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Mr B's Bistro

201 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

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(504) 523-2078

  • Sun - 10:30am - 9:00pm
  • Mon - Thu 11:30am - 9:00pm
  • Fri - Sat 11:30am - 9:30pm

Cuisine: American Restaurants, Cajun Restaurants, Chinese Food Restaurants, French Restaurants

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4.7 of 5.0 from 185 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
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  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA
  • Mr B's Bistro in New Orleans, LA

Mr B's Bistro Reviews

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  • rrobertson reviewSuperb food. We never miss Mr.B's on a trip to New Orleans. Two dishes in particular: Barbequed Shrimp and Jambolaya are not matched anywhere. Friendly atmosphere. Always full (should tell you something). A real delight.

    55555 by rrobertson

  • geofiz78 reviewThe service was amazing and the food was wonderful. If you have one expensive night out make it here!

    44444 by geofiz78

  • WilburPig reviewThis may be the best Brennan restaurant. A classic and classy place.

    44444 by WilburPig

  • briner reviewThe best food of any Brennan Restaurant. Service was dynamic. The best dining experience we had in New Orleans. Try the garlic chicken, the jambaylaya, and the gumbo ya ya

    44444 by briner

  • RogerRabbit reviewThis resturaunt was wonderful. Very clever and flavorful menu and a great staff. I was not sure what to expect when I went there, but I was very pleased.

    44444 by RogerRabbit

  • ExpenseAccount reviewThis place has more staff than I have ever seen in a restaurant. You will not wait for anything.

    44444 by ExpenseAccount

  • L M.Bacon Shrimp and grits.

    55555 by L M.

  • L M.Ginger Pork Chop

    55555 by L M.

  • Aaron MTerrible do not even walk in the doors - left after 30 minutes of waiting for drinks that never showed up

    11111 by Aaron M

  • Amanda S.A fancier place with an older, more refined vibe. Excellent lamb!

    55555 by Amanda S.

  • Impe SIt is a good restaurant with good prices.. But the bbq sauce they put on shrimps is one of the best thing I have ever tasted!!!

    55555 by Impe S

  • Dana DlugaczGet the BBQ shrimp. Add hot sauce. Dip bread.

    55555 by Dana Dlugacz

  • Sloane G.Sczarac... bbq shrimp... bread pudding... everything

    55555 by Sloane G.

  • BuzzFeedMr. B’s crab cake may just MELT in your mouth. Ooooooh chile.

    55555 by BuzzFeed

  • Dan M.Gumbo YAYA

    55555 by Dan M.

  • Karen-Bob The garlic truffles fries were good although a little salty. The gumbo was awesome , the bbq shrimp were to die for , delicious

    55555 by Karen-Bob

  • Jamey MaurerGreat food and impeccable service. Truly feel appreciated here. Would recommend to anyone.

    55555 by Jamey Maurer

  • Jamey MaurerFresh shrimp....

    55555 by Jamey Maurer

  • Jamey MaurerWe watched a delivery guy scoop live shrimp from his cooler into a container. Asked where they were going.... ummmm all I have to say is FRESH AND DELICIOUS

    33333 by Jamey Maurer

  • Greyhawk68Try the Bread Pudding (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greyhawk68

  • Greyhawk68Try the Duck Spring Rolls (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greyhawk68

  • Greyhawk68Try the Sea Scallops (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greyhawk68

  • Christopher D.Come for the amazing food, stay for the out of this world dessert, white chocolate, chocolate chip brownie!!

    55555 by Christopher D.

  • Liz T.Barbeque shrimp

    55555 by Liz T.

  • Sarah CFried oysterssssss

    55555 by Sarah C

  • Debra KFood was outstanding! Had the pasta Jambalya and it was delicious! Sat at the bar and service was great!

    55555 by Debra K

  • Jeffrey Food was pretty heavy and prices were steep. Would recommend looking elsewhere for Cajun food

    33333 by Jeffrey

  • Brian PBrunch is great. Best Shrimp & Grits I've found. Made with Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Creamy Grits and Red-eye Gravy. The Crab-cake was solid too, very little filler.

    55555 by Brian P

  • Kenneth CEverything in here is marvelous

    55555 by Kenneth C

  • Alex K.BBQ shrimp!

    55555 by Alex K.

  • Genny YThis place is the best. Anything you get will be excellent. Get the three sample soups for an appetizer so you can try them all.

    55555 by Genny Y

  • Harrison B.The Mr. B's Orang Julius drink is amazing. Tastes like a creamsicle/dreamsicle. Very sweet, a sweet tooth is a must. Plus, make sure you get the bib for the barbecued shrimp.

