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Deanies Seafood

841 Iberville St
New Orleans, LA 70112

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(504) 581-1316


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Cuisine: Seafood Restaurants

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4.4 of 5.0 from 218 reviews

price range:$11 to $25


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Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
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  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
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  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA
  • Deanies Seafood in New Orleans, LA

Blogger Reviews of Deanies Seafood

  • The SOG City Oracle on Jul 26, 2013

    When our beers arrived we were also presented with a complimentary serving of the biggest hush puppies I had ever seen. Whoa! Those weren't hush puppies. Those hummers were boiled new potatoes with a savory dusting of Old Bay (or something similar). Those potatoes were warm and oh so good slathered with a little butter. A real pleasant surprise.

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Deanies Seafood Reviews

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  • Christian B.If you order the BBQ shrimp, ask for a second napkin. They are SOOO good, and ENORMOUS! Even the appetizer size is plenty for a meal; 5 full shrimp in the dish.

    55555 by Christian B.

  • Ron H.The broiled seafood platter was great. The soups were pretty terrible, sadly.

    33333 by Ron H.

  • L M.Loved the complimentary boiled red potatoes!

    55555 by L M.

  • Doug BCrawfish boil was great. BBQ shrimp were good as well, but be warned they boil them live so you have to devein them yourself or you'll be eating poop.

    55555 by Doug B

  • Lou KGreat place! The shrimp BBQ pasta is delicious! A go to!

    55555 by Lou K

  • Quiet LThe charbroiled oysters were exceptionally good. The best I had while I was in New Orleans. I also had my first boil crawfish experience.

    55555 by Quiet L

  • Steph JWent for the crawfish - they delivered. I preferred acme though.

    33333 by Steph J

  • Justin LockeHad blackened Mahi Mahi which was excellent. It's your basic diner type setup with great food. Bar is also pretty large and not far from Bourbon Street.

    55555 by Justin Locke

  • Lee KGumbo is amazing!

    55555 by Lee K

  • oap2015mos HДостойно. Много теста.

    55555 by oap2015mos H

  • Stephanie TGreat service

    55555 by Stephanie T

  • Stephanie TExcellent softshell crab dinner

    55555 by Stephanie T

  • Michael B.Great meal.

    55555 by Michael B.

  • Steve BBBQ shrimp

    55555 by Steve B

  • Daniel aCrawfish quartet is amazing just have a big appetite for any of the fish plate meals....the BBQ shrimp plates are awesome

    55555 by Daniel a

  • adrian LSoft shell crabs

    55555 by adrian L

  • Taka Agumboもうまい。ローカルビールもうまい。昼間っからやってる‼️

    55555 by Taka A

  • Perlititita CarrilloThe best gumbo in town!

    55555 by Perlititita Carrillo

  • Mr sam RThe fried catfish,shrimp and oyster combo was huge and delicious 😋

    55555 by Mr sam R

  • Greyhawk68Try the Seafood & Okra Gumbo (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greyhawk68

  • Greyhawk68Try the Crabmeat Au Gratin (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Greyhawk68

  • RachaelDelish and messy BBQ shrimp. I like to sit at the bar.

    55555 by Rachael

  • Dena CEverything!!

    55555 by Dena C

  • Brea LBBQ Shrimp!

    55555 by Brea L

  • jenn TGet the bbq shrimp instead of the boiled crawfish. Fried calamari was good too. Gumbo was too salty.

    33333 by jenn T

  • Brian ABBQ SHRIMP!!!

    55555 by Brian A

  • Sharon BBest seafood ever. Very busy

    55555 by Sharon B

  • Clarence M.Great po boy

    55555 by Clarence M.

  • Amber JThis place is expensive. We purchased bbq shrimp app, and a half platter to share between two people (without drinks) and it was 50ish dollars before tip!

    33333 by Amber J

  • AdnaFantastic fried oysters. Massive portions.

    55555 by Adna

  • Christopher J.Good experience. The bar is where you want to be if you need to grab a NOLA Po Boy to go.

    55555 by Christopher J.

  • Angélica KShrimp bbq is soooo good! Don't miss it!

    55555 by Angélica K

  • Cindy C.The crab nachos were great!

    55555 by Cindy C.

  • Tabitha H.The combo platter was great!

    55555 by Tabitha H.

  • Lee SA half platter is good to feed 3 people!

