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Bamiyan Kabob

5120 Dixie Rd.
Mississauga, ON L4W 1C9

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(905) 268-0848

4.9 of 5.0 from 30 reviews

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Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON
  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON
  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON
  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON
  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON
  • Bamiyan Kabob in Mississauga, ON

Blogger Reviews of Bamiyan Kabob

  • Theresa TK on Nov 21, 2013

    If you’re not into beef, you can try what I ordered the first time when I went to Bamiyan Kabob; the Tandoori Chicken Kabob dinner plate ($10.99). At the end, my favorite item on their menu has to be the freshly baked, squishy naan!! *yum yum* Honestly, every time Habibi and I go here, I feel the need to tell him that I could fill up on these! In which most cases, I did, because I would eat the naan before I attack the dinner plate. Thankfully, this time around, I learned my lesson and waited until I at least ate all the meat from my plate before devouring the naan.

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  • The Food Sisterhood on Oct 28, 2013

    We also got Sultan Kabob on the side which includes 1 skewer of Barg Kabob and 1 skewer of Kofta Kabob. This was probably my favourite part of the meal. The meal was so soft and it tasted like steak .I would definitely recommend the Sultani Kabob dinner or go back for more!

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Bamiyan Kabob Reviews

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  • Albert RamanauskasTandoori chicken kebob dinner!

    55555 by Albert Ramanauskas

  • foa22The best kebab

    55555 by foa22

  • foa22Tikka beef is the best in town

    55555 by foa22

  • P FYou just need to know that they take some time to prepare the food. Be ready to wait at least 5 min after ordering.

    33333 by P F

  • Nader TohamySultani is one of my favorite dishes @ Bamiyan

    55555 by Nader Tohamy

  • Soapster Nehcthe kabobs here are so juicy and i love their hot sauce. The rice is always cooked perfectly.

    55555 by Soapster Nehc

  • Kamal KasimTheir half chicken is really good. Will keep going back for it.

    55555 by Kamal Kasim

  • Bryan T.You'll be happy with any kind of kebabs!

    55555 by Bryan T.

  • Kam KalerGood lamb!

    55555 by Kam Kaler

  • Ryan BoudreauTandoori Kabob dinner is a lot of great tasting food. Have tried some other things on the menu as well and they have yet to disappoint. Great place for lunch.

    55555 by Ryan Boudreau

  • Elisa P.I always come here for the chicken tandoori dinner. No matter how hard I try to avoid carbs, I can't say no to the delicious rice they serve. The chili tomato sauce really rounds out the meal :)

    55555 by Elisa P.

  • AmberrrrBest Afghani place in town... Their Barg Kabobs are to die for... Weekends go early evening to grab a spot.... Try their Firni with the naan=Heaven!

    55555 by Amberrrr

  • Marco F.Amazing Naan bread!

    55555 by Marco F.

  • Davis MatrixIt's very busy here during lunch time.!!

    55555 by Davis Matrix

  • Moataz M.Go for the Sultani Kabob, won't regret it

    55555 by Moataz M.

  • Dominiquenotdom N.Rice is moist, salad is amazing so many flavors!

    55555 by Dominiquenotdom N.

  • Greg MorrisOne of my favorites..

    55555 by Greg Morris

  • Zia MeerToo much rush,you need to be active for book your table :)

    55555 by Zia Meer

  • Mike CThe chicken breast kabob was done to perfection! Wish they had a garlic sauce to dip the naan bread though.

    55555 by Mike C

  • Aun SayyedHalf chicken is awesome! Seating is a major problem though.

    55555 by Aun Sayyed

  • Neil NMy first time to this location what luck! The one on overlea is awesome as well

    55555 by Neil N

  • RobTandoori Chicken is amazing

    55555 by Rob

  • RobAlthough the red tomato chili sauce is delicious, don't use more then two of the little containers they give you or you'll get da shitz

    55555 by Rob

  • kav k.Interesting food here for something different

    55555 by kav k.

  • Marcin S.Place gets very busy very fast. Come early to get seating. Among the best middle eastern food I've had. (still experiencing the cuisine)

    55555 by Marcin S.

  • Walid KhalidAmazing food and fast service. It's a nightmare to find seats though!Food: 9.5/10Service: 8/10Cleanliness: 9/10Overall: 9/10

    55555 by Walid Khalid

  • Amena KhanThe cleanest restaurant kitchen i've seen. Fabulous food!

    55555 by Amena Khan

  • Zaki ZaheerAwesome food and given the 24/7 rush, they do a good job of providing with quick service. However it would be nicer if the tables were cleaned as soon as customers left.

    55555 by Zaki Zaheer

  • Faraz Hydergood food, awful place to go if you have even a decent sized group

    33333 by Faraz Hyder

  • Darshanjit BadrainTandoori chicken dinner is awesome. They just need to do something about seating... Seating v v v v v v bad...

    55555 by Darshanjit Badrain

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