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Burger and Beer Joint

Mary Brickell Village 900 S Miami Ave, Ste 130
Miami, FL 33130

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(305) 523-2244

  • Sun - Thu 11:30am - 3:00am
  • Fri - Sat 11:30am - 5:00am

Cuisine: Burger Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 193 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL
  • Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, FL

Burger and Beer Joint Reviews

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  • Andrickson LThe best burgers ever! This is amazing and absolutely free, take a look: https://share.serviceempire.com

    55555 by Andrickson L

  • Burak EReally good

    55555 by Burak E

  • Dilmar TThe burger was good, not great

    33333 by Dilmar T

  • Marcel E.Their burgers are great but don't experiment with either their zucchini or mushroom fries. They are basically beer battered and likely a worse option than regular fries.

    55555 by Marcel E.

  • Meagan Don't go here at lunch time. Waited an hour for our food, never received it so we left. Waiter was MIA

    22222 by Meagan

  • Patricia HEverything

    55555 by Patricia H

  • Patricia HHey Jude is the BEST burger I've had hands down 😋

    55555 by Patricia H

  • Salvador BCalifornia burger!! A must!

    55555 by Salvador B

  • Julio LHearty burgers would be an understatement, in the most magical of ways. Fried pickles and bacon waiting to be bathed in maple syrup are a must. A local brew and your ready to take over the world.

    55555 by Julio L

  • Emaad AMedium well Thunder road with a fried egg top of it, strongly recommended 👍🏻

    55555 by Emaad A

  • Greg T.Burger and fried pickles

    55555 by Greg T.

  • Yasmin SBest fast food restaurant in miami. If you're feeling like a more healthy option, go for the kale quinoa salad. Otherwise, get anything with their famous Aioli sauce!

    55555 by Yasmin S

  • Adelino TGood burger as the whole. The patty itself not much... The service was alwful

    33333 by Adelino T

  • Gray R.Really good burgers, a bunch of meat selections to throw on your burger. Wide beer selection, some local, a lot of craft. Good spot to catch a game, if you get there early..

    55555 by Gray R.

  • Sheyla SGood service; try the veggie burger!

    55555 by Sheyla S

  • AskiaTasty burgers and beer! What more could you ask for... Oh yea a good game on the tube. They got that too.

    55555 by Askia

  • Allan B.The Mustang Sally is great. Or Dr Feelgood if you are looking for a veggie option

    55555 by Allan B.

  • Cole K.A very solid beer list and burgers that aren't gourmet but aren't gonna disappoint you at all. Solid for lunch; sit outside on the plaza.

    55555 by Cole K.

  • Gustavo FStairway to heaven is magnificent but ask for it medium rare since lately they've been overcooking the hamburgers

    55555 by Gustavo F

  • Carlo SO melhor hambúrguer com cerveja!

    55555 by Carlo S

  • Steve F.The burgers never disappoint! Hotel California and Mustang Sally!!

    55555 by Steve F.

  • Victor C.I travel for a living and for better or worse burgers are a staple. Great that this place gets the two key ingredients sooo right. The Hotel California is fantastic. The beer selection could use work.

    55555 by Victor C.

  • Kaye R.Make sure the POS system is up otherwise they cant wait on you and will turn you away :-(

    33333 by Kaye R.

  • Dennis Rwell i finally went here and all i can say is WOW!! burgers are fresh and beer is cold.. This is my new favorite place for burgers and a beer!

    55555 by Dennis R

  • Sue RQuick & everything is good

    55555 by Sue R

  • Muhammed SThe size of the burger is very very big. The taste of it is ordinary according to me, but very crowded burger restaurant in Miami South Beach.

    55555 by Muhammed S

  • Dalia YPortions are large .. Very filling

    55555 by Dalia Y

  • Dennis Rlooking to try this place! cant wait!

    55555 by Dennis R

  • Berk A.Unhealthiest pleasure: Lettuce wrapped burger, duck fat fries, and fried pickles. And Coca Cola please!!! Ughhh 😪

    55555 by Berk A.

