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Jo-Cat's Pub

1311 E Brady St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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(414) 765-9955

3.9 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jo-Cat's Pub in Milwaukee, WI

Jo-Cat's Pub Reviews

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  • Ryan S.Bring your girlfriend here, she'll love it.

    55555 by Ryan S.

  • Taylor S.This is a great place to let lose any night of the week, the bartenders are very friendly and the prices are very reasonable!

    55555 by Taylor S.

  • Robert DillonTry not to get slapped in the face

    22222 by Robert Dillon

  • Alex B.Tip the bartenders always!

    55555 by Alex B.

  • Chuck A.This place gets packed. Come early if you wanna enjoy yourself.

    55555 by Chuck A.

  • Rhianon K.Smells like maple syrup ballz at a pool

    22222 by Rhianon K.

  • Leah M.We take cards now! :)

    55555 by Leah M.

  • Danny MLeah is the shit

    33333 by Danny M

  • Lindsey P.That bartender Jenny Meyer is a dime

    33333 by Lindsey P.

  • Dapper D.Better have cash they don't accept plastic #20thcentury

    33333 by Dapper D.

  • Tommy GordonYou must get a shot of rum chata and captain

    55555 by Tommy Gordon

  • Jack P.Pat Flanagan just touched my friends johnson

    33333 by Jack P.

  • Luke S.If u are at joe cats... Theres a 90% chance there's a Neutral Ground group there. Find the logo and get with them, they are hott studs!!

    33333 by Luke S.

  • Stuart N.If you're in a relationship you'd be better off by not coming here, unless you don't want to be in a relationship anymore.

    22222 by Stuart N.

  • John M.You gotta get really jumpy!!

    55555 by John M.

  • Kate F.Voula is a sexy sexy bitch

    55555 by Kate F.

  • Jerry HohnsteinGood bar to go to, was better about ten years ago, the crowd can get a little to packed in here, and with all kids celebrating their 21st birthday or just barley of age. Miss you Anna.

    55555 by Jerry Hohnstein

  • Arthur BollisDo you like douchbag bros and scumbag hoes? This is place!!

    33333 by Arthur Bollis

  • Perry WirthMight just be the best place... EVER. Great people, great music, great times.

    55555 by Perry Wirth

  • Emily H.If you can't handle this awesome place...don't come. I bet it will be more fun without you.

    55555 by Emily H.

  • Nick B.If it looks packed it probably is...and you'll have a horrible time because of it...

    22222 by Nick B.

  • Joe KennedyPowerslide on the dancefloor

    33333 by Joe Kennedy

  •  uğur a.Holla at Vicki!!! She is awesome!!

    55555 by  uğur a.

  •  uğur a.Tonya!!! Could u be any more amazing? Thanks girl!!! Say hi to her from me!! She is the best in town...

    55555 by  uğur a.

  • Jennee M.If u want 2 b able 2 move around or actually drink the drink u paid 4 go somewhere else. I was trampled & pushed around the entire time, & 1/2 my drink ended up on the floor.

    22222 by Jennee M.

  • Danielle T.By far the worst bar on Brady street. The bartenders are idiots, as well as some of the patrons.

    33333 by Danielle T.

  • Sade B.Capping off the night here is a must! The dance floor'

    55555 by Sade B.

  • Tara FebockIt's like a wedding reception every night.

    55555 by Tara Febock

  • Amy H.a great place to dance

    55555 by Amy H.

  • Joseph C.Pat Flanigan may try and touch you

    33333 by Joseph C.

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