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GW Fins

808 Bienville St
New Orleans, LA 70112

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(504) 581-3467

Cuisine: Seafood Restaurants

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4.6 of 5.0 from 98 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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GW Fins in New Orleans, LA
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  • GW Fins in New Orleans, LA
  • GW Fins in New Orleans, LA
  • GW Fins in New Orleans, LA

GW Fins Reviews

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  • Casey Bgood place to eat, dress nicer

    55555 by Casey B

  • Keith C.The bread pudding is the best on earth (not to mention the oysters!)

    55555 by Keith C.

  • Ricky S.Start with the biscuits & lobster dumplings. When making your reservation go Weird & order the secret item for the table to share. Business dress attire is required.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Justin LockeBest service yet! Amazing Red Snapper and Scalibut is a must. Can't go wrong with a Irish Coffee night cap and if Apple Pie is on the menu, it's a must try.

    55555 by Justin Locke

  • Vivian EEverything we had was amazing. Lobster dumplings! Scalibut! Swordfish! The free biscuits were addictive, we had 3 or 4 a piece 🙃

    55555 by Vivian E

  • Lina LThe food was great but the service was very slow.

    33333 by Lina L

  • Lizz PFish, wine, Apple pie

    55555 by Lizz P

  • Sarah O.The sizzling oysters are phenomenal!

    55555 by Sarah O.

  • Bill C.Service was a little off, way crowded, food was excellent

    55555 by Bill C.

  • Jose AntonioRiquísimo Lobster Dumplings de entrante y Scalibut - A GW Fins Original de plato.

    55555 by Jose Antonio

  • Jay KHad a great server. The hostesses treated us like 2nd rate citizens and turned their noses up at us. We were soaked from rain and treated like crap. Won't Be Back

    22222 by Jay K

  • Tracey CScallobit is halibut with scallops. Delicious.

    55555 by Tracey C

  • Jetset ExtraDon't miss the smoked sizzling oysters (the shells are heated to 500 degrees then cold-smoked oysters soaked in drawn butter are dropped in, brought to the table semi-raw and sizzling).

    33333 by Jetset Extra

  • Quinn BDaily special menu is always fantastic.

    55555 by Quinn B

  • César AEspectacular, la comida es buenísima.

    55555 by César A

  • Juieta C.Delicious lobster dumpling and Red Snapper

    55555 by Juieta C.

  • inspector AПришел в футболке, шортах и шлепках - дадут фирменное поло. Типа с воротником. Шорты и шлепки никого не тревожат. Классический французский р

    55555 by inspector A

  • William SheppardRed Snapper fresh off the boat was excellent.

    55555 by William Sheppard

  • John B.If you come here and you don't get the chocolate caramel bread pudding then you're a dumb ass.

    55555 by John B.

  • Emily AndinoLoved the Mahi! Great service and ambiance.

    55555 by Emily Andino

  • Mariano LLa ensalada cesar fantástica t el salmón a las brasa delicioso

    55555 by Mariano L

  • Sirus O.Make a reservation if you can get one. Very busy for lunch and dinner everyday!the food is the star here. The service is all - pro!

    55555 by Sirus O.

  • Mypat BoboRed snapper was very good, service was perfect. But the ravioli was the peak. You must try that ravioli, heavenly good...

    55555 by Mypat Bobo

  • Adrienne L.Blue crab potstickers with pea shoot butter, a must try!

    55555 by Adrienne L.

  • Jenna AddisHoly amazing. Outstanding service, coupled with amazingly delicious and beautifully prepared food. What a special night we had. Everything was as good as imagined and I will definitely be going back!

    55555 by Jenna Addis

  • Cynthia M.Everything is cooked to perfection. The blue crab pot stickers and the blacked swordfish are beyond excellent! I cannot recommended this place enough. Highly highly recommended!!

    55555 by Cynthia M.

  • John F.Get an early reservation. Ask for booth on back wall. Scalibut is a must. It's an amazing combo.

    55555 by John F.

  • Philip JScalibut was really delicious; also, have the sides, the asparagus, roasted cauliflower were yummy, and bok choy was REALLY scrumptious.

    55555 by Philip J

  • Rosalind RoongseangScalibut was amazing

    55555 by Rosalind Roongseang

  • Chefs FeedRick Tramonto, chef of Restaurant R'evolution, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Lobster dumplings.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Julie F.salty malty ice cream pie is all I need in this world.