  • Yelda MGreat American style burgers, grilled hotdog and huge beer selection. Delicious 👍👏🍔🍟🍻 Love this place!

    55555 by Yelda M

  • Jacobo GómezShared a 10Lbs burger with 7 friends. It was surprisingly good.

    55555 by Jacobo Gómez

  • AndrewService needs improvement. Never received my order. I was with a party of 11 people. Manager seem indifferent about it. Twice I was told the burger would come in 5 minutes and nothing.

    11111 by Andrew

  • Erika Enid A.Nice place

    55555 by Erika Enid A.

  • Adam PalmerService was very slow at lunch, but the burgers are good as are the fries. The Thunder Road burger is the closest to a basic cheeseburger if you don't fancy one of there more adventurous options.

    55555 by Adam Palmer

  • Stuart R.To my surprise, they really had some original and awesome burgers on the menu. And other burger options (turkey, chicken, veggie) as well.

    55555 by Stuart R.

  • Filippe PerottoniHamburger suculento com bacon de primeira! A batata frita é bem fina e crocante! Deliciosa! - Juicy burger with special bacon! Thin and crispy fries! Delicious!

    55555 by Filippe Perottoni

  • Danica BBurgers... duh!

    55555 by Danica B

  • Fernando KPrime angus sliders are delicious:-)

    55555 by Fernando K

  • Javier JHamburguesas deliciosas y postres para morirse

    55555 by Javier J

  • Paula F.The bests thing for me are: you can have your burger wrapped in lettuce, instead the regular bun, and their sweet potato fries!

    55555 by Paula F.

  • Summer K.They used to have the best burger. If I go I usually order the prociutto burger and def with duck fries!

    55555 by Summer K.

  • Miami New TimesThis sister location to the South Beach Burger & Beer Joint has the same rock & roll attitude.

    55555 by Miami New Times

  • Deepan M.Of course they have great burgers, but beer selection and atmosphere is what make it.

    55555 by Deepan M.

  • Felix L.Thunder road is the way to go

    33333 by Felix L.

  • BuenaThe wagyu sliders were awesome.

    55555 by Buena

  • FernandoGreat burgers and beer

    55555 by Fernando

  • SuzanneFANTASTIC turkey burger for those who don't eat beef!

    55555 by Suzanne

  • colleen m.Horrible service! The food wasn't that bad but prepare to wait a long time!

    22222 by colleen m.

  • Luciano BNice place, lot of beers options and the burger's names are famous rock songs. I intend to back here again.

    55555 by Luciano B

  • Regina BrockThe food was good and service was to. We sat outside because it had an awful mildew smell inside.

    22222 by Regina Brock

  • Evan C.20 minutes after being seated with no acknowledgement, we left. They didn't notice for another 5 minutes. Should have asked to get our parking validated anyway.

    11111 by Evan C.

  • Fabiola JQuality has gone downhill for this once great burger place! I was so sad to see it happen and I always was a huge fan of theirs but they've changed their meat and it doesn't taste the same 😭

    33333 by Fabiola J

  • Paul KThe Paradise city hamburger comes with Cajun Shrimp !!! Amazing

    55555 by Paul K

  • WM B.Get the duck fat fries!

    55555 by WM B.

  • Matt M.Get the truffle fries

    55555 by Matt M.

  • Pedro CA realy great place!

    55555 by Pedro C

  • THE Brent A.Def go see Macy!! She is amazing

    55555 by THE Brent A.

  • THE Brent A.See Macy!!

    33333 by THE Brent A.

  • THE Brent A.Def go see Macy!!

    55555 by THE Brent A.

  • Bernardita L.Pimp your burger on Tuesdays!!

    55555 by Bernardita L.

  • Jose B.Try the stairway to heaven. It's sublime

    55555 by Jose B.

  • Alamir V.Melhor hamburger que ja comi !

    55555 by Alamir V.

  • Ryan L.Try the Hotel California - Love it (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ryan L.

  • José V.Simply orgasmic

    55555 by José V.

  • SilvanoI had the "Turning Japanese" and the price is not worth it. However, the onion rings that came with it were the best I've ever had!

