88 10th Ave
New York City, NY 10011

(212) 989-8883

  • Sun - 5:30pm - 10:00pm
  • Mon - Wed 12:00pm - 11:00pm
  • Thu - Fri 12:00pm - 12:00am
  • Sat 5:30pm - 12:00am

Cuisine: Japanese Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 235 reviews

price range:more than $50


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Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
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  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
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  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY
  • Morimoto in New York City, NY

Morimoto Reviews

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  • KE PGet the wagyu beef, burrata, beef carpaccio appetizer and the tequila drink! Fancy interior.

    55555 by KE P

  • Jin M.o m g their soft crab tempura is to die for!

    55555 by Jin M.

  • Mafe S.If you like Sake, you HAVE to get their Morimoto Collection Daiginjo! Delicious

    55555 by Mafe S.

  • Mafe S.The omakase was AMAZING!! I recommend it 100%.

    55555 by Mafe S.

  • Leanne J.Very a accommodating for vegetarians. Try the yosedofu- tofu made right at your table.

    55555 by Leanne J.

  • Alex Z.Wow! Super high end sushi and Asian cuisine. Very inventive presentation of delicious morsels of goodness. Also has fish flown in from Japan.

    55555 by Alex Z.

  • Eric H.Steak. Follow my food journey on Instagram @EricHoRaw!

    55555 by Eric H.

  • Andrej EThe best service in NYC. VERY nice and attentive people. Our sushi took long, we got a lot of stuff for free and Spencer's apologies from half of the stuff including the managers.

    33333 by Andrej E

  • Andrej EToro tartar is amazing, but a tiny, tiny portion. Tuna pizza is good, but Bond St. Sushi do it way better.

    55555 by Andrej E

  • Nahid AshriThe Ginger lemon cocktail

    33333 by Nahid Ashri

  • Patricia RLe meilleur Japonais de NY

    55555 by Patricia R

  • Alex AIf you like going to fancy restaurants without breaking the bank, the weekday lunch specials at Morimoto are AMAZING and can be had for $20-25. Just note: when asked still/sparking, ask for tap water.

    55555 by Alex A

  • Mafe S.Perfect for a special occasion. Their interior design is unique, don't forget to go to the restroom! Get the toro tartare, tuna pizza, morimoto sashimi, braised black cod, beef sukiyaki.

    55555 by Mafe S.

  • Jin M.Pretty popular at dinner time. Best to go during lunch time. Less crowds your enjoy your meal better. Try their Hot Stone Wagyu with Veuve Clicquot YL. So yummy!

    55555 by Jin M.

  • Alejandra DI would suggest the black cod!

    55555 by Alejandra D

  • Bibkata JGo with a group, order chef's sushi selection and enjoy heaven! 😋 Some of the mains, especially the duck one were too rich, would stick to seafood only.

    55555 by Bibkata J

  • Lillian CheungThe appetizers here are phenomenal, especially the Japanese a5 ishi yaki - talk about melt in your mouth! Also all 3 cocktails I got were hits not misses

    55555 by Lillian Cheung

  • Najla A.If u're a fan of this cuisine, then u're in the right place. So delicious

    55555 by Najla A.

  • JeanMarc ParveauxThe fire ball is a must if you like desserts

    55555 by JeanMarc Parveaux

  • Yael Maytal JI'm really surprised by the high rating this place has. The sashimi was chewy and nowhere near the quality of Nobu, Yasuda or Tomoe.

    33333 by Yael Maytal J

  • Ronnie JSushi wasn't fresh and they charged $8 for a green tea!!

    22222 by Ronnie J

  • Marissa KIf you don't do the Chef's recommended Omakase you're making a HUGE mistake. Highly recommend it! 7 courses and also get a Pinot Noir from Oregon. It will change your life, I assure you!

    55555 by Marissa K

  • Ryan AlafrizOmakase! Expensive, but a great experience.

    55555 by Ryan Alafriz

  • AleEhhh not that good for the price...

    33333 by Ale

  • Vinaya V.Everything is great! The entrees are exceptional. If you're hungry for a big meal, get the duck duck duck.

    55555 by Vinaya V.

  • Anya KolbaskoGreat food and delicious chocolate dessert! Especially delicious cod and sea bass. Ribeye on a hot rock was entertaining and tasty too! This place is somewhat expensive, but definitely worth coming!

