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42 Grove St
New York, NY 10014

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(212) 255-3590


  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am

Cuisine: French Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 217 reviews

price range:$26 to $50

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Buvette in New York, NY
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  • Buvette in New York, NY

Buvette Reviews

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  • Rebecca E.They have a pretty quick turnaround time for 2 people but I wouldn't wait more than 20 minutes for a table. Everything was very good but not revolutionary.

    33333 by Rebecca E.

  • Selene LEverything was stunning! Great place, great food and great wine! Little expensive but totally worth it!

    55555 by Selene L

  • Елена JNot the best place! Long waiting list! The food is standard.

    55555 by Елена J

  • Steven NBest croque Madame. Steamed eggs are great too. Good freshly squeezed oj. Good coffee. The little courtyard out back is quite charming!

    55555 by Steven N

  • Gergo RThe portions are not too big, otherwise it's a great place for brunch. ❤️

    55555 by Gergo R

  • natalie MTartar is excellent. Great to share.

    55555 by natalie M

  • Mara DJambon Cru!!!

    55555 by Mara D

  • Sid DGreat Ratatouille

    55555 by Sid D

  • Paul D.Charcuterie and cocktails

    55555 by Paul D.

  • Gloria AWhether for breakfast or dinner this place is transcendent. Highly recommend cod spread, cassoulet/coq au vin, and don't skip out on dessert. The chocolate mousse is divine

    55555 by Gloria A

  • Kelly S.The salad niciose.

    22222 by Kelly S.

  • Nicholas TGet the pancakes and waffles!

    55555 by Nicholas T

  • Reagan HanselmanThe best Croque Madame I've ever had. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to eat one from anywhere else ever again.

    55555 by Reagan Hanselman

  • Paula AAbsolutely fabulous!

    55555 by Paula A

  • Ale DNotwithstanding a harsh price-quality-quantity combination, the ambience is extremely nice (especially if you can get a table outside when it's warm) and the service is quick and efficient.

    55555 by Ale D

  • Charlie MThe waffle sandwhich, while in no apparent way French, is scrumptious.

    33333 by Charlie M

  • Elizabeth B.Sat at the bar, very crowded but a nice way to see all yummy cocktails + concoctions being made behind the counter. Had blood orange juice. The "cod dish" was confusing as it seemed like bread+butter.

    33333 by Elizabeth B.

  • Ebee DThe tartinette anchoiade is yummy. Cassoulet so yummy and always delicious. Dreamt steak tartar. Lots of wines by the glass all good incl. organ options. Brunch is so good too

    55555 by Ebee D

  • Balraj SReally good food. Must be had

    55555 by Balraj S

  • Wiley VThe toasts are amazing, and the eggs are great

    55555 by Wiley V

  • Sam DOne of my favs in the city. In addition to their great egg dishes and sandwiches like the croque madame, they have great pates like the chicken liver mousse and the rabbit confit

    55555 by Sam D

  • Sofia EI think is overrated, is not as good as we thought, the wait of an hour does not worth it and the service was awful they made a mistake with our order

    22222 by Sofia E

  • Sarah S.The best eggs and salmon. Delicious cappuccino. Also, a great place to go solo – grab the window seat, bring a book and have a glass of wine from Provence. Great place to hang out!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Kathleen CorlessThe waffle sandwich is outstanding!

    55555 by Kathleen Corless

  • Elizabeth B.Chorizo special , love the light bites

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Liat KExclusive..too crowded

    55555 by Liat K

  • Martin R.Moules A La Rouille - Steamed Mussels w/ Garlic Breadcrumbs

    55555 by Martin R.

  • Martin R.Ratatouille w/ Pesto and Chèvre

    55555 by Martin R.

  • SarahRIP Buvette. Used to be my favorite place in the city but they've given up. Last 3-5 times I've been here: watery eggs, coffee that came after the food, missing main dishes, same menu. Move along.

    33333 by Sarah

  • Caroline RubinVery cute restaurant. Was nice to sit in the small garden they have in the back.

    55555 by Caroline Rubin

  • Danielle AEverything is magic in this tiny gem.