    55555 by Silvano

  • Eric NoelWorking in the hospitality biz the mistakes that happened were very amateur. I usually don't post reviews on any place unless I was truly shocked. Go to the south beach location

    33333 by Eric Noel

  • Edgar M.Wifi password 1122332211

    55555 by Edgar M.

  • Heather R.Don't eat here, unless you have hours to kill. Service BLOWS!

    22222 by Heather R.

  • Brasilia R.I love the Thunder Rd!!!! And trust me because I work there :)

    55555 by Brasilia R.

  • IBRAHIM A.they have fried oreo i don't remember it's name in the menu but it's something i want it again ♥

    55555 by IBRAHIM A.

  • Jermine S.Great place buger was giant

    55555 by Jermine S.

  • Ifutbol Agents (.They are big, expensive anf good. Order some beer too it goes perfect!

    55555 by Ifutbol Agents (.

  • Sariya A.Mustang Sally burger is heavenly!

    55555 by Sariya A.

  • Sahad S.Thunder road is the best!

    55555 by Sahad S.

  • USA TODAYTry the "adult" milkshake, the Spank the Monkey. It's rocky road ice cream, fresh banana, cake vodka, banana liqueur and whipped cream.

    55555 by USA TODAY

  • Felicia D.Great food, SLOW SERVICE!! Make sure you have at least 2 hours to eat. We sat for 3 1/2 hours with a table of 10. I know it's quite a table full, but we had to track our waiter down. A+ for the good!

    33333 by Felicia D.

  • Nat H.Known for their five adult milkshakes. Spank the Monkey: rocky road ice cream, fresh banana, UV Cake Vodka, Bols banana liqueur, and whipped cream.

    55555 by Nat H.

  • Melody P.Menu looks awesome but the service sucks and the waiters don't know what tables they have & look sketch

    33333 by Melody P.

  • Papi PinguoOnce you have Bison you wont ever want a beef burger ever again. Also make sure to order the Duck fat fries, theyre amazing.

    55555 by Papi Pinguo

  • Al L.Slowest kitchen ever

    11111 by Al L.

  • Tiffany J.Simon is the best bartender! Ask him to make you a Kettle One Cosmo. It is amazingggg

    55555 by Tiffany J.

  • Derek R.Alex is the MAN! If you go to B&B ask for him

    33333 by Derek R.

  • Ray D.Hotel California my favorite burger.

    55555 by Ray D.

  • Elena S.Thunder Road. Also the Portobello Vurger. Yummy.

    55555 by Elena S.

  • Melissa D.Five words... Zucchini fries and pork belly

    55555 by Melissa D.

  • Phillip M.If you go on a Tuesday, you'll save some cash!

    33333 by Phillip M.

  • Marla W.Best fries in Miami!

    55555 by Marla W.

  • Katia S.Incredible burgers!! I got the pleasure to try the Fly Like an Eagle (basically thanksgiving reinvented) and I ordered the Hey Jude with a meat patty rather than chicken = expensive @ $18, but AMAZING

    55555 by Katia S.

  • Ismael B.Try the special burger let/tom/onion 4 food & wine festival

    55555 by Ismael B.

  • Brenda E.The 87 Wings are to die for!

    55555 by Brenda E.

  • Lowell K.Don't forget to ask for the Jalapeño Cheddar sauce and the Black Truffle Aioli.

    55555 by Lowell K.

  • Manny M.You can't beat Tuesday nights. Pimp your own burger for $10 and $3 all draft beers!!

    55555 by Manny M.

  • Bill S.Truly excellent burger! Meat cooked perfectly (rare+), very appropriate amount of toppings, fresh bun.

    55555 by Bill S.

  • JasmineDefinitely try the onion rings and ask for some tarragon remoulade on the side. Amazing.

    55555 by Jasmine

  • Onel M.Amazing place for beer and burger, simply amazing.

    55555 by Onel M.

  • Enrique P.Mustaaannngggg Salllyyyyy! Best burger here hands down. IMO of course :)

    55555 by Enrique P.

  • David C.With delicious hamburgers,a big beer menu and cool people this is a must in Brickle!!!