    55555 by Harrison B.

  • Taylor K.The bacon wrapped shrimp and grits are the best thing on the menu. Best grits I've ever had.

    55555 by Taylor K.

  • Erin SThe garlic chicken or the shrimp and grits. The grits are amazing, marscapone cheese

    55555 by Erin S

  • Racky R.Shirmps wrapped in bacon with ground grits, and I'm on top of the world!

    55555 by Racky R.

  • Eileen NWe went just for the highly-rated pecan pie. It was the best pecan pie we've ever had, with a thick layer of crunchy pecans and the caramel layer soaking into the flaky crust.

    55555 by Eileen N

  • Michelle MThe food, staff, and atmosphere went beyond my expectations. Pricey entrees but very chill, with sports bar option, in case the game is on. Waiting with or without reservation is reasonable.

    55555 by Michelle M

  • Hec RiBrunch, lump crab and poached eggs, pecan pie.

    55555 by Hec Ri

  • emmett ABBQ Shrimp, Fried Oysters, Petit Filet Mignon

    55555 by emmett A

  • Apricot J.BBQ shrimp is fantastic

    55555 by Apricot J.

  • Gabriel H.Get the Fried Oysters for an appetizer. So delicious.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Great Bread Pudding. Has a tasty Irish Whiskey sauce.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Great Pimm's Cup

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Loved the Shrimp & Grits. The Shrimp are wrapped in bacon. Ron Swanson would be proud.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Chris B.Try the barbecue shrimp. It's a great dish!

    55555 by Chris B.

  • Karthik GurumoorthyGumbo Ya Ya and BBQ Shrimp is a must try. Can't go wrong.

    55555 by Karthik Gurumoorthy

  • Diana P.BBQ shrimp is my favorite dish in the entire city. Fries oysters and milk punch also amazing.

    55555 by Diana P.

  • Christian W.BBQ shrimp

    55555 by Christian W.

  • Preston K.The tables are very small. The BBQ shrimp is great!

    55555 by Preston K.

  • Abbey R.Incredible! Service was immaculate, atmosphere very authentic NOLA. The table split: the trout pecan, lobster risotto, truffle butter filet mignon, lump crab cake, lemon ice box pie (best ever!)

    55555 by Abbey R.

  • Ramon WThat honey ginger something or the other pork chop!!! The only other place once could find such a thing has to be in heaven.

    55555 by Ramon W

  • PaddyReally classy place for a bite to eat. Tasty bloody marys and delicious gumbo. Servers are very classically dressed and it gives the impression of being back in the 20's.

    55555 by Paddy

  • Adrienne L.Sit at the bar and order the BBQ shrimp.

    33333 by Adrienne L.

  • Jennie LamIf you like figs, pork belly and spinach...why aren't you here???

    55555 by Jennie Lam

  • Rama LouisThe BBQ shrimp is messy but worth it!

    55555 by Rama Louis

  • KrisGrits and shrimp

    55555 by Kris

  • Anthony IntravaiaDuck spring rolls

    55555 by Anthony Intravaia

  • Tom R.BBQ Shrimp. You will need the bib. Best in the city.

    55555 by Tom R.

  • MissyGet the BBQ shrimp, brandy milk punch, and the pecan pie. You won't regret it.

    55555 by Missy

  • Kevin C.Pork belly is so good! But the Mr B'a shrimp BBQ is definitely killing it! Remember to keep the sauce for the bread!

    55555 by Kevin C.

  • jessica c.Barbecue shrimp were good but get extra napkins. They do tie a bib on you tho :)

    55555 by jessica c.

  • Chefs FeedRick Tramonto, chef of Restaurant R'evolution, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Mr. B's barbequed shrimp.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Sarah JohnstonThe gumbo yaya is incomparable. Their scallop starter is also amazing. Can't really go wrong with anything here.

    55555 by Sarah Johnston

  • Matt BennettBBQ shrimp is seriously one of the best things ever.

    55555 by Matt Bennett

  • Angela W.BBQ Shrimp <3

    33333 by Angela W.

  • diya w.The wood grilled fish was amazing! Got them to do a jasmine rice with it instead of potatoes. The sauce was a a lemon butter sauce, green beans still had their crunch! Definitely coming back here 🐠

    55555 by diya w.

  • Jackie F.Omg amazing. BBQ shrimp and fried oysters are just so good. Try not to fill up on too much bread before your entree

    55555 by Jackie F.

  • Nathan P.Don't mess around. Get the barbecued shrimp.

