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Honky Tonk Central

329 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37201

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(615) 742-9095


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 3:30 am
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 3:00 am

Cuisine: Bars

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4.3 of 5.0 from 92 reviews

price range:$11 to $25

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Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN
  • Honky Tonk Central in Nashville, TN

Honky Tonk Central Reviews

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  • Sylvia DAtmosphere was great and a lot of happy people enjoying the live music

    55555 by Sylvia D

  • Max W.Way too crowded and touristy. Generic bands.

    33333 by Max W.

  • Alexander RGreat bar if you like social crowds.

    55555 by Alexander R

  • Roshel LGreat atmosphere. Three stories. Great bands day and night. This place is happening. :-)

    55555 by Roshel L

  • Chris V.Same ownership as Tootsie's. Multi-level with stages on each floor. Pure fun.

    55555 by Chris V.

  • Jen ACool bar with live music. Friendly and efficient service and great sharing platter!

    55555 by Jen A

  • Rick DWent there 9-18-16 with my wife and our friends- the place was packed,the band was awesome and the food and beer selections were great- we will be back next year on our annual trip to this area

    55555 by Rick D

  • Serhii ENice place to have a drink

    55555 by Serhii E

  • Stacey W.TOO LOUD! I didn't even go in because the volume was insane outside on the sidewalk.

    22222 by Stacey W.

  • Ken GrossAlways a must when in town. Reasonable drink prices. Music is always good.

    55555 by Ken Gross

  • Christina G.Something for everyone on all three floors!

    55555 by Christina G.

  • Dana DNever disappoints. Three floors with a different band on each. Always a must visit on Broadway.

    55555 by Dana D

  • Tori MGood bands, great bartenders. My only complaint is there is little room at the front of the stages.

    55555 by Tori M

  • Vincent MGreat band tonight, real nice bar with multiple floors:-):

    55555 by Vincent M

  • Larry PThe band was phenomenal. Singers could actually sing. And they were not afraid to sing ANYTHING.

    55555 by Larry P

  • Molly S.Always fun, 3 levels with live music

    55555 by Molly S.

  • Natalya P.The food and staff was very nice and provided me with that southern hospitality.

    55555 by Natalya P.

  • Eric C.Even though I'm not a country music fan, I love Honky Tonks. So much fun!

    55555 by Eric C.

  • Patty W.Fun afternoon day drinking and listening to music

    55555 by Patty W.

  • Chad MartinChad Chig Martin & The Alabama Outlaws gonna rock the joint

    55555 by Chad Martin

  • Michelle PLive music and fried food. What more do you need..oh..my baby... Lol

    55555 by Michelle P

  • Liz E.Join a bachelorette party for free drinks and lots of wooooo-ing

    55555 by Liz E.

  • MiaGreat for music, drinks and a bit to eat. The appetiser platter was good!

    55555 by Mia

  • Hannah BodenstabKinda sad that the upper floors were closed when we were there, but still had a lot of fun rocking out to the band.

    33333 by Hannah Bodenstab

  • Marthajust the like the other ones on the Broadway drag. efficient service, nothing special.

    55555 by Martha

  • John Clark3 floors of different music. Awesome.

    55555 by John Clark

  • Francisco Tijerina AyalaNice place

    55555 by Francisco Tijerina Ayala

  • Chet M.Head up to the balcony for a fun view of Broadway.

    55555 by Chet M.

  • Mike S.Live music joint right on the strip in downtown Nashville

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Michæl B.This is a real party pub. Singers on the bar. There are two more bars above the main one on the ground floor

    33333 by Michæl B.

  • Brian M.Live music on multiple floors & views of Broadway

    55555 by Brian M.

  • AnissaThree floors of honky tonk!

    55555 by Anissa

  • Aaron R.One the best places on the strip!

    55555 by Aaron R.

  • Nate GliebeGreat environment, loud music

    55555 by Nate Gliebe

  • Katie DreierDrinks! Bartenders are fast

    55555 by Katie Dreier

  • Kelsey WeberGraham cracker = honey Jack and rum chata. Yummmm 👍

    55555 by Kelsey Weber

  • Brian MGreat live music on multiple floors!

    55555 by Brian M

  • Kym M.Great music and you can take the kids until 10:00.

    55555 by Kym M.

  • Carson WhiteCheck out the fourth floor

    33333 by Carson White

  • Faith B.This place is awasome! One of my favorite bars in Nashville! 3 floors of honky tonk fun

    55555 by Faith B.

  • Mike K.Watch out for this asshole on the right. He will kick your ass out for buying their overpriced beer.

    33333 by Mike K.

  • Adam S.Best view of Broadway!!

    55555 by Adam S.

  • Shauna WrightFun on so many levels, literally!

    33333 by Shauna Wright

  • Vervin StormGood drink

    55555 by Vervin Storm

  • Gwen MarieOne of our favorite bars in nashville! Up beat, great drink specials! Different live bands on each floor!

    55555 by Gwen Marie

  • Jennifer T.Lots of fun, beer list is meh... Keep a list of your drinks, they added more than we actually drank. Bartender wouldn't provide my change and thought it was her $50 tip. Then ducked out on me.

    33333 by Jennifer T.