    55555 by David C.

  • Alice V.Turkey burger is great. Naked burger is also good. They don't have a good dessert menu. Perhaps they should work on that!

    55555 by Alice V.

  • Axis B.$10 burgers on Tuesdays!

    55555 by Axis B.

  • Downtown M.all is well when you step inside this place, EVERYTHING is delicious!

    55555 by Downtown M.

  • MichaelYou can't beat these burgers and beers! After if you want to lounge Check out The Village Humidor with Cigars & Hookah. Enjoy a Free House Blend Cigar on your first visit with any $10 purchase.

    55555 by Michael

  • David L.We waited over an hour for two burgers when we asked our waiter where our food was said it was about to be put on the grill so we left. Horrible service and now we have to pay parking.

    11111 by David L.

  • Kameron K.Massive onion rings

    55555 by Kameron K.

  • Kameron K.Get the mustang Sally. Juicy and delicious, comes with carmelized onions and prosciutto

    55555 by Kameron K.

  • Karry M.Murphy's on tap is the best.

    55555 by Karry M.

  • Ashley$10 bud light pitchers during heat games!

    55555 by Ashley

  • Related G.American food meets rock and roll at Burger & Beer Joint

    55555 by Related G.

  • Jessie T.Green bean fries with block truffle aioli are the best.

    55555 by Jessie T.

  • URGE M.The URGE app is a must when in Miami. Download the app at http://bit.ly/JIKDTd to place orders for delivery from 80+ Miami restaurants right from your iPhone or Droid

    55555 by URGE M.

  • Neil D.Hotel California!!! Nuff said lol

    55555 by Neil D.

  • Lucas L.Amazing burgers!! Build your own, you wont regret it

    55555 by Lucas L.

  • @DavidHallerRealEstateGreat place to wAtch the game and just relax and feel good about all those carbs your about down with an amazing list of 99 beers and the best burger in Brickell!

    55555 by @DavidHallerRealEstate

  • Christina L.Great happy hour $2.50 Bud Family drafts. $3 app buckets. Stick with fries & chicken tenders. Steer clear of fried pickles, sadly.

    33333 by Christina L.

  • Angie S.Try the Mini Corn Dogs (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Angie S.

  • Courtney O.Mustang Sally burger is doooope.

    55555 by Courtney O.

  • AJ M.Yes they are famous for burgers, but the Mac n Cheese is amaaaazing! make sure to get it with truffle oil and bacon. Thank me later

    55555 by AJ M.

  • Nely S.The burgers are ginormous. Try the Blanche de Bruxelles beer. It's light and goes well with your meal.

    55555 by Nely S.

  • Lissette G.Hands down its worth the wait!

    55555 by Lissette G.

  • @MyMagicCityWide selection of burgers with all types of toppings to go with it. Brought your 4-legged friend? No problem, they have a menu for them as well. Decent beer selection and amazing sweet potato fries!

    55555 by @MyMagicCity

  • Jaynie H.Never go on a really packed night. Waited an hour & 45 minutes for our food! Thankfully it was free. Its service is usually on point but not for big events.

    33333 by Jaynie H.

  • AshleyBest sweet potato fries EVER!

    55555 by Ashley

  • Pam A.Crispy dill pickles!

    55555 by Pam A.

  • Glenn E.Impressive beer selections, and the burgers are flavor packed and gigantic. Try the Mustang Sally or the Hotel California, and compliment that with some sweet potato fries. Its a must.

    55555 by Glenn E.

  • Siuwai M.Make sure your burger is cooked how you like it. I asked for medium and got medium rare. :/

    33333 by Siuwai M.

  • Matt W.New special: $2.50 craft drafts on Tuesdays! Plus $10 "Pimp my Burger"

    55555 by Matt W.

  • BrickellinfoFind out who's checked-in where in Brickell with our Foursquare powered map on www.brickellinfo.com

    33333 by Brickellinfo

  • Roberto M.Great burgers! Tuesday's special is great. Pimp your burger.

    55555 by Roberto M.

  • Marvin K.awesome great place to spent your free time after an exam:)

    55555 by Marvin K.

