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La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel Est
Montreal, QC H2J 2J3

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(514) 525-2415

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Bars, Breakfast and Brunch

4.8 of 5.0 from 219 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC
  • La Banquise in Montreal, QC

La Banquise Reviews

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  • A JHad the poutine of the month "La Caprese" witt Pesto and Bocconcini. So good!

    55555 by A J

  • Ebtisam LBanquise is a Montreal must try for poutine! Always crowded, I like to keep it simple, classic poutine and hot dogs! And they have awesome veg options & their poutine gravy is vegetarian!

    55555 by Ebtisam L

  • Ron AThis place came highly recommended and I was highly disappointed. Too much extra stuff that makes you forget you're even eating poutine. I had better poutine out of a dirty food truck IMHO

    33333 by Ron A

  • Müjde MI ate poutine first time at here. It was delicious.

    55555 by Müjde M

  • Malte NHighly frequented place. Food was good, service was something else... tipping by 10% was apparently not enough, so we were told we had to pay tips of 15% by Canadian law... Is that so?! #rippedoff

    22222 by Malte N

  • Ula RNo credit cards!

    22222 by Ula R

  • Louise BSan Pellegrino met bloedsinaasappel

    55555 by Louise B

  • Victor CAsk for the big size only if you're really hungry!

    55555 by Victor C

  • Mitchell ButlerBest poutine in Montreal, and open late!

    55555 by Mitchell Butler

  • Lulu COpen always? Or at least super late. Best poutine in MTL.

    55555 by Lulu C

  • Corinne P.Try their “LA «CHILL»” poutine for #LaPoutineWeek (v. 2017).

    55555 by Corinne P.

  • Mahmoud CFood is very good here but the place is always busy and u have to wait for a while before u can eat

    55555 by Mahmoud C

  • Christelle TThe Savoyard poutine as the guacamole poutine is good. You should just take a small one because it so much fat and enough.

    33333 by Christelle T

  • Michelle JThere is a queue a mile long all the time - tasty poutine, but not worth the wait.

    55555 by Michelle J

  • Adrian BSo gooooood. Try the Shoot out. Best to change to@pepper sauce and goat cheese. But everything's amazing!!!

    55555 by Adrian B

  • Meredith IVegetarian poutine!

    55555 by Meredith I

  • Carmen N.There are a ton of crazy choices for poutine, but the classique poutine is win-win.

    55555 by Carmen N.

  • Hugues CUn des resto les plus populaires À mtl, la Poutine est bonne si tu est jamais été dans un resto de Poutine. (c'est un must). C'est une ambiance de fast food mais acceptable. 7/10

    55555 by Hugues C

  • Abe AnwarBeef Poutine!

    55555 by Abe Anwar

  • Chris SoueidanPoutine Miam, poutine Elvis, et la T-Rex. Les meilleures!

    55555 by Chris Soueidan

  • Miguel Angel DAmazing poutines!!!

    55555 by Miguel Angel D

  • John FTake your Poutine to go, and walk over to the park. A large feeds two easily.

    55555 by John F

  • Phil JThe poutine is great! There is many choices of poutine and you can put extras in it so there is a lot of combinations! Go on the terrace!

    55555 by Phil J

  • Jaiyi JGood for any time you're awake, amazing poutine, crazy lineups for dine in, a little more pricy than expected

    55555 by Jaiyi J

  • Florence JLieu très sympathique, très bonne Poutine avec une très bonne playlist

    55555 by Florence J

  • Jenny AIl fallait que je l'essaye, la Poutine est ici la meilleure à ce qu'ils disent. Moi je n'ai pas aimé. Frites moles au goût de brûlé, sauce insipide et fromage en plastique... Question de culture.

    55555 by Jenny A

  • Sylvano MElles sont toutes excellentes !

    55555 by Sylvano M

  • Nicolas CC'est très touristique mais la Poutine de la Banquise semble incontournable à Montréal. Le service était très agréable, la bière du nom de l'établissement était particulièrement bonne. #cashonly

    55555 by Nicolas C

  • Teresa W.you can split an order of poutine, I promise

    55555 by Teresa W.

  • Dan DPas la meilleure poutine à Mtl, mais elle est quand même respectable. Beaucoup de français, on a l'impression d'être tombé dans un piège à touristes.

    55555 by Dan D

  • Ting T.Huge portions.

    55555 by Ting T.

  • Rachel PA bit overrated, too greasy & lacks flavor.

