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Loveless Motel & Cafe

8400 Hwy 100
Nashville, TN 37221

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(615) 646-9700

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Barbecue Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Family Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 216 reviews

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Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN
  • Loveless Motel & Cafe in Nashville, TN

Loveless Motel & Cafe Reviews

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  • John SCountry fried steak and the biscuits are out of this world

    55555 by John S

  • Laura S.Biscuits!!

    55555 by Laura S.

  • Kelly R.Loveless is a bit outside Nashville so expect about a 20-minute drive from town. It is also very busy, me and my wife arrived about 10 am and had a 2-hour wait to get a seat. It is worth it though!

    55555 by Kelly R.

  • Melissa DThe best biscuits and blackberry jam EVER!!!

    55555 by Melissa D

  • Matthew SeifeGreat biscuits and fresh jams. They also have a little market area with mixes.

    55555 by Matthew Seife

  • Megan H.While they are easily the best part of the meal, don't fill up on the homemade biscuits and jams or you won't have room for any other food!!!

    55555 by Megan H.

  • KatEats Mbanana pudding is wonderful!

    55555 by KatEats M

  • Jeremy F.Not worth going out of your way for. Biscuits and jam is the order. Biscuits in the super-fluffy Pillsbury style. Good if you like that sort of thing

    33333 by Jeremy F.

  • Ashley A.Very sweet space but fried chicken didn't fit the hype.

    33333 by Ashley A.

  • Kay β™‘ Larry RThe best biscuits & Blackberry jam. I've never had any bad food or experience at Loveless.

    55555 by Kay β™‘ Larry R

  • David H.Biscuits and Country Ham

    55555 by David H.

  • Gil TNot as good in the past... you may not come for a burger two ordered burgers, one could have been used for a Preds game ..the biscuits, their namesake, were dense and not good. Server was nice.

    33333 by Gil T

  • Donna SEat the banana pudding and skip the chicken and biscuits! Dry chicken and okay biscuits! Growing up in the south I've had better chicken & biscuits. Best banana pudding to be found!!

    55555 by Donna S

  • Jennifer T.Biscuits in their finest form with jam!

    55555 by Jennifer T.

  • Jen AAMAZING. Well worth the trip out of town. The food was real southern cooking and the atmosphere was great. Apple pie moonshine cocktail πŸŽ‰

    55555 by Jen A

  • Jay MBiscuits, to die for with homemade jams. BBQ pork very good, famous ham was salty as hell. Hash brown casserole was not as good as at Cracker Barrel. Staff was fantastic! Maybe chicken good?

    55555 by Jay M

  • Alan JWorth the wait!

    33333 by Alan J

  • Alex TBest biscuits ever

    55555 by Alex T

  • James C.Fantastic food and service was outstanding. Biscuits out of this world.

    55555 by James C.

  • Alex KBiscuits aren't flaky but are dank. Get the banana pudding you will literally die

    55555 by Alex K

  • Jake T.The country ham, the biscuits, the gravy... To die for.

    55555 by Jake T.

  • Amanda JThe biscuits live up to their hype, and the side dishes are to die for. They almost overshadow the entrees.

    55555 by Amanda J

  • Hannah AEverything! The all you can eat while you sit was so worth it

    55555 by Hannah A


    55555 by PRyan Uttzey

  • Corey S.The HOT chicken and waffles were great! So you know, it is bone-in chicken, though. Their biscuits are incredible, too. Drinks need improving.

    55555 by Corey S.

  • Keri EAll I'm saying is if you don't love the biscuits...there may be something seriously wrong with you.

    33333 by Keri E

  • Jessica T.The waffle is delicious. Best biscuits you'll ever eat. Expect to wait about an hour, but there is plenty of shopping during your wait

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Reina S.Breakfast! Biscuits were worth a try

    55555 by Reina S.

  • Teresa TCountry ham and red eye gravy is soooo good!!! Also really like hash brown casserole.

    55555 by Teresa T

  • Dominique ReevesThe preserves were awesome.

    55555 by Dominique Reeves

  • Tim E.Go early and wait it's worth it

    55555 by Tim E.

  • Amber B.This place is awesome! So much history and good food! I had the BLT with a fried green tomato- yummy! Can't wait to visit Nashville again

    55555 by Amber B.

