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The Southern

150 3rd Avenue S #110
Nashville, TN 37201

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(615) 724-1762

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Cuisine: Coffee and Tea, Steak Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 158 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN
  • The Southern in Nashville, TN

The Southern Reviews

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  • John MaGuirkPEI Oyster are from August-"too soon Herr Mozart".

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • John MaGuirkIf you love oysters visit OysterHappyHour @ 3PM Sunday

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • Liz M.The benne shrimp were tasteless, gumbo was very boring, but the hot chicken salad was great. A bit pricy too.

    33333 by Liz M.

  • Preston KennedyGreat Southern cuisine!

    55555 by Preston Kennedy

  • Kathy MThe foster banana bread pudding is amazing!

    55555 by Kathy M

  • Royce D.It's all good!

    55555 by Royce D.

  • Alexis M.Awesome food. Great mimosa. Awful latte. Served cold. Asked for it to be remade. Served cold again. Probably just made by a machine. Service was terrible. Even when there were hardly any customers.

    22222 by Alexis M.

  • Rene CGreat service. Friendly bar and wait staff. Awesome food too.

    55555 by Rene C

  • Amol U.Great lunch specials.

    55555 by Amol U.

  • Grace NAbsolutely fantastic restaurant. You want to either get there well before 5pm or make a reservation. Limited menu until 5pm. The Belle is incredible.

    55555 by Grace N

  • Keith L.Good bourbon selection and knowledgeable staff

    55555 by Keith L.

  • Craig OIt was ok. The brisket was a small portion and very dry.

    22222 by Craig O

  • John MaGuirkFinally got a table after "three" tries.

    11111 by John MaGuirk

  • Libby R.Great service and food! Sit on the heated patio. Gumbo, bread pudding, crab cakes, and deviled eggs were all amazing.

    55555 by Libby R.

  • Jim A.Coming for breakfast? Chicken and waffles that are amazing. It is the "South", you know?

    55555 by Jim A.

  • Josh CTry the Hot Chicken Salad. A real treat and plenty of food

    55555 by Josh C

  • Steven FThe double pork chop was very smokey but good. Next time its a steak. Good but there were places we liked better- Sperry and Farm House.

    55555 by Steven F

  • Tim H.Breakfast and Bloody Mary's

    55555 by Tim H.

  • Matthew W.Great restaurant in Nashville...

    55555 by Matthew W.

  • James C.Outstanding breakfast. Hot chicken and waffles. Egg pasta dish. Amazing.

    55555 by James C.

  • Frazier JCame for brunch - Bloody Mary and blood orange mimosas were awesome. Get chicken and waffles with Nashville hot chicken - you're welcome. Shrimp and grits-possibly the most underrated menu option.

    55555 by Frazier J

  • greg HBeef brisket with cheese grits is MONEY!

    55555 by greg H

  • greg HBeef brisket, steak and biscuits

    55555 by greg H

  • Lesley !Get their breakfast. The chicken & waffles are to die for. I got the chicken spicy & added a side of bacon so the combo of sweet, spicy, & salty was just what I needed after the long trip here.

    55555 by Lesley !

  • Brant AAgain the oysters do not disappoint. It's hard to find a seat at the bar, but worth the wait.

    55555 by Brant A

  • Brant APhenomenal oysters in a casual setting.

    55555 by Brant A

  • Kendra S.Steak! Whiskey! The Crème brûlée rice pudding.

    55555 by Kendra S.

  • Jason B.Not been a fan of oysters, but this place may have just changed my mind. Now my concern is that no other option will live up to expectations

    33333 by Jason B.

  • Andy FBlackberry tea wad awesome!!

    55555 by Andy F

  • Susan KThe filet mignon was delicious! Seasoned perfectly with a hint of smoke.

    55555 by Susan K

  • sean GEverything

    55555 by sean G

  • Echo LFried chicken

    55555 by Echo L

  • Bryan DAmazing steak and Brussels sprouts (never would have guessed!)

    55555 by Bryan D

  • John SWide variety of oysters and high quality steaks. Definitely worth a visit, if you're in the area.