    33333 by Nathan P.

  • Glori CTry the catfish fingers and the duck springrolls. They're delicious!

    55555 by Glori C

  • Glori CAwesome lunch special drinks.

    55555 by Glori C

  • Glori CGreat for lunch. Try the vodka lemonade and the pasta jambalaya.

    55555 by Glori C

  • LaurenAwful service!!!

    11111 by Lauren

  • KatieCorrado I.Duck spring rolls were amazing. Seafood gumbo was okay. Pecan pie was good.

    55555 by KatieCorrado I.

  • Cindy F.Gumbo Ya ya, shrimp & grits, short rib, oysters on the half shell and all the drinks - fabulous! Bread pudding great - and dessert drinks - to die for!

    55555 by Cindy F.

  • Ashley CThe barbecue shrimp is unbelievably delicious, the sauce is to die for and the staff is great!!

    55555 by Ashley C

  • Shelley S.Every item I've ever ordered here was great! Always get dessert, the bread pudding is one by which to judge all others. The service is spotty. Sometimes great. Last visit our waiter was super slow.

    55555 by Shelley S.

  • Regan R.Filet was amazing!!

    55555 by Regan R.

  • Bethany H.Skip the gumbo, crab cakes, etc. and go for the pork belly and figs. Follow up with the lamb chop. Win, win.

    55555 by Bethany H.

  • April T.this place has the WORST gumbo I've ever eaten, the gumbo yaya! it tasted like the rue burnt, it was more of a tasteless soup and all the meat was dry. not what you expect when you are in new orleans

    22222 by April T.

  • Kari K.Everything I've eaten at this restaurant was absolute perfection. The molten chocolate cupcake with ice cream and raspberries was delectable.

    55555 by Kari K.

  • Caroline D.Amazing shrimp and grits!

    55555 by Caroline D.

  • Patrick R.Best food I have had in the city. 5*

    55555 by Patrick R.

  • Frank L.Disappointed. My redfish came out cold and they reheated and reserved it. Pretty aggravated and disappointed.

    11111 by Frank L.

  • Sarah R.BBQ Shrimp....exquisite!

    55555 by Sarah R.

  • Rick L.Part of the Brennan family and have been enjoying for years. Gotta have the Bbq shrimp, The best I have ever had.

    55555 by Rick L.

  • Maryann W.Get the BBQ shrimp and be prepared to want to drink the sauce like a soup. #Morebreadplease.

    33333 by Maryann W.

  • Andy G.The Sazeraks are amazing! No lie! Ask for Larry at the bar!

    55555 by Andy G.

  • CraigAsk to split the Profitoroles -- one's enough!

    33333 by Craig

  • Rafael V.Excellently delicious !

    55555 by Rafael V.

  • Craig S.Look for Otis - hardest working man- super cool. & very nice!

    55555 by Craig S.

  • Michael K.Awesome BBQ shrimp, Bloody Mary's and Duck Spring Rolls

    55555 by Michael K.

  • Jena K.Try the Gumbo Ya Ya (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jena K.

  • Antonio P.Absolutely spectacular meal, gumbo to die for and sesame tuna not far behind... And our server Robert was nothing less than perfect, especially with the kids and the wife.

    55555 by Antonio P.

  • Heather R.Apps were cold and shouldn't have been. Waiter was rude. Didn't stay to see if the meal was better

    11111 by Heather R.

  • Jonathan C.Excellent place.

    55555 by Jonathan C.

  • Shayna B.Everything was great! Really loved the truffle fries and duck spring rolls. Yum.

    55555 by Shayna B.

  • Gayle S.Great gumbo yaya.

    55555 by Gayle S.

  • Brandi F.Shrimp and grits are the best!

    55555 by Brandi F.

  • Kimberly F.Excellent BBQ Shrimp! It came highly recommended.

    55555 by Kimberly F.

  • Marina R.Order the Drew Brees. It's a guava flavored mixed drink. And it's simply divine.

    55555 by Marina R.

  • Amanda M.Get the cookbook, if you try to get it on amazon- it's a crazy price.

    55555 by Amanda M.

  • Sarah B.The seafood gumbo and trout are excellent.

    55555 by Sarah B.

  • Jasmine H.Get a side of grits with anything u eat

    55555 by Jasmine H.

  • Logan T.Best service in the city. Tasty food, affordable wine, and worth every penny. Scallops were perfectly cooked. Pork chop was stellar and can feed a giant!

    55555 by Logan T.

  • Kimberly R.Amazing service- try the half chicken with garlic and Roma tomatoes!