    55555 by Danielle A

  • Emily SThe ideal brunch spot on a dreary NYC day. Suddenly you're in Paris eating fluffy steamed eggs on crunchy, oily bread topped with goat cheese and sun-dried cherry tomatoes. (Get that, btw).

    55555 by Emily S

  • Jessica JArrived early just after 9am on Sunday for brunch to avoid the usual queue for this place. Great brunch options, can highly watermelon lemonade and salmon with eggs

    55555 by Jessica J

  • Nirnaya L.When you're a restaurant in New York and the service is slow and the food is barely enough and mediocre you should just go somewhere else

    33333 by Nirnaya L.

  • Vincent BPlats Français

    55555 by Vincent B

  • Rebecca MaldonadoGet their croque madame, maybe a bit small or it was just too good! Loved their lemonice.

    55555 by Rebecca Maldonado

  • Chefs FeedThe croque forestier is Jody Williams' vegetarian answer to the croque-monsieur. It is pure decadence: buttery, creamy, earthy, crunchy, and toasty.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Haydn AExcellent food although German couple next to us complained about cost of substituting one bread for another.

    33333 by Haydn A

  • Maxi RAmazing food! Mussels, Chicken, Rabbit were highlights last time I went

    55555 by Maxi R

  • Lisandro WLindo lugar

    55555 by Lisandro W

  • William L.Demasiado bueno, creo que voy a repetir cada vez que venga a NYC. Todo aqui tiene el detalle de lo premium.

    55555 by William L.

  • AlexBreakfast. Perfect eggs, beautiful almond butter strawberry toast. Cute AF.

    55555 by Alex

  • Yasmin R.The Mimosas and Bloody Mary's are so damn good.

    55555 by Yasmin R.

  • SizzleMelCome for the style but don't come hungry if you're on a budget... Also, was told seeds in mimosa is ok because, fresh juice!

    33333 by SizzleMel

  • Emma SThe wine - chotes du Rhone is legit

    55555 by Emma S

  • Bon Appetit MagazineAt breakfast, be treated to a more serene version of the restaurant—linger over coffee and scrambled eggs with prosciutto. For dinner, vegetables and anything served in a cocotte will do you right.

    55555 by Bon Appetit Magazine

  • Олеся SОсьминог восхитителен😋😋👏🏻 также как и все остальное, обслуживание 👌

    55555 by Олеся S

  • Edward MSit at the bar. You get a unique insight into the organised chaos & excellent food. Don't ask for a mimosa before 12. They treat you like you're an alcoholic, even though it's on the breakfast Menu.

    55555 by Edward M

  • Teresia LBra för lunch

    55555 by Teresia L

  • Michichi RDefinitely check their daily special!! Love the caviar steamed egg I had the other day...

    55555 by Michichi R

  • Tom M.The waffle is delish

    55555 by Tom M.

  • Abe AnwarOne thing: Waffle Sandwich!

    55555 by Abe Anwar

  • Amalia Eggs with prosciutto/ eggs with sundried tomatoes, chocolate crepes, madeleines, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice!

    55555 by Amalia

  • Zeba DCute french dining & bar! Try Croquet monsieur, mulled wine & chocolate mousse. They serve the best latte in the city. Quite a long wait to get a table though!

    55555 by Zeba D

  • Dane F.BEAUTIFUL inside. Cocktail menu is an actual small book. Everything about Buvette is perfect.

    55555 by Dane F.

  • Adam E.This place is perfect

    55555 by Adam E.

  • Tom D.Delicious small plates. I recommend the salted cod, you will not be disappointed!

    55555 by Tom D.

  • Charlotte ScarfAn absolute favorite for brunch. I've been countless times and still haven't ventured past eggs with salmon and capers, except for delectable tarte tartine. Can't beat perfection!

    55555 by Charlotte Scarf

  • Blake JRomantic for dates but best for brunch

    55555 by Blake J

  • Ryan TateLook for caviar and eggs in wine menu.

