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Pub Burgundy Lion

Montreal, QC H3J 1N5

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(514) 934-0888

Cuisine: Bars

4.7 of 5.0 from 163 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC
  • Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal, QC

Pub Burgundy Lion Reviews

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  • LorenaThe angus burger!!!!

    22222 by Lorena

  • Eric ILiked the gin selection even if its not a gin place

    55555 by Eric I

  • Renaud SGood for a late breakfast, good with groups too

    55555 by Renaud S

  • Paige HunterCambridgeshire salad was excellent!

    55555 by Paige Hunter

  • Christos VThe salmon with sweet mash potatoes was awesome .

    55555 by Christos V

  • Corinne P.Try their “The Colonel Poutine” for #LaPoutineWeek (v. 2017).

    55555 by Corinne P.

  • Anthony CholmondeleyMake sure and ask for the scotch list, it's amazing :)

    55555 by Anthony Cholmondeley

  • Serena JLamb is amazing! Excellent atmosphere and great service

    55555 by Serena J

  • Diana AGreat atmosphere tasty drinks!

    55555 by Diana A

  • AndrewThe have some fine beer

    55555 by Andrew

  • Amanda ViolatoScotch/whisky lover ? Best spot in town. Period.

    55555 by Amanda Violato

  • Frédéric LatourTrès bon burger végétarien aux champignons portobellos.

    55555 by Frédéric Latour

  • Zach CEnglish poutine, soccer games, atmosphere

    55555 by Zach C

  • James GuarascioGreat beer. Limited cocktail menu. Fantastic pub fare (and well, it's pretty gourmet, can't even call it pub fare). Awesome patio.

    55555 by James Guarascio

  • Patchx JI went there a couple of times and it was packed. The food was good. I would go again

    33333 by Patchx J

  • Lucinda FortinAmazing food, great service, super understanding when you give them comments about the food. Nothing to complain about this place.

    55555 by Lucinda Fortin

  • Caner JBen's toast,Angus Burger

    22222 by Caner J

  • Jericho RTrès bon service

    55555 by Jericho R

  • Amanda ViolatoReal good and tasty english pub food! And what an amazing choice of scotch... !!

    55555 by Amanda Violato

  • Andrew ONGGreat foods of Cambridgeshire salad & their specialty fish n chips

    55555 by Andrew ONG

  • Amaury SDrinks and appetizers. Awesome!!!

    55555 by Amaury S

  • Isabelle LaPerriereBel endroit animé, suggestions originales au menu...Attention, très peu d'options végétariennes!

    55555 by Isabelle LaPerriere

  • Stefano NSuper bon endroit

    55555 by Stefano N

  • CC SFish and chips is delicious. Very nice place!

    55555 by CC S

  • Alexandra RGood drinks but not a good place for vegetarian

    55555 by Alexandra R

  • James GuarascioGreat beer. Amazing food. The Mac and cheese is out of the world. The braised meats are spectacular.

    55555 by James Guarascio

  • Ebtisam LDelicious fish and chips! Particularly enjoyed the burgundy lion ale too!

    55555 by Ebtisam L

  • AnneCreative veggie burger

    55555 by Anne

  • Ryan WilsonCool space, friendly staff

    55555 by Ryan Wilson

  • Ryan WilsonGet the cheesecake

    33333 by Ryan Wilson

  • M-c MBest neighborhood bar

    55555 by M-c M

  • Garud IyengarFish and chips are on point, extra credit for the mushy peas.

    33333 by Garud Iyengar

  • Rick HasperyNot bad for those who want a pint and football game

    55555 by Rick Haspery

  • Vera BThe bourbon lemonade!

    33333 by Vera B

  • 514eatsThe Colonial poutine for #PoutineWeek had tender and flavorful chicken, while the skin added a nice crunch. Check out our poutine crawl recap here:

    55555 by 514eats

  • NuffIf you can get it, the banquette tucked away in the back is the stuff dreams are made of. Also, they've got ginger beer.

    55555 by Nuff

  • David CzyzewskiLondon tea party and Bierbrier. Also had the cod cakes

    55555 by David Czyzewski

  • Jeremy K.Solid food and pints. Good atmosphere and spacious. Clean too. One of Montreal's best pubs.

    55555 by Jeremy K.

  • Julien DéquaireBones bières, endroit convivial et très bons burgers.

    55555 by Julien Déquaire

  • Savannah SFirst time having brunch here, was not disappointed: french toast with bacon was perfect!

    55555 by Savannah S

  • Julie LFish'n chips et pimm's cup; des incontournables.

    55555 by Julie L

  • David CzyzewskiLondon tea party for lunch.