  • Orly LLong wait but it's worth it

    55555 by Orly L

  • Tom J.Sympathy for the Devil if you like a burger w a kick

    33333 by Tom J.

  • JennTry the Mustang Sally - Beef burger topped w/ caramelized onions, brie cheese, prosciutto. Also try the Spank the Monkey - milkshake, rocky road ice cream, bananas, banana liquor & UV cake vodka!!!

    55555 by Jenn

  • Jesse S.Great food, but understaffed - and they don't allow any substitutions at lunch, I simply asked for a wheat bun and they said no.

    22222 by Jesse S.

  • ThrillistB & B Brickell's sports bar is finally ready, with 14 42" plasmas and a 9ft HD projection screen surrounding a big bar serving 99 beers.

    33333 by Thrillist

  • Kris L.Want to eat somewhat healthy? Try the Freebird. Delicious...

    55555 by Kris L.

  • Silvana M.Their sweet potato fries as fantastic!!!

    55555 by Silvana M.

  • Silvana M.If you're a vegetarian. Their veggie burger is ok. It comes with battered zucchini fries. TONS of lard. FYI you can order them without any lard. PS just substitute them for sweet potato fries. Great!

    55555 by Silvana M.

  • ThrillistYou can't go wrong with pre-concocted numbers like the Ahi/cucumber-jalapeno salsa/garlic mayo Turning Japanese.

    55555 by Thrillist

  • Lindsay AAsk for Juan the bartender! He makes boss Skinnygirl margaritas!!

    55555 by Lindsay A

  • Paul A.Great burger joint!!! Thus the name...

    55555 by Paul A.

  • Yvelisse L.Gotta try Mustang Saily :)

    55555 by Yvelisse L.

  • Tobias G.Nice bar to catch a soccergame accompanied with a tasty burger!

    55555 by Tobias G.

  • Shelia G.They love dogs and give them ground meat and rice if you like.

    55555 by Shelia G.

  • Shelia G.Try the thunder road for a great all American cheese burger with hickory smoked bacon.

    55555 by Shelia G.

  • Jessica RSweet Potato fries and fried pickles kick ass

    55555 by Jessica R

  • Hernan JSkinny fries

    55555 by Hernan J

  • Diego A.Mustang Sally!! Nuff Said...

    55555 by Diego A.

  • George G.Must try the Hotel California Burger, and dont forget the fried Pickens

    55555 by George G.

  • Liza W.Two words: Fried Pickles

    55555 by Liza W.

  • Olee MStop three

    55555 by Olee M

  • Luis Enrique C.fries with truffle oil is a must!

    55555 by Luis Enrique C.

  • L. O.Hotel California is so good with that egg!

    55555 by L. O.

  • Daniel N.The corn dogs are bomb! Mushroom fries are good but mostly batter!

    55555 by Daniel N.

  • Wilson KLove this place! Their burgers are amazing! Try the sweet potato fries! to die for! :D

    55555 by Wilson K

  • Joe M.Mustang Sally was fantastic! Great beer selection!

    55555 by Joe M.

  • Elly V.Not a good place to watch a game

    55555 by Elly V.

  • King F.Get the mushroom fries with a kingfisher ale. *boom*

    55555 by King F.

  • In The Scene MIAMIHome of "The MotherBurger!" Order one for the table or finish it yourself within 2 hours and it's free!

    33333 by In The Scene MIAMI

  • Kelly RThe burgers & staff are awesome!!!

    55555 by Kelly R

  • Megan M.Turning Japanese Burger is outstanding! Ahi Tuna Burger cooked to order -- make sure to request it rare. Delicious! Comes with three large onion rings. Order Fried Oreos for dessert! ;D

    55555 by Megan M.

  • Cody LIf you like rude bartenders and mediocre beer... It's your spot.

    22222 by Cody L

  • Mitchel B.They have duck fat fries...I believe that is all that needs to be said but let me just mention that the rest of the menu is fantastic as well.

    55555 by Mitchel B.

  • Main E.Mac&Cheese is what you need in your life!

    55555 by Main E.