    55555 by John S

  • Allison K.The best chicken and waffles I've ever had. Get the chicken hot and add a side of bacon.

    55555 by Allison K.

  • Ashley S.This restaurant has terrible acoustics which makes everything so loud. Food was not great either but I do appreciate a place with a blood orange mimosa

    33333 by Ashley S.

  • Cizenbayan Rthe place is pricy but it's worth it. i recommend oysters, crab cake, shrimps, pork as starters ❤️🙌

    55555 by Cizenbayan R

  • Chai O.Shouldn't be surprised this place is packed on a Friday night. Well worth it though. Oysters shucked at the bar.

    55555 by Chai O.

  • Justin BOne of my favorites in Nashville. Go for the oysters at night and come back in the morning for a great brunch.

    55555 by Justin B

  • Ashley LGreat Sunday Brunch. Amazing atmosphere. Great Service!

    55555 by Ashley L

  • Alecia FairService was excellent, get the My way for brunch, rich and delicious. The bathrooms were small. Ask for the dining room for large groups.

    55555 by Alecia Fair

  • John MaGuirkBusy Busy Busy. Billy DeWolfe

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • NicoleAmazing food. Don't be afraid to walk in for brunch but get there before 10:30.

    55555 by Nicole

  • David Robert AThe gumbo is aMAZing. Heat builds, bit by bit.

    55555 by David Robert A

  • Marthagreat food. service is a little rushed, but friendly all the same. good spot.

    55555 by Martha

  • Jeff HinkleCoffee was a little meh, but food was good. Pulled pork, rice & beans breakfast thing pictured.

    55555 by Jeff Hinkle

  • Fatou BahDelicious oysters, killer filet mignon and awesome ambiance. I'm impressed.

    55555 by Fatou Bah

  • Mayra R.I'm vegan but I tried the Fried Oyster Mash Loved the mango sauce with the sweet potatoes fries. Not a place for a vegan, but nice environment and love the decoration specially the hanging doors.

    55555 by Mayra R.

  • Jake A.Yum - all around.

    55555 by Jake A.

  • ASK Gwen C.The oysters were divine. Go during hh as they are half price. Also they have a great weekend brunch. Try the steaks and eggs

    55555 by ASK Gwen C.

  • Benjie Bautista JrDinner Time.! @nasvilleTN👍 😇

    55555 by Benjie Bautista Jr

  • John MaGuirkIt's all hands on deck G. M. behind the bar.

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • Whitney JNashville is a completely new city in this neck of the woods! Go Nashville!

    55555 by Whitney J

  • Scott M.Oysters and service, duh.

    55555 by Scott M.

  • Dea P.Blue point oysters, bless your heart salad and mimosas make for a wonderful meal!

    55555 by Dea P.

  • Mike S.Great menu featuring southern cuisine not just from Nashville but lots of locales south of the Mason-Dixon

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Heather Kiefer KennedyAmazing food and oysters. Let the server make a suggestion for you. You won't be disappointed

    55555 by Heather Kiefer Kennedy

  • Kerry K.The Thundercap oysters and shrimp-n-grits were fantastic! Definitely wash it all down with a zydeco cocktail.

    55555 by Kerry K.

  • Billy CarrollOysters of course!

    55555 by Billy Carroll

  • Philip C.Bourbon. Lots and lots of bourbon.

    55555 by Philip C.

  • Andre M.The burger is amazing. Love the pimento cheese! Sit outside and people watch if the weather is nice.

    55555 by Andre M.

  • John MaGuirkOur second trip here. If you haven't been here yet. It needs to be on you to do list.

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • John MaGuirkA great selection of oysters.

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • Carson WhiteAwesome oyster bar!!!

    55555 by Carson White

  • Jessica W.Meat and 3 today was barbacoa taquitos, black beans, rice, and guac. Only $9 and super tasty! I loved their ghost chili hot sauce as well ^^

    55555 by Jessica W.

  • Amber PAmazing across the board!

