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181 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012

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(212) 254-3000


  • Sunday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm, 5:30 am - 11:30 pm
  • Saturday: 5:30 am - 11:30 pm

Cuisine: Italian Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

4.7 of 5.0 from 220 reviews

price range:more than $50


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CARBONE in New York, NY
  • CARBONE in New York, NY
  • CARBONE in New York, NY
  • CARBONE in New York, NY
  • CARBONE in New York, NY
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  • CARBONE in New York, NY
  • CARBONE in New York, NY


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  • Jonathan RThe lasagna here is too die for. Only make a certain # per night or weekend. I don't remember which but it's limited.

    55555 by Jonathan R

  • Kayleigh H.The hype is real. The vodka pasta, meatballs, carrot cake are all delightful.

    55555 by Kayleigh H.

  • Konstantin PThe veal parm is delicious. Great for sharing. "Everything is a special" - the waiter...Goodfellas type of atmosphere, authentic staff, great music and ambiance, a wonderful NY experience.

    55555 by Konstantin P

  • Louis-Albert TBest Italian food I have ever had. Impeccable service. Lovely cadre

    55555 by Louis-Albert T

  • Mike GThe escarole may be the best thing on the menu. You wouldn't expect it, but trust me.

    55555 by Mike G

  • Chad H.ideal for a special occasion of any kind; make sure to get the veal parm and the spicy rigatoni vodka

    55555 by Chad H.

  • Faisal A.Spicy Rigatoni ✔️

    55555 by Faisal A.

  • Howard JGet Veal Parm

    55555 by Howard J

  • Maggie mAbsolutely love this place. Highly recommended! The menu is HUGE (size wise) but clear. The food was excellent, especially the spicy rigatoni vodka. Had a great experience. Will be coming back.

    55555 by Maggie m

  • EaterDev meets “Chef Jeff” Pastore at Carbone, a very expensive red-sauce joint from Major Food Group, where they eat octopus pizzaiolo, fresh mozz, and beef carpaccio Piedmontese. [Episode 5]

    55555 by Eater

  • DebbieSave your money like you're saving for a Gucci purse because that's how expensive each dish was. But damn, the service and the food were on point.

    33333 by Debbie

  • EaterAt this Village restaurant, your meal is best concluded with the dessert cart, and the star of the show is the carrot cake. It’s a curvy, ultra moist slice that hugs a scoop of ginger ice cream.

    55555 by Eater

  • Megan LCesar salad, meatballs, spicy rigatoni, tortellini, veal Parmesan, Dover sole, artichoke hearts, carrot cake

    55555 by Megan L

  • Nana NComida deliciosa! Seguimos a recomendação do garçom e pedimos vários pratos para compartilhar, por estarmos em família. Todos ótimos!!

    55555 by Nana N

  • Ronald BEverything they say is true. Perfect place to experience the old Italian-American vibe with excellent food.

    55555 by Ronald B

  • Alexis TImpeccable service and high quality food served in this old school, clubby restaurant. Expensive wine list. Eat early if you want to get a reservation. Spicy rigatoni vodka lives up to the hype.

    55555 by Alexis T

  • Reserve ACarbone offers a unique take on the classic tiramisu, preparing a sliced wedge that layers mascarpone between Marsala sponge cake.

    55555 by Reserve A

  • Carol CLovely and tasty!❤

    55555 by Carol C

  • Sarah LWonderful place for a date. Can't go wrong with the spicy rigatoni

    55555 by Sarah L

  • Elisa sJust delicious Lobster Ravioli. ❤️

    55555 by Elisa s

  • Staff PicksCarbone was one of the more wished for places throughout 2015’s I Want Somewhere holiday campaign. Where’s your somewhere? Enter to win a bucket list experience.

    33333 by Staff Picks

  • Elizabeth RSpicy Rigatoni with Meatballs is a must. The Caesar is made tableside and the croutons rock. Wine list is pricey but definitely worth it for a special occasion. Service is also above and beyond

    55555 by Elizabeth R

  • SopitasSpicy Rigatone!

    55555 by Sopitas

  • Phil T.The spicy rigatoni is a dream.

    55555 by Phil T.

  • Adam D.Spicy Rigatoni is killer

    55555 by Adam D.

  • Chandra KThe Spicy Vodka Rigatoni, meatballs, and cheesecake were amazing. The free grandma bread and prosciutto were also fantastic.

    55555 by Chandra K

  • Danley H.The best Italian I've ever had. The atmosphere is a little showy but the waiters are all friendly. The prosciutto+mozzarella was heaven. Highly recommend the spicy rigatoni and veal parm

    55555 by Danley H.