    33333 by Rachel P

  • Thomas SI didn't feel what all the fuzz is about. Decent poutine but PoutineVille is better in IMO

    33333 by Thomas S

  • Get My Grub On! AOMG poutine heaven right there even though touristy. Iliked the one with the roasted vegetables

    55555 by Get My Grub On! A

  • Maréva JLarge choix de Poutine et elles sont excellentes! Il y a une forte affluence, du coup on se sent vite expédiés a la fin du repas, mais l'ambiance y reste sympathique

    55555 by Maréva J

  • Michael T.Incredible poutine in a chill spot.

    55555 by Michael T.

  • Ivan ParamoBest poutine ever!

    55555 by Ivan Paramo

  • Daniel RoyWay too touristy nowadays. Just go to a regular, no-frills greasy spoon for an authentic poutine experience.

    55555 by Daniel Roy

  • Audrey PUn classique montréalais surtout a 3h du matin

    55555 by Audrey P

  • Christine WilsonEvery poutine you could imagine. And alterations are acceptable.

    55555 by Christine Wilson

  • Louis JollyThe Poutine, without questions!

    55555 by Louis Jolly

  • Jorge LawTry the T-Rex.

    55555 by Jorge Law

  • Martin SchelcherManger une Poutine ici : un classique de la ville.

    55555 by Martin Schelcher

  • The Chatty DMNe vous laissez pas décourager par la ligne si vous êtes 2 ou 3 personnes, ça avance vite.

    33333 by The Chatty DM

  • Afi JSo many different poutine combinations! Can't wait to come back and try some more! 😍

    55555 by Afi J

  • Joan Parkordered la taquise per rec: the guacamole, sour creme and tomatos were a surprisingly perfect complement to the classic poutine. the cheese curds were especially amazing & chewy.

    55555 by Joan Park

  • Remo KTHE place to go for poutine.

    55555 by Remo K

  • £st¤u FService long mais la poutine est bonne!

    55555 by £st¤u F

  • Falcon Darkstar ASmoked meat poutine!!!

    55555 by Falcon Darkstar A

  • DesireeHuge variety of poutine. Open late night. The chicken cutlet poutine hit the spot.

    55555 by Desiree

  • Taylor EdmistonWarning: they don't accept "American" / non-chipped debit cards either (or any type of credit card)

    22222 by Taylor Edmiston

  • Marek StępniowskiIf it's Friday night, prepare yourself to wait in line for 30+ minutes. Or just go to Ma Poule Mouillée on the other side of the road for your poutine fix.

    33333 by Marek Stępniowski

  • Amber LockwoodBest poutine of the trip! The original is where it's at.

    55555 by Amber Lockwood

  • g F:) Yep yep Yumm

    55555 by g F

  • Franco sLes seuls atouts, c'est le 24/7 et la diversité, parce que des meilleures poutines il y en a ailleurs !

    55555 by Franco s

  • Connie ChiuClassic all the way.

    33333 by Connie Chiu

  • Byron Wong24hour poutine

    55555 by Byron Wong

  • Steve HovingtonSuper poutines! Belle variété, il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les appétits!! ;-)

    55555 by Steve Hovington

  • Frank CastleGet the poutine with tomato, sour cream and guac if you don't want the OG. Great stuff.

    55555 by Frank Castle

  • Anne S.Une institution.

    55555 by Anne S.

  • Ramy MajoujiArguably the best poutine in the world. Definitely the best in Montréal! Get the Classique after a late night out.

    55555 by Ramy Majouji

  • Ada J.The Go-To Drunk food for Montreal. Open 24-7

    55555 by Ada J.

  • Cindee LouFriend that lived here recommended La Elvis and it delivered! Enough curds and gravy to last the whole plate! Fries were delicious! Great service and atmosphere. Offers salads and sandwiches too!

    55555 by Cindee Lou

  • Emeric MonnetParmi les meilleures poutines de Montréal, prit d'assaut à tous moment du jour ou de la nuit, à cause des touristes et des habitués, passage obligé. Ma préférence va pour la poutine Savoyarde.

    55555 by Emeric Monnet

  • Josyanne pExcellent!

    55555 by Josyanne p

  • Régis PouletLes meilleures poutines que j'ai goûtées !

    55555 by Régis Poulet

  • Brian Z.Le T-rex poutine was meaty!

    55555 by Brian Z.

  • MassimoDon't be overwhelmed with the amount of poutine selections. Choose one and enjoy it, they are all good.