    55555 by Amber P

  • Sebastian FactorDominican pork for a great start.Steak biscuits to keep. Oysters to share

    55555 by Sebastian Factor

  • John MaGuirkBartender knows his cookie!

    55555 by John MaGuirk

  • John MaGuirkDowntown is O. K. But I think the peddle powered bars need a re-think.

    33333 by John MaGuirk

  • Andre M.Hot chicken salad is the bomb. Lunch prices aren't too bad.

    55555 by Andre M.

  • Paul BirzaGreat burger for the price. The rest of the menu seems overpriced for what you get.

    33333 by Paul Birza

  • Tyler R.Awesome brunch spot. Make sure to make a reservation!

    55555 by Tyler R.

  • Design*SpongeCulinary meets comfort at The Southern Steak & Oyster Bar. Of course their namesake dishes are delicious, but I’m a big fan of their weekend brunch and fried chicken and waffle.

    55555 by Design*Sponge

  • Maria NecciOmg... So good! Try the steak and biscuits! Delish!

    55555 by Maria Necci

  • Katie R.A lot more casual than I expected, but fun. The food was nice, but my cocktail was amazing. If you like jalapeños, order the Zydecho and order it now!

    55555 by Katie R.

  • Rachel SGet the braised beef briscuit!

    55555 by Rachel S

  • Harry R.Must try: steak biscuits. Chicken and waffles.

    55555 by Harry R.

  • Harry R.Why are the bathrooms sinks just flat counter tops?

    33333 by Harry R.

  • Kat McMahonNOT a good date spot- go here with the boys, not a lady.

    55555 by Kat McMahon

  • Cookie JFood was great

    55555 by Cookie J

  • Alyssa G.The chicken and waffles dish is amazing.

    55555 by Alyssa G.

  • Alicia H.Super amazing. We sat on the patio which allowed for excellent people watching :)

    55555 by Alicia H.

  • Amy M.Happy Hour at the bar, 3-6 p.m., Monday thru Friday! Get the Fried Green Tomatoes.

    55555 by Amy M.

  • Billy B.Reasonable lunch menu. I enjoyed the southern burger with pimento cheese and jalapeño bacon. Truth be told I would have been happy with a plate of the jalapeño bacon!

    55555 by Billy B.

  • Sabrina C.Everything was delicious! The service was wonderful and the atmosphere fun! Try the smoked deviled eggs and the Belle made my mouth water :) I'll be back!

    55555 by Sabrina C.

  • Ruth B.Spicy Bloodys are top notch! The live music at brunch is lovely!

    55555 by Ruth B.

  • Tiffany CurtissPerfect atmosphere! My go to for out of town-ers. Good drinks, good food, and when there's live music - it's fantastic. Best representation of the south, right here. Just skip the desserts, bad.

    55555 by Tiffany Curtiss

  • Sommer KFried egg sandwich! So good.

    55555 by Sommer K

  • Scott RSteak biscuits are awesome!

    55555 by Scott R

  • Kari PrecopiaLove this place! Amazing food and drinks with a great atmosphere! Ask for Robby and order a zydeco!

    55555 by Kari Precopia

  • Jessica M.Their dessert menu is to die for!!!

    55555 by Jessica M.

  • Brian D.Chicken and waffles is a win. The granola is just soso

    55555 by Brian D.

  • Erik S.Don't pay for parking in a lot nearby, they offer free valet around the corner!

    55555 by Erik S.

  • Jacki C.Cheddar scallion biscuits are worth the trip :)

    55555 by Jacki C.

  • Jose T.If you like steaks, go for the Nudie Suit. Chef Dave and his staff seasoned and grilled it to perfection!

    55555 by Jose T.

  • Roger M.First time at this Restaurant. Extremely poor service!

    22222 by Roger M.

  • Ted M.The burger was incredible.

    55555 by Ted M.

  • fishwreckWiFi password: 6152569596

    55555 by fishwreck

  • Samantha M.The bananas foster bread puddin is amazing.

    55555 by Samantha M.