    55555 by Julie F.

  • Tina L.One of my faves in the city!

    55555 by Tina L.

  • Heidi Votaw-AmblerWe celebrated our anniversary and the service and food was terrific. The sizzling oysters and tuna tartare were delicious. Entree's we had salmon and tuna both were great. Recommend a reservation.

    55555 by Heidi Votaw-Ambler

  • Tawnia ACrab cake appetizer is amazing as were the Sea Scallops!! Great food and service. The most incredible dinner!!

    55555 by Tawnia A

  • JoeSmoked sizzling Gulf Coast oysters. As advertised but so much more nuanced and luscious than you'd imagine.

    55555 by Joe

  • Arlene S.This restaurant by far was the BEST place I tried in all of New Orleans. It's perfect for a date. The food was beyond spectacular (try the scallops & mushroom risotto, if available).

    55555 by Arlene S.

  • Chris W.Don't put hot oyster shells in your pockets.

    22222 by Chris W.

  • Juan B.Awesome smoked oysters

    55555 by Juan B.

  • James P.Good service, nice ingredients, but offensively dull, lifeless results. I'm not extremely difficult to please, so maybe I just had really bad luck (I see that my reaction is quite unusual).

    33333 by James P.

  • StephanieIf you're getting an app: octopus and tuna tartare are to die for! Can't go wrong with the red snapper! Great service, amazing food!

    55555 by Stephanie

  • Christin Addicting biscuits and great food selections. I've never had a bad meal here.

    55555 by Christin "X1" L.

  • Chris K.The oysters are amazing

    55555 by Chris K.

  • Jenna M.The lobster dumplings are AMAZING!

    55555 by Jenna M.

  • Trina S.#bestgumboaround biscuits are amazing too! Wish I could have stopped at 2 :(

    55555 by Trina S.

  • Brad D.Lobster dumpling & crab potstickers are a meal all by themselves. This place is so good had to visit twice in one week

    55555 by Brad D.

  • Brad D.Pot stickers and dumplings could be a meal in themselves. Both are fantastic

    55555 by Brad D.

  • Zachary O.The swordfish was fantastic and the service was incredible. My family and I were thrilled with everything!

    55555 by Zachary O.

  • KiKi L.The pork belly and compressed watermelon is from heaven!

    55555 by KiKi L.

  • Kristen V.Soft shell crab ap was great. Reservations are a must.

    55555 by Kristen V.

  • Hande A.Everything is yummy, service is great.,. Deserts are die for...

    55555 by Hande A.

  • Lavisa G.Here 2 nites. So good we cancel Emeril reservation to return

    33333 by Lavisa G.

  • Brad C.The Swordfish is the best in the world. Promise.

    55555 by Brad C.

  • Daniel M.Great food and service... The smoked oysters are amazing

    55555 by Daniel M.

  • Mark W.The restaurant was lost on me. It was okay, but not worth the raves you see here.

    22222 by Mark W.

  • Sally H.Smoked sizzling oysters- amazing! Parmesan crusted drum was also great- and gluten free

    55555 by Sally H.

  • Gloria C.known for lobster dumplings & sizzling oysters

    55555 by Gloria C.

  • IsabelleSizzling smoke oysters are amazing!

    55555 by Isabelle

  • Chelsey B.Troy's the mAn

    22222 by Chelsey B.

  • Dennis C.Smoked oysters are a must! Ordered just a half dozen but wishing I had ordered a full dozen.

    55555 by Dennis C.

  • Lisa N.The creme brulee is oh so good!

    55555 by Lisa N.

  • AndyTry the Scalibut! An absolute must!! Delicious!!

    55555 by Andy

  • Sherry V.Holy SHIT get the "salty malty". Sneezing dessert, flavors blended into a happy mouth gasm

    33333 by Sherry V.

  • Jim M.Everything is great! Nothing bad on menu.

    55555 by Jim M.

  • Sambo R.It's a sin to not get the soft shell crab appetizer. Not a venial one. Straight up mortal sin. Get the crab!!!!!

    33333 by Sambo R.

  • Jennifer S.The biscuits are the best I have ever had in my life! And if they have the blackened swordfish, get it...it is Amazing!!