  • Eric D.Bbq pork, caramel sweet potatoes and awesome creamed corn

    55555 by Eric D.

  • Tim DOh my god yes. Biscuits, fried chicken, mashed potatoes. Southern food galore!

    55555 by Tim D

  • Mike JHad a group of 8 very picky people(someone always dislikes something about a place) but everyone loved Loveless Cafe. Which to be honest has never happened before and we eat out every week together.

    55555 by Mike J

  • Roniel TesslerBISCUITS. that is all.

    33333 by Roniel Tessler

  • Susan TYou might want to go for something flashy like fried chicken, but the pork is divine.

    55555 by Susan T

  • Susan TGo for the grits with cheese with whatever you order.

    55555 by Susan T

  • Eric WhiteEverything is good here. Well worth the wait.

    55555 by Eric White

  • Tim G.Biscuits and jam. That's all!

    55555 by Tim G.

  • Preston JAnything on the menu!

    33333 by Preston J

  • Rockey C.Everything.

    55555 by Rockey C.

  • Brian TCan't go wrong with the chicken and waffles. :-)

    55555 by Brian T

  • Travis H.Pulled pork with two eggs

    55555 by Travis H.

  • Chadwick Von BeardThe biscuits is a must.

    55555 by Chadwick Von Beard

  • Sara S.Pure heaven! Get the hash brown casserole!

    55555 by Sara S.

  • Brian PPlace is known for their biscuits and fried chicken but I got grilled catfish and turnip greens and it was absolutely slammin. You can't go wrong here with their diverse southern home style menu!

    55555 by Brian P

  • Stephen LichtmanThe biscuits and jellies are yummy!

    55555 by Stephen Lichtman

  • Leslie S.Second best fried chicken in the USA

    55555 by Leslie S.

  • Mario E.I recommend the daily specials. This is a wonderful place that lives up to the hype.

    55555 by Mario E.

  • Kannon SMust try biscuits and fried chicken.πŸ—πŸžπŸ˜˜

    55555 by Kannon S

  • Rafaela ComunelloLoveless is an absolutely must go place in Nashville. It's far from downtown but totally worth it! Best biscuits ever!

    55555 by Rafaela Comunello

  • Savannah R.Unbelievably long wait. Seems pretty cute and quaint though.

    55555 by Savannah R.

  • Ryan ScherffAte here for breakfast. Come early or prepare for a wait. We waited almost 2 hours. Service was fast friendly. Tons of choices serve both breakfast and dinner all day long. You'll leave full.

    55555 by Ryan Scherff

  • Matthew SullivanGet there EARLY. If you need to wait for a table, spend your time doing at Hams n Jams across the parking lot.

    33333 by Matthew Sullivan

  • Brian KThe Chicken can't be beat

    55555 by Brian K

  • R. Chris L.A must see place if you are visiting the Nashville area. Very popular restaurant and nice tourist type village out back.

    55555 by R. Chris L.

  • AnissaCan't say enough good things about their famous biscuits! Solid breakfast.

    55555 by Anissa

  • Leora W.Pancakes all day. Also chicken tenders the size of your hand. Classic Nashville!

    55555 by Leora W.

  • Betina EvanchaBISCUITS are amazing

    55555 by Betina Evancha

  • Rachel LaMacchiaBISCUITS. Totally worth a long wait.

    55555 by Rachel LaMacchia

  • Christine CMm..the biscuits and the atmosphere!

    55555 by Christine C

  • Jamie BurkeBreakfast, biscuits, great service

    55555 by Jamie Burke

  • Sheila SteeleFried chicken and chicken livers are awesome!

    55555 by Sheila Steele

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Loveless Cafe as seen on America's Best , Food Paradise , Throwdown with Bobby Flay

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Brad F.This Place has Good Food & Great Service ;)

    55555 by Brad F.

  • Bob SGreat country ham and cakey pancakes.

    55555 by Bob S

  • Kristal B.Fried. Chicken.

    55555 by Kristal B.

  • mike f.Ask for sorghum with your biscuits.

    55555 by mike f.

  • Jamie BurkeBiscuits, fried chicken, southern food

    55555 by Jamie Burke

  • Food NetworkThe fried chicken recipe hasn't changed since 1951 and still comes with the fluffy biscuits that have become a must-order for every Loveless customer.