    55555 by Anya Kolbasko

  • Anthony LToro tartare is amazing.

    55555 by Anthony L

  • Foxxy Bgreat non-sushi options... get the best wagyu (they have a5)! Otherwise the service is very respectable but not punctual -- a Buddakan copycat with minor intimacy.

    55555 by Foxxy B

  • Chris S.It doesn't much matter that the chirashi here is basically a bowl of assorted odd sushi bits over rice. They're Morimoto's assorted odd sushi bits and they're mighty delicious.

    55555 by Chris S.

  • Erik Sthe tasting menu is worthwhile

    55555 by Erik S

  • Anu J.The Sushi Combo had a good variety of sushi and side dishes

    55555 by Anu J.

  • CarolineUni foie gras.

    55555 by Caroline

  • Jaime MExcellent NY dining!

    55555 by Jaime M

  • J PAny sushi is the best you will ever have

    55555 by J P

  • Sam UAbsolutely amazing! Get the truffle burrata

    55555 by Sam U

  • Cherry C.The Kakuni dinner appetizer amazing: comfort food flavors and textures, dished in perfect proportions in an aesthetically pleasing way. The tuna pizza is a must.

    55555 by Cherry C.

  • Roula H.Was treated like a VIP because I'm a returning customer. Had their amazing omakase with lots of Uni, wagyu beef, rock fish, a variety of sushi. All exceptionally delicious. Ask to be served by Michael

    55555 by Roula H.

  • Natacha ZO espaço é fantástico. A comida é muito boa e servida em porções mais que adequadas. O staff é irrepreensível. Caro mas perfeito para uma ocasião especial.

    55555 by Natacha Z

  • Taisiia I.Beautiful bathrooms, average food

    55555 by Taisiia I.

  • Bogdan PopaThe omakase is definitely worth it

    55555 by Bogdan Popa

  • MuskanLove the dessert and the black cod !

    55555 by Muskan

  • Mario Jr AAmmmaaazing experience. The freshness of the ingredients and the creativity provided were the best i've had in NY

    55555 by Mario Jr A

  • M-c MGreat seafood selection

    55555 by M-c M

  • Marcos A.Comida e ambientes sensacionais. É caro, mas os sabores exóticos valem. Recomendo experimentar várias entradas e dispensar o prato principal. O sake envelhecido 5 anos da casa é o melhor que já tomei.

    55555 by Marcos A.

  • CarolineOyster foie gras with uni, a heavenly combination for the palate.

    55555 by Caroline

  • Patryce C.Get to rock shrimp tempura. #CRACK

    55555 by Patryce C.

  • DesireeNice tasting menu.

    55555 by Desiree

  • Nik W.One of the few places in NYC you can get fugu.

    55555 by Nik W.

  • shell FuThe black cod tastes really great! Actually I'm not fan of cod or any other kind of fish, but I do like this! Melt in your mouth:)

    55555 by shell Fu

  • Tiffanycame for restaurant week, and got the tuna don! sashimi was very fresh

    55555 by Tiffany

  • Nushy SCThe food, the bar and the atmosphere were good. But OMG the bathrooms are amazing ;)

    55555 by Nushy SC

  • John SThe lunch combination with nigiri sushi and one maki roll is a great value and unbelievable quality! The atmosphere was nothing like I have ever experienced before.

    55555 by John S

  • DaawniiToro tartare is now their sort of signature appetizer. Worths trying for sure! Interior designed by Tadao Ando, Japanese legendary architect.

    55555 by Daawnii

  • Martin K.This place is awesome. Book a table in advance though. This place gets packed. It's worth it.

    55555 by Martin K.

  • Eugenia CEverything is excellent but the Toro Tartar, shrimp rock tempura and the Sushi combination platter is a MUST! 😍😍

    55555 by Eugenia C

  • Jamie L.You must try the blow fish. It's really rare and expensive but so worth it. You'll never find it anywhere else. The oysters were amazing! Yes, the bathroom was amazing as well. Lol.

    55555 by Jamie L.

  • Kavita BabaExcellent service and--for the vegetarians out there--yosedofu + 2 avocado maki rolls = perfect dinner.

    55555 by Kavita Baba

  • Alan x el mundoMuy fancy pero la comida es muy buena y presentada de manera muy vistosa. El lugar es increíble!

    55555 by Alan x el mundo

  • Adriana TPaladar surpreendente!!!!

