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Red Rock

201 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

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(650) 967-4473

  • Sun - 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 7:00am - 10:00pm
  • Fri 7:00am - 11:00pm
  • Sat 8:00am - 11:00pm

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

4.7 of 5.0 from 219 reviews


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Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA
  • Red Rock in Mountain View, CA

Red Rock Reviews

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  • Adam H.Bathroom around the corner, first door on the right

    33333 by Adam H.

  • Adam H.Best cappuccino in town!

    55555 by Adam H.

  • Amye GThe Gourmet Coffee & Atmosphere

    55555 by Amye G

  • Amye GGo to Dana Street Cafe if you want options for coffee. RR only has House Blend. That's It!!!! :(

    55555 by Amye G

  • Luis Eduardo Castro MorenoExcellent coffee. Great service. Expensive croissants. Went back for the coffee every morning for a whole week. Haha

    55555 by Luis Eduardo Castro Moreno

  • Patrick B.The atmosphere and the prices are reasonable!

    55555 by Patrick B.

  • Paul M.Get espresso from their single origin bar. Four Barrel coffee served.

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Matthew MThe iced tea is perfect on a hot day!!

    55555 by Matthew M

  • Tobias RDecent coffee, great place to work

    55555 by Tobias R

  • Selim HGreat coffee, great ambiance!

    55555 by Selim H

  • Alice KUse Clover milk, which is organic and local to SF Bay Area.

    55555 by Alice K

  • Amy L.Try the Honey Lavender Latte!!!

    55555 by Amy L.

  • Tamy NKings five jazz quintet live on friday night!

    55555 by Tamy N

  • Caroline DengFilled with aspiring startup founders, outlets, strong wifi, and slightly pricey drinks. Good place to do work

    55555 by Caroline Deng

  • Kat CGreat working space on the second floor. Free Wi-Fi and lots of outlets available.

    55555 by Kat C

  • Nishant AThe coffee is alright, but the second floor is a decent place to get work done.

    55555 by Nishant A

  • Larry C.This guy sits on multiple chairs with his feet up. All the time.

    22222 by Larry C.

  • Neel KGreat pour-overs!

    55555 by Neel K

  • Yanael ACoffee and place

    55555 by Yanael A

  • Nigini AbilioEspresso, croissant and a nice space to work at.

    55555 by Nigini Abilio

  • JackieThree words: Coffee, wifi, outlets.

    55555 by Jackie

  • Tom BProductivity: 4 stars. The classic startup coffee shop on Castro st downtown. 2f excellent for light coding/work.

    55555 by Tom B

  • Megan AllisonReally friendly service and nice single origin. Good for working if you can get a seat upstairs.

    55555 by Megan Allison

  • Ranger FGood for programmer.

    55555 by Ranger F

  • Russell CThis place gets super crowded. If you need a seat, be sure to find one prior to ordering your drink.

    55555 by Russell C

  • Russell CThey do a ton of open mic night type events upstairs making this a difficult place to get something done in the evenings.

    55555 by Russell C

  • Kamran M.Rip van waffle on top of a coffee - yum! Great place for working too

    55555 by Kamran M.

  • Rory UNot sure about American standards, but by my European standards their "small" is enormous, and everything else is comically large.

    55555 by Rory U

  • Mehul AClassic Silicon Valley cafe. Nothing to eat that isn't dessert though. Teas are pretty good and there's a quiet area upstairs.

    55555 by Mehul A

  • Yin MGreat place for coffee

    55555 by Yin M

  • Lindsay E.Get a coffee before finishing your bike commute

    55555 by Lindsay E.

  • Kris F.Four Barrel Coffee pour overs. The barista is very helpful in helping you select the coffee of your dreams. Just describe what you are looking for and they will do the rest.

    55555 by Kris F.

  • Christopher RReally great flat white!

    55555 by Christopher R

  • Tom M.This place caters to laptop squatters, anyone who wants to go to a cafe & spend lots of time working. Top floor packed with desks and outlets, and the WiFi is pretty fast. The coffee is just fine.

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Luke MBrewed coffee

    55555 by Luke M

  • Derrick UMore of a good neighborhood hangout. Good for an evening gathering. Coffee isn't the best.

    55555 by Derrick U

  • Sarah L.Get the Caturra beans and a cappuccino!