    55555 by Massimo

  • Annie MAprès 21h, il faut payer avant de manger.

    33333 by Annie M

  • Sofia MagañaLa mejor poutine de Montreal :)!

    55555 by Sofia Magaña

  • Marc-Olivier GingrasLa poutine vegane est fort décevante, le fromage n'est pratiquement pas mangeable.

    55555 by Marc-Olivier Gingras

  • French in MtlServeurs sympa, grande diversité de plats ! Manque de lumiere sur la terrase mais a part ca je conseil !

    55555 by French in Mtl

  • Jason Poirier LavoieOf the incredible variety hey offer, the T-Rex is the best.

    55555 by Jason Poirier Lavoie

  • Dallas KwokThe wait can get be off putting, but it is definitely worth it. Try to arrive at 6ish to beat the dinner rush.

    55555 by Dallas Kwok

  • Josh AndalloFaut absolument goûter La Chics! La meilleure poutine, selon moi! :)

    55555 by Josh Andallo

  • PelinOriginal, Taquise, Rachel, and Mexicano poutines are really good ;-)

    55555 by Pelin

  • Alex B.Great vegetarian and vegan poutine options. Highly recommend La Rachel (pepper, mushroom, onion) with vegan gravy.

    55555 by Alex B.

  • Chefs FeedMarc-André Jetté, chef of Corporate chef of Kitchen Collectif, eats here on his nights off. He loves the La poutine classique.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Emily M.Go after drinks! Fun late night atmosphere.

    55555 by Emily M.

  • JasUne bonne poutine au bacon. Attention, si vous avez très faim la petite version est déjà très très copieuse!

    55555 by Jas

  • Jonathan KimBusy line for sit down but takeout line was a bit shorter. Vegan cheese and gravy available.

    55555 by Jonathan Kim

  • Antoine S.Les poutines sont bonnes et très copieuses. Il faut vraiment avoir très faim pour manger une poutine grand format :)

    55555 by Antoine S.

  • Marcelo G.Possibly not the best poutine, but certainly one of the most famous in Montreal, and the ambience deserves the visit!

    55555 by Marcelo G.

  • sebVas y pour la grosse classique! Keep it classic!

    55555 by seb

  • Steve HovingtonLa poutine Danse... Vraiment bonne! Poulet, bacon, sauce aux poivres...

    55555 by Steve Hovington

  • Cécile MMeilleur poutine de Montréal, il y en a pour tous les goûts : veggie ou carnivore !

    55555 by Cécile M

  • Jean-Christophe MercierLa poutine La Rachel est excellente et ma copine et moi y avions dégusté. Nous avons adoré!

    55555 by Jean-Christophe Mercier

  • Joshua MIt sounds like a heart-attack but definitely worth it to get the T-Rex

    55555 by Joshua M

  • Dave LSuper Poutine #poutine

    55555 by Dave L

  • Jean-Christophe MercierLa meilleure poutine montréalaise! Essayez la Mart! :)

    55555 by Jean-Christophe Mercier

  • Benaline CCash only. Best poutine, second to Au Pied de Cochon's foie gras poutine. Loved the classic and la kamikaze

    55555 by Benaline C

  • Steven NGet la duleton! Ground beef and onions

    55555 by Steven N

  • Baø APoutine à toutes les sauces!

    55555 by Baø A

  • Mylène TLa poutine Rachel est un pure délice !

    55555 by Mylène T

  • N EspitiaOrder regular size!! Large is really for 2 ...

    55555 by N Espitia

  • Mehdi MBonne poutine ! ! Beaucoup de choix !

    55555 by Mehdi M

  • Charly ALe lieu pour savourer une poutine !!!

    55555 by Charly A

  • Sam ALa taquise est certainement la meilleure selon moi! Le choix ne manque pas en tout cas!!!

    55555 by Sam A

  • Like A Local GuideServing up 30 varieties of the local dish - poutine - this joint has been a Montreal favourite for 45 years. Crazy combos range from hot peppers & Tabasco, to feta cheese, and guacamole.

    55555 by Like A Local Guide

  • Tatou D.L'Obelix = top! :)

    55555 by Tatou D.

  • Corinne P.Try their Reggae Poutine for #LaPoutineWeek (v. 2014).

    55555 by Corinne P.

  • Lito E.Love their many choices of poutine

    55555 by Lito E.

  • Chris N.The best poutine in town!

    55555 by Chris N.

  • Marine S.Meilleure poutine! Y aller en fin de soirée

    55555 by Marine S.