    55555 by Adriana T

  • Natasha CSushi checked...Lunch date checked with hubby!

    33333 by Natasha C

  • Abdulaziz HDGreat japanese place i love it

    55555 by Abdulaziz HD

  • Isaac R.Mizo glazed black cod just melts in your mouth, don't skip on dessert

    55555 by Isaac R.

  • Mandy C MarianiProbably one of the best meals I have ever eaten. Get their tempura, it is the best! Slow cooked salmon was also really savory!

    55555 by Mandy C Mariani

  • Samantha H.For such a nice restaurant, we had such a kind and patient hostess that really made the experience. The sashimi was divine and the freshest I've tasted. Everything was prepared nicely and tasted great

    55555 by Samantha H.

  • Albert Kindangenpork katsu sandwich is good here

    55555 by Albert Kindangen

  • TV Food MapsCheck out Morimoto as seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate

    55555 by TV Food Maps

  • Angela BEspectacular comida japonesa

    55555 by Angela B

  • Janet Y.Was more impressed with the bathroom than the food....

    33333 by Janet Y.

  • VoiceStreetThe best stuff is found among the small dishes, including appetizers called zen sai, while the voluminous main courses;a shiso-butter-poached half-lobster and kobe rib braised in red miso.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • VoiceStreetIron chef and erstwhile Nobu chef Masaharu Morimoto brings his Philadelphia restaurant to the ass end of Chelsea Market, with food that adds Chinese and European twists to creative Japanese cuisine.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Koen B.The shrimps tempura ate from another planet, so good!

    33333 by Koen B.

  • Madam W.NYC Restaurant Week goodness $25 for 3 courses. Sashimi entree had the best raw octopus I've ever had and both dessert options-strawberry shortcake or espresso creme brûlée were winners

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Petula ASteak and whiskey sours

    55555 by Petula A

  • AP d.Best sushi in Manhattan

    55555 by AP d.

  • Anton GimmelAwesome place. Great vibe and food. Got the 145 sashimi plate for 2 but honestly the 90 plate is more than enough - one of the few occasions where I can say that I struggled to finish sushi dinner.

    55555 by Anton Gimmel

  • Tina SAlmost died here. Literally.

    33333 by Tina S

  • Amy Chahorrible fushion!!!

    11111 by Amy Cha

  • Lin L.Classy, modern atmosphere w/ great service! The rock shrimp tempura is a great appetizer to start. The mori-monkey bread is to die for; comes with chocolate-banana flavored ice cream. Must try it!

    55555 by Lin L.

  • Andrea L.Toro tartar!😍

    55555 by Andrea L.

  • Liana D.This is the best sushi in the entire world.

    55555 by Liana D.

  • Adam W.Duck, duck, duck. OMG!!!!

    55555 by Adam W.

  • Moe H.Get seated at the sushi bar so you can see your sushi being made. Everything on the menu is incredible. For dessert try the chilled cheese cake, best i ever had.

    55555 by Moe H.

  • Pat N.Ambience is amazing. Pretty sure you can't go wrong with anything.

    55555 by Pat N.

  • PaulOverrated! Paying 50% just for the name. Total disappointment!

    11111 by Paul

  • Andrew L.Small portions

    33333 by Andrew L.

  • Steven G.Make sure you ask for a private table. Reservation for 4 landed us at a communal table. Great to get to know the people next to you. Not so great for a nice family dinner.

    55555 by Steven G.

  • Chelle M.YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THE TOILETS. Seat Warmers and private cleansers.

    55555 by Chelle M.

  • David J. N.Go downstairs and hit up the bar. Excellent martinis.

    55555 by David J. N.

  • Julian S.omg the bathrooms!

    55555 by Julian S.

  • Jorge U.Ishi Yaki Buri Bop is a MUST. One of my favorite dishes ever. Amazing yellowtail on rice and spices, cooked at the table.

    55555 by Jorge U.

  • AngelaThe spicy tuna roll is to die for. Actually, all the sushi I've had here is amazing. Def recommend the Morimoto Hazelnut beer as well.

    55555 by Angela

  • Sidwyn K.Really delicious. $25 for a prix fixe lunch.

    55555 by Sidwyn K.

  • Ashley G.Get the tuna sushi pizza! The ramen is delicious as well. Agree with another reviewer that the toro tartare is overrated.

    55555 by Ashley G.