    55555 by Ryan Tate

  • Chris VEggs, salmon, waffles, coffee

    55555 by Chris V

  • Steve WOpen late - until 2 AM.....

    33333 by Steve W

  • LeahLOVE the atmosphere in this charming spot. And the food is incredible. One of my faves in all of NYC.

    55555 by Leah

  • Rachel HAwesome place......delicious and best spot for meals....

    55555 by Rachel H

  • Elly DLovely place!!

    55555 by Elly D

  • Alyssa B.everything you desire in a classic french bistro

    55555 by Alyssa B.

  • John BWine and cheese

    55555 by John B

  • John C.Amazing French food served to you by Jake Gyllenhaal in a man bun

    55555 by John C.

  • Gabriel H.The Graves is my go to wine here. Delicious and not too expensive.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Lauren MacThis place isn't cheap, but they are generous with the cheese in their Chèvre dish and the eggs are soft and creamy. Adorable neighborhood spot that comes with tight quarters.

    55555 by Lauren Mac

  • Elder Mwow the waffle

    33333 by Elder M

  • flavio m.awesome for breakfast! try the waffle sandwich, it's a must! salty & sweet...yummmieeeee!

    55555 by flavio m.

  • Raquelle Jessiebeyond adorable, super euro, a lil pricey and amaze tartinettes of jambon and awesome onion crusted bread

    55555 by Raquelle Jessie


    55555 by Raquelle Jessie

  • Patrick BaskinDefinitely worth the hype, Croques are awesome and the Waffle Sandwich is delicious

    55555 by Patrick Baskin

  • RamiroHay espera, es ruidoso, las mesas son chicas, pero la comida esta muy buena.

    55555 by Ramiro

  • Max NPerfect place to go on a date. Very cozy with a romantic, French atmosphere

    55555 by Max N

  • Sage W.Jambon cru!

    55555 by Sage W.

  • Berk K.Order the Brandade De Morue, which is both delicious and filling (not all plates are). It's an incredibly cute and intimate restaurant. Plates are quite sharable, so keep that in mind when ordering.

    55555 by Berk K.

  • MSCDelightful little french bistro. Great for breakfast - but get there early. No reservations. Steamed eggs w prosciutto are delicious. Their fresh squeezed juices are a must try.

    55555 by MSC

  • Miguel R.Get the Croque Madame it is the best of their croques, the mix of cheeses and herbs will make you fall in love with the place

    55555 by Miguel R.

  • Charley T.Get the croissants - especially right when they open in the morning. You're welcome

    55555 by Charley T.

  • Ryan CAmazing Bloody Marys.

    55555 by Ryan C

  • Miguel R.Go for terrines, I made the rookie mistake thinking it would be little squares, but portions will suffice your hunger

    33333 by Miguel R.

  • Sam W.Very cute restaurant but went for dinner and had the chicken which wasn't bad but would like to try brunch.

    33333 by Sam W.

  • AnissaBe prepared for a wait during brunch!

    55555 by Anissa

  • Bitches Who B.Buvette is a gem of a restaurant, with petite, artfully curated, and well-executed dishes. For quite possibly the most adorable, intimate space for outdoor brunching, check out the back courtyard.

    55555 by Bitches Who B.

  • New York PostThis West Village gem really shines at breakfast. If you're here later in the day, look for the fairly priced wine list that’s set up by the region. It's a Mario Batali favorite.

    55555 by New York Post

  • aaronSit by the window

    22222 by aaron

  • Yoeun PenBlue cheese and butter, like the French do.

    33333 by Yoeun Pen

  • Nick AndlingerOh yes. The place I go for all things French. Charcuterie stands out. Love the vibe.

    55555 by Nick Andlinger

  • Millatattoo Carvalho:Café da manhã, Brunch, Almoço, Jantar, Happy Hour

    55555 by Millatattoo Carvalho

  • Ricky S.Great place for breakfast.

    55555 by Ricky S.

  • Jeanne ChoAvoid on weekend brunch hours at all costs, if you're a regular. Or come alone! The steamed eggs are worth the wait, if you're an out of towner.