    55555 by Lee S

  • Gary Palmer IIJeff at the bar is exceptional... The shrimp po boy was great and they have Abita brew on tap... What else can you say

    55555 by Gary Palmer II

  • NikkiGThe seafood platter is plentiful :)

    55555 by NikkiG

  • Matty Cito3 lbs of mudbugs and Jose. it was a good day in NO-LA

    55555 by Matty Cito

  • RachaelGet the BBQ shrimp. Holy smokes they are so good. And so messy. Wear a napkin bib ;)

    55555 by Rachael

  • Lolly W.Going with a group of four? Gotta try the seafood platter! Easily feeds everyone with a variety of seafood: catfish, shrimp, oysters, crawfish balls, and crab cakes.

    55555 by Lolly W.

  • Elena LagoFrutti di mare!!!

    55555 by Elena Lago

  • David S.If you aren't looking you might just pass this place by. Great Gumbo and the Barbecue Shrimp is a must. People claim you have to get the seafood platter if you enjoy fried goodies from the sea.

    55555 by David S.

  • Ermin MGentlemen, make sure you wear a shirt with sleeves. They won't seat you if you're wearing a tank top. However, if you are, you can run to the Walgreens on Canal and buy a t-shirt for $5.99!

    33333 by Ermin M

  • Khoir BoyGood food!

    55555 by Khoir Boy

  • scotty BOne of our favorite restaurant

    55555 by scotty B

  • Connie GurtzThe Gumbo was excellent. And the Charbroiled Oysters were to die for and The Barbecued Shrimp is ridiculous! !!

    55555 by Connie Gurtz

  • Nushy SCIt's not fancy but I asked for a seafood platter and it was a filling meal after a lot of restaurants with overpriced dishes.

    33333 by Nushy SC

  • David C.They're bbq shrimp is a must get every time

    55555 by David C.

  • Jackie G.The barbecue(creole sesonings) shrimp was amazing and you get a warm bread stick with it. The service was great as well.

    55555 by Jackie G.

  • Johnnie LettLove this place great service friendly environment.

    55555 by Johnnie Lett

  • Susanna P.Enjoyed my BBQ shrimp! Delicious shrimp cooked to heavenly perfection in butter, garlic, green onion and a potpourri of Cajun spices. Messy but incredible! Would purchase this dinner again! 😍

    55555 by Susanna P.

  • Amanda RThe food here is amazing. We had the oysters, raw and grilled. The bartender was great he was very nice and informative . I wish I remember his name but you know who you are.

    55555 by Amanda R

  • Brian TranSeafood platter is massive!

    55555 by Brian Tran

  • Asia HebertCrabmeat nachos are unreal

    55555 by Asia Hebert

  • Kevin DVery disappointed with the food—the sweet potato fries were bad, the salad was bad, as was the fish of the day. Seemed like they put it in a microwave and pressed reheat.

    22222 by Kevin D

  • BobbyOyster and shrimp po boys are great

    55555 by Bobby

  • Ali G.You must try the barbecue shrimp...

    55555 by Ali G.

  • Nancy W.Great seafood and charred oysters are delicious. Much better than the Acme. Seafood platters are huge. Half platter serves two easily!!!

    55555 by Nancy W.

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Deanie's Seafood as seen on Man vs Food

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • David MI had a mediocre experience here. The food was overpriced and extremely salty for my taste.

    22222 by David M

  • Rj S.Seafood platter!

    55555 by Rj S.

  • Tracy V.The crawfish quartet was over cooked, under seasoned, under whelming, and those crawfish balls (gag) were basically a ball of mushy, raw stovetop with aoverdone tail thrown in. Just say no.

    22222 by Tracy V.

  • Tracy V.I came here 2 years ago&it was some of the best food I've ever had. I brought my husband here tonight&we were so disappointed. Oysters were mediocre, étouffée was not good, everything was bland.

    33333 by Tracy V.

  • Pamela S.Nicev place for seafood and the service great.

    55555 by Pamela S.

  • Pamela S.Great food and service.

    55555 by Pamela S.

  • Nina K.Ordered the poboy, too much bread. I would suggest just ordering the fried shrimp.

    33333 by Nina K.

  • Tamara K.The BBQ shrimp are amazing!

    55555 by Tamara K.

  • Annie D.Order anything, you just can't go wrong!!!!

    55555 by Annie D.

  • Annie D.Redskins potato with Cajun seaso

    55555 by Annie D.

  • Annie D.The travel channel recommendation

    33333 by Annie D.