  • Prasant A.Weekdays at 2...awesome band comes on...Definitely worth the day drinking for

    55555 by Prasant A.

  • Daniel F.Domestic beers are $5

    55555 by Daniel F.

  • Sonya N.If you request a song it's $20. I got a death stare when I gave the one band $5.

    22222 by Sonya N.

  • Abdul H.Sure, it’s a little bit of a tourist trap, catering to the country music enthusiasts that flock to Nashville. Still, its each of its three stories has a huge balcony. - © 2013 BuzzFeed, Inc

    55555 by Abdul H.

  • Patti WoodJeff Forbes call patti in knox. 865-297-8680!

    55555 by Patti Wood

  • Tyler V.Great atmosphere always. My favorite place in Nashville.

    55555 by Tyler V.

  • Jose S.Try the alcohol.

    55555 by Jose S.

  • Robert P.If you.pay the band they will pay crappy songs from artist like Hanna Montana. Other than that this place rocks

    55555 by Robert P.

  • Stephanie K.Friendly bartenders! Platter is good... chicken is AMAZING!

    55555 by Stephanie K.

  • Heather B.This place is generic and like any cookie cutter country bar. Expect to hear the same radio top 100 (country) songs you've heard 1,000 times. Drinks are outrageous and the people are typical.

    33333 by Heather B.

  • Danielle B.Come see the David Ray Band on the weekends on the main floor! He will rock your socks off.

    55555 by Danielle B.

  • Katherine L.1st place to have Tito's -potato vodka !🍸

    55555 by Katherine L.

  • HalleWorst place EVER

    11111 by Halle

  • Phillie S.Great music and service

    55555 by Phillie S.

  • Alex ALoved the openness of each floor with balconies and live music, a must go for anyone! Amazing staff and great food also.

    55555 by Alex A

  • Franchize34Come hang with S-Train star Terrie Franchize on the 2nd floor

    55555 by Franchize34

  • Chad H.Warning not safe! Bans legal carry and has unarmed guards if something happens no one can help you.

    22222 by Chad H.

  • Geri S.Food is good, people ate friendly and music is fabulous.

    55555 by Geri S.

  • Chris A.Bathroom attendants? Seriously?

    11111 by Chris A.

  • Lauren T.This place is fratty AF

    33333 by Lauren T.

  • Brannon MThere is no price difference for well or top shelf

    33333 by Brannon M

  • Alexander F.Pretty awesome, even if you don't feel like honky-tonking. Check it out!

    55555 by Alexander F.

  • Elena B.Lots of young kids, but fun and busy.

    55555 by Elena B.

  • CoreyThe music and wings are great!

    55555 by Corey

  • Tyler R.Keep going up! 3 floors of fun here.

    55555 by Tyler R.

  • Chris B.Number of people falling down per hour is equal to number of bartenders working

    33333 by Chris B.

  • Pablo D.Good staff, attentive and hard working. No draft beers though.

    55555 by Pablo D.

  • Thomas H.Great place for 20-30 something olds, Anna and the $20 band were great! Dr. Will made a few appearances and was a great addition, and Gentry was a wonderful bartender! Overall very nice experience.

    55555 by Thomas H.

  • Amber D.If on the balcony, don't let your drink hang over the edge.

    55555 by Amber D.

  • Kayla C.Worst service ever expect to wait and wait and wait!

    11111 by Kayla C.

  • Newton K.The bartender Malaria is wonderful and Saturday night band is great as always!!!

    55555 by Newton K.

  • Laura CHorrible bartender who couldn't multi task or make eye contact with customers waiting for drinks then asked for me to bring all 6 IDs to the bar for our order! Not the hospitality found at other bars.

    11111 by Laura C

  • Bernice C.Great music. 6.75 for top shelf cocktail!

    55555 by Bernice C.

  • Megan Kfirst round was on the bartender! talk about southern hospitality. :)

    33333 by Megan K

  • Sophie S.Three stories of open balconies and live music on each level. This place is awesome!

    55555 by Sophie S.

  • Sergio T.Be sure to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

    22222 by Sergio T.

  • Gavin A$4.75 for a coors light? You've got to be kidding. Also, a tab open on one floor won't transfer to a bar on another.

    22222 by Gavin A

  • Shawn S.I play here at least 5 days a week..a great day drinkin spot!

    55555 by Shawn S.

  • Kristen C.Great food (especially the fried pickles and chicken finger appetizers), great live music, with three levels to choose from, and a band usually playing on each floor.

    55555 by Kristen C.

  • Kyle D.There's no parking in the back...

    33333 by Kyle D.

  • Andy C.Come early on the weekend and find someone that bring drinks all night long...or you will die of dehydration.

    33333 by Andy C.

  • Jessica NAwesome bar! Lots of fun and live music. Expensive, but it's Nashville after all.

    55555 by Jessica N

  • Keegan MGreat menu selection, friendly service one i would recommend

    55555 by Keegan M

  • David W.Bartender asked for the tip , after waiting 25 minutes to get a few drinks . Wtf !?

    11111 by David W.

  • Andy C.New place, come check out the music!

    55555 by Andy C.

  • Jennifer Sthe stimulus package a beer dog and chips five bucks!

    55555 by Jennifer S

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