    55555 by David Czyzewski

  • Kristin ChenLove their fish and chips, Shepherd's pie and Murphy stout at night. Awesome English brunch (food is heavy though)!

    55555 by Kristin Chen

  • J-S BoucherLe sandwich Burgundy Lion au roostbeef est assez débile. Franchement pas déçu et même sur l'heure du midi la crouwd est belle :)

    55555 by J-S Boucher

  • K@te ☤Over-hyped and disappointing! While they do have an impressive beer selection, the food is underwhelming and pedestrian.

    33333 by K@te ☤

  • Patrice BauduhinA staple in Little Burgundy. Amazing mac n cheese, rabbit legs among other British delicacies. Good times any night.

    55555 by Patrice Bauduhin

  • ChristineLes accras de morue sont délicieux 👌

    55555 by Christine

  • Francois ThieuwGood food, good atmosphere.

    55555 by Francois Thieuw

  • Jean Philippe B.Don't go for the curry.

    33333 by Jean Philippe B.

  • Alvin H.Good food with a decent beer and whisky selection. Trivia on Monday nights is always a full house!

    55555 by Alvin H.

  • Philippe IsabelleDe bonnes bières et de la bouffe réconfortante. Surtout les fish n'chips.

    55555 by Philippe Isabelle

  • Natalia PedroBest food in Montreal!

    55555 by Natalia Pedro

  • Michelle LakeFish and chips to die for!!!

    55555 by Michelle Lake

  • Elisa E.Nice pub to get a nice selection of beers and drinks

    55555 by Elisa E.

  • Philip G.Come for the awesome food. And get entertained by the thirsty white girls telling each other stories.

    55555 by Philip G.

  • Alexanne LaplanteSuper terrasse ensoleillée!

    55555 by Alexanne Laplante

  • Marius VFish & chips avec une bière maison...yam-yam!

    55555 by Marius V

  • Seiji CarpenterWireless password is burgundy !

    55555 by Seiji Carpenter

  • ALT HotelsPetit déjeuner de type anglais avec boudin et capelan et fish n'chips de la Petite Bourgogne. // Classic English-style breakfast with sausage, kippers and Little Burgundy’s best fish n’ chips.

    55555 by ALT Hotels

  • Mathieu DumontetBest breakfast in town

    55555 by Mathieu Dumontet

  • Jake S.Start with the poutine, and then try the Colonial Chicken (if you're feeling daring). It is a great but VERY spicy take on Chicken Tikka Masala.

    55555 by Jake S.

  • Olivier DrouinLa NewCastle Pale Ale est un délice.

    55555 by Olivier Drouin

  • Justin SThe #poutineweek poutine was lousy.

    11111 by Justin S

  • Corinne P.Try their Watership Poutine for #LaPoutineWeek (v. 2014).

    55555 by Corinne P.

  • Ariane D.Prenez la soupe à l'oignon à l'anglaise !

    55555 by Ariane D.

  • Paulo RThe Vege Burger is a great option!!! It's huge!

    55555 by Paulo R

  • Rental Homes C.The Burgundy Lion’s definitely a shade more pub than brasserie, but their dozen beer taps and high-level food earn them a solid place on this list. Besides Joe Beef and his team dine here. Enough Said

    55555 by Rental Homes C.

  • Christopher LangmuirThe House Ale is pretty good.

    55555 by Christopher Langmuir

  • Dean S.Great Burgundy Ale, great service, and delicious food. Very much loved the home made Branston Pickle in the roast beef sammich.

    55555 by Dean S.

  • N KayPo.ta.to... mmmm

    55555 by N Kay

  • Abir CAmazing sangriaaaa

    55555 by Abir C

  • Jeannette DOrder the fish n chips. It's the house specialty:)

    55555 by Jeannette D

  • Stéphanie NCoup de coeur pour l'Angus burger. Un classique, excellent. Surtout après une journée de grimpe ;)

    55555 by Stéphanie N

  • Jasmine Mc LeanThe Scotch Eggs! Take it from a scott (yeah, me), they're awesome!

    55555 by Jasmine Mc Lean

  • MilenNewcastle.

    55555 by Milen

  • Irina SemovaIt's a great place for a Wensday night

    55555 by Irina Semova

  • Frank M.300 whiskies. Tons of great small batch. Free liver transplant if you try them all

    55555 by Frank M.

  • Rudy AzoulayLancashire Pot is really good!

    55555 by Rudy Azoulay

  • John M.Rabbit Leg w/MAC&cheese is awesome.

    55555 by John M.

  • Jewei AThis place is sexy!