    33333 by Sarah L.

  • Steijn BGreat place to work!

    55555 by Steijn B

  • Aaron SCome in during August and try the honey lavender latte! Simply the best!

    55555 by Aaron S

  • m TA great cafe along Castro street. There is a little crowd on 1st but comfortable place on the 2nd floor.

    55555 by m T

  • Fernando JWay too long lanes, try to avoid it

    33333 by Fernando J

  • RMi F.Incredible work spot, but downside is gets incredibly busy during normal working hours

    55555 by RMi F.

  • Vela PIt's a great place to do work and the coffee is quite good.

    55555 by Vela P

  • Kevin P.The house blend is a mix of Heirloom Ethiopia and Nicaragua beans. The cup is balanced, with a fresh mouth and acidity of acai berry that is matched smartly with a dark chocolate body.

    55555 by Kevin P.

  • Jaydeep S.If you order a large iced latte make sure to get an extra shot as 2 shots becomes far too diluted.

    33333 by Jaydeep S.

  • Nora TaranoThe hot chocolate tasted like it was made with generic chocolate syrup, very sub-par.

    22222 by Nora Tarano

  • Kevin B.Large single origin bar in here.

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Jamie LoBueThis place can get crowded but it's a fun place to work if you can find a seat upstairs.

    55555 by Jamie LoBue

  • Stephen ChisaFree cup of coffee when you buy a bag of coffee beans.

    55555 by Stephen Chisa

  • Trish PeachGreat herbal teas here.

    55555 by Trish Peach

  • Maxime B.Best espresso I've had in the U.S.

    55555 by Maxime B.

  • Artur ACheck out the area upstairs for a nice and mellow work environment, and the view doesn't hurt! The water was just to die for!

    55555 by Artur A

  • Susu M.Can coffee cups be taller and not so wide? 😩

    55555 by Susu M.

  • Steve ASingle origin bar is good for a wide range of different beans for pour-overs. Very knowledgeable staff.

    55555 by Steve A

  • Osman AReally nice place to work at. Very fast WiFi connection which is unusual here. I completed lots of work in here today :)

    55555 by Osman A

  • Testpsl Tgreat food

    55555 by Testpsl T

  • Testpsl Tgreat coffee

    55555 by Testpsl T

  • Elizabeth A.This is the best place for coffee on Castro Street in Mountain View with plenty of seating inside and outside.

    55555 by Elizabeth A.

  • Stephen ChisaTheir espresso drinks are awesome! Keep in mind their coffee is more on the acidic side.

    55555 by Stephen Chisa

  • Zach NegreyCoffee. Americano. Loose leaf tea. Pour over.

    55555 by Zach Negrey

  • SarahGreat coffee and mellow atmosphere. Lots of seating upstairs.

    55555 by Sarah

  • CrewMany power outlets all around. Free Wi-Fi, password not required.

    55555 by Crew

  • Kevin P.The Qorema Heirloom beans of Ethiopia were prepared as a 12-hour cold brew. The brightness of the bean is captured but acidity is softened somewhat. Back & side tongue mouth flavor of chocolate orange

    55555 by Kevin P.

  • Alessandro M.You should know this place is owned by the Highway Community, a church. On the bright side all the profits go to charities, making them almost a non-profit

    55555 by Alessandro M.

  • Chris FungRed Rock is my go-to spot for coffee. The people are friendly, the place is cozy, and the lattes are great!

    55555 by Chris Fung

  • Nathan WenzelStartup central.

    55555 by Nathan Wenzel

  • Ryan WGood coffee

    55555 by Ryan W

  • Jay P.I've had a couple really nice macchiato's here.

    55555 by Jay P.

  • Paul C.If you need to do a business meeting or find an electric socket, Upstairs is the place to go in Mountain View.

    55555 by Paul C.

  • Jessica FreemanGood service, solid coffee

    55555 by Jessica Freeman

  • Kevin P.The Las Palomas family beans cultivated by Pache & Bourbon from Guatemala we're available as a cold brew. This brew style hones in on semi-washed bean flavor; earthy spinach and dry, semi-sweet coco.

    55555 by Kevin P.

  • Params R.Get your coffee and go upstairs to work! :) A coffee shop that buzzes with tech conversations! Love working here..

    55555 by Params R.

  • Dan MGreat coffee and a great place to talk or work (upstairs). I'm a big fan of their latte and iced latte.

    55555 by Dan M

  • Pranav HBest place to do startups networking here. 2nd floor is pretty packed so try to get early on weekends here to grab your seat. coffee is kick-ass kind of... The best coffee probably in Bay area.

    55555 by Pranav H

  • Brian B.single origin espresso is as good as anywhere

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Alyssa FooteMocha + Four Barrel coffee beans

    55555 by Alyssa Foote

  • Chetan K.Get a laptop to code something here along with you if you don't want to feel out of place ;)

    33333 by Chetan K.

  • Uri G.Try the single origin bar

    55555 by Uri G.

  • Lisa ChangIt's $2.20 to add a shot of espresso to your drink vs. .75 cents at chain coffee shops, not worth the upcharge

    33333 by Lisa Chang

  • Rodolphe C.If you have the chance, the single origin bar is the best part of Red Rock!

    55555 by Rodolphe C.

  • Tara S.Iced chain tea latte was excellent. A bit noisy though.

    55555 by Tara S.

  • Josef R.This is the place to go working on stuff, selling it for $19 billion and shit…

    55555 by Josef R.

  • Rob L.If you do your best coding with a beer or margarita at your side, you'll have to BYO, sadly. Don't despair -- most blenders fit in backpacks.

    55555 by Rob L.

  • MaikeruDownstairs can get crowded pretty quickly, but often has faster table turnover than upstairs. However, it's quieter by far upstairs.

    55555 by Maikeru

  • George M.The best place if you are looking to work peacefully.

    55555 by George M.

  • BrrianSkip the line and get an exquisite single-origin espresso (or quick drip coffee) from the side bar when its open.

    55555 by Brrian

  • Jessie C.Extremely quiet on the 2nd floor. If you want to chat w/ friends stay on 1st.

    55555 by Jessie C.

  • Kris R.Worst espresso I've ever ordered. Bummed cause this placed looked like it had potential.

    22222 by Kris R.

  • Gauri S.Try chai latte

    55555 by Gauri S.

  • Colin P.way too expensive for what you get

    33333 by Colin P.

  • Shweta A.Nice ambience and good coffee ...

    55555 by Shweta A.

  • Glenn R.Upstairs for music on Fri, Sat night.

    55555 by Glenn R.

  • Jay L.You can overhear people catching up on life with their loved ones, startups discussing fundraising, etc. Makes you realize on so many levels that whatever it is that you're facing, isn't unique to you

    55555 by Jay L.

  • Ungenita P.A cute little place off Castro Street with a nice area to have a meeting or bring your laptop to work upstairs.

    55555 by Ungenita P.

  • Andrew V.Everything is good. You figuratively can do no wrong no matter what you order.

    55555 by Andrew V.

  • Rudy G.The king was here bow to the king!

    33333 by Rudy G.

  • MikhailThe upper floor is much nicer. The place got good coffee but the service is rather clumsy.

    33333 by Mikhail

  • Alex B.Join boardgames evening from 6pm every Tuesday!

    55555 by Alex B.

  • jon n.Is this a coffee shop or a co-working space? I'm confused. But some seriously inconsiderate patrons. Coffee is great though.

    55555 by jon n.

  • Daniel S.Gets a little crowded. Check upstairs for seats.

    55555 by Daniel S.

  • Aradhana N.chilled chai latte with soymilk!

    55555 by Aradhana N.

  • Charles W.Their black coffee is pretty fantastic.

    55555 by Charles W.

  • JuliaGreat breakfast pit stop between caltrain and VTA to cheer up a long commute!

    55555 by Julia

  • Tony T.Cafe Mocha

    55555 by Tony T.

  • Find a CofficeGreat place to get some work done. Has an entrepreneurial and techie feel right in the heart of Silicon Valley. (via @elatlboy)

    55555 by Find a Coffice

  • EreCoffee was grrrreat!!!

    55555 by Ere

  • Marvin A.Great place to do work. Plus a great environment to relax and have meetings. Recommend it 100%

    55555 by Marvin A.

  • Angelica D.Great place to get work done but it's a bit overprice and pastries are bit on the blah side. I love local coffee shops. Plenty of space and free wifi so it does the job. Coffee is just ok!

    55555 by Angelica D.

  • Rodolphe C.Great coffee! I would highly suggest the single origin bar. The baristas are all very skilled and knowledgable and will make sure that your shots are perfect.

    55555 by Rodolphe C.

  • Alice O.Their iced mocha is very milky — almost tastes like coffee milk. But they are very spacious and lots of people seem to bring laptops over to get some work done.

    55555 by Alice O.

  • Glenn R.Great soy iced mocha!

    55555 by Glenn R.

  • Tim H.try the pumpkin chocolate chip cake

    55555 by Tim H.

  • Ryan R.I like it. There can be some interesting characters working here at times... both behind the counter and guests.

    55555 by Ryan R.

  • Inge H.Great non-profit cafe. Good wi-fi and a hangout for many techies in the area.

    55555 by Inge H.

  • Jeff M.More seatting upstairs

    55555 by Jeff M.

  • Lalo Z.A very nice place! Chai Moka it's simply delicious!

    55555 by Lalo Z.

  • Albert Q.Lots of Mac users here. Go to the second floor and count. It's quite hilarious.

    33333 by Albert Q.

  • Rhia R.Limited edition Raspberry Mocha with raspberry whipped cream. NOM.

    55555 by Rhia R.

  • Omar F.This is the place to go if you're into stealing people's app ideas.

    33333 by Omar F.

  • Aditi M.Perfect to work on your next startup! Buzzing with delicious coffee and entrepreneurial energy

    55555 by Aditi M.

  • Robert J.Good cappuccino at a startup/hippie hangout. Make sure to let them know the drink is for here, unless you want a cardboard cup.

    33333 by Robert J.

  • Austin C.WiFi is slow

    55555 by Austin C.

  • Zack M.Drink some black coffee, even if it is just a sip. Coffee is from four barrel in the city.

    55555 by Zack M.

  • William C.Go to the second story for way more seating. Awesome friendly cashier and baristas

    55555 by William C.

  • Michael M.This has become my go-to place when I have some time to kill before my Caltrain arrives. Good coffee & espresso drinks, iced tea and a good variety of pastries for those wanting to indulge.

    55555 by Michael M.

  • Fei L.The cappuccinos consist of a double shot of espresso and foamed milk for 2.90. Ask for barista for a single shot if you prefer.

    55555 by Fei L.

  • Devana B.Mocha is delicious - whipped cream is so fresh!

    55555 by Devana B.

  • Nader F.Four Barrel coffee served here!

    55555 by Nader F.

  • Sareen L.Kids reading, story, and singing hour from 10-11am on Wed. Not sure if this is every week. Cute concept.

    55555 by Sareen L.

  • is K.I'm a designer from Recood team & would like to talk about UX & marketing. If so, please send me a message to is.koo@recood.com :)

    22222 by is K.

  • AndrewDon't listen to Adam kohen he doesn't know what he's talking about. Good coffee and friendly atmosphere

    55555 by Andrew

  • Sahana U.Never seen it so peaceful here, especially on a Saturday. They're playing Frank Sinatra. Loving it.

    55555 by Sahana U.

  • Jeff D.Great space, great place to work, awesome coffee.

    55555 by Jeff D.

  • Arthaey A.Lemon bars here are very good.

    55555 by Arthaey A.

  • LibertyVegan cookies and fantastic coffee; not very communal, but can get fantastic buzz from the general notyetrepreneur vibe as well as the coffee. Plenty of outlets for working in your alterna-office.

    55555 by Liberty

  • Andrew N.Second floor is awesome. Great service, and good location. Very indie sort of vibe.

    55555 by Andrew N.

  • Shiloh S.Awesome gluten free cookies and the Italian sodas are yummy!!!

    55555 by Shiloh S.

  • Kat D.Coffee is still great but the Small coffee got a little smaller (12 oz to 10 oz) at the same price and the cups don't last very long without seeping.

    33333 by Kat D.

  • Ashwin A.Best place on Castro to chill out with friends, get some work done, meet fun geeky people or enjoy the live music on weekend evenings. Love the Chai Mocha here.

    55555 by Ashwin A.

  • Henrik F.Try the Four Barrel coffee and visit the working space upstairs. Free wifi, lots of tables.

    55555 by Henrik F.

  • BrianThe 2nd floor is startup central. Great place to be productive.

    55555 by Brian

  • Connor L.I'm a bronana! I'm a broNaNa! I'm a bronana! I'm a broNaNa! I'm a bronana!

    33333 by Connor L.

  • Mohamed M.It is extremely warm here, remember not to wear something heavy.

    55555 by Mohamed M.

  • Jon M.The Iced Latte is amazing.

    55555 by Jon M.

  • Fernando F.Try the Cafe au lait - Non profit coffee house with awesome coffee!!!!! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Fernando F.

  • Michael K.Try the hand crafted coffee if you're here from 9am- 2pm!

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Nadyne R.Get here early for the great ham'n'cheese croissants.

    55555 by Nadyne R.

  • Chiaki K.in Mountain View

    55555 by Chiaki K.

  • Nixie M.Their small lattes include two shots, not 1. :)

    33333 by Nixie M.

  • Janet H.Chai mocha!! Don't get food. Overpriced and stale tasting...

    22222 by Janet H.

  • Paull Y.Good coffee & a short walk from the CalTrain

    55555 by Paull Y.

  • Yoko R.Lots of gluten free options! Try their handcrafted coffee

    55555 by Yoko R.

  • Elissa S.The barristas are really knowledgable & super nice. If you want to learn more about coffee varieties & preparation order a pour over coffee and ask them to tell you about it.

    55555 by Elissa S.

  • Lea V.Great coffee but don't get a smoothie — I couldn't even drink half of it.

    33333 by Lea V.

  • Tantek Ç.They serve Four Barrel coffee here, but in many more ways. Order a fancy espresso drink however you like it!

    55555 by Tantek Ç.

  • Brian B.Single origin bar is the best espresso within 20 miles.

    55555 by Brian B.

  • Greg K.This place is non-profit, and they're nice to prove it.

    55555 by Greg K.

  • Scott A.Le Salt Brownie is a-m-a-z-i-n-g

    55555 by Scott A.

  • Leonidas T.Nice and quiet place to work.

    55555 by Leonidas T.

  • Rohini J.Their hand-crafted coffee is one of a kind.

    55555 by Rohini J.

  • Randy N.Large Americano: 4 shots of bliss.

    55555 by Randy N.

  • Dennis D.Get direct trade coffee here!

    55555 by Dennis D.

  • Adam RLiterally the lamest coffe shop I've ever been to.

    33333 by Adam R

  • Greg B.Love the espresso con panama and lemon cheesecake

    55555 by Greg B.

  • Josh W.Head upstairs if you want to study! It can get a little stuffy up there though.

    55555 by Josh W.

  • Xande M.The only way to get Four Barrel Coffee in Mountain View.

    55555 by Xande M.

  • Panayiotis P.Awesome oat bars

    55555 by Panayiotis P.

  • Paco N.Great place to work on a laptop, circa 2008. Since then, the coffee roast changed (badly), service declined, baristas are inexperienced and dogmatic, and wifi is usually borked. A failed experiment.

    33333 by Paco N.

  • Dave RTry their Smoothies if you aren't in the mood for a great cup of coffee.

    55555 by Dave R

  • Band of the Day A.Also, pretty decent selection of gluten-free baked goods! Which taste even better when listening to cool new music :)

    55555 by Band of the Day A.

  • Noam Fantastic coffee and great atmosphere. Gluten-free cookies! Internet bandwidth is so-so..

    55555 by Noam "N.G." G.

  • Band of the Day A.Delicious cappuccino

    55555 by Band of the Day A.

  • Mike L.Try the Internet.

    55555 by Mike L.

  • Ana Lucia N.too bad they are not customer centric-i asked for a side of steamed milk to have with my special brewed coffee and was told no. I don't understand their logic, they lost $15.00+7.00+tip+my loyalty

    22222 by Ana Lucia N.

  • Chris JGet the muffin

    22222 by Chris J

  • Luis B.Best coffee in mtv

    55555 by Luis B.

  • Irmak BerktasIced cafe latte !

    55555 by Irmak Berktas

  • Arthur C.Want to swim in a soup of startup geeks? Come in here for your daily dose of "It's kind of a Groupon for..." and "Facebook API is all f...". I always see fellow Y Combinator founders in here.

    55555 by Arthur C.

  • Tj S.Bring earphones if you want to be in your own world

    33333 by Tj S.

  • Tj S.Come early for wall plugs on 2nd floor; space is plenty but plugs are premium

    55555 by Tj S.

  • diana k.To sign up for the open mic on Monday nights, show up at 6:30 and put your name on the list. Also, don't nix the whipped cream on your order-- it's made in-house!

    55555 by diana k.

  • Susan H.Four Barrel coffee here. Take some beans home with you and receive a cup of coffee on the house!

    55555 by Susan H.

  • Michael C.Love sitting upstairs by the windows and watching the world go by below.

    55555 by Michael C.

  • lef AOh! Very great place...

    55555 by lef A

  • Scott S.Four Barrel Coffee yo!!

    55555 by Scott S.

  • Shan H.Try the Italian soda with raspberry and half&half (cremosa). It's like a milkshake without the brain freeze!

    55555 by Shan H.

  • Alexandre B.Pretty expensive but nice placeplace

    55555 by Alexandre B.

  • Andrei Z.Single origin coffee is delicious.

    55555 by Andrei Z.

  • Matthew R.look for the croissant with the powdered sugar and sliced almonds. It contains marzapan. Buy that croissant, eat it.

    33333 by Matthew R.

  • Kat D.Lids are tough to fit on cups. Also they don't do to go espresso shots.

    33333 by Kat D.

  • Shruti N.Nice choclate milk & chai, good place to hang out

    55555 by Shruti N.

  • Bruce JTry the raspberry muffin

    55555 by Bruce J

  • Sonal S.Love this coffee shop!

    55555 by Sonal S.

  • Matthew R.Ask for the BACON Cafe Mocha! Whoa.....

    55555 by Matthew R.

  • Muskan Sgood coffee and nice atmosphere

    55555 by Muskan S

  • Adam G.If the line is long or there are hecka people waiting, just buy coffee or tea. They sometimes take those orders on another register.

    33333 by Adam G.

  • Patrick L.Soy latte ftw!

    55555 by Patrick L.

  • Kevin R.Awesome traditional cappuccino

    55555 by Kevin R.

  • Preston RFresh bakes cookies come out at 3pm. Yummy!

    55555 by Preston R

  • Austin O.Blended Chai Mocha is amazing.

    55555 by Austin O.

  • J K.After the counter person was unwilling to recognize when some lady left the line and came back ahead of 15 others, I will not be coming back.

    22222 by J K.

  • LaJuniper GThe apricot rugelach is fantastic. Light, flaky, and the apricots have a great tartness. Highly recommended!

    55555 by LaJuniper G

  • Mike L.Definitely startup central, especially upstairs. Free wifi FTW! Great snacks too.

    55555 by Mike L.

  • Rob M.Sweet shots.

    55555 by Rob M.

  • Blake B.Blueberry coffee cake is da bomb.

    55555 by Blake B.

  • Kevin E.This place is great for startups! Don't work from home again. Great coffee, free wifi, and lots of random startup folks hanging out.

    55555 by Kevin E.

  • Arthur C.Pomegranate + Irish Cream Italian Soda, as suggested by Brendan. :)

    55555 by Arthur C.

  • Jamsion B.Best quality espresso I've ever had. Perfect crema and foam. I'll never even look at another place again.

    33333 by Jamsion B.

  • jeremy h.fav coffee = grit

    55555 by jeremy h.

  • Ben K.This is startup central.

    55555 by Ben K.

  • Jinghualive music. Don't miss it.

    55555 by Jinghua

  • Dennis Y.go upstairs to work.

    55555 by Dennis Y.

  • Matthew F.Request latte art from Brendan! Art in a cup!

    55555 by Matthew F.

  • Amy J.Best nonfat lattes around!

    55555 by Amy J.

  • Matthew F.The best set of baristas in the area! (make sure to request latte art when you can, especially from Brendan)

    55555 by Matthew F.

  • Lora L. A.If it's crowded, even though they have 2 WiFi networks, both tend to get crazy slow.

    55555 by Lora L. A.

  • Ethan Kthe 2nd floor is great for studying or long talks with cool people

    55555 by Ethan K

  • Linda L.grab a long coffee break early in the morning... the music is an eclectic mix

    55555 by Linda L.

  • Charles H.get the brew bar coffee. well worth it.

    55555 by Charles H.

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