    33333 by Jeanne Cho

  • Nas BenaliEverything we had here was really good, including the lattes ($6.50 small! Ahem...expensive) and desserts. Make sure you make a reservation before you go cuz it's very popular.

    55555 by Nas Benali

  • Erina YoshidaRomantic and Cozy French Bistro. Have a glass of wine and share some delicious small plates. Good for date or catching up with a friend.

    55555 by Erina Yoshida

  • Jeffrey L.2015 James Beard nominee for Best Chef - Jody Williams

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • Andrew L.My French friend endorsed this as one of the best french spots in town. Totally agree. Cocktails, coq au vin and chocolate mousse. Très délicieux.

    55555 by Andrew L.

  • Lauren Fukanowent in the evening and everything came with a stack of beautifully crusty french bread generously drizzled in olive oil. YES PLEASIE

    33333 by Lauren Fukano

  • Adya S.Terrific steamed scrambled eggs

    55555 by Adya S.

  • Yen HNguyenGreat for brunch!

    55555 by Yen HNguyen

  • Gabriel H.Wonderful place to get a bottle of wine. Particularly a white bordeaux

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Chris T.Small portions, but very rich. Extensive wine selection and great atmosphere.

    55555 by Chris T.

  • aisha baiocchiThe hot chocolate is great!

    55555 by aisha baiocchi

  • Rasha SalemCoq au vin. And chocolate mousse!!!

    55555 by Rasha Salem

  • Elevine B.So happy to find it open even during the blizzard! Lovely French bistro atmosphere, super friendly waitress. Carrot salad was perfect! Croque Forestier a cheesy mushroomy feast!

    55555 by Elevine B.

  • Boris van Hoytema 🚁The croque monsieur is tastes great, the gruyere is a bit more mellow than how you get it in France but the bread is great, although rock solid.

    55555 by Boris van Hoytema 🚁

  • Boris van Hoytema 🚁I can always get excited for some raw meat. The steak tartare has great texture and tastes like American beef, a bit less sweet.

    55555 by Boris van Hoytema 🚁

  • CarolineLight and airy steamed eggs, scrambled with the wand of an espresso machine. Good latte's

    55555 by Caroline

  • CarolineStop in for light and airy steamed eggs, scrambled with the wand of an espresso machine. Good latte's

    55555 by Caroline

  • Stacey StewartDon't go with a large group! It is very small. But DELICIOUS!

    55555 by Stacey Stewart

  • nikki austinI got engaged here last summer. Beautiful food, great restaurant. I love this neighborhood too.

    55555 by nikki austin

  • Brian SacawaWaffle sandwich. Also one of my favorite Bloody Mary's in NYC.

    55555 by Brian Sacawa

  • Alice MancinoNutella crepe was amazing. The croque monsieur was too... Holy gruyere!

    55555 by Alice Mancino

  • NickDuck pate and jambon. Excellent service by Josselin

    55555 by Nick

  • Kt LacasseBest latte I've ever had. Cr'q Madame was divine. An nyc-brunch must

    55555 by Kt Lacasse

  • K@te ☤Such a cool breakfast spot, small but loaded with charm and french ambiance. From the lattes to the food everything was delicious. Try the duck hash, the waffle sandwich and the croque madam.

    55555 by K@te ☤

  • Robert W.The pesto di noci tartinette is mandatory

    33333 by Robert W.

  • Alden W.They may not mention it on the wee menus, but everything here is organic, and the meat is sourced locally. Healthy? That depends on your definition.

    55555 by Alden W.

  • Shannon O'FlynnCosy little French place with excellent service and tasty food

    55555 by Shannon O'Flynn

  • Sin-Young P.Best brunch I had in a long long time! Order mini croissants to start with~

    55555 by Sin-Young P.

  • SooaVin brule, Mimosa a must.Other shops were empty but as soon as you step into this one, its a totally different world.Packed with people. Great atmosphere and I love their story book menu

    55555 by Sooa

  • MizuThe scrambled eggs here is out of the world

    55555 by Mizu

  • Kayleigh H.Impeccable. The proscuitto tartinette, Brussel sprouts, steak tartare and cheeses were delicious. The staff is friendly and knows the menu well. Came for a late dinner (10pm) and it was still packed.