  • Jean MEverything! Especially the fois gras

    55555 by Jean M

  • Michael H.Veal parm, spicy rigatoni vodka

    55555 by Michael H.

  • emily c.Yes, the spicy vodka rigatoni hype is real. Get the octopus, salad, baked clams 3 ways (comes with uni on top!!!) and the rigatoni. Loved the bread basket too.

    55555 by emily c.

  • PureWowSpicy Rigatoni Vodka: OK, Carbone’s prices aren’t for the faint of heart (we estimate you’ll be paying approximately $3 per bite), but once you taste this stuff, you’ll understand.

    55555 by PureWow

  • Miae K.So the wine doctor pushes you to order a $600 bottle wine???? What the #%!* he don't know s?$&@ about wine at all!!!

    33333 by Miae K.

  • Miae K.I hate push waiters and sales persons @ restaurant

    22222 by Miae K.

  • EaterFor their ultra luxe version of veal parm, Carbone uses premium veal from Pat LaFrieda, plus house-made mozzarella and a bright, unfussy tomato sauce. It is the platonic ideal of a veal parm.

    55555 by Eater

  • Lee H.Maybe one of the best meals of my life. Every item from the free apps to dessert were mind blowing. The spicy rigatoni and meatballs, Caesar salad, and rigatoni ragu all literally the best I've had.

    55555 by Lee H.

  • Erika D.Let them order for you, they know the drill or order: carpaccio, meatballs, veal parm & spicy rigatoni

    33333 by Erika D.

  • John JSpicy vodka rigatoni and veal parm.

    55555 by John J

  • Emily KDefinitely get the Opel chop and the spicy rigatoni!

    55555 by Emily K

  • jansen chowAmazing baked clams, spicy rigatoni volka and tortellini are must try! Meatballs was delicious, service as you can expected from a Michelin star restaurant

    55555 by jansen chow

  • Jessica S.I don't even like pasta and I thought the spicy rigatoni was in the top-10 things I've ever eaten.

    33333 by Jessica S.

  • Garrison AHave a cocktail at the bar while you wait, pancetta for the table, pasta and the veal parm, don't get more than one side unless you are willing to take home leftovers, must order at least 1 dessert.

    33333 by Garrison A

  • Shirley L.The free appetizer that came for every table at lunch was amazing. I was especially blown away by the tortellini al ragu!

    55555 by Shirley L.

  • Sunny H.The spicy rigatoni is a must and the veal parmigiana is excellent.

    55555 by Sunny H.

  • Josy EThey'll make the spicy rigatoni not spicy and I think it's even better that way.

    55555 by Josy E

  • Jessica KFantastic restaurant!! Great service and amazing food. The mozzarella is to die for.

    55555 by Jessica K

  • Esin K.Spicy rigatoni😋😋😋👌🏼

    55555 by Esin K.

  • hania BOne of the best Italian resturant in NYC ❤️❤️😋😋 best pasta ever and the veal parmagiano😋😋

    55555 by hania B

  • Alev ATatlılar mükemmel mantar soslu makarnalar da hiç fena değil

    55555 by Alev A

  • Jordan PParmesan cheese, spicy rigatoni, Caesar salad, veal Parmesan

    55555 by Jordan P

  • Kevin CEverything. Absolutely Everything.

    55555 by Kevin C

  • Jo R.Really good food! Leave room for the carrot cake YUMMY!

    55555 by Jo R.

  • Jason B.Traditional Italian restaurant that lives up to the hype. The linguini with clams was great and the meatballs are a must order

    55555 by Jason B.

  • Wilson Z.The rigatoni alla vodka is like a Gucci edition of the overexposed Italian-American standard, its exceptional house-made maccheroni drenched in spicy cream and sweet melted onions. -TimeOut

    55555 by Wilson Z.

  • Nick AndlingerSpicy rigatoni is on point.

    55555 by Nick Andlinger

  • Anand S.Vodka rigatoni!

    55555 by Anand S.

  • Harry Davisspicy rigatoni vodka

    55555 by Harry Davis

  • Jacob RosenbergFantastic desserts!

    55555 by Jacob Rosenberg

  • suneel t.veal Marsala> veal Parmesan. stop kidding yourself here.

    55555 by suneel t.

  • ashley b.Everything was brilliant for our late night dinner. Until the period music turned to RAP!?! Absolutely not. Big turn off. Why Carbone?

    33333 by ashley b.