  • m r.The food was not good. gumbo was too salty, the shrimp was over cooked and the drinks were watered down. #twothumbsdown

    22222 by m r.

  • Scott GStay away! Over priced, over cooked and rotten. The crawfish we ordered were over cooked and mushy. The potatoes they brought to our table (as well as others) were rotten in the middle. Not good!!

    11111 by Scott G

  • Sally S.Crawfish were just ok but highly recommend the baked oysters! Amazeballs!

    55555 by Sally S.

  • Jessica TStart with charbroiled oysters. Crawfish etoufé is excellent, BBQ shrimp delicious but very messy and time consuming to peel.

    55555 by Jessica T

  • Ella BFried platters are good. Do not get the bayou salad. Ok, but not exited about it.

    55555 by Ella B

  • Juan D.Good but not worth the hour plus long wait.

    33333 by Juan D.

  • Sean G.Best fried seafood in the country! Get the fried oysters!!!

    55555 by Sean G.

  • Deanna AGreat fried seafood. Catfish melts in your mouth. Wouldn't recommend etouffee.

    55555 by Deanna A

  • The Memphis tTry the half seafood platter. Delish!

    55555 by The Memphis t

  • Eric P.I ordered the crawfish platter. The crawfish balls wry extremely mushy, fried crawfish tails were over battered, and everything else was just ok. My wife's food was Luke warm, crab platter fried.

    22222 by Eric P.

  • Eric P.Me and the family in town for the All-Star game. Long line out front but it moved quickly. Now the food..... The waiter was pleasant enough but rushed and not very personable.

    55555 by Eric P.

  • Eric P.I want to give them a pass because it was busy but doesn't an establishment's ability to handle a big consistent crowd say a lot about them as a quality establishment? IJS

    33333 by Eric P.

  • Joe R.Tried the Bucktown Boil pizza for the first time. Delicious!

    55555 by Joe R.

  • Nikisha K.I loved the food presentation though I was unable to indulge... My colleagues enjoyed!!!

    55555 by Nikisha K.

  • Sam O.Can't beat the fried seafood.

    55555 by Sam O.

  • Bill K.They mistake blackened for burned.

    22222 by Bill K.

  • David S.Skip the fried and get the BBQ shrimp!

    33333 by David S.

  • IamJarvisBrown.comFrom a native of Louisiana...This place sucks. Fried food is cooked in what appears to be old grease and there is absolutely no seasoning. Not even cayenne pepper in the kitchen. Save your money.

    22222 by IamJarvisBrown.com

  • Rick L.If you are looking for good seafood that has local ownership and has been doing it for years and at a fair price, this is your place.

    55555 by Rick L.

  • NRLCCrab cakes and corn/crab bisque!

    55555 by NRLC

  • Minion R.Try the crab claws from appetizer menu, yummy! And BBQ shrimp portion for one person is huge

    55555 by Minion R.

  • Stephanie M.Be prepared to wait. Loved the red potatoes and enjoyed the crawfish jambalaya.

    55555 by Stephanie M.

  • Michael L.Food was fine. Service was very friendly, but also very slow.

    55555 by Michael L.

  • Randy R.Order a large Bloody Mary. They come dressed!

    55555 by Randy R.

  • Dre M.The bread pudding...

    55555 by Dre M.

  • Kelvin G.Order ANYTHING, trust me you won't be disappointed!

    55555 by Kelvin G.

  • Jordan T.Food was solid & waitress was kind. Know what you're going though - this is diner/cafeteria style. It has the appearances of a cheap dining hall. It's not expensive but not as cheap as it should be

    55555 by Jordan T.

  • Cheryl C.If you like Bloody Mary's this is the one! Came with a HUGE boiled shrimp and small potato decoration. The drink itself was delicious.

    55555 by Cheryl C.

  • Cheryl C.Vegetarians - Artichoke hearts were delicious.

    55555 by Cheryl C.

  • David P.BBQ shrimp was a good choice.

    55555 by David P.

  • Colin C.Great food. BBQ shrimp, crawfish etouffe, Charbroiled oysters are awesone. You can get the etouffe as a side dish, try them all in a sitting!

    55555 by Colin C.

  • Ken M.Crawfish Quartette!! Awesome!

    55555 by Ken M.

  • Andy G.Try to visit on a weekday, much less packed and shorter wait. Seafood is great, but the place clearly has become a tourist stop, so it's pricey. Plates are pretty big, so consider sharing

    55555 by Andy G.

