelry

  • Nathan C.Best ceviche I have ever had. Service was rather lacking.

    55555 by Nathan C.

  • patrick s.Try the saltado

    55555 by patrick s.

  • GourmetLiveThis inexpensive downtown spot is the place to go for sweet purple corn chicha, cool ceviche, maki-nikkei rolls with a mash of yellow potato topped with sushi, and stunning potato cakes.

    55555 by GourmetLive

  • Saul S.Juan's favorite is just to die for!!

    55555 by Saul S.

  • Jeff AGreat food. Loud place due to concrete floors. Pisco sour carafe $50!!!!

    55555 by Jeff A

  • @MisterHirschThey don't have a full bar by choice. Instead they make a variety of signature cocktails always using pisco as the main ingredient (Peru's national spirit which is distilled from grapes).

    55555 by @MisterHirsch

  • JayCausa Maki and Tricolor Ceviche are a must!

    55555 by Jay

  • Jason R.The best ceviche in town. Pisco anf ginger ale drink is awesome

    55555 by Jason R.

  • miamismCvi.Che105 now has a Pisco Bar!! Try the Maracutini or classic Pisco Sour.

    55555 by miamism

  • Jacqueline MGood food but Really Really Really bad service. Order to take out!!!

    33333 by Jacqueline M

  • Theresa R.Wow...

    55555 by Theresa R.

  • David C.Los ceviches y el lomo saltado estan buenisimos

    55555 by David C.

  • Scott M.Expanded space but equally fresh Peruvian dishes.

    55555 by Scott M.

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