    55555 by Kimberly R.

  • Omar A.You can usually get a seat at the bar and eat if you are going solo.

    55555 by Omar A.

  • Mike V.Amazing crew and atmosphere but the best thing is the food. They know their flavors. Excellent choice to go for this one.

    55555 by Mike V.

  • Nathan H.Dear God, please let heaven be full of the bacon wrapped shrimp & grits from Mr B's.

    55555 by Nathan H.

  • Carol F.Try the BBQ shrimp. It's great.

    55555 by Carol F.

  • Cathy P.A must-visit when in Nola. Great atmosphere, great food. Bloody Mary's are excellent and extremely well-priced!

    55555 by Cathy P.

  • MichelleWoohoo! They know what a French 75 is!

    55555 by Michelle

  • Jon B.My fave NOLA place. Very classy. Excellent food.

    55555 by Jon B.

  • Jason F.Doing the veal chops with a lump of crab

    33333 by Jason F.

  • Richirich G.Try the fried oysters! Must have!

    55555 by Richirich G.

  • Brittany W.OMG duck spring rolls ... too die for!!

    55555 by Brittany W.

  • JessScallops are amazing!!

    55555 by Jess

  • Charles B.Pork Chops ... WOW

    55555 by Charles B.

  • Charles B.It's been a long time ... Glad to be back.

    55555 by Charles B.

  • Gloria C.try the bbq shrimp, gumbo ya ya, bread pudding

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Scott A.Can't go wrong with BBQ Shrimp or the shrimp and grits.

    55555 by Scott A.

  • Gambit New OrleansFor a fine and hearty meal, the wood-burning grill adds smoky flavor to a pork chop glazed with honey and ginger.

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Frédérique C.Best shrimp and grits on the planet.

    55555 by Frédérique C.

  • Bob M.Best food and service in NOLA be sure not to fill up on the bread and gumbo save room for dessert

    55555 by Bob M.

  • CristinaThe lamb chops and the grits are to die for. Also the garlic truffle fries.

    55555 by Cristina

  • Hillary F.The garlic truffle infused French fries are so addictive. Highly recommend the wood fired fish-flaky and succulent! They accept walk-ins.

    55555 by Hillary F.

  • Sandy T.White Chocolate Brownie is fantastic! You'll like it!

    55555 by Sandy T.

  • Sandy T.BEST service in Nola! Great oysters, bacon shrimp & grits & BBQ shrimp. Thank you J.C. for great service!

    55555 by Sandy T.

  • Sadik J. A.Bbq shrimp was great.

    55555 by Sadik J. A.

  • Laura T.BBQ shrimp is amazing.

    55555 by Laura T.

  • Becca M.Get the BBQ shrimp.

    33333 by Becca M.

  • Jason H.Try the Pecan Pie (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Cindy luFantastic as always.

    55555 by Cindy lu

  • Jeffrey R.The Grits were the best I've ever tasted. Enjoyed the Sunday morning live music brunch.

    55555 by Jeffrey R.

  • Marina R.The crab cakes were simply amazing. The coconut beer shrimp was awesome, too, as was the orange marmalade chutney type dipping sauce it came with

    55555 by Marina R.

  • Jonathan C.Really nice place to eat at. Nice service too.

    55555 by Jonathan C.

  • Andrea A.The BBQ Shrimp makes my life. #thatisall

    55555 by Andrea A.

  • Jeanna S.Wonderful service and one of the best meals. White Chocolate brownie is the best dessert we have ever had.

    55555 by Jeanna S.

  • Susannah C.I'll add another tip...if you want an appetizer, and are the type that gets full fast, ask for the app size BBQ Shrimp (best thing on menu). Crab cakes are divine! Best service!

    55555 by Susannah C.

  • Lauren R.Make sure you dress fancy and are old, otherwise the wait staff will ignore you. I'm very unhappy with this service.

    33333 by Lauren R.

  • Chris F.Get the pork chop!

    33333 by Chris F.

  • Eric S.Watch that first sip of bloody mary.

    55555 by Eric S.

  • AlexThe soft shell crab and the bread pudding are a must.

    55555 by Alex

  • BETNOLA natives and tourists from around the world flock to this spot for their BBQ Shrimp. Do yourself a favor and pick up some while you're in the bayou!

    55555 by BET

  • Michelle C.Bring some money with you. Service and food are the best in the French Quarter. Try the duck spring rolls :9

    55555 by Michelle C.

  • Florence B.Get the shrimp and grits! Full stop.

    55555 by Florence B.