    55555 by Food Network

  • The Wall Street JournalThe Southern breakfast comes with the institution's beloved basket of biscuits.

    55555 by The Wall Street Journal

  • Design*SpongeCountry ham, Southern fried chicken and homemade biscuits and jams are the staples. Call ahead if you can… the wait is known to get crazy at this tourist attraction!

    55555 by Design*Sponge

  • Ed CI live ~4 miles from Loveless and have been there several times. The quality of the food is very over-hyped, based on the reputation of the place. Food is ok, but not great. They excel at jams.

    55555 by Ed C

  • Tyler R.Gotta try the biscuits.

    55555 by Tyler R.

  • Nick O.Skip the Blue Ribbon salad though the barbecue pork omelet was fantastic.

    55555 by Nick O.

  • Joe GoodknightPosted no guns allowed.

    22222 by Joe Goodknight

  • Deepak P.Try the hash brown casserole, grits, fried chicken and obviously the biscuits!

    55555 by Deepak P.

  • Cindy K.Biscuits and homemade jelly are worth the calories!

    55555 by Cindy K.

  • Corey JDon't get the omelet... disappointing

    22222 by Corey J

  • Chanel PGet the all you can eat breakfast and eat a crap ton of biscuits!

    33333 by Chanel P

  • Josh G.Pretty good food. The stores on the property are great to kill time until your table is ready.

    55555 by Josh G.

  • Kerry GreenNot as good. Since The Biscuit lady died. Tom cat caters took over, to many people now.

    33333 by Kerry Green

  • Jonathan W.LONG WAIT? Get your order TO-GO. Eat outside at the picnic tables or hangout on the grass. Why don't they tell people that this is an option?!?!

    55555 by Jonathan W.

  • Paul W.Fried Chicken! You can't go wrong there... Don't fill up on the biscuits they bring you!

    55555 by Paul W.

  • FaithPulled pork is pretty good. Biscuits are good also but in general, felt it's a one and done kind of place. Nothing to write home about. Cute souvenirs.

    55555 by Faith

  • Ellen M.Ah-mazing. Country ham dinner plate was the best ham I've ever had. Biscuits are amazeballs.

    55555 by Ellen M.

  • Sarah M.Get ready for a long wait, but it's worth it. The jams for the biscuits are out of this world!!

    55555 by Sarah M.

  • This Is My SouthThere is no biscuit quite as famous as those at Loveless. Try the assorted jams, jellies and preserves as well as the country ham. Go during the week to avoid the wait!

    55555 by This Is My South

  • Tiffany S.If the line is too long, just order to go and eat at the picnic table under the shade next to the restaurant!

    33333 by Tiffany S.

  • Tony Z.Biscuits are good, kids cheeseburger was great. A lot of food for the price. I split the smoked pork chop plate with my wife and it was plenty.

    55555 by Tony Z.

  • Michael H.Eat a slice of pie 1st! Get Taylor as your server he is very entertaining and interesting to talk with during the meal. Fried chicken, fried catfish, creamed corn = awesome biscuits are from heaven

    55555 by Michael H.

  • RubyRenee P.Excellent service and food

    55555 by RubyRenee P.

  • Jeff S.Sausage gravy - get it - put it on everything. That is all.

    55555 by Jeff S.

  • Kye M.Greasy menus, killer food!

    55555 by Kye M.

  • Samantha RThe biscuits and sorgum- or however u spell it

    55555 by Samantha R

  • Meaghan N.A 2.5 hour wait for totally mediocre diner fare. Do not waste your time at this tourist trap.

    11111 by Meaghan N.

  • Crystal U.I'm not sure what the hype is about either its all just ok could of had just as good of food at cracker barrel I probably won't be back

    33333 by Crystal U.

  • Tanna SNot really sure what all the hype is about. The biscuits are, indeed, awesome but everything else after is...well eh. I have had better and probably wont be coming here often.

    55555 by Tanna S

  • CaraLong line... Get the order to go and sit outside at one of the picnic tables... An 1:45 wait just turned into 15 minutes

    33333 by Cara

  • Hunter G.Try the chicken fried steak and eggs - Good. Country. Breakfast.

    55555 by Hunter G.

  • JBLTell them JBL sent you. Chicken and Biscuits are out of this world - and they've been doing it for more than 60 years! You can't leave Nashville without a meal here.