    55555 by Kayleigh H.

  • RingoFaster if you only have 2 people!

    33333 by Ringo

  • Solène MaîtreAweaime place if you're looking for French and Italian food. The best is to share some cheese and charcuterie with red wine. Try the saucisson, le tartare and the rillettes de Saumon.

    55555 by Solène Maître

  • Kristen KeeseeBrunch here is amazing! Get the beets with horseradish sauce if it is on the menu. It is divine!

    55555 by Kristen Keesee

  • Nicolette RomeroBuvette makes you feel like you've been transported to a French cafe. The croque madame and prosciutto and eggs are delicious. Come here for brunch!

    55555 by Nicolette Romero

  • Neville SamuellSteamed eggs are awesome.

    55555 by Neville Samuell

  • Arnaud RéautéFood is good but a bit expensive for little quantity. Desert is very heavy.

    55555 by Arnaud Réauté

  • Joanne KimNotables: Coq au vin, roasted beets, stuffed eggplant, steak tartare, red wine. Delicious French tapas in an inviting environment. Rustic decor with candlelit spaces. Already planning my return!

    55555 by Joanne Kim

  • Alina D.Go to the bar. Go to Sid. That's all.

    33333 by Alina D.

  • Amelie LelargeGreat for a glass of wine and some tapas.

    55555 by Amelie Lelarge

  • Phoenix 💥💥💥Small plates so you'll need to order several

    55555 by Phoenix 💥💥💥

  • In NYCGreat food. Fun atmosphere. Great bartender.

    55555 by In NYC

  • John I.Probably one of my favorite brunch places in the world. Croque madame or forestiere, croissant with raspberry jam and butter, fresh squeezed OJs, and most importantly, chocolate mousse. Heaven.

    55555 by John I.

  • Neil J.Classic coq au vin. Good choice.

    55555 by Neil J.

  • Harrison W.Get the Cr'q Monsieur (ham &‎ gruyere). So good you'll think about it all day.

    55555 by Harrison W.

  • Sanaë LemoineThe croissants are crunchy and served with a delicious jam. The coffee is superb. Makes me nostalgic for the buvette in Paris, though this one is a little less cozy.

    55555 by Sanaë Lemoine

  • Silas CBest brunch if you're willing to wait. Start with the croissants and grab an entree after that!

    55555 by Silas C

  • Lori L.Intricate small plates are served at this French and Italian-inspired eatery. An excellent coq au vin and croque monsieur can be ordered here, but be prepared to wait for a seat.

    55555 by Lori L.

  • Magda KojGreat spot for a date. Delicious food, especially the artichoke tartines, steak tartar and the croque. Enjoy a glass of wine and a desert as well.

    55555 by Magda Koj

  • JwowBe sure to have the perfectly cooked steamed eggs, any option is a good one! The salade de saumon is delicious too!

    55555 by Jwow

  • Ione RangelO Brunch perfeito!

    55555 by Ione Rangel

  • Kim H."Jody Williams's new Francophilic "gastroteque" —THE VILLAGE VOICE, June 2014

    33333 by Kim H.

  • Jasmina M.The tart Tartin is to DIE for

    55555 by Jasmina M.

  • Ilona SelinaOne of the most uniquely romantic places in nyc. They have great drinks and delicious dishes to share. Perfect for a date!

    55555 by Ilona Selina

  • Victoria NatenzonGood place for a date or to catch up with an old friend. Tapas, so don't go if you're starving. Very small restaurant but so cute.

    55555 by Victoria Natenzon

  • Lei ECaviar et Ouefs

    55555 by Lei E

  • Val SAmaziNg bacon egg and cheese on a waffle!

    55555 by Val S

  • Ryan Z.The espresso-steamed eggs with freshly sliced prosciutto and shaved Parmesan.

    55555 by Ryan Z.

  • Karen A.Must try the croque forestier if you love mushroom stuffing!

    55555 by Karen A.