    55555 by Jennifer S.

  • Gambit New OrleansTry GW Fins blackened fish, the fish varies but the technique is always dead on - Gambit's Five in 5. http://www.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/five-places-for-blackened-fish/Content?oid=2060481

    33333 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Gambit New OrleansGambit's Best of New Orleans Readers' Poll 2012 Winner: Best Seafood Restaurant

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • BlakeTry the Salty Malty And Mascarpone Cheesecake - Only snapped a pic of dessert but this place was AMAZING! (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Blake

  • SweethunyTry the scalabit it was wonderful. The service was AAA+

    55555 by Sweethuny

  • Gambit New OrleansGW Fins Swordfish- intermittently available, is blackened and served with roasted corn butter- Gambit's Five in 5

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Kris G.The lobster dumplings were the tastiest things I've EVER eaten in my ENTIRE life. Come 5 to an order. Order a couple and make that your meal!!

    55555 by Kris G.

  • BillI hope the food is good. The service is so bad that we walked out

    22222 by Bill

  • Matt M.Bar is by no means 'full service'. They won't serve you at the lower portion, and don't have any service at the cocktail tables. Funny...when all we wanted to do was sit there and spend money.

    22222 by Matt M.

  • David B.Try the Apple pie with cheddar cheese top crust, served with vanilla ice cream - The pie is a great #dessert and the cheddar puts it over the top (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by David B.

  • David B.Try the Smoked Sizzling Oysters - These are huge, juicy, well seasoned and served so hot that the #seafood scented smoke will get in your eyes (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by David B.

  • Patricia T.Try the Flounder With Shrimp Etoufee (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Patricia T.

  • Patricia T.Try the Bourbon And Vanilla Sweet Potatoes (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Patricia T.

  • Patricia T.Try the Lobster Dumplings (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Patricia T.

  • Patricia T.Try the Gumbo (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Patricia T.

  • NOLA Nites ConciergeWe love the Hot from the oven biscuits and Fresh off the boat seafood from GW Fins!

    55555 by NOLA Nites Concierge

  • Gambit New OrleansTry the redfish studded with pumpkin seeds and topped with sage brown butter.

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Clara S.just good food

    55555 by Clara S.

  • JoAnn B.The hostess is a minimum wage bitch, with a bad attitude and nasty belittling looks.

    11111 by JoAnn B.

  • New Orleans M.We love this city! Check us out at myNewOrleans.com

    55555 by New Orleans M.

  • Mario Z.The pork chops are way better at Muriels', the pecan pie is more crust and ice cream than anything, but the mushroom rissotto is pretty good...

    55555 by Mario Z.

  • Jasmine W.Lobster poboys

    55555 by Jasmine W.

  • Gambit New OrleansWe are very excited about the fried lobster tail po-boy!

    33333 by Gambit New Orleans

  • New Orleans M.New Orleans Magazine Chef of the Year 2011

    33333 by New Orleans M.

  • Jessica M.My absolute favorite restaurant!

    55555 by Jessica M.

  • Susan W.The best seafood, delicious desserts, amazing wine list with 50-60 wines by the glass!

    55555 by Susan W.

  • Jessica T.The warm biscuits & butter are incredible....unless you hate America and carbs.

    55555 by Jessica T.

  • Lance L.great seasonal menu - can't go wrong ordering any locally caught fish. don't miss conundrum on the wine menu - its a fantastic former caymus wine

    55555 by Lance L.

  • SunShine PagesA great local place. Beautiful interior and fantastic food. Sea scallops with mushroom risotto is ridiculously good.

    55555 by SunShine Pages

  • Tracy K.Amazing food...best in Nolo...

    55555 by Tracy K.

  • Gambit New OrleansTry the flounder: sometimes it's Parmesan-crusted, sometimes it's crab-stuffed, but it's always great. -Gambit's Five in 5

    55555 by Gambit New Orleans

  • Jazzy C.Amazing experience here. Lobster starter is to die for. Thur menu is seasonal so you'll never have the same experience twice!

    55555 by Jazzy C.

  • Leslie K.French 75. Best martini in America.

    55555 by Leslie K.

  • Yari A.Perfect location for a romantic dinner, particularly the booths in the back. Jerin and the rest of the staff were extremely attentive. Our food was exquisite.

    55555 by Yari A.

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