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Milwaukee Ale House

233 N Water St #1
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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(414) 276-2337


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am, 11:00 am - 1:00 am
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cuisine: Bars

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4.7 of 5.0 from 148 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI
  • Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Ale House Reviews

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  • Marc G.Brewpub for MKE Brewing Company. Will find plenty of their taps.

    55555 by Marc G.

  • DanNachos (great value), Bavarian pretzels (pretty good). Fantastic location and atmosphere

    55555 by Dan

  • Damon MGrab an outside table by the river. You can use your free beer token from MKE here too!

    55555 by Damon M

  • Aaron DExcellent beers!

    55555 by Aaron D

  • Morgan JLouie's Demise is the best beer ever 🍻

    55555 by Morgan J

  • Anna LWe had a group of 9 people, most were served food that was just blatantly cold. My chorizo burger was hard as a rock. The manager replaced our meals, but wasn't kind about it. I wouldn't go back. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

    22222 by Anna L

  • Jeff J.Good local beer selection, along with tasty sandwiches, burgers and the usual pub fare. Parking ramp nearby.

    55555 by Jeff J.

  • Anderson sBeer, food

    55555 by Anderson s

  • Dave MTerrible service. Very bad. But good beer....

    22222 by Dave M

  • AllieLouie's Demise BBQ ribs: so delicious! A meal for two.

    55555 by Allie

  • Christian T.Their old fashioned is spot on!

    55555 by Christian T.

  • Jessica BeavisGreat outdoor seating

    55555 by Jessica Beavis

  • Jerry K.Sheepshead Stout draft!

    55555 by Jerry K.

  • Andrew R.Great brunch menu and the beer is great too!

    55555 by Andrew R.

  • JimmyTrivia on Wednesday nights! $8 craft pitchers and your Wednesday just got that much better

    55555 by Jimmy

  • Ashley MA lot of MKE Co. beer on tap. Only 3 ciders. Had the pulled pork sandwich, wasn't bad but the sauce wasn't anything special even though it was homemade.

    55555 by Ashley M

  • Christian T.Try a draft beer from Milwaukee Brewing Co.

    55555 by Christian T.

  • Kelly H.Great fish fry.

    55555 by Kelly H.

  • Naomi DelabreauHappy hour!! $8 pitchers of MKE Brewery! 😊

    55555 by Naomi Delabreau

  • TJ K.Great beers on tap.

    55555 by TJ K.

  • Tanya S.The duck sliders are delicious

    55555 by Tanya S.

  • Stacy L.Karaoke on Thursdays. Avoid unless you love headaches, or take pride in your bad singing.

    33333 by Stacy L.

  • Ryan S.Hop Freak is legit. Good vibe, great beer.

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Evan K.Good beer and a wide open bar to hang out with friends. Karaoke night is also awesome.

    55555 by Evan K.

  • Vita Marie FerraraThe atmosphere

    55555 by Vita Marie Ferrara

  • Mike H.Great locally brewed craft beer selection and boat parking, also great patio seating.

    55555 by Mike H.

  • Daniel L.The burgers are delectable. I will definitely be back to try more of the menu!

    55555 by Daniel L.

  • Justin P.Great food and even better beer

    55555 by Justin P.

  • Chris GunrackPatio and beer!

    55555 by Chris Gunrack

  • Nick W.The beer is good, but the mix drinks are mixed inaccurately

    33333 by Nick W.

  • Davin L.Dat riverwalk view

    55555 by Davin L.

  • Mike JansmaGood brews, good eats!

    55555 by Mike Jansma

  • Megan CurtinAmazing patio in the sun ! The steak chop salad is worth the price ! Hands down best salad I've ever had ;)

    55555 by Megan Curtin

  • Chelsea RileyUsually I hate getting leftovers to go, because many restaurants use styrofoam or plastic containers, but here they give you a cardboard box for leftovers! Way to go green!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    33333 by Chelsea Riley

  • Roman S.Happy hour 3-6 great brews, enjoy

    55555 by Roman S.

  • Dalit T.Absolutely terrible service. We've been sitting at the bar for 20 minutes now and no service. Bartenders go to literally everyone around us but us. And we're sitting at the bar. Eff this place.

    11111 by Dalit T.

  • Sara S.Nachos are HUGE and yummy - three people got about halfway

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Serious EatsMilwaukee Brewing bottles up some of the city's favorite beers, including Louie's Demise, Love Handle, and Pullchain.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Michael P.Great beer!