  • Erick W.Must try angry chicken

    55555 by Erick W.

  • TanyaNo tip necessary. TRY EVERYTHING.

    33333 by Tanya

  • Urban CompassIron Chef Masaharu Morimoto opened this multi-level haven for Japanese food that serves “Kentucky Fried” blowfish and cocktails in an underground lounge. It even has a sake expert on hand.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • Laura R.Only had the drinks but I love it. The decor is awesome. Would definitely come again ...

    55555 by Laura R.

  • Rana A.The white lily mocktail was surprisingly great!! Also must order the creamy rock shrimp tempura and the lobster frittatas

    55555 by Rana A.

  • Danielle R.#Gyoza was delicious!

    55555 by Danielle R.

  • Luis A.Aunque no parezca es un baño !

    55555 by Luis A.

  • Michelle L.They have such CUTE waiters here. A perfect combo for such a wonderful ambiance at Morimoto's!

    55555 by Michelle L.

  • Maurizio D.Qualsiasi portata è spettacolare. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo.

    55555 by Maurizio D.

  • Lloyd G.Iron Chef Morimoto's flagship restaurant. Beautiful interior space. Fresh ingredients. Make reservations in advances as it gets real busy. Chirashi and toro tartare were fantastic.

    55555 by Lloyd G.

  • Ruggero M.Try the Eel And Foie Gras Steamed Buns (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Ruggero M.

  • Valentina R.Fine restaurant, white minimalist atmosphere. Exsquisite fish. Toro Tartare, Oysters and Seafood Toban Yaki are delightful. A must in Japanese cusine!

    55555 by Valentina R.

  • Vadim B.Необычайно вкусно. Пицца с сырым тунцом, горячие устрицы, мёд с черным трюфелем.. 5+

    33333 by Vadim B.

  • Grace J.Great mix of cooked & raw dishes on the menu. Inventive, artful & very pleasing to the eye & palate. Do I have to say more the owner is an IRON CHEF? Be sure to make room for a scrumptious dessert. <3

    55555 by Grace J.

  • Aolani S.Iron Chef Champion!! Highly recommended indeed!!

    55555 by Aolani S.

  • Em E.Completely blown away by the quality of the food here. Amazing O-Toro!!! Def a must-try. Everything was fresh and delicious. The decor is very modern and classy. Wish Morimoto was there tho!!! :)

    55555 by Em E.

  • Madam W.Great maki rolls, chicken noodle ramen, Duckx3, braised miso cod, Vaccherin and Choc Nut Bar desserts. Very exxy and lack of atmosphere but good service.

    55555 by Madam W.

  • Andrew C.Don't forget the cheesecake soufflé. There's plenty of room in your belly, because its perfectly light and deliciously right.

    55555 by Andrew C.

  • Bill B.Tuna pizza is truly out of this world great tasting

    55555 by Bill B.

  • B C.BOOK #218/$41-80/Mon-Fri 1200-1430, Mon-Wed 1730-2300, Thu-Sat 1730-1200, Sun 1730-2200

    55555 by B C.

  • B C.BOOK #218/$41-80/Mon-Fri 1200-1430, Mon-Wed 1730-2300, Thu-Sat 1730-1200, Sun 1730-2200

    55555 by B C.

  • Catherine P.Listen to the dashing waiter when he says get the white lily cocktail.

    22222 by Catherine P.

  • ChavelliOyster + foie gras + uni = heaven

    55555 by Chavelli

  • KevinVery slow slow slow slow slow service on the chef's menu. Uncharacteristic of a $$$$ place. They got the order wrong, yanked the plates, and then made us wait all over again.

    22222 by Kevin

  • Ryan A.So good - get as many plates as you can with your table to share.

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Cristy P.Ladies : use the bathroom here

    22222 by Cristy P.

  • InterContinental Hotels & ResortsCatch a famous yellow cab and head down to the Meatpacking district for some super-chic dining at Morimoto. Rub shoulders with the famous while sampling delicacies from Japan's 'Iron Chef'.

    55555 by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

  • Aolani S.Sashimi Morimoto fantastico!! I love this restoranti :3

    55555 by Aolani S.

  • Christopher T.This place is beyond incredible. Start with the wyagu beef carpaccio or the Kakuni (pork belly). Then order either the duck duck duck or one of their ribeyes. Their steak rivals Peter Luger's.

    55555 by Christopher T.