  • Gab MSiempre quieres el waffle sandwich!!

    55555 by Gab M

  • Steven T.Go more often for lunch. This place is a treasure.

    55555 by Steven T.

  • KathleenI had a grey lunch here. I will definitely return. Simple but excellent salad and great wine.

    55555 by Kathleen

  • KathleenI had a great lunch - salad and wine.... both were high quality. It is small but really nice.

    55555 by Kathleen

  • Wayne S.Good lunch or breakfast spot.

    55555 by Wayne S.

  • Adeline CSalmon & scrambled eggs with capers and creme fraiche! A must!

    55555 by Adeline C

  • Ben YoungThe sunny side up eggs and bacon with sage is delicious.

    55555 by Ben Young

  • Charles O.Great cote du rhone

    55555 by Charles O.

  • Anders D.[Restaurant/Bar] Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Crowded and awesome. Our favorite. Amazing small dishes. Sublime chocolate mousse. Nowhere near healthy, but who cares.

    55555 by Anders D.

  • Tony H.The tarte tatin is as amazing as anywhere on Earth, including Paris. Seriously, fantastic.

    55555 by Tony H.

  • Gabriela OliveiraGreat food, good eggs, croques and tarte tartin, super worthy, but the drinks are expensive!! Also they don't let the clients use their wifi, what's a bit odd.

    55555 by Gabriela Oliveira

  • sydney g.Bread. Ahhhh.

    55555 by sydney g.

  • Kirk L.They've got Aesop soap and lotion in the bathroom. #classy

    22222 by Kirk L.

  • Joseph F.Great place to grab a manhattan at the bar and flirt with exotic south Asian men.

    55555 by Joseph F.

  • Kirk L.Sit out back. Feed your soul.

    55555 by Kirk L.

  • Paul JGarden seating in the back is a must when weather is nice.

    55555 by Paul J

  • Aileen T.the brandade de morue was absolutely delightful!

    55555 by Aileen T.

  • ShabeebFood, drinks staff all make Buvette great for any time of day. Not one for big groups though

    55555 by Shabeeb

  • Urban CompassEverything is tiny at this romantic French bistro: small plates, small silverware, and small plates. But perfected steak tartare and gratin make this a perfect date spot.

    55555 by Urban Compass

  • Ashley K.OMFG this iced coffee!!!

    55555 by Ashley K.

  • Paul M.most of the sandwiches & egg dishes can be made meat-free. #vegetarian #meatlessmondays

    55555 by Paul M.

  • Maria N.Love love love every breakfast selection!! 💖

    55555 by Maria N.

  • Sophie C.Even on the most crowded friday night, it still manages to seem infinite

    55555 by Sophie C.

  • Jacqueline L.Much care is put into each dish. Get crêpes if they have them, and also saumon rillettes if possible . Best cappuccino I've had yet

    55555 by Jacqueline L.

  • Nicholas H.Steak tartare = yum

    55555 by Nicholas H.

  • Maria N.Try today's glistening rainbow carrot with tarragon glaze

    55555 by Maria N.

  • Johnny W.Perfect for a solo breakfast at the bar. The croque Madame is divine and the waitstaff is attentive without being overbearing. Worth it.

    55555 by Johnny W.

  • Dan R.Croque Forestier is LIFE!

    55555 by Dan R.

  • Kirk L.The outdoor space is great though only opens after 9.

    55555 by Kirk L.

  • Kirk L.They just started offering the weekend brunch menu on Friday mornings. This makes me happy :)

    55555 by Kirk L.

  • Maria N.Try the Saturday brunch specials...today steamed eggs and bottarga

    55555 by Maria N.

  • Aletha H.Buvette is affordable & low-key. Getting seated was a quick process. The food doesn't disappoint. The decor makes you forget you are in the City. Perfectly cooked eggs & pastries. My new brunch spot!

    55555 by Aletha H.

  • @tdavidsonThe salted cod is an old man's dish. Be an old man and enjoy it.

    55555 by @tdavidson

  • Serious EatsUsually packed in the evening, if you're looking for a more peaceful environment, try going at lunchtime.