  • Bethany T.Over-priced and under-whelming. I was very sad.

    11111 by Bethany T.

  • Fernando H.Place is devious !!!! BBQ shrimp its good and ask for the soup of the day :) yummy!!!

    55555 by Fernando H.

  • Jennifer R.BBQ Shrimp is a must have.

    55555 by Jennifer R.

  • Tonie N.I wasn't impressed, food was good but I was expecting something to knock me out if my seat.

    33333 by Tonie N.

  • DJ SoapTry the Crawfish Po'Boy - Biggest Po'Boy I've ever seen (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by DJ Soap

  • Opal B.Seafood does not exist anywhere else. Fabulously delicious

    55555 by Opal B.

  • Mare P.Should have known we'd get the poorest waiter, Kyle (tall white haired older fella.) Food was not worth the wait nor cost. Invest your time and money elsewhere.

    11111 by Mare P.

  • Angelique M.Excellent stuffed flounder.

    55555 by Angelique M.

  • C B.The bartenders here could make a while lot more money if they had a ounce of personality... Rude. condescending. Perhaps even a little racist as I watch how they mingle with the different patrons

    22222 by C B.

  • tony c.royal pasti ristorazione collettiva a san giuseppe jato palermo

    55555 by tony c.

  • tony c.da non perdere

    55555 by tony c.

  • Santana C.Amazing crawfish and bbq shrimp

    55555 by Santana C.

  • Therese D.Seafood gumbo is amazing and you have to try their seafood salads!

    55555 by Therese D.

  • Jerel W.Guys need sleeves for the worst gumbo in town!!! Do Yourself a favor and try something else or somewhere else!

    33333 by Jerel W.

  • hArriBBQ shrimp + bib = bliss!

    55555 by hArri

  • hArriGuys - no sleaveless shirts. Go buy a cheap t-shirt on Bourbon Street to get inside.

    33333 by hArri

  • HarvstrofsorrowSerious attitude from the staff! Beware!

    22222 by Harvstrofsorrow

  • Margaret F.Cup of gumbo, half a pound of charbroiled oysters and three pounds of crawfish was just right for two people. Great service, too.

    55555 by Margaret F.

  • Ali C.Other than finding a hair in my water, the food and service was great! Our waitress had us laughing! Great time.

    33333 by Ali C.

  • Kim W.Garlic mashed potatoes are awesome catfish was ok.

    55555 by Kim W.

  • Andy L.A pound of crawfish boil goes a long way. Cooked in a great sauce with a nice kick of spicy.

    55555 by Andy L.

  • Jim S.One of my favorite lunches! Kristen and I had the crayfish boil, oysters on the half, then a nectar soda float. Awesome. And Kyle is a great waiter!

    55555 by Jim S.

  • Rachel Z.Fantastic food but terrible service. Avoid the tall old guy with white hair as your server!

    22222 by Rachel Z.

  • Sara O.Get the gumbo and the half seafood platter and it will fill two adults!

    55555 by Sara O.

  • Carole S.The Crawfish boil potatoes instead of bread are Devine

    55555 by Carole S.

  • Sarah M.The seafood gumbo is a must!

    55555 by Sarah M.

  • Kilam A.This is the shiznit...

    55555 by Kilam A.

  • Gina D.The entrées are big enough to share!

    55555 by Gina D.

  • DenaAbsolutely delicious, better than Acme Oyster. Get some boiled crawfish and the BBQ shrimp, be ready to get your hands dirty and dig in - SO awesome!

    55555 by Dena

  • Kevin H..50 up charge for a side of ranch with the onion rings? Tacky.

    33333 by Kevin H.

  • Heaven S.The food was amazing! Ask for Chelsea and get the stuffed broiled shrimp

    55555 by Heaven S.

  • Gloria C.get the crawfish boils and/or barbeque shrimp

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • Q D.They lie about how long the wait is. 20 min turns into an hour.

    22222 by Q D.

  • DavidMeh...unless you want fried everything

    55555 by David

  • RachaelSit at the bar and get messy with some BBQ shrimp.

    55555 by Rachael

  • Christine C.Food was awesome, servers seemed angry!

    55555 by Christine C.

  • Kyle M.BBQ shrimp is for winners only. Are you a winner???

    55555 by Kyle M.

  • Kevin F.Correction, 1/2 Seafood Platter is enough for three or four!