    55555 by JBL

  • Ashley B.biscuits and jam.

    55555 by Ashley B.

  • Taylor DLove your foodπŸ”πŸŸπŸ—πŸ•πŸ€β˜•πŸͺ🍩🍞🍰🍦

    55555 by Taylor D

  • KathyThe legendary Loveless. Really need to do breakfast but anything is great....including desserts.

    55555 by Kathy

  • Anna F.Try the homemade biscuits!

    55555 by Anna F.

  • Jessica EThe smell of the smoke house is amazing - take a moment to stand outside and enjoy it.

    55555 by Jessica E

  • Paula DFabulous biscuits, fried chicken, county fried steak!

    55555 by Paula D

  • Tara G.Hash brown Casserole was soooo good! Also had biscuits and gravy that were Delish!!! I had 4 different items and my bill was only $13!! Wow. Will come back on my next trip to Nashville

    55555 by Tara G.

  • Chris A.Oh yeah. GET THE BISCUITS!

    33333 by Chris A.

  • Chris A.This place is just amazing. Friendly and nice, and big portions. If you are visiting and only get one meal at this place, get the sample platter. I had fried chicken, bbq pork, and catfish.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Tom C.Anti-gun sign posted on entrance. All I got to say.

    33333 by Tom C.

  • Denise R.Hash brown casserole & biscuits are amazing!

    55555 by Denise R.

  • Shannah Y.Very busy, but so much fun and extremely delicious food.

    55555 by Shannah Y.

  • Alejandro J.Serves terrific Southern style food. The entire complex is amazing to visit to make sure you have time for a meal and also visit their various shops there...

    55555 by Alejandro J.

  • 9Seven E.Ask for fresh squeezed Milk! @9SevenEx

    55555 by 9Seven E.

  • Devin MBest southern food in town!

    55555 by Devin M

  • Samantha SIt was a two hr. wait but well worth it! Best biscuits ever!!! The food came really fast too! :-)

    55555 by Samantha S

  • AlynPeach sweet tea. All there is to it.

    55555 by Alyn

  • Daniel B.They make an average of 7,000 biscuits a day!

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Diana J.Best southern cooking I've had! Biscuits & peach jam absolutely delicious, along with fried chicken. Reasonable prices, nice service, and they even have a souvenir shop! Buy biscuit mix & jam to go

    55555 by Diana J.

  • Rob S.Their pies are AMAZE. Tried Tart Cherry, Coconut Cream, and Fudge. So good, you'll wanna smack your momma.

    55555 by Rob S.

  • Rob P.BBQ and eggs, yummy!!

    55555 by Rob P.

  • Chris A.Virginia = good waitress.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Tre C.See Virginia, the server! One of the friendliest personalities in Nashville!!

    55555 by Tre C.

  • Robb D.This place was great and worth the wait. Find the country fried steak on the dinner menu and ask for it in a breakfast combo. Try ordering off the menu. Their chicken and waffles are a great combo.

    55555 by Robb D.

  • Tonya O.Try the Famous Loveless Country Ham (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tonya O.

  • Kate S.No one does biscuts and jelly like Loveless. Believe me, it's worth the drive.

    33333 by Kate S.

  • Mac I.Pit BBQ and biscuits are to die for. It's good to be back south.

    55555 by Mac I.

  • Gil B.Try the Country Sampler - Breakfast is great anytime of the day especially at this place (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Gil B.

  • Gil B.Try the Piggy Popcorn - Tasty and another thumbs up bacon flavored snack (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Gil B.

  • Keri C.Delicious southern food! Love the grits!

    55555 by Keri C.

  • Scott B.Warm pecan pie a-la-mode? Perfect.

    55555 by Scott B.

  • James A.Great Staff. Great Food.

    55555 by James A.

  • Lynnette W.The complimentary biscuits and jam are to die for! The pork platter was HUGE... too much for lunch. The country fried steak platter looked really good.

    55555 by Lynnette W.

  • Emily N.Best biscuits in town and the nicest people. Keep coming back for more every time I'm in town!

    55555 by Emily N.

  • Andy H.Try the Biscuits (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Andy H.

  • Sharon D.Its always a fun time at Loveless Cafe !!!

    55555 by Sharon D.

