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2929 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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(612) 827-4135

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Cuisine: Burger Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants

3.1 of 5.0 from 21 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's Reviews

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  • AlanThe Big Mac is the hidden gem, but you gotta try it with fries and a Coke.

    55555 by Alan

  • April STile cleanliness could be improved.

    33333 by April S

  • Eric H.Damn near impossible to get to after 9pm on the weekends

    33333 by Eric H.

  • Greg K.Dollar drinks are gone from this location

    33333 by Greg K.

  • Shaina H.Eddie is one the best managers there is. He trained under my manager!!

    55555 by Shaina H.

  • Gary F.this place is nasty the catch up dispencers look like they haven't ever ben cleaned

    22222 by Gary F.

  • Selena A.The service was super slow but the fries were super fresh!

    55555 by Selena A.

  • Shaina H.Im embarrassed to say this is owned by the same person the Saint Louis Park ones are owned by. The service at this one is way worse then the slp ones

    33333 by Shaina H.

  • Steve B.This same tip applies for all Macdonalds. McChicken or McDouble plus ice water is very inexpensive for a quick lunch/snack

    33333 by Steve B.

  • Greg K.Dollar menu 24/7

    55555 by Greg K.

  • Kyle H.Come here for the food, not the news. All they ever have on is Fox

    33333 by Kyle H.

  • AlanThe service is lousy and slow.

    11111 by Alan

  • Warren AYou have to wait till 1030 to get a burger god damnit I'm here too early

    33333 by Warren A

  • Toshie Y.24 hour drive-thru...

    33333 by Toshie Y.

  • Heather K.These morons can never get an order right.

    22222 by Heather K.

  • Super G.Voted most ghetto McDonald's.

    11111 by Super G.

  • Matt J.If you come here after 4am you only get breakfast.

    55555 by Matt J.

  • Chad D.Last two times i've gone here for a quick breakfast they have not accepted credit cards

    33333 by Chad D.

  • Julian L.When you can't pick up a girl at the bar, you can always pick up a McDouble off the dollar menu.

    33333 by Julian L.

  • Warr N. P.It's outrageous that you need to buy dipping sauce when you bought for food. It's like do you charge someone to put sugar in someones coffee and decide to charge them for it..? Uh no.

    22222 by Warr N. P.

  • Branden GThey might be a little slow but the food is fresh...just make sure to check your order before you drive away...

    33333 by Branden G

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