    55555 by Kevin F.

  • Aliza M.Los ostiones son lo que más vale la pena

    55555 by Aliza M.

  • Kevin F.Gumbo is awesome!!! Nice and spicy!

    55555 by Kevin F.

  • AJ B.Look up for awesome two spoked fans run on a pulley system!

    55555 by AJ B.

  • Wyndy G.Crawfish balls are the bomb!

    55555 by Wyndy G.

  • MGRTry the Shrimp Plate (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by MGR

  • Akida J.The Food is great and portions are HUGE!!!

    55555 by Akida J.

  • Michael F.Absolutely better than Acme. Can't even compare the two. Crab meat au gratin actually makes my mouth water when I think of it. First place my girlfriend wants to go to when she gets in town.

    55555 by Michael F.

  • C R.1/2 seafood platter is awesome!

    55555 by C R.

  • Jessica P.Crab au gratin was good but not overwhelming. Get the crawfish. And don't buy the mixed drinks, overpriced...but all appetizers are go

    55555 by Jessica P.

  • Shannon Ø.The BBQ shrimp are the business!!

    55555 by Shannon Ø.

  • Thomas S.Had the Red fish broiled and it was delicious. The boiled potatoes to start is a nice touch.

    55555 by Thomas S.

  • Mary B.If you like potatoes, come here! They serve pre-meal in place if bread

    33333 by Mary B.

  • Katy D.Giant Seafood Platter, what were we thinking?!? Great food, but HUGE portions!

    55555 by Katy D.

  • ericadwA lot of food... however, it was super bland. tourist trap..

    33333 by ericadw

  • Mercedes M.Bourbon St Blossom. So good when it hits your lips.

    55555 by Mercedes M.

  • LaTesha B.great drinks and crawfish tails

    55555 by LaTesha B.

  • Russell L.Best oysters in town! Better than acme.

    55555 by Russell L.

  • 7x T.Best meal I have had in a long time! Crawfish quartet is enough for 2 and the Tito's icepick is perfect!

    55555 by 7x T.

  • Becca H.Get your name on the wait list and then go have a daiquiri. The buzzer will work from around the corner.

    33333 by Becca H.

  • GraceGreat fried seafood platters at a very reasonable price!

    55555 by Grace

  • Ashley S.service was great! many of the waiters have been there for awhile and are very familiar with their menu. had the crawfish étouffée and taste was bland. gumbo was ok. popular place to eat apparently.

    33333 by Ashley S.

  • Amanda P.I lovvvvveeee the crawfish balls...they r to die for

    55555 by Amanda P.

  • Su Lin O.Unless you enjoy fried seafood with batter, do not order the seafood platter. The oyster tastes horrible.

    22222 by Su Lin O.

  • Roxanne A.The best Charbroiled Oyster I've ever had. Half Seafood platter is good for two (average eater) people.

    55555 by Roxanne A.

  • Colby S.Be prepared to wait on the weekend, grab a couple drinks while you do. The BBQ Shrimp are legendary, you must get these. Also get boiled crawfish, but they run out fairly quick so don't show up late!

    55555 by Colby S.

  • Roxanne A.The best Charbroiled Oysters I've ever had!!! Just hope you don't get the crazy waiter that doesn't give you what you ask for (we wanted a little more bread).

    55555 by Roxanne A.

  • BenSerious attitude from the staff. Heaven forbid you order at shift change.

    22222 by Ben

  • Trina B.Trying the Crawfish Quartet is a MUST!

    55555 by Trina B.

  • JohnCrawfish tails app ... #solid

    55555 by John

  • Shica B.The owner is RUDE,I would never return!

    11111 by Shica B.

  • TessaTry the Red Fish Blackened With Crab Meat - #seafood #crab #blackened (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tessa

  • TessaTry the Blue Crab Claws - #seafood #crab #cajun (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tessa

  • TessaTry the Crab Nachos - #crab #cheesy #nachos (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tessa

  • TessaTry the Cajun boiled crawfish - #cajun #seafood #spicy #crawfish (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Tessa

  • ScioniQCityRaise your City iQ: Deanie's celebrated it's 50 year anniversary on 12/26/11.

    33333 by ScioniQCity

  • Kavitha S.Bbq shrimp! That's all u need;)

    55555 by Kavitha S.

  • Lan G.Expect a long wait...even on a Sunday night

    33333 by Lan G.