  • Chris A.The southern sampler breakfast with hash brown casserole. Awesome.

    55555 by Chris A.

  • ThePurplePassport.comYou may THINK you know southern brunches, but until you hit the Loveless Cafe, you really have no idea. We enjoyed the BBQ omelet, sausage and biscuits with sausage gravy, and hash brown casserole.

    55555 by ThePurplePassport.com

  • Larry S.Barbecue pork and eggs is not something you'll find on most menus, even here in the South, but Loveless has it, and it's really, really good. And the biscuits are outstanding.

    55555 by Larry S.

  • Rex H.Like Arnolds, a southern food spot that goes way back. Great fried chicken and biscuits. A bit out of town, so not advised if you don't have a car.

    55555 by Rex H.

  • MitchGreat southern cooking!

    55555 by Mitch

  • KIrby B.Try the watermelon ribs!

    55555 by KIrby B.

  • Ashley M.Lovevthe french toast and hashbrown casserole~ no wait. would recommend the Loveless to anyone who wanted a great place to eat in Nashville

    55555 by Ashley M.

  • Frank C.Such great food, can't go wrong..definitely have to try the hash brown casserole and Mac and cheese

    55555 by Frank C.

  • Adam Y.Try the queso

    55555 by Adam Y.

  • Nikki W.Ask for Rusty, he rocks!

    55555 by Nikki W.

  • Chris A.The country ham is a tad salty for my taste FYI if you don't like country ham

    55555 by Chris A.

  • Brandon F.Ever wonder why you wait 2hrs to get seated here? It's because there's open tables and they don't know how to seat timely

    22222 by Brandon F.

  • Lydia F.There is always a 2 hour wait but always open tables. Mgmt needs to fix their flawed seating system...

    33333 by Lydia F.

  • Angela B.Strawberry cheesecake!!

    55555 by Angela B.

  • Aarron M.Omg...i could've just eaten biscuits n jams w/butter!

    55555 by Aarron M.

  • Bee C.Best food on the planet! Try the pulled pork BBQ.

    55555 by Bee C.

  • SPORTIQEMake biscuits not war.

    55555 by SPORTIQE

  • Taylor T.Ask for Virginia, she's the sun's shine

    55555 by Taylor T.

  • NicoleHarvest Moon- peach sweet tea with moonshine- comes with a complementary mini-mason jar. Cannot go wrong:)

    55555 by Nicole

  • Michelle B.The BEST biscuits EVER!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Michelle B.

  • Matthew B.We had a very enjoyable meal here, family-style with fried chicken, country ham, fried green tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. A true Southern supper!

    55555 by Matthew B.

  • Luna N.Love them:) The biscuits are good and the preserves are even better:) Eat*Live*Love*Luna

    55555 by Luna N.

  • Curtis J.Prepare for a wait, but it's definitely worth it!

    55555 by Curtis J.

  • Chris D.The biscuits are a given, but also try the pork sandwich or hashbrown casserole, they're great!

    55555 by Chris D.

  • AmieDon't forget the blue plate specials every day

    55555 by Amie

  • AmieFudge pie is to die for

    55555 by Amie

  • AmieGet Virginia as a waitress. She is amazing!

    55555 by Amie

  • TrentJust good!

    55555 by Trent

  • Jill Y.Biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55555 by Jill Y.

  • Ruth M.Sunday is chicken fried chicken day!

    55555 by Ruth M.

  • Jeff B.You MUST do the call ahead seating to cut down on the wait!

    55555 by Jeff B.

  • Bethany B.Call ahead seating cuts way down on the wait

    33333 by Bethany B.

  • Ryan C.The chicken fried steak is awesome!

    55555 by Ryan C.

  • Lance Y.Country ham for which you would slap everyone at the table next to you. In fact, give that a try (or don't)...;-)

    33333 by Lance Y.

  • Vivian H.Try the Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & Cheesy Grits - Tasty #breakfast!! Lovely biscuits to boot!

    55555 by Vivian H.

  • Maney K.Try the Bloody Mary!

    55555 by Maney K.

  • GabyIt's sort of ironic that there's a bicycle store next to the place where I've eaten one of the unhealthiest meals of my life! :)

    33333 by Gaby

  • Scott P.Long wait but good food. 1-2 hour average wait most of the time.

    33333 by Scott P.