  • N. A.If you order anything other than the pick-your-own-size or the bone-in ribeye, you're making a HUGE mistake. This place is exactly what they call themselves; steak & oysters...that's what you order.

    33333 by N. A.

  • Brian C.The Chicken and Waffles during brunch is AMAZING! My first experience eating it, and I haven't been able to stop salivating each time I think about it.

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Chris L.Went here twice while in Nashville. Fish tacos were awesome add some of their peach mango Chili mustard sauce for extra kick. Get the zydeco as a cocktail it is amazing!

    55555 by Chris L.

  • Alicia H.We sat on the patio which was quieter and allowed for people watching. The filet and pork chop were incredible.

    55555 by Alicia H.

  • Jenny L.Must get the fried chicken and waffles. Best thing I ever ate.

    55555 by Jenny L.

  • Rebecca S.Definitely try the oysters and the blackberry moonshine cocktail. Great service and atmosphere.

    55555 by Rebecca S.

  • Kelly H.Food is decent, but the prices are absurd. Better bang for your buck at Husk, Rolf & Daughters, or City House.

    55555 by Kelly H.

  • Ashley D.Heather was my waitress and she rocked! Try to sit at her table!

    33333 by Ashley D.

  • Heather S.DeeeeeeeeeLissssssshhh. Katylin was an excellent server also. Go!

    55555 by Heather S.

  • Alex C.Wow - totally worth it. Service and food was absolutely phenomenal!

    55555 by Alex C.

  • Erin C.Simply amazing. Limited, but perfect, menu. Great service and food was purely Southern. Will be back. Whatever you do, get some of their jalapeño bacon!

    55555 by Erin C.

  • Scott F.Sit on the patio on a cool evening

    55555 by Scott F.

  • Kevin B.wedge salad is awesome! BBQ shrimp is fantastic but VERY MESSY. Shrimp was harder to peel than any Ive ever had! Overall super meal while in town for a quick tradeshow!

    55555 by Kevin B.

  • Jeff O.Get oysters. This place does them right!

    55555 by Jeff O.

  • Holly R.Steak Biscuits =Yum. Pork Chop = Big as your head.

    55555 by Holly R.

  • TanyaGreat place to people watch, but the steak/oysters/drinks/salads are mediocre.

    55555 by Tanya

  • Christine T.The BBQ shrimp is worth the trip

    55555 by Christine T.

  • Kim H.Gorgeous, sexy place 💕👍

    55555 by Kim H.

  • Marley M.The steak and biscuit Benedict was honestly the best thing I've ever eaten. The biscuits are made out of blue cheese and taste so good. Also, try the Bloody Mary!

    55555 by Marley M.

  • Kyle B.Get the Ribeye

    33333 by Kyle B.

  • Simon T.Steak biscuits are filling. Service at the bar was excellent (on a Sat. night). Crab cakes were rich.

    55555 by Simon T.

  • 💃Twirly J.Make reservation. Lana was a fantastic server, extremely attentive. Sangria is delish. Brunch- Steak & Biscuit Benedict is too buttery, pass on it. Oysters r great. Cuban was perfection. Live music!

    55555 by 💃Twirly J.

  • beth KThis place is amazing!! What great oyster bar

    55555 by beth K

  • Paul fGreat service, great food, and a great atmosphere. Try the spicy ketchup.

    55555 by Paul f

  • Daniel M.Cool place downtown. Hopping. Great brunch

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Tammi SchneidermanSteak biscuits are great!

    55555 by Tammi Schneiderman

  • Jeff L.Gulf Ousters are the best... Gotta try

    55555 by Jeff L.

  • Kirsten AStill waiting after 30 minutes for our 9:15 pm reservation! Said they were sending over a bartender and she took half the orders and left

    11111 by Kirsten A

  • Leah M.Saffire steak biscuits FOR THE WIN!!! Two blue cheese biscuits, grilled beef tenderloin and horseradish demi!

    55555 by Leah M.

  • Samantha M.The Carmel Apple martini and Steak and Biscuits and Bananas Foster Bread pudding are the best.