  • Daniel E.La Trois viandes is a little bit salty, but great for the meat-lovers!!!

    55555 by Daniel E.

  • Jess T.Best poutine in the city

    55555 by Jess T.

  • Pierre-Luc D.Pas meilleure que chez Ashton à Québec...

    55555 by Pierre-Luc D.

  • Sam Y.La T-rex poutine. Line up out the door, but worth the wait. Get a regular sized poutine, its more than enough.

    55555 by Sam Y.

  • Eric S.C cool mais sans plus il y beaucoup de resto qui ont réinvente la formule depuis. Vraiment une place a aller vers 3h du matin.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Andrea VascellariBest poutine in Montreal!

    55555 by Andrea Vascellari

  • Time T.Good place with coffee

    55555 by Time T.

  • AndrejHave the T-rex. Its to die for

    55555 by Andrej

  • Rental Homes C.Any list that doesn’t include La Banquise shouldn’t be taken seriously. This classic greasy spoon is open 24/7 and boasts a menu with over 30 varieties of stuff to choose from, including La Taquise...

    55555 by Rental Homes C.

  • Chris N.El mejor poutine y mis mejores días sin duda

    55555 by Chris N.

  • Benoit S.Try the Taquise!!! Best poutine with sour cream, guacamole, diced tomatoes on cheese curds, fries and gravy, yummmmm

    55555 by Benoit S.

  • Elo D.Poutine au bacon est bien bonne

    55555 by Elo D.

  • Anitha S.One of the best..

    55555 by Anitha S.

  • Vladimir P.Classique Poutine was a bit blend but still good. Not enough gravy for my taste. Have a regular portion! It's huge. Service just about ok but not great. Will come back to try different Poutine.

    55555 by Vladimir P.

  • Foulques Z.La Poutine est excellente, en revanche évitez les burgers, ils n'ont vraiment que très très très peu d'intérêt ! ´

    55555 by Foulques Z.

  • Dimitris L.They have bouncers, thats hilarious. They probably guard the poutine recipe

    33333 by Dimitris L.

  • Geoff S.Great poutine

    55555 by Geoff S.

  • Huda I.La Classique is a little bland, go for La Taquise.

    33333 by Huda I.

  • Christine W.La taquise est inoubliable.

    55555 by Christine W.

  • Dean S.Nom a regular on your own, but share a large.

    55555 by Dean S.

  • Pierre B.100% veggie poutine made with real veggie gravy. And it was actually good!

    55555 by Pierre B.

  • Ali T.Smoked meat, boreale plus pouting = awesome

    55555 by Ali T.

  • Audrée M.Can't get enough of the poutine there. It's just amazing. Dan Dan is my fav!

    55555 by Audrée M.

  • Amina M.Tres bonne poutine

    55555 by Amina M.

  • Jakline PesserMa première Poutine ! Un régal ! Vaste choix ! Je recommande !

    55555 by Jakline Pesser

  • Caroline CParfait pour emporter également et aller la manger ta poutine dans le parc Mont Royal.

    55555 by Caroline C

  • Jedd HorvathGluten heartbreak: il y a farine dans le sauce.

    55555 by Jedd Horvath

  • Adz BadsToga-ly awesome!

    55555 by Adz Bads

  • Nadette MoreauLa taquise est excellente et très rafraîchissante dans les grandes chaleurs !

    55555 by Nadette Moreau

  • Mimma R.Wow...Wow....I had La Reggea and it was amazing!!!!

    55555 by Mimma R.

  • Jalyn H.Go with the Classique or the B.O.M.

    55555 by Jalyn H.

  • Tristan T.Poutine reconnue comme étant la meilleure à Montréal, mais je ne suis pas de cet avis malgré qu'elle soit bonne. Les prix sont raisonnables et le service est bien aussi.

    55555 by Tristan T.

  • PL LPoutine et pogo. Wow.

    55555 by PL L

  • Mathieu BoisvertLa meilleure poutine porte le nom d'un dinosaur !

    55555 by Mathieu Boisvert

  • Edgar SIf you can finish a large T-Rex poutine and walk home, you're a warrior.

    55555 by Edgar S

  • Wallas Tô com fome! Alguém topa um rango aí?

    55555 by Wallas

  • Cindy HaThe selection of poutine is crazy!! Its a must in montreal. Original poutine restaurantm sometimes the line up long but usualy its around after bar closing time!!