  • Courtney M.Busy place, but worth the wait! The omelets are delicious.

    55555 by Courtney M.

  • Mike JTry the country fried steak and eggs. You can't help but slime after every bite.

    55555 by Mike J

  • Donnie W.Biscuits and Catfish are a must. The hoe cakes under the Bar-B-Q were a welcome surprise to my wife.

    55555 by Donnie W.

  • Jason ReevesDown home southern cooking at its finest. On the outskirts of town..

    55555 by Jason Reeves

  • MJ B.*local tip If you are a honey lover- ask for it! Locally grown & tastes like it! ( on biscuits so yummy!)

    55555 by MJ B.

  • Scott G.Biscuits come by the pile. Don't order extra. (psst..they are free)

    33333 by Scott G.

  • Alexanna S.Marinated cucumbers were GREAT. I had to get two sides to go!

    55555 by Alexanna S.

  • Matthew V.Click here to read the Urbanspoon reviews.

    33333 by Matthew V.

  • Allison B.If you're here on a Sunday get here by 9 to avoid long waits

    55555 by Allison B.

  • Nick A.Ask the server for sorghum. Put butter and sorghum on the biscuits, awesome.

    33333 by Nick A.

  • Tom B.Chicken Fried Steak. To die for!

    55555 by Tom B.

  • Kiki J.Take some time to check out the little shops before or after you eat

    55555 by Kiki J.

  • Jon R.If you don't take the cheesy photo outside, your trip isn't complete

    33333 by Jon R.

  • Becky A.pulled pork, okra, & biscuits with sorghum & strawberry jam. go see the natchez trace, then head to the loveless.

    55555 by Becky A.

  • FoodspottingTry the buttermilk biscuit

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the Garden Vegetable Omelet

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the Pecan Pancakes With Bacon

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • FoodspottingTry the BBQ plate

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Stephen H.Ask for the sorghum molasses with the biscuits.

    33333 by Stephen H.

  • Natalie C.Please note that they do not put the chocolate chips in the waffles, they leave them on the side...however they are still good.

    33333 by Natalie C.

  • Micah SCountry Fried Steak A+

    55555 by Micah S

  • Brandon F.GET THERE EARLY!!!!!!!

    55555 by Brandon F.

  • Tonya O.Try the Biscuits

    55555 by Tonya O.

  • Ryan M.Joy T (the mayor) was my server. She was great!!!!

    33333 by Ryan M.

  • Denise M.Worth the trip!! Delicious food. Down home food. Get the hashbrown casserole. Heavenlyyyyyy. Also, don't miss Music City Roots on Wed. nights in the barn!

    55555 by Denise M.

  • Rodney F.Great service and wonderful eating atmosphere. The garden omellete was great with fresh vegetables. :)

    55555 by Rodney F.

  • Cheryl F.Go on a weekday and you won't wait

    55555 by Cheryl F.

  • Joy H.The grits are awesome.... and they sell them in the store.

    55555 by Joy H.

  • Abhilash P.Don't believe the haters! This place is as good for breakfast as for dinner. Worth the drive. Quintessential Nashville fare if you're from out of town. Biscuits a Must!

    55555 by Abhilash P.

  • Melissa MYummy biscuits!!!

    55555 by Melissa M

  • Joel CHelps if you spell it right!

    55555 by Joel C

  • Danielle KThe wait is never as long as they say it's gonna be.

    33333 by Danielle K

  • joy T.By the way....the biscuits are the exact same recipe Evan...they don't have new ones since carol Fay passed away.

    33333 by joy T.

  • JustinGonna try the famous Biscuits and Blackberry Jam

    55555 by Justin

  • Roxxan H.have the biscuits and gravy and the sweet tea

    55555 by Roxxan H.

  • Jason D.Get the biscuits. And the jams. Oh yeah. Also the Piggy Popcorn. Candied popcorn with pancake syrup and bacon pieces.

    55555 by Jason D.

  • Mitch F.Order the BBQ Omelet, it's different and delicious

    55555 by Mitch F.

  • Jessy Y.Ask your server to bring sorghum for the biscuits. Yum!

    55555 by Jessy Y.

  • Josh H.Get the sampler breakfast platter...

    55555 by Josh H.

  • Jay H.Try the biscuits!

    55555 by Jay H.

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