  • W X.Came here between lunch and dinner, had the duck spring rolls at the bar - small, but flavorful, kinda overwhelmed by the sauce :( not impressed for the price

    55555 by W X.

  • Meloney Smith N.I love Mr. B's gumbo ya-ya!

    55555 by Meloney Smith N.

  • NOLA Nites ConciergeWe love Mr. B's gumbo Ya-Ya!

    55555 by NOLA Nites Concierge

  • Bonnie B.Great bar tio sip a cocktail and have some Ya Ya Gumbo!

    55555 by Bonnie B.

  • Franklin M.One of the best in N'awlens. Of course since I was there with Melanie & the family made it even better:)

    55555 by Franklin M.

  • Josh T.I could not get service at the bar. I know I was not looking my finest due to the storm, but I personally know 4 of the wine makers on your list. Thanks for saving me money and time.

    33333 by Josh T.

  • Chris T.Mr. B is much nicer in person than he was on AOL.

    33333 by Chris T.

  • Marina B.Best shrimp I have ever had!!!!

    55555 by Marina B.

  • Marsha A.Awesome food and service. Grilled fish was excellent.

    55555 by Marsha A.

  • Nimesh P.Awesome Brunch!!!

    55555 by Nimesh P.

  • LizzyDeg ask for Otis. He's sq man

    55555 by Lizzy

  • Brett S.BBQ Shrimp is the ONLY way to go. Bloody Mary's are good too.

    55555 by Brett S.


    55555 by Roberta J.

  • Leslie K.BBQ shrimp - best in NOLA. Superb service.

    55555 by Leslie K.

  • Danny S.Awesome service, awesome crabcakes! Get the filet!

    55555 by Danny S.

  • Alexis M.Ask for Otis! Got food out quick & very nice!

    55555 by Alexis M.

  • Melanie P.Shrimp and Grits. Get it.

    55555 by Melanie P.

  • Allen D.Always awesome!

    55555 by Allen D.

  • Susannah C.Get the BBQ Shrimp! It's a must have! The wait staff will put a bib on ya:) Wash it down with a milk punch...you won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Susannah C.

  • Kristie H.For all the hype, I was slightly disappointed. Food was ok, but over priced.

    22222 by Kristie H.

  • Veronica B.Shrimp and Grits are the best I've ever had! The grits are amazing!!

    55555 by Veronica B.

  • Veronica B.The fried oysters on the half shell are half a dozen bites of heaven

    55555 by Veronica B.

  • Kim S.Love love the Garlic Truffle Infused French Fries!! (via Scoville)

    55555 by Kim S.

  • Jessica A.not just any shrimp and grits - shrimp that is individually wrapped in bacon. each bite is orgasmic.

    55555 by Jessica A.

  • Susan W.Food was phenomenal! My waiter seemed pretty upset that a friend was joining me at 8:30 (since they close at 9). Just be aware of timing!

    33333 by Susan W.

  • Shane KTry the Gumbo Ya-Ya and the Fried Oysters. Both are great.

    55555 by Shane K

  • Edward S.My favorite New Orleans restaurant; never had a meal or service here that wasn't outstanding.

    55555 by Edward S.

  • Nicole D.The lobster roll is tiny but delicious!

    55555 by Nicole D.

  • Nicole D.The bartender's a bit grumpy...

    55555 by Nicole D.

  • Tyler David F.Make reservations in advance.

    33333 by Tyler David F.

  • Anh-Tuan AGreat food, impeccable service, wonderful atmosphere.

    55555 by Anh-Tuan A

  • John B.Get the MVP drink, the Gumbo Ya Ya, the Shrimp & grits, or the Chicken Pontalban. You won't be disappointed. Patty is a fantastic server! A+ choice here.

    55555 by John B.

  • AustinPixelsSunday jazz brunch with bread pudding!

    55555 by AustinPixels

  • AustinPixelsSunday jazz brunch and bread pudding!

    55555 by AustinPixels

  • Eric S.Get the Shrimp and Grits. Seriously the best meal I had in New Orleans

    55555 by Eric S.

  • Clark C.Ask for me (Clark C.)!

    55555 by Clark C.

  • Lee GGotta try the rabbit...amazing

    55555 by Lee G

  • Johnny B.Ask for Stephen. He is a really good waiter

    55555 by Johnny B.

  • Matt H.Buffalo Chicken Salad was excellent. You might also want to try the Ya-Ya Gumbo... Delicious!

    55555 by Matt H.

  • Morgan S.The BBQ shrimp is messy but you will want to lick your fingers anyway.

    55555 by Morgan S.

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