  • Ian S.This place blows. Shrimp remulade was not worth $9, crawfish quartet's only justice is the au gratin, fried catfish was bland and mushy. Specialty drinks are lighter than wine coolers.

    33333 by Ian S.

  • Andrew M.Go the Catfish Po-Boy (half size is large eough) and make sure you add some Hot Sauce. The Oyster's are excellent also.

    55555 by Andrew M.

  • Sandie C.Seafood platter is awesome!

    55555 by Sandie C.

  • st. philip french quarter aptsGreat food, great service

    55555 by st. philip french quarter apts

  • Maggie P.Onion rings. Do it!

    55555 by Maggie P.

  • NOLA Nites Conciergewe love Deanie’s overloaded fried seafood platters.

    55555 by NOLA Nites Concierge

  • Taline T.Food is delicious!! And large portions. Great for sharing.

    55555 by Taline T.

  • Yogi 💋Bring your appetite!! Yummy

    55555 by Yogi 💋

  • Tim S.Definitely a place on the must visit list when you come to New Orleans! There isn't anything not good on the menu... The large seafood platter can feed several people!

    55555 by Tim S.

  • Sam JTry the red fish. It's really good. The stuffed crab is also great.

    55555 by Sam J

  • Rachel G.Voodoo juice = hurricane

    55555 by Rachel G.

  • Aaron P MDefinitely coming back!

    55555 by Aaron P M

  • Claude T.The barbecue shrimp is wonderful whether you choose it for an appetizer or entree. You can't go wrong. The full seafood platter is enough for 2-4 people.

    55555 by Claude T.

  • Melissa RI don't know if this is typical in NOLA, but they carry PIMMS.

    55555 by Melissa R

  • John M.Don't think about it and order the Voodoo juice. You won't be disappointed.

    55555 by John M.

  • JamieSue C.The half seafood platter is still too big for two!

    33333 by JamieSue C.

  • Heow GHalf seafood platter is enough food for two! Recommend

    55555 by Heow G

  • Marco P.Going in on the blackened tuna. If you are here you have to ask for Nathan. Best in the restaurant.

    55555 by Marco P.

  • Dominique L.The Seafood platter is the shit

    55555 by Dominique L.

  • Natasha C.The wait sucked but it was totally worth it. Sooooo gooodddd!

    33333 by Natasha C.

  • Jon G.Great food great service......

    55555 by Jon G.

  • James C.The flounder is awesome!

    55555 by James C.

  • James W.Child please. MEDIOCRE

    11111 by James W.

  • kim t.Make sure and check the lettuce! Dirt balls on the bottom...yuck! Also...beware of raw flounder!!! On the plus side...the fried shrimp and oysters are fantastic!!!

    55555 by kim t.

  • Brenda DGo for oysters, on the half shell, broiled, fried, and LOVE the salty new potatoes. Royal House used to be our fave, but has been replaced!

    55555 by Brenda D

  • Carissa M.BBQ shrimp pasta was fabulous!

    55555 by Carissa M.

  • Stephen R.VooDoo Juice!

    55555 by Stephen R.

  • Mark BI went fried shrimp and catfish, Noah Gumbo and Crawfish Poboy

    55555 by Mark B

  • purple6hazeWait wasn't long, food is great, service is even better. GREAT overall atmosphere and experience.

    55555 by purple6haze

  • MKGiant beers for average prices! The fried shrimp is delish!

    55555 by MK

  • Todd G.Great food but the lighting is horrible bright and kills the ambiance.

    33333 by Todd G.

  • Micah S.Suck it!

    22222 by Micah S.

  • Belinda P.Order the chicken sandwich, it was huge and tasty. Add butter salt and pepper to the potatoes they bring to the table. Service was good but it took a while to get our check.

    33333 by Belinda P.

  • Matt T.Mediocre food and service. Prepare for loads of butter and batter. Not much else.

    33333 by Matt T.

  • GarryBBQ shrimp and broiled oysters. delicious

    55555 by Garry

  • Jen Swith lor and deb.. oysters amazing!

    55555 by Jen S

  • Katie B.Good prices, huge servings, burgers are good. Get ready to wait.

    55555 by Katie B.

  • Lisa H.Look for the old D. H. Holmes mural on the wall

    55555 by Lisa H.

  • CrystalLarge portions. Stuffed shrimp is great.

    55555 by Crystal

  • Brittney NOrder ANYTHING and I promise, you cant go wrong!!

    55555 by Brittney N

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