    55555 by Cindy Ha

  • Bjorn MGreat poutine. My usual is poutine elvis with pepper sauce

    55555 by Bjorn M

  • Jonathan V3 amigos poutine still my favorite after so many years!

    55555 by Jonathan V

  • Mauricio FThe best poutine in Montreal.

    55555 by Mauricio F

  • Andy CExcellent experience , best pouting I ever had!

    55555 by Andy C

  • Alexandre F.Try the L'obelix

    55555 by Alexandre F.

  • Stéphanie AC'est bon, mais c'est bcp trop cher!!!

    55555 by Stéphanie A

  • Ahmad KadhimTry a Coup de Grisou - unbelievably tasty beer

    55555 by Ahmad Kadhim

  • IsaMeilleure Poutine la danse avec sauce aux poivres excellente

    55555 by Isa

  • Christen D.jo says great poutine

    55555 by Christen D.

  • Marie-Julie G.If you're visiting Montreal for the first time and have time for only one poutine stop, it has to be here. And it's opened 24h. ;-)

    55555 by Marie-Julie G.

  • Louis D.-L.A great place to eat poutine for the first time, preferably late at night when it's packed with people looking for their poutine fix at closing time.

    55555 by Louis D.-L.

  • Alizée MLa chix, un must en revenant d'une grosse soiree

    55555 by Alizée M

  • Simon F.This place has arguably the best poutine in Montreal

    55555 by Simon F.

  • David S.Get the classic and enjoy. You'll regret it later, but worry about it then.

    55555 by David S.

  • Jon AGet a trio, change fries to poutine, and a beer to wash it down!

    55555 by Jon A

  • Rannie TuringanLa Mart. Sausage. Bacon. Mushroom. Amazing. My fave.

    55555 by Rannie Turingan

  • nima JBest poutine place I've been so far. I recommend "Elvis" if you like beef. If you just want a classic simple one I'd suggest Maxi poutine in "Les 3 Brasseurs" rather than the classic poutine here.

    55555 by nima J

  • pluckerT-Rex almost killed me.

    22222 by plucker

  • pluckerIf you eat-in during the evening, they will ask you to pre-pay for your poutine. :S.

    55555 by plucker

  • Julia JVeg sauce is better than regular! (not vegetarian)

    55555 by Julia J

  • Conor K.By far the best meal I've had, and the vegetarian options are quite expansive. I went here two nights in a row. Only complain is that the service is a bit abrasive.

    55555 by Conor K.

  • Aaron LlenaLine is normal. Embrace it! Also, get the Savoyarde.

    55555 by Aaron Llena

  • Benjamin BQue dire.... On a le choix, très large choix de poutines de différentes tailles. The place to be.

    55555 by Benjamin B

  • Jean-François JLa meilleur c'est la kamikazeeeeeee !

    55555 by Jean-François J

  • Christine JLa 3 viandes quand tu as un verre dans le nez ... Best think I ever had! :p

    55555 by Christine J

  • OlicornoHave a beer with your poutine!

    55555 by Olicorno

  • Jasmine Alexandra TBest poutine in all of Montreal, go, that will be all.

    55555 by Jasmine Alexandra T

  • Jorge Andres JPizza poutine tasted like pizza lool, really good

    33333 by Jorge Andres J

  • Kevin MMaire de la Banquise? Fais attention à ton coeur.

    55555 by Kevin M

  • Melanie ValleePoutine not as good as in 1989 but for emergency can be still eaten after a night out

    55555 by Melanie Vallee

  • Geneviève APas si bonne que ca la poutine, peut-etre la meilleure de Montreal, mais pas la meilleur au Quebec. Meilleure au Bidon a St-Lambert et Alpha sur chemin chambly a Longueuil.

    55555 by Geneviève A

  • salamandreta MLa taquise c'est toujours un bon choix! :D

    55555 by salamandreta M

  • Leco SBest poutine ever!!

    55555 by Leco S

  • Chanel MercierPrend la Poutine T-Rex voyons!!!

    55555 by Chanel Mercier

  • Jessica KBest poutine(s!) in town...

    55555 by Jessica K

  • MissGwennyMais quand vont-ils agrandir?? Marre du line-up!!

    55555 by MissGwenny

  • Michael AU can't believe this stuff is under 100 calories!?! (you probably shouldn't believe it either)

    33333 by Michael A

  • Pascal P.Expect a line-up at the door...but waiting time isn't too long / Attendez-vous à attendre en ligne...mais le temps d'attente est généralement raisonnable

    33333 by Pascal P.