  • Darryl deLeonCalamari tempura salad....delicious!!

    55555 by Darryl deLeon

  • Mick K.If you wanna eat out of this have to eat here! And don't miss the restroom - have seat!

    33333 by Mick K.

  • Oliver C.Meilleur Sushis. Le décor est impressionnant et les plats succulents. Les habits du Iron Chef sont désignés par Ralph Lauren. Assurez vous de faire une réservation et prévoir un bon budget.

    55555 by Oliver C.

  • StefanieDON'T get the lobster, DO get the Kobe Steak and the Tore appetizer

    33333 by Stefanie

  • AustinBathrooms are the next best thing to a shower!

    55555 by Austin

  • Jeremy O.Try the Yakitori (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • Jeremy O.Try the 牡丹海老 (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Jeremy O.

  • Mike S.Secret Menu Item: a Japanese wagyu "beef bop"

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Jennifer B.Sparkling sake is amazing!

    55555 by Jennifer B.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Abalone (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • John R.Try the Lobster Fritters (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by John R.

  • John R.Try the Hamachi Tartare (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by John R.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Fish Ball Noodle Soup (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Whole Maine Lobster Sashimi - Probably the only restaurant in town to have the whole lobster sashimi-grade (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Asari Soup (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • RisaGrub Street off-menu dish: Wagyu Beef Bop. "Fried rice and wagyu strip loin in a bowl so hot that it sears the beef at the table."

    55555 by Risa

  • Nikhita B.Dessert: the apple bread pudding and the flourless chocolate cake are amazing!

    55555 by Nikhita B.

  • Jeremy O.Try the 沖縄そば (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Jeremy O.

  • Jeremy O.Try the Hamasui - Hamaguri Ushiojiru (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Jeremy O.

  • crystal h.Best appitizer to get is the shrimp tempura!! Omg Amazing!

    55555 by crystal h.

  • F-Factor N.If your going for an entree, the braised black cod is delishhh... and #FFACTORapproved

    55555 by F-Factor N.

  • Jason M.Everything is incredible, it's hard to go wrong. Spicy tuna was to die for.

    55555 by Jason M.

  • Lauren R.the toro tartare is everything.

    55555 by Lauren R.

  • RiQTry the Lychee Cocktail - Pinkies up (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RiQ

  • RiQTry the Japanese Lobster Fritters - Nommmmmm =] (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RiQ

  • RiQTry the Sapporo Beer - Booze again (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RiQ

  • RiQTry the Hoegaarden Beer - Booze (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by RiQ

  • Donna G.Have everything.

    55555 by Donna G.

  • Zeke F.Try the Oh Toro (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Zeke F.

  • Ashley L.Definitely go for the Hydrangea Cocktail! It's awesome...and so are the bartenders on the bottom floor! :)

    55555 by Ashley L.

  • jeremoquaigreat sushi in NYC : black cod is usually awesome (but I have been disappointed the last time, must try again ;-) and the location is great, close to meatpacking, go there before or after for a drink

    55555 by jeremoquai

  • Jake E.The tuna-sushi pizza melts in your mouth - to die for.

    55555 by Jake E.

  • Troy J.Try the Tuna Taco - This guy is good. He should be on TV and have a bazillion restaurants. (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Troy J.

  • Troy J.Try the Yellowtail Pastrami - I support mass pastramification. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Troy J.

  • fernanda R.Try the Miso Glazed Black Cod (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by fernanda R.

  • fernanda R.Try the Morimoto sashimi - Perfect. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by fernanda R.

  • Suzanne L.I recommend the tofu 'hot and cold' for dessert-- satisfaction guaranteed.

    55555 by Suzanne L.

  • Jess C.Easily one of my favorite places. Decked out in a breathtaking interior, the food is just as impressive. Recommendations include the Crispy Rock Shrimp Tempura and Duck, Duck, Duck, but anything goes.

    55555 by Jess C.

  • Jessie M.Sushi is amazing

    55555 by Jessie M.

  • Nina C.Maybe it was just a bad night... But the omakase was VERY disappointing.

    33333 by Nina C.

  • Arie C.Sweet and delicious date spot. The food melts in your mouth.

    55555 by Arie C.

  • J D.I had the omasake, great when you don't want to control your options. Next visit to try: rock shrimp! Next meal there: Oyster foiegras, surf & turf with an orange blossom and chocolate macadamia nut.

    55555 by J D.

  • Karina die for.

    55555 by Karina T.

  • Duy H.Tip on Toro Tartare: "One of my favorite dishes in Midtown!".

    55555 by Duy H.

  • Eujin M.bring your kids and eat downstairs!

    55555 by Eujin M.

  • Meghan M.If you're not into sushi, try the tasty Katsu sandwich.

    55555 by Meghan M.

  • Liana M.Try the sea salt vanill sushi

    55555 by Liana M.

  • EdreaLove the ambiance... decor is fantastic. Presentation is spot on... food... a little overrated. :P

    55555 by Edrea

  • Daphneé J.Yummy tuna pizza!

    55555 by Daphneé J.

  • Jen14221The toilets make me happy.

    33333 by Jen14221

  • EchoDAThis is designed by famous architect Tadao Ando, (one of EchoDA's favorite architects), a purely zen like experience in an upscale setting.

    55555 by EchoDA

  • Liana M.BEST SUSHI EVER!!!!!

    55555 by Liana M.

  • Kate H.The white lily cocktail is one of my favorites in the city. Lemony but not too sweet.

    55555 by Kate H.

  • Jacqueline V.Best Creamy Rock Shrimp.

    55555 by Jacqueline V.

  • Jessie C.My hunny took me here to celebrate my acceptance into grad school back in 2002. We got the 10 course meal for two & got to meet & shake hands with Morimoto himself! :D

    55555 by Jessie C.

  • Daniel T.Me encanto la pared de botellas de cristal con led incorporados, espectacular!!

    55555 by Daniel T.

  • Erin G.Everything is consistently amazing. Starters: spicy king crab legs, rock shrimp tempura, kakuni, toro tartare. Mains: black cod, duck, Wagyu filet (if you feel like balling out).

    55555 by Erin G.

  • Daniel R.The best japanese restaurant @ NY

    55555 by Daniel R.

  • fatimaSeven course tasting menu. Enough said.

    55555 by fatima

  • Janie S.Seriously overrated dining here. Airplane food fish and fresh but whatever sushi

    33333 by Janie S.

  • Calvin T.Food so good you just can't believe that God put such heavenly animals on this earth for us to consume. The Pork Congee redefined the meaning of pork for me. Don't forget to sit down to wee ;)

    55555 by Calvin T.

  • Sarah T.Chirashi bowl is amazing! How do they make this sushi rice?

    55555 by Sarah T.

  • Gansevoort Hotel GroupWagyu Beef Carpaccio!!

    55555 by Gansevoort Hotel Group

  • tre/rock shrimp tempura: OMG...a must

    55555 by tre/

  • Shinichi PYou can enjoy beautifully arranged Japanese food in sparkling wonderland. Experience, Morimoto!

    55555 by Shinichi P

  • Yvette O.You knew there had to be a celebrity chef restaurant on this list, but also, Chelsea Market is a MUST, when in NYC. Morimoto's doesn't disappoint.

    55555 by Yvette O.

  • Amy N.Hydrangea cocktail is delicious and pretty.

    55555 by Amy N.

  • Camilla C.good for tourists

    55555 by Camilla C.

  • Jonavennci DivadThe food here is phenomenal with very nice vibrant bar scene

    55555 by Jonavennci Divad

  • Kevin Mark D.I need to save just to eat here.

    33333 by Kevin Mark D.

  • Jessica C.Love their cocktails :)

    55555 by Jessica C.

  • Sharon Rdelicious sushi!!

    55555 by Sharon R

  • Advertising WeekFor a thoroughly unique Japanese experience (on an expense account), check this place out. If you like to be "wow-ed" by food, order the toro tartare - perfect appetizer for the art director in you.

    55555 by Advertising Week

  • Em C.Rock shrimp and bathroom really is cool

    55555 by Em C.

  • Tanya P.Wagyu bento box .... heaven

    55555 by Tanya P.

  • Katie C.Japanese toilets are always a plus and one of the waiters looked like Armie Hammer. The food experience was a sheer art form.

    55555 by Katie C.

  • Gloria STo be honest, I thought the Toro Tartare is a bit overrated. Instead I really recommend the Oyster Foie Gras, that met my expectations.

    55555 by Gloria S

  • VinDivineRock shrimp tempura is excellent!

    55555 by VinDivine

  • Peter W.The calamaru salad is terrific, butmy favorite is the hamachi tartar...unbelievable!

    55555 by Peter W.

  • Wiafe AThe waitress forgot to put our main course in and now the kitchen is closed and I'm hungry! WTF?

    22222 by Wiafe A

  • danielle m.try the chef's choice! it's beautifully perfect. loved the duck, duck duck and 10 hour pork! don'f forget to check out the bathrooms.

    55555 by danielle m.

  • Lorenz L.Sea bass is superb, soft, and cooked perfectly. Has a good serving for the price. Definitely have the honey sake, it is presented accordingly well. Sweet sake is a good have as well!

    55555 by Lorenz L.

  • Ed C.Try out the yellowtail pastrami and the hamachi tartare

    55555 by Ed C.

  • Sarah T.the chirashi bowl is one of my favorites because of its uniquely flavored rice.

    55555 by Sarah T.

  • Kristin F.Not really a fish person but the Black Cod is soooo good!

    55555 by Kristin F.

  • Jamo VGo with a Google employee. 20% off!

    33333 by Jamo V

  • Elie JThe tuna sushi is the bomb!!!! $100 Steak well worth it!!!!

    55555 by Elie J

  • FoodspottingTry the Sashimi

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • zakia YI never eat sushi...but I love to be here..

    55555 by zakia Y

  • Tony B.Bring lots of company to pick off there plates, too much great items to choose from. I'm impressed.

    55555 by Tony B.

  • Liren MTuna tartare is amazing. As well as the oyster foei gras!

    55555 by Liren M

  • FoodspottingTry the King Crab Legs

    55555 by Foodspotting

  • Jonathon ASo far had 4 appetizers. The Kobe beef Carpaccio was 3 times nicer than the other dishes. AMAZING!!!

    55555 by Jonathon A

  • Sarina H.Bathrooms are insane!

    33333 by Sarina H.

  • Alina MThe omikase tasting menu is amazing, highly recommended

    55555 by Alina M

  • Leah Z.Toro Tartare & the White Lily. Perfect happy hour treat.

    55555 by Leah Z.

  • Tiffany T.The Morimoto Sashimi, Surf and Turf and the Tofu "hot and cold" dessert are a must try!!

    55555 by Tiffany T.

  • TeeAnje B.Food was delicious; the Iron Chef did not disappoint. Bathroom has heated toilet and other special perks.

    55555 by TeeAnje B.

  • John W.Great place. Amazing japanese lobster fritters.

    55555 by John W.

  • C-J. RDo not miss the tuna pizza here - it is the perfect infusion of ingredients.

    55555 by C-J. R

  • nymagNow you can pick up a boxed-lunch to take to the High Line from the Iron Chef's sprawling spot. The multi-course meal includes salad, miso soup, a California roll, sushi, and bottled water.

    55555 by nymag

  • Jackson AGet the oyster foi gras. It's easily the best thing on the menu

    55555 by Jackson A

  • Agent QMake sure to check out the stalls! ;)

    33333 by Agent Q

  • Jason H.Toro tartare - daaayyyuuuumm!!

    55555 by Jason H.

  • Alex V.The cartel orders Spicy King Crab Legs, the Toro Tartare and Crispy Rock Shrimp.

    55555 by Alex V.

  • Connie K.Rock Shrimp app and Hazelnut cake is very yummy

    55555 by Connie K.

  • Kate G.Rock Shrimp...yes please!

    55555 by Kate G.

  • Brett S.had the "chef's choice", hands down, the best meal i've ever had - looking forward to going back - will always remember the "oyster foie gras" - AMAZING

    55555 by Brett S.

  • Angie AThe omakase is just ok. Order a bunch of stuff from the menu instead.

    55555 by Angie A

  • stephiedooSpicy King Crab. Unforgettable.

    55555 by stephiedoo

  • John L.Intense in every way: the menu, the atmosphere, the experience. Me and my companion felt we'd get kicked out at any moment for messing with the feng shui. The REAL IRON CHEF in America does it best.

    33333 by John L.

  • Ruowen L.oyster fois gras and that tofu appertiser. and I've met him every tome I went!!

    55555 by Ruowen L.

  • Geraldine C.Go to Iron Chef Morimoto's namesake restaurant for spectacular décor and order the oyster foie gras -- Kumamoto oysters, foie gras, uni and teriyaki sauce!

    55555 by Geraldine C.

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