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711 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

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(504) 525-4560

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Cuisine: Fast Food Restaurants

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2.4 of 5.0 from 39 reviews

price range:Less than $10

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McDonald's Reviews

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  • Andrew H.after the renovations I have a pocketful of leftover restroom tokens

    33333 by Andrew H.

  • McDonald's National2 for $4 Filet-o-Fish at McDonald's! Limited time only. Price and participation may vary.

    33333 by McDonald's National

  • Christine S.Totally renovated- this place is now clean, bright, and safe. Service is reasonably fast and the calories are posted on the menu!

    55555 by Christine S.

  • Brittany S.Service is mediocre. It's clean and air conditioned, but you don't get free refills and they fcuk you on condiments.

    33333 by Brittany S.

  • Blake M.GREAT service!

    55555 by Blake M.

  • Jaime L.No large cups, and no refills.

    11111 by Jaime L.

  • Johnnie H.Worst service ever. Girl taking our order was too busy listening to surly customer to pay any attention to us. Other girl prepping drinks never bothered to hand them out! Never again.

    11111 by Johnnie H.

  • Anthony J.A great place for some cheap entertainment! From the employees down to the people to comes in its always some type of drama!

    55555 by Anthony J.

  • Danielle N.Newly renovated with bright, spacious inside, cliché jazz Muzak and New Orleans themed wallpaper. Fast service with manager handing food to customers. No complaints. It's just McDonald's y'all!

    55555 by Danielle N.

  • Erin AndrosoffBe polite (tho it may not help) & make sure to make eye-contact with the security guards (they're a tad scary) so they won't follow you; the staff is rude & don't bother listening - check your order!

    33333 by Erin Androsoff

  • Jan KNo free refills at this location. Rather slow and no free wifi either.

    33333 by Jan K

  • Kate M.Literally the worst McDonalds ever. This place is terrifying.

    11111 by Kate M.

  • Chadwick P.I am ashamed to be mayor of this place. McDonald's management so something about this place its a disgrace.

    22222 by Chadwick P.

  • Evan M.This place is dirty, and smells bad, and is really, really slow.

    11111 by Evan M.

  • Kenny W.Worst service of any McDonald's I've ever been to.

    11111 by Kenny W.

  • Phillip J.Rude people work here.

    11111 by Phillip J.

  • Samantha P.Complete disaster..sham on this store..

    33333 by Samantha P.

  • Kenny W.The most unorganized and confused bunch of employees I've ever seen

    11111 by Kenny W.

  • Troihan M.Service is slow and employees look like they dont wanna be here.

    11111 by Troihan M.

  • Alva S.This is the slowest McDonalds in the history of "fast food".

    22222 by Alva S.

  • Patrick M.Busy! Ran out of orange juice coke and diet !

    22222 by Patrick M.

  • NekahThis is the nastiest McDonalds I've EVER been to. The employees are rude!!! They have a VERY LIMITED menu during Carnival!

    22222 by Nekah

  • Rosezanna S.Dirty and gross would describe the store, food and employees. I can't say I've ever seen or tasted worse. Gag a maggot. Yes it's that bad!

    11111 by Rosezanna S.

  • Hello Kitty!Watch your back, shit watch your front! This McDonald's is straight HOOD.

    22222 by Hello Kitty!

  • Jade M.WOW the other negative tips... Should have listened

    22222 by Jade M.

  • Erik U.The good news is the service slow AND the people are unpleasant

    22222 by Erik U.

  • Chadwick P.Nasty, not clean go somewhere else.

    11111 by Chadwick P.

  • Devlin Angelus Xavior EcksIt's bad here

    33333 by Devlin Angelus Xavior Ecks

  • Karim I.Horrible service...stay away!!! The manager is worse than the staff!!!

    11111 by Karim I.

  • John F.Phone-charging outlet by the ATM.

    33333 by John F.

  • Danny LyonsGet ready for a zoo. All sorts of things going on.

    55555 by Danny Lyons

  • Kevin W.Skip this resturant.

    11111 by Kevin W.

  • Regina S.Most DISGUSTING mc-d I have EVER been to!!!!

    22222 by Regina S.

  • Skinny T.Save yourself some time and go somewhere else ! Lazy people work at this Mickey Ds

    22222 by Skinny T.

  • Shelly H.Everything about this mcdonalds sucks. The food. The service. EVERYTHING. They should shut down

    22222 by Shelly H.

  • Davetta B.Make sure to have plenty of time...even the drive thru is slow.

    33333 by Davetta B.

  • Chris LeeMcdonalds should really look at this place and hire new management. Plenty of other places for food. Try them instead

    33333 by Chris Lee

  • Jerry B.Hope you're not in a hurry cuz these workers are f-ing slow!

    22222 by Jerry B.

  • Dan SBeware the homeless people INSIDE the restaurant and expect them to be out of at least one item on the menu.

    33333 by Dan S

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