    55555 by Serious Eats

  • Matthew SimonBest breakfast in NYC. Wear Louis Vuitton and laugh at the commoners in the cold outside.

    55555 by Matthew Simon

  • Layla K.Cozy table by front window, tartinettes, beets, cauliflower gratin & selection of cheeses - perfect for intimate date or group of friends.

    55555 by Layla K.

  • Joy D.The oxtail marmalade is incredible

    55555 by Joy D.

  • Kirk L.The scrambled eggs with prosciutto are hard to beat. Perfect spot, great space, and wonderful space. A true fav of mine.

    55555 by Kirk L.

  • Archimedes S.Get a bunch of small plates to share!

    55555 by Archimedes S.

  • Elliot FishmanA great place to go late for a small plate and a glass of wine. One of my meighborhood faves

    55555 by Elliot Fishman

  • Travel + LeisureWe love Jody Williams’s sweet, expertly curated, and dollhouse-scaled taste of idealized France in the West Village.

    55555 by Travel + Leisure

  • Siyun F.Perfect date spot, from food, service to decor. Oh so frenchy!

    55555 by Siyun F.

  • Greg W.Get the hearty Croque Forestier. Available after 11pm. Closes at 2am.

    55555 by Greg W.

  • Josephine S.Love love love this place! Chicken liver mousse is a must! Great cheeses with homemade jam and honey. Cocktails are yummy!

    55555 by Josephine S.

  • SureshAmazing cheese selection & delectable French basics.

    55555 by Suresh

  • Proper Idlenesscheap eats anchoiade tartine

    55555 by Proper Idleness

  • Aperol USAEnjoy an Aperol Spritz - the perfect aperitivo!

    55555 by Aperol USA

  • Anouk K.Everything everything everything

    55555 by Anouk K.

  • Valentina AlexandraGet the outside table lovely

    33333 by Valentina Alexandra

  • Alex AThe cutest French bistro in New York.

    55555 by Alex A

  • nantini r.expensive but tasty wine selection. every dish is special and tasty.

    55555 by nantini r.

  • VoiceStreetWinner of Best Use of Lentils in the Village Voice 2011 Best Of issue! The veggie-friendly dish is stewed with finely chopped kale - perfect for winter!

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Time Out New YorkThe best birthday restaurant offers a homey French feast, centered on a shareable dish like roasted chicken, for groups of 8 to 12 on the long “kitchen table” in the back.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Kim D.Really cool little wine bar/restaurant. TINY tables and plates....but delicious.

    55555 by Kim D.

  • Time Out New YorkTry the featherlight brandade. The whipped salt cod spread is one of our #100best dishes and drinks of 2011.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Jym B.DELISH! Feel free 2 ask the staff 2 make suggestions! They are extremely helpful! Rabbit Coffit, Coq au vin R musts. They do not take reservations so get there early. Not good for parties of 5 and up.

    55555 by Jym B.

  • Jason SAsk for Rafael and be treated with exceptional service, with a dash of unique character, not unlike the venue itself. Decent wine list as well. Thanks for the experience!

    55555 by Jason S

  • Tamara H.Come with friends, order a carafe of the house white wine and several plates to share, family-style. Mussels are A++, as is the steak tartare.

    55555 by Tamara H.

  • Julie A.Tart tartin was not fabulous but chocolate mousse is delicious!

    55555 by Julie A.

  • abbysuch an adorable place, right down to the design of the menu. the hits: pesto di nocciola tartine, lentils, beef bourguignon, and chocolate mousse

    55555 by abby

  • Caroline F.My favourite date night place in New York

    55555 by Caroline F.

  • LinaRaphael's enthusiasm is infectious, and his suggestions yummy. The burrata and safata (artichoke) are not to be missed

    55555 by Lina

  • Jenna O.The best place to go while waiting for your table at Little Owl

    55555 by Jenna O.

  • Anna MChocolate mousse is ugly but delicious. Goes so well with their espresso

    55555 by Anna M

  • Mario B.Try the lentils w the classique aperitif!!

    55555 by Mario B.

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