    55555 by Jewei A

  • Sylvain NoiseuxJ'ai essayé le fish & chips et la poutine. Très bon. La poutine avec du bleu c'est spécial comme goût. A réessayer

    55555 by Sylvain Noiseux

  • Sergey gGood place good beer!-)

    55555 by Sergey g

  • Annand VirkFish and Chips = THE MOVE

    33333 by Annand Virk

  • Denis Leftakis ProfessionnelNice outside terrace inside the bar

    55555 by Denis Leftakis Professionnel

  • Sàndor ATry the Burgundy Lion Ale!

    55555 by Sàndor A

  • Stephanie IreneTry the Scotch Egg!! So yumm!!

    55555 by Stephanie Irene

  • Daphney SExcellent vibe

    55555 by Daphney S

  • Cindy HaPoutine, burgers are delish!!

    55555 by Cindy Ha

  • Louis-Pierre DesjardinsMac & Cheese is awesome!

    55555 by Louis-Pierre Desjardins

  • Stephanie C.By the bar is the best place to grab a seat.

    55555 by Stephanie C.

  • hailtojohnny RBreakfast of CHAMPIONS! ... or after a hangover, works both ways!

    55555 by hailtojohnny R

  • Corinne P.Try their English Poutine for #PoutineWeekMTL!

    55555 by Corinne P.

  • Rebecca MA Black and Tan is a true British brew. Do enjoy it.

    55555 by Rebecca M

  • Elise HFish n' chips et une pinte de cidre...

    55555 by Elise H

  • Stephane GrunenwaldReal English pub. Great atmosphere. Great music. Ask for the bangers & mash! Try the sticky toffee pudding for the dessert.

    55555 by Stephane Grunenwald

  • Charles LGreat local pub. The staff is fabulous, the food is great. A nice variety of "high end" pub food. The music is stirling. And a great place to watch all things English footy! Premier Leaugue/National.

    55555 by Charles L

  • Steph VPortobello veggie bruger is AMAZING

    55555 by Steph V

  • Sa JOrder the 'Scotch Eggs' & The 'London Tea Party' if you know what's good :) ... To drink... Black & Tan Beer (on tap) 'Bass & Guinness' :)

    55555 by Sa J

  • Holiday Inn Midtown SGreat place for Soccer matches!

    55555 by Holiday Inn Midtown S

  • Charles LLHA !! Enjoying a Premier League futbol game with a surprisingly good tuna sandwich and a pint of beer .... It can't get more Mtl-Brit

    55555 by Charles LL

  • Thoma DaneauPrenez la salade, mais modifier le bleu pour de cheddar.. brrrr... du bleu..

    55555 by Thoma Daneau

  • Audrey Houde-ForgetBest fish'n chip ever!

    55555 by Audrey Houde-Forget

  • Tim SedoOverpriced sub-par food at best. Breakfast is good though. Don't order the portobello burger. They got no love for veggies here.

    33333 by Tim Sedo

  • Simon JTres tres bon

    55555 by Simon J

  • MassimoThe washrooms on the main floor usually have lineups at night - go to ones upstairs.

    33333 by Massimo

  • Hagiel JMLa Poutine! Mmmmmmmh!

    55555 by Hagiel JM

  • Impact de Montréal FCOfficial Pub Partner of the Montreal Impact. Great soccer atmosphere!

    55555 by Impact de Montréal FC

  • Vanessa AThe portobello veggie burger is amazing!

    55555 by Vanessa A

  • Bøzidäar P.i love this place. may be the best british atmosphere in north america, just go for it. DJs are playing Fri and Sat. great place to see a football (soccer) match not very popular on this side of earth

    55555 by Bøzidäar P.

  • Major League SoccerThe Burgundy Pub is an official pub of MLS!

    33333 by Major League Soccer

  • Melanie ValleeBest guiness in town !

    55555 by Melanie Vallee

  • Jeremy WattPuts any Toronto pub to shame.

    55555 by Jeremy Watt

  • Joachim CosteGood full english breakfast, fried bread is as disgusting as it sounds though.

    33333 by Joachim Coste

  • Colm BoylePloughman's platter is wonderful and not too filling. Manchester Curry is Wicked.

    55555 by Colm Boyle

  • Marianne SGotta try the Lagavulin Distiller's Edition if you're into scotch

    55555 by Marianne S

  • MilaBest Poutine around!

    55555 by Mila

  • Wolfgang W.Lorsque assis au bar, appuyez vos pieds sur le prie-dieu. Il est quelques centimètres au-dessus du niveau du sol.

    55555 by Wolfgang W.

  • Simon EIn the mood to clog some arteries? Do the English poutine with blue cheese! Worth it!

    55555 by Simon E

  • Sophie RRye and coke

    33333 by Sophie R

  • Catherine M.Hot spot. Sit at the bar

    55555 by Catherine M.

  • Bn GBlended menu with traditional English fare along with some Indian dishes that need no presentation. A nice addition to the Montreal list of restaurant/hangouts.

    55555 by Bn G

  • Matthieu Guyonnet-DulucTry the Cambridgeshire Salad - Vert good and big portions!

    55555 by Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc

  • Montreal State Of Mind NBest Pub In Montreal

    55555 by Montreal State Of Mind N

  • Audrey M.Nuthin' beats a good pub breakfast! Back bacon, BAM!

    55555 by Audrey M.

  • Jessica CAmazing breakfast. Order extra bacon!

    55555 by Jessica C

  • Peter MThe Welshman's Bride is delicious!!

    55555 by Peter M

  • annie sgreat fish and chips

    55555 by annie s

  • Carrie M.Good brunch...great back bacon !

    55555 by Carrie M.

  • Martin DToad in a hole is really good.

    55555 by Martin D

  • Sabrina JTry the maple bacon at brunch. It's pure yumminess!

    55555 by Sabrina J

  • Tanya KBest fish and chips in town!

    55555 by Tanya K

  • Mathieu JarryThe gorgeous waitress is here again. I am infatuated!! Could be the Black Velvets, but I am pretty sure she I perfection. Watch out for the surly quasi-manager. He's not so fun.

    55555 by Mathieu Jarry

  • Chantal BeullacDrink: apple kiss, Eat: salted cod fritters.

    55555 by Chantal Beullac

  • Ryan OTry the No Damn Good, it's like drinking Apple Pie

    55555 by Ryan O

  • Mathieu JarryThat one waitress with the long dark hair is perfection.

    33333 by Mathieu Jarry

  • Aline RamosOxfordshire green salad is a must-have!

    55555 by Aline Ramos

  • Kate MichettiUnbelievable vegetable curry with tiger shrimp. Comes with naan and is just the right amount of spicy. Yum.

    55555 by Kate Michetti

  • Ruby AFish and chips are amazing especially the mashy peas that go with it. With a beer or cidre

    55555 by Ruby A

  • Francis LLondon Pride!!!

    55555 by Francis L

  • Carlos P.Have yet to find anything not to like here. Fish and chips are awesome but I'm particularly fond of the Cambridgeshire salad.

    55555 by Carlos P.

  • Wendy Iclose the outside door before opening the inside; you're freezing those of us seated there! and wasting energy!

    22222 by Wendy I

  • Eric MPut a shot of Jameson in your Guiness.

    55555 by Eric M

  • Lorne BBangers and mash are the go.

    55555 by Lorne B

  • Josiane B.Blonde de Chambly de Unibroue disponible en bouteille...

    55555 by Josiane B.

  • Keigan AshallScottish Egg is a great appetizer!

    55555 by Keigan Ashall

  • Davide GiliatiBest Whiskey menu in the province.

    55555 by Davide Giliati

  • Marcel AAhhhhhhh the Black Velvet; smooooothhhhhhhh

    55555 by Marcel A

  • Michael JMontreal's Authentic British (not Irish) Pub with fair priced pub cuisine. Had a lamb rib dish which was worth the $40 plus beers for me and my girlfriend.

    55555 by Michael J

  • Alan VI love picking up chicks here!!

    55555 by Alan V

  • Georges R.Extemly slow and not great service sunday brunch :(

    55555 by Georges R.

  • AskMenWith 75 varieties on hand at all times, the pub clearly takes its whiskey seriously. This coming Monday, April 26, the Lion is hosting a private tasting for everyone. Tickets are $25.

    55555 by AskMen

  • 25stanley.comOn cold days try the Brrrrgundy. Great warm coffee drink.

    55555 by 25stanley.com

  • Laurent CGood beer, good food, good music, nice crowd, what else do you want?

    55555 by Laurent C

  • Emmanuel RBangers and mashhhhhh

    55555 by Emmanuel R

  • Alexx OFor the ambiance, the food and the Jameson 18yrs!

    55555 by Alexx O

  • john mSticky pudding

    55555 by john m

  • Max MI 2nd the fish and chip comment. It's fantastic!

    55555 by Max M

  • jeanaymeriBangers and Mash...Goog beer...hummmmmmmm

    55555 by jeanaymeri

  • Maxime-Thierry CGotta try the Lancashire Pot, its excellent!

    55555 by Maxime-Thierry C

  • Peter PPlease try to keep the noise down on Thursday and Friday nights in the summer on the terrace. A lot of families with young kids live nearby, just opposite and you're driving us spare.

    55555 by Peter P

  • M-A IBeer(s) !

    55555 by M-A I

  • genevieve b.smashed peas!

    22222 by genevieve b.

  • Eric MFish and chips: crunchy batter, big pieces of fish. I get it every time and you should too!

    55555 by Eric M

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