    55555 by Samantha M.

  • Shawn D.Ask for Tabitha at the bar she will take great care of you, excellent service.

    55555 by Shawn D.

  • SuzanneI do not recommend the crab cakes...

    33333 by Suzanne

  • Family Focus Blog h.Brunch on Sun was excellent. Pleasant service, nice atmosphere, & good food. The steak benedict & chocolate chip pancakes were great! There were even some live musicians (tasteful & unobtrusive).

    55555 by Family Focus Blog h.

  • MichelleThe chicken and waffles are great! And the bathroom sink is pretty cool lol

    55555 by Michelle

  • Rich K.Speak southern and you get 25% off. Trust me.

    33333 by Rich K.

  • Varun S.You can order most things a la carte. Get the jalapeño bacon (and dip it in honey).

    55555 by Varun S.

  • Jon D.Brad may be the greatest bartender ever, ask for the Vinto Verde wine he pairs with oysters.

    55555 by Jon D.

  • Laura BI only checked in to announce how terrible the service is. Waited 45 mins for our reserved table, bread came with the entrees, drinks took forever, couldn't split checks. Even Applebee's can do that.

    11111 by Laura B

  • Kathryn CThis place is absolutely terrible. The service is horrendous and the food is mediocre, good luck enjoying yourself here...

    22222 by Kathryn C

  • Nicole W.Devil of an egg was amazing!!! A little on the spicy side, so not for the meek!

    55555 by Nicole W.

  • Clay N.The devil of an egg is awesome

    55555 by Clay N.

  • Conrhonda B.Coolest washroom ever!

    55555 by Conrhonda B.

  • Cathy B.The Farmer's Plate is AMAZING! Vegetarian, but you won't miss the meat!

    55555 by Cathy B.

  • Michael E.During brunch, you can order a la carte, if you want a custom made breakfast.

    55555 by Michael E.

  • Samantha D.Tasty jams and food!

    55555 by Samantha D.

  • Erik C.Tennessee Sipping Cream is outstanding. Kind of like Bailey's Irish Cream, but made here and so much better.

    55555 by Erik C.

  • Parking Management CompanyBe sure to use the Complimentary Valet Parking available 7 days a week. It makes the nightmare of parking downtown a non-issue! Service provided by PMC!

    55555 by Parking Management Company

  • Kim C.The BBQ Shrimp are magical. Simply magical.

    55555 by Kim C.

  • Rebecca W.The Fried Green Tomato Benedict + mimosa = perfect brunch.

    55555 by Rebecca W.

  • Leah B.Great scene all the time. Reservations needed. Shrimp and grits out of this world. Biscuits to die for. Very creative menu. Great brunch too!

    55555 by Leah B.

  • Sah L.This place is amazing. The biscuits were exceptional. The mac and cheese was great. The ribs were massive and smokey. Potato fries heavily salted. Best waitress who read my mind at every step!

    55555 by Sah L.

  • Nancy V.The Anytime Menu worked for me!

    33333 by Nancy V.

  • Erica RThe menu they call the Anytime menu is not available anytime. It is only available after 3 on weekends. I was disappointed with the smaller brunch menu and they were out of 2 choices on the menu.

    33333 by Erica R

  • Eric N.The sweet potato bisque is wonderful and great if you're looking for a light lunch.

    55555 by Eric N.

  • Tomasz F.Get the red grits for dessert. You wont regret it if you like berries.

    55555 by Tomasz F.

  • RobynThe steak biscuits literally made me cry, the entrees were more like something your mother would make if she was an above-average cook though

    33333 by Robyn

  • scott c.can't beat the steak biscuits! just like grandma use to make...if you're grandma served you steak. mine did not. -ispeaknashville.com

    55555 by scott c.

  • Marcus R.Start with an oyster half or dozen will do! Enjoy the atmosphere check out the scenery and the movie in the restroom! ?!

    55555 by Marcus R.

  • Lindsay L.Cilantro crab cakes!!!!

    55555 by Lindsay L.

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