  • Angela C.Victoria is an an amazing bartender! And who the heck is Kelly? :)

    55555 by Angela C.

  • SteveGreat turkey burgers. Bartenders attentive/courteous. Sit at bar in restaurant if prefer to avoid smoke (TV's tuned to game). Sports bar area a great place to watch a game, but it is smokey.

    55555 by Steve

  • Chad CohenBrooklyn IPA on tap is a hoppy nice addition to any burger.

    55555 by Chad Cohen

  • Sasha CWhat miami. Is here today for bar hopping. Sign up today!!!!!!

    55555 by Sasha C

  • Leonardo BBartenders are great! Hooked on the Mustang Sally and texas chili.

    55555 by Leonardo B

  • Jessie D.HUGE fan of the fried pickles!!!

    55555 by Jessie D.

  • Jennifer T.Since you're hear try the duck fat fries they are yummy!!

    55555 by Jennifer T.

  • jose g.mustang sally; best burger south of le tub

    55555 by jose g.

  • Megan M.Any burger with a fried egg on it is a winner! Make a reservation if you can.

    55555 by Megan M.

  • @rollyp66You must try the sweet potatoe fries with truffle oil. They're to die for!

    55555 by @rollyp66

  • Nick C.Mustang Sally. Hands down the best mothafukin burger in the house! Do it!

    55555 by Nick C.

  • AskMenHungry? The burgers include an eight-ounce Mustang Sally (wagyu, brie & prosciutto) & the 10-ounce Thunder Road (smoked bacon, bourbon BBQ sauce and “skinny” fries).

    55555 by AskMen

  • Mauricio TNo matter the burger you choose, just be sure to request some chipotle sauce to spice your hamburger up!

    55555 by Mauricio T

  • JamesBrownInMiami™They say lightening never strikes the same place twice, but this second location is as great as the south beach location. You will wonder where you ate burgers before here. MiamiTop10 @jamesbrowninmia

    55555 by JamesBrownInMiami™

  • Stephanie TSit at the bar & let Joel entertain you with fantastic stories.

    55555 by Stephanie T

  • German E.Brittney rocks!!!

    55555 by German E.

  • TheRodger F.This place is AWESOME!!! Cold beer, great service, amazing burgers.

    55555 by TheRodger F.

  • Andy R.If you're at the bar ask for Britney. Shes awesome

    55555 by Andy R.

  • Sam C.If the name alone doesn't appeal to you then you might want to skip this one. I was very happy with the burger I chose and the beer selection was great. Lots of micro-brews.

    55555 by Sam C.

  • Sylvia JI enjoyed a good burger! Although a bit over cooked. I asked for medium-well and came Well Well done!

    33333 by Sylvia J

  • Josh B.Some of the specialty burgers (like the turkey/stuffing) don't come with buns...be sure to double check.

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Christian C.Service is awesome....the beer is always cold and the food is great! The octane wings are blazing hot....even if you order them mild. Try the Thunder Road burger with a fried egg on top. Awesomness!

    55555 by Christian C.

  • Tony A.When at the bar... Kelly is the best!

    55555 by Tony A.

  • Marc P.Make a reservation for Friday lunch. Everyone knows it is the best spot in town.

    55555 by Marc P.

  • Kerstin S.The food here is awsome...my favorite: Sympathy with the Devil. Service is decent, too. Can't wait for the Sports Bar to open....

    55555 by Kerstin S.

  • Randy M.Turning Japanese - Ahi Tuna burger is amazing! Great flavor and nice rare sear! Enjoy!

    55555 by Randy M.

  • Jon W.Don't spend the money on the Waygu burger, the kitchen doesn't know how to cook to temperature - I ordered medium rare and the sammich came out well...

    22222 by Jon W.

  • BrickellinfoThey have a dog menu!

    55555 by Brickellinfo

  • Wayne S.They are putting in dog latches outside so bring your pootch!

    33333 by Wayne S.

  • joel c.Come see me at the Bar

    33333 by joel c.

  • Wayne S.The "Sympathy For The Devil" should b awesome...except for the awful name.

    11111 by Wayne S.

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