  • Zan MSpicy Rigatoni, Caesar Salad, Lemon Cheesecake, Carrot Cake

    55555 by Zan M

  • Ubeyd YClassic Italian-American. Order enough of the spicy rigatoni for the table. The meatballs are delicious and the veal parm can feed an army. Pay with Cover and skip waiting for the check

    55555 by Ubeyd Y

  • Nicolette RomeroCarbone is easily in my top 5 restaurants in NYC! The ambience is amazing (you'll love the music) and the food is fantastic. The pork chop is top notch and the carrot cake is delicious.

    55555 by Nicolette Romero

  • Justine JGrab a glass of wine and ask for their mozzarella. I have no idea what they soak it in, but it's mind-blowing.

    55555 by Justine J

  • Süleyman EYemekler ve ortam super

    55555 by Süleyman E

  • Marina A"Precisa" fazer reserva, o restaurante é bem pequeno, mas aconchegante! O Rigatoni e o Meatball (não está no cardápio) são deliciosos!

    55555 by Marina A

  • Ilia P.Everything is incredible--seafood tower, steak, mushrooms, pasta, squash. A totally unique experience. Well worth a visit.

    55555 by Ilia P.

  • Nora DSpicy rigatoni vodka is a must!!!

    55555 by Nora D

  • Nora DMozzarella and sweet peppers! ❤️

    55555 by Nora D

  • Andrew NSpicy rigatoni is the highlight.

    55555 by Andrew N

  • Kevin O.The spicy vodka sauce rigatoni is haunting me

    55555 by Kevin O.

  • John D.Veal parm, spicy rigatoni, meatballs, table-side Caesar

    55555 by John D.

  • Sherie S.There is nothing here that is not OMG good. Some of the best oysters 3 ways I've ever had. The veal parmesan is the star. Share.. Huge portions.

    55555 by Sherie S.

  • James H.Start the meal with baked clams done three ways.

    33333 by James H.

  • Catherine P.A little bit of Jay Z and a whole lot of deliciousness. Love this spot 👍🏻

    55555 by Catherine P.

  • Stacy SalameReservations far in advance

    33333 by Stacy Salame

  • Andreas KleinerWhat's not good here?! This is the best Italian restaurant I've been to in NYC. Amazing food and service and good selection of wine!

    55555 by Andreas Kleiner

  • Amy R.I have no clue how they make the rigatoni so good. To boot it's a nice, classic, unpretentious atmosphere

    55555 by Amy R.

  • ShahEverything here is incredible, but their mozzarella is probably the best cheese I've ever had.

    55555 by Shah

  • Sarp ErkayaTrendy. Good service. But the food was not impressive. Pricey...

    33333 by Sarp Erkaya

  • Jeffrey L.2015 James Beard finalist for Best Chef - Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • Miguel PRigatoni, tortellini, and potatoes louie were all amazing, service was on point, but Friday night crowd was trash

    55555 by Miguel P

  • Vanessa BSem duvida o melhor italiano de Ny. Caro mas pra uma noite especial vale a pena!!!

    55555 by Vanessa B

  • Deborah MPutanesca Maravilhosaaaa ... vale a pena , mas eh bom reservar!!! Ambiente e atendimento dispensa comentários... Tudo perfeito 👏

    55555 by Deborah M

  • Ibrahim AlhudaithyVodka rigatoni, veal Parm and carrot cake

    55555 by Ibrahim Alhudaithy

  • ZubinThe tortellini is a sleeper! Maybe the best item out of the pasta category

    55555 by Zubin

  • Jameson P.All the hype is for a reason! Great music and service. Charred octopus, spicy vodka rigatoni and carrot cake are all a must. Martinis too. Get there early and grab a drink at ZZ's Clam Bar!

    55555 by Jameson P.

  • Marthamicroscopic place, but cocktails are amazing. very trendy.

    55555 by Martha

  • Ben K.Seriously cool and so delicious. Order the baked clams and table side Caesar. Then lots of pasta; the vodka rigatoni and lobster ravioli are awesome. Sorry but the $64 veal parm is so not worth it.

    55555 by Ben K.

  • Jeffrey L.2015 James Beard nominee for Best Chef - Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi

    55555 by Jeffrey L.

  • Jen MThe spicy rigatoni and veal parm is as good as everyone says! Also try the eggplant app. Great place.

    55555 by Jen M

  • RossDo not miss the veal parm, spicy rigatoni, or meatballs. Italian cooking at its finest.

    55555 by Ross

  • Ryan A.Good place to bring your Godfather

    55555 by Ryan A.

  • Brandon C.Carbone? More like Carbfinity. But delicious.

    55555 by Brandon C.

  • Ashley RudolphOrder family style and sample what the waