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Mellow Mushroom

1571 21st Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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(843) 444-1122


  • Sunday: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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Cuisine: American Restaurants, Pizza Places

4.7 of 5.0 from 72 reviews

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Mellow Mushroom Reviews

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  • Terri JThis is healthy pizza so if you love a good white flour pizza not getting it here. Wheat crust. I guess it's good for wheat crust I have no vases for comparison

    55555 by Terri J

  • Cleveland EWay too expensive for mediocre pizza. Also, this place is so busy. The wait for the pizza is disastrous.

    33333 by Cleveland E

  • Jay COrdered the Mighty Meaty pizza. Delicious!

    55555 by Jay C

  • Rebecca DCrappy service. Dirty restaurant. Food was so-so. Out of the beer I ordered. Would not recommend this location! But other locations are awesome!

    22222 by Rebecca D

  • Cleveland EPizza was just average. The sausage is disgusting though. Large slices to fill you up.

    33333 by Cleveland E

  • Katie W.Great for a different kind of Pizza! Brings a sweater it's always cold inside.

    55555 by Katie W.

  • Charlie BBest pizza in Myrtle Beach

    55555 by Charlie B

  • KC JCalzones and pizza and Cesar salads are great.

    55555 by KC J

  • Mary HGourmet white is very good pizza.

    55555 by Mary H

  • James PittmanI've ate at a lot of pizza places but Mellow Mushroom is the best! Love the mighty meaty!

    55555 by James Pittman

  • Iva MBest pizza on the beach. Crust is awesome.

    55555 by Iva M

  • Jessie IEsperanza dressing is amazing with any salad! Also House Special Pizza😍

    55555 by Jessie I

  • Eric G.The Jerk Chicken Sandwich is unreal. I'll be hard-pressed to order anything else.

    55555 by Eric G.

  • Robbie JGood pizza and great beer selection.

    55555 by Robbie J

  • Kira B.Great atmosphere, delicious food and very vegetarian friendly! They have tofu sandwiches as well as really good meat-free pizzas.

    55555 by Kira B.

  • Jason L.Beer selection is large, but pretty static. There are other places with more craft beers & more turnover of taps. (Hardly any turnover here.) The New Beer Monday is the best thing they've got going.

    55555 by Jason L.

  • Christi ThompsonGreat food.. Loved the gluten free pizza!!! Always a good time. Service was average.. But the food more then makes up for it.

    55555 by Christi Thompson

  • Karina M.We built our own vegan pizza and it was delicious! I loved the toppings and the crust was perfect. We'll definitely be coming back for more

    55555 by Karina M.

  • Karina M.We built our own vegan pizza and it was delicious! We'll definitely be coming back for more

    55555 by Karina M.

  • Robin R.Ask for Noah's Secret Sauce and wink awkwardly. :-)

    55555 by Robin R.

  • Myrtle Beach S.They only need to get more servers & cooks. 45 minute wait to be seated for 2 people at 3:30pm on a weekday, with empty tables inside and outside is kind of a problem. They are dropping the ball!

    33333 by Myrtle Beach S.

  • Jordan W.Best bacon I've ever had on a pizza.

    55555 by Jordan W.

  • Hannah SmithOrder multiple smalls! Get there early!

    55555 by Hannah Smith

  • Larry F.Great beer selection and the best pizza I've had since I moved here from NY after I retired

    55555 by Larry F.

  • Jeffrey EVery large beer selection

    55555 by Jeffrey E

  • Vance C.Great location and awesome environment

    55555 by Vance C.

  • Maricia RodwellBest pizza on the beach. We always order a large to havr some for later. Mushroom cap app is wonderful.

    55555 by Maricia Rodwell

  • Alan B.Get the ceaser pizza with no lettuce. Trust me.

    22222 by Alan B.

  • Ky L.Join the Beer Club!

    55555 by Ky L.

  • Kenneth L.Great pizza!

    55555 by Kenneth L.

  • Adam PBeer club. Get it. 42 taps. Done. Boom!

    55555 by Adam P

  • Keith N.House special

    55555 by Keith N.

  • Erin D.Join the beer club ;)

    33333 by Erin D.

  • Chad H.Supreme service and tasty pizzas.

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Jessica CTry the Thai Dye Pizza. So so good!!!

    55555 by Jessica C

  • MaShawn EAwesome service.....Victoria rocks!

    55555 by MaShawn E

  • WendyJoin their club online and get an email for a free appetizer!

    55555 by Wendy

  • Richie R.Love love love this place! Come here every time I'm in MB. We need one of these in NJ (Bergen County).

    55555 by Richie R.

  • Tanya J.Funky Q pizza off the chain

    33333 by Tanya J.

  • Rachel H.This place is amazing! The pizza is so good and they have a ton of vegetarian options. They also have the ability to go gluten free. So wonderful.

    55555 by Rachel H.

  • Jamie N.The Brutus salad w/ extra portobello mushrooms & jerk chicken is the best salad at the beach!

    55555 by Jamie N.

  • Alexander J.The Caesar pizza is quite an experience, you gotta try it!

    55555 by Alexander J.

  • Christina R.Excellent drinks. Fun atmosphere. Gluten free pizza crust!

    55555 by Christina R.

  • Jacquelyn CBest cheese pizza!

    55555 by Jacquelyn C

  • Angela L.Great curbside service

    55555 by Angela L.

  • Jennifer J.42 taps. Amazing pizza. Don't be scared to try the Potato Pie. It's my favorite!

    55555 by Jennifer J.

  • Priestess Kandi R.Always tip your servers, but do ask how prices. Don't be shocked when the bill comes, Good Food, Good Service, Good Atmosphere. Inside & Out

    55555 by Priestess Kandi R.

  • Jeffrey A.Anyone else think the bartenders suck?

    22222 by Jeffrey A.

  • Matt CTry the beer. Can't go wrong with any

    55555 by Matt C

  • Matt CIt's 41 beers on tap but who's counting? Actually I did. But whatever. They're all good for the most part

    55555 by Matt C

  • Lisa L.The holy shittake pizza is the best and it's seasonal. Order it while you can!

    55555 by Lisa L.

  • Dawn KFun night tonight.

    55555 by Dawn K

  • AdamStuffed Mushroom Appetizer! Enough said.

    33333 by Adam

  • Sherry H.best grilled portabello mushrooms........mmmmmmm

    55555 by Sherry H.

  • Garrett H.42 taps. Friendly service and great pizza

    55555 by Garrett H.

  • Ed M.Calzones are amazing! New Beer on Tap every Monday!

    55555 by Ed M.

  • Christopher P.Fat Tire on Tap!

    55555 by Christopher P.

  • Amber C.Amazing tofu hoagies! "This is it, you've found it."

    55555 by Amber C.

  • Kate L.Try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza it is awesome!

    55555 by Kate L.

  • Ed M.Calzones are great here!!

    55555 by Ed M.

  • Kevin(DJ Da BomB)Have the meat pizza. It's so good

    55555 by Kevin(DJ Da BomB)

  • Charlie P.The maui wowi is great!

    55555 by Charlie P.

  • Matt C.The Margherita Pizza Pie is great! True Italians only.

    55555 by Matt C.

  • Chay JAwesome veggie pizza with vegan cheese! Yummy!

    55555 by Chay J

  • Eliot JVegans can eat here no problems!!

    55555 by Eliot J

  • Logan Z.Pretzels do not disappoint. On tap beer selection is great. Dogfish head seasonal or Midas touch are favs.

    55555 by Logan Z.

  • Thomas C.They now offer a Gluten-Free Pizza crust. Too cool.

    55555 by Thomas C.

  • Chris M.Great beer selection

    55555 by Chris M.

  • Donna RThe House Special pizza was delicious!

    55555 by Donna R

  • Jonathan M.If you are truly awesome, attempt the 200 club. I did it and it nearly killed me. But now I have a GIANT mug with my name on it.

    33333 by Jonathan M.

  • Jonathan M.Do the 100 beer club. With 39 taps and 50+ bottles, it isn't that hard. The reward is a large mug instead of a pint glass.

    33333 by Jonathan M.

  • Isabel J100 beer club

    55555 by Isabel J

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