  • Amy L.Poutine paradise. The "regular" (vs. "large") is more than enough food to fill you up. Remember that you're not here to be healthy.

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Pete P.Popular place for students. The place for poutine, the local heart attack special of French Fries covered with gravy, meat, and "stuff".

    55555 by Pete P.

  • Christophe C.La poutine Hot Dog est imbattable.

    55555 by Christophe C.

  • Francis MPour ceux qui aime la bouffe épicé, je vous conseille la Kamikaze, un vrai délice!

    55555 by Francis M

  • barraq IYou should have a try with the "Teguise Poutine", sure it is not the original but one of the best!

    55555 by barraq I

  • Pat ALe plus mauvais service reçu

    33333 by Pat A

  • Marion-Isabelle M.Nouveauté : l'abreuvoir : Poutine classique avec un pogo.

    55555 by Marion-Isabelle M.

  • Aline RamosPoutine Dan Dan = delicious!

    55555 by Aline Ramos

  • Matthew BrumBest place to go in town and if your a vegetarian they have a sauce for you!

    55555 by Matthew Brum

  • Romain B.La meilleure Poutine que je connaisse! Très bonnes frites!

    55555 by Romain B.

  • James Mbest pourtine!

    55555 by James M

  • Fabien DUne variété incroyable de poutines, toutes aussi bonnes les une que les autres ! Et en plus ouvert 24/7. La place à Montréal pour découvrir la poutine.

    55555 by Fabien D

  • FredCheck ABest Poutine after clubbing!!!but big big line up!!

    55555 by FredCheck A

  • Clark K.One of the best poutine joints in Montreal!

    55555 by Clark K.

  • D KThe "classique" poutine is the best one.

    55555 by D K

  • FoodspottingTry the Poutine

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Xavier WatsoVous n'avez pas vécu tant que vous n'avez pas mangé une Poutine ici!!!

    55555 by Xavier Watso

  • Cory L.Best Poutine in Montreal!

    55555 by Cory L.

  • Stephanie TrudelBest poutine in the province of Quebec!

    55555 by Stephanie Trudel

  • Billy Tbon appetit

    55555 by Billy T

  • Matthew C.Bring cash - no credit cards accepted. Fantastic poutine, but a regular portion should be plenty for any human. No alcohol served on terrace.

    55555 by Matthew C.

  • Sharon LamPoutine 3 amigos awesomeness... *drools*

    55555 by Sharon Lam

  • Ryan PalmerNo credit cards.

    22222 by Ryan Palmer

  • Antoine RLa meilleure poutine... au monde!!! No kidding! La poutine Jaco est à essayer absolument

    55555 by Antoine R

  • Patrick CUne des meilleures poutines en ville!!! Je m'ennuie

    55555 by Patrick C

  • georgianaApparently its pay before as of 9pm, odd considering you must also tip before you're served. Speaking of service, meh. Poutine hot dog was pretty good though.

    33333 by georgiana

  • Bobby RBest pout I've had in mtl. Always busy after last call on the wkends.

    33333 by Bobby R

  • Danny GEssayez la poutine T-Rex (steak haché, pepperoni, bacon et saucisses fumées)! Best poutine in town!

    55555 by Danny G

  • Veronique RenaudLe pâté chinois est aussi excellent!!!

    55555 by Veronique Renaud

  • Tom Jbest poutine in town just don't go there weekends after 1am huge line ups

    55555 by Tom J

  • Sarah L.25h Poutine! Explains it all.. <3

    55555 by Sarah L.

  • Pierre ESi vous voulez y aller après 1h couvrez vous. L'attente sera très longue (dehors).

    55555 by Pierre E

  • Marc-André FGo to La Banquise to eat a delicious Poutine. This is the food you have to eat while in Montreal.

    55555 by Marc-André F

  • SueBTry the Poutine Matty, it's a great combination of flavours!

    55555 by SueB

  • Journal MétroLa poutine originale est excellente, mais il ne faudrait pas négliger les 25 sortes différentes. Et c'est ouvert 24h.

    55555 by Journal Métro

  • Christophe C.Meilleure poutine ever à Montréal !

    55555 by Christophe C.

  • Anthony V.oui!! it's just that good.

    55555 by Anthony V.

  • Robin M.One of the best places for poutine in Montreal. They have 25 variations!

    55555 by Robin M.

  • Marko Kulikit's open 24/7 and it's awesome!!!

    55555 by Marko Kulik

  • Dave ABest poutine in town...

    55555 by Dave A

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