    55555 by Michael P.

  • MrCrackberryIf you're here on a Thursday Night, congrats. Karaoke is a blast.

    55555 by MrCrackberry

  • Gwen MinerKaraoke night Thursday moved up to 9pm. He has everything...great DJ!

    55555 by Gwen Miner

  • Michelle S.Wings and chicken pot pie are excellent. I don't recommend the onion rings or Milwaukee melt - a lot of meat but not much flavor.

    55555 by Michelle S.

  • VERNTry weekend @ louie's if they have it! Best summer beer! Otherwise louie's demise is the absolute best!

    55555 by VERN

  • Mikey D.Best people watching bar

    55555 by Mikey D.

  • Gabriel M.Avoid this place karaoke Thursdays! It will kill the mood and sober you up.

    33333 by Gabriel M.

  • Brooke S.Love Rock cheese sauce is to die for!

    55555 by Brooke S.

  • Patrick M.Beer and more beer.

    55555 by Patrick M.

  • Tim S.Here for dinner? Go for the Baby Back Ribs. Deliciousness.

    55555 by Tim S.

  • cornelius h.Not the same since John McCabe left

    22222 by cornelius h.

  • Sean Y.Burgers are delicious!

    55555 by Sean Y.

  • Andrew P.Good place for a burger and a beer. Usually have a few seasonal offerings, most of their beer comes from MKE brewing.

    55555 by Andrew P.

  • Jim S.Good spot for bloodies

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Lois G.Salmonriceveggies. Yummmmm

    55555 by Lois G.

  • Courtney EThis is the place to be for sails and ales after Louie's Last Regatta.

    55555 by Courtney E

  • Andrew J.Great spinach and artichoke dip!

    55555 by Andrew J.

  • ElizabethGood veggie burgers. Avoid the sweet potato fries...they put cinnamon on them.

    55555 by Elizabeth

  • Juan V.The multi-layered chicken nachos are so amazing. The black olive are a great add on. Order the sauces separatly

    55555 by Juan V.

  • Robert JCome here at night enjoy some live music, and some DELICIOUS Food. (Cc can sure pickem) !!!!

    55555 by Robert J

  • D.j. P.Seriously one of the best chill spots in Milwaukee. Sit on the porch and watch the boats come in at sunset.

    55555 by D.j. P.

  • Joel AThe Doppelvision is awesome!

    55555 by Joel A

  • Grant W.I would recommend their hot wings as a starter.

    55555 by Grant W.

  • Alex KSome of the best beer the state has to offer.

    55555 by Alex K

  • Mark T.If you're not a beer drinker, move along.

    55555 by Mark T.

  • Paige TCome check out our new burger and salad menus!

    55555 by Paige T

  • Jason K.Try the Jasmine IPA

    55555 by Jason K.

  • Shea R.Not a beer drinker

    55555 by Shea R.

  • Liesel O.Try the clam cake salad. Wonderful. If you can eat on the patio, even better.

    55555 by Liesel O.

  • Ina L.Usually good music...expensive drinks...overpriced food but always the BEST company.

    55555 by Ina L.

  • Kaitlyn N.I had the best cheeseburger today! Then a Bloody Mary got dropped on me. I also drank one too. It's much better to drink it then bathe in it.

    33333 by Kaitlyn N.

  • Stephen P.The phrase "fall of the bone" had never been more accurate. Their ribs were absolutely amazing. Highly recommended.

    55555 by Stephen P.

  • Charlie G.Best craft brew in Milwaukee. If your looking for a new taste this is the place.

    55555 by Charlie G.

  • Marcus D.Live music was good. Beer selection was great and staff was friendly and happy to make recommendations. Stout was fantastic.

    55555 by Marcus D.

  • KiraThe only reason to come here on Monday nights was for QuizMaster trivia. The new management seems to think that we come here for mediocre food and PBR "specials." Their mistake. Onto RedRock!

    33333 by Kira

  • Ray W.Try the Sheepshead Stout

    55555 by Ray W.

  • Teek P.Great place for trivia but happy hour only goes from 3-6 these days! :/

    55555 by Teek P.

  • Evan K.Try the sheepshead!

    55555 by Evan K.

  • Nate LGreat food, great beer, and awesome times. Been coming here for years! Won't stop.

    55555 by Nate L

  • Megan SThe food was good.

    33333 by Megan S

  • Spence V.Get the Sheapshead Stout

    33333 by Spence V.

  • Sarah M.Avoid the bartender Patrick. He has a major temper issue and is a total buzz kill.

    33333 by Sarah M.

  • Matthew AI'm partial to the Solomon Juneau

    55555 by Matthew A

  • TJ MadsenTrivia on Monday. Beers are great, but don't get Hoptoberfest. Black and Blue burger is tasty.

    55555 by TJ Madsen

  • Samantha CBe careful of bathroom stall no. 2. It bites!

    22222 by Samantha C

  • Bret D.If you have a boat there is ample public dock space just outside the restaurant

    55555 by Bret D.

  • Brian A.I once had a very very good steak here, but they are more known for the excellent beer. This is the Milwaukee Brewing Company's flagship pub and eatery. It screams local brews and deserves a visit.

    55555 by Brian A.

  • JessicaThey have good chicken strips here

    55555 by Jessica

  • Rick J.Set some time aside and you should be able to try one of each beer with a couple of their flight selections. If you've got some friends with you finish with a bottle of awesome Baltic Porter.

    55555 by Rick J.

  • Lennon AIf you're looking for entertainment, this is not the establishment. The manager treats musicians like dirt, going so far as to actually heckle them during their performance.

    33333 by Lennon A

  • MikeBest pot roast ever

    55555 by Mike

  • Father cOwner and Marquette alum Jim McCabe emphasizes sustainable ingredients and environmentally friendly brewing, including recycling fish fry oil into biofuel that powers his brewing system.

    55555 by Father c

  • Chaz RzeplinskiThe pot pie is amazing! Hot and filling.

    55555 by Chaz Rzeplinski

  • Keith M.They have beer and very few homeless

    55555 by Keith M.

  • Kirstin L.The Ulao Wit is great!

    55555 by Kirstin L.

  • Chris D.Great beers, ok food.

    55555 by Chris D.

  • Jennie K.Try the Chicken Pot Pie...it is sooo good

    55555 by Jennie K.

  • Chris S.Bloody Mary's here are delish!

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Marilyn LThe black bean burger is amazing!

    55555 by Marilyn L

  • Kate Ari G.Try the cream ale. Goes down so smoothly.

    55555 by Kate Ari G.

  • Liz S.The Milwaukee Ale-House is a place you have to stop at least once! Make sure to come in on a Thurs-Sat night to listen to some great live music! Not to mention- it's situated right there on the river.

    55555 by Liz S.

  • Lori L.The service sucked! No plates or napkins for our appetizer.

    11111 by Lori L.

  • Duane D.Don't forget to ask about their current cask conditioned beer on tap or the latest seasonal beer. Options are always tasty @alehouse!

    55555 by Duane D.

  • Brendon CThis place has great live music - and when the stage is empty, you can help put your favorite local band up there using Shindig.it!

    55555 by Brendon C

  • Ric A.The steak used to be awesome. Best to avoid it now.

    55555 by Ric A.

  • VERNBest beer in mke!

    55555 by VERN

  • Berni X.Karaoke Thursdays!

    55555 by Berni X.

  • Jeremy H.'borrowed' Louie's Demise glasses make great sticking stuffers!

    55555 by Jeremy H.

  • Roman S.Happy hour 3/6,$300 pints, til 10 on mon !

    55555 by Roman S.

  • Lisa's ListI just tried the Hefeweizen for the first time and it is excellent

    55555 by Lisa's List

  • Weston TimmersSing some karaoke with Robby on Thursday nights after 10pm!

    55555 by Weston Timmers

  • John W.The Ribeye is a must.

    55555 by John W.

  • Nick B.Ask about their cask conditioned ales. You won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Nick B.

  • Stephanie W.Try Swing Dancing on Tuesday Nights! 8pm!!

    55555 by Stephanie W.

  • VISIT MilwaukeeTry them all! Have an Ale House beer flight for only $8.

    55555 by VISIT Milwaukee

  • Jess U.As far a mid-size brewpubs go, this place is top of the top in the area. Dont forget to do their off-site brewery tour !

    55555 by Jess U.

  • Halley K.Really unimpressed. Beer was too sweet, food came out wrong (wrong toppings on burger, well done instead of medium rare) and after a really long wait and server was not very helpful or friendly.

    22222 by Halley K.

  • Mike SThis is not the best beer in America ... or mke try lakefront. Or sprechers

    55555 by Mike S

  • Marcia O.Ask for the lunch box! Awesome

    55555 by Marcia O.

  • Doug V.April, you're a doll!! Try the Calzones - they're fantastic.

    55555 by Doug V.

  • Emily F.Great place to go on a Friday night for a good meal. Try the rib-eye and stick around for the live bands that start around 9:30.

    55555 by Emily F.

  • Jillian M.Grab your friends and come for a night of food, drinks, and laughs! Go in the summer or when it gets nicer out, and you can sit outside overlooking the water! So pretty.

    55555 by Jillian M.

  • Samantha GThere are tasty, warm mixed drinks - perfect for the Wisconsin winters. In the summer, snag a table on the patio overlooking the river.

    55555 by Samantha G

  • Jumpin' Jive ASwing Dancing on Tuesday Nights for over 11 years! No partner needed! You just HAVE to try this!

    55555 by Jumpin' Jive A

  • EsquireCongratulations, you've found one of Esquire's Best Bars in America. Join the Mug Club, a nod to the city’s German roots, wherein you pay $45 to have your own personal stein baked and labeled for you.

    55555 by Esquire

  • Ken S.Louie's Resurrection... Do yourself a favor a try it

    55555 by Ken S.

  • Jim JAsk for a Porter chaser for the infused vodka Ale Mary

    55555 by Jim J

  • Sean S.Get in here for happy hour 4-7PM Mon-Fri!! $2.50 imperial pints! You know you want one ;).

    55555 by Sean S.

  • Lisa's ListIt is Great being a Mug Club member!

    55555 by Lisa's List

  • Colin L.$2.50 house brew pints and karaoke on Thursdays

    55555 by Colin L.

  • Stephanie W.Come on a Tuesday n

    55555 by Stephanie W.

  • Stephanie W.Come on a Tuesday night & join the swing dance lesson. Have a beer to get you psyched up, then dance till close!

    55555 by Stephanie W.

  • Andy JThe monkey paw ipa is very smooth.

    55555 by Andy J

  • Ryan T.Best beer in America, test 'em out!

    55555 by Ryan T.

  • TaraPersonExcellent Tenderloin steak sandwich!

    55555 by TaraPerson

  • Katlyn H.All of the vegetarian options on the menu are good, and Louie's Demise is the best beer i've found in my 8 years of being in Milwaukee!

    55555 by Katlyn H.

  • Eric S.Come here Thursdays! $2.50 True Pints all night plus Karaoke after 10. Drinks and a show!

    55555 by Eric S.

  • David STry the chicken pot pie. One of the best I've ever had.

    55555 by David S

  • Aaron M.Show up whenever The Color Truth plays...wicked cool sound.

    33333 by Aaron M.

  • Stephanie W.Tuesday night Swing Dancing. $6 - 1hr basic lesson! No partner needed! Open dance till close. Great way to meet people. Fun for a group!!!

    55555 by Stephanie W.

  • Scott E.Love Louie's Demise Ale. Tried it last in the flight and was completely won over!

    33333 by Scott E.

  • Kristin G.Sing Karaoke on Thursday nights - tell Robbie that Kristin sent you.

    55555 by Kristin G.

  • Duke S.Go get a Flaming Damsel craft brew and enjoy some chicken nachos. Go Mondays at 8:00PM for trivia and discount tappers.

    55555 by Duke S.

  • Bliss tThe beer to drink is Ulao or Flaming Damsel. Love them both. For Lunch I love the light and refreshing Smoked Turkey Croissant get the fries and dip them in the honey mustard. Yum!

    55555 by Bliss t

  • Colin J.Trivia on Mondays at 8. Drink while you think with @The_Quizmaster

    55555 by Colin J.

  • twirlygirlmuseThey infuse their vodka for bloody marys with onions, jalepenos, peppers and a whole lot of other good stuff! GREAT bloody marys! GREAT burgers and beer!

    55555 by twirlygirlmuse

  • Carl R.Try a Flamingdamsel or a Downtown lite

    55555 by Carl R.

  • Craig T.Great place for live music on the weekends.

    55555 by Craig T.

  • Greg ATuesday night Swing dancing

    55555 by Greg A

  • Tom S.Great place... anytime. But in the summer? Nothing like a great brew and fish fry or burger overlooking the Milwaukee River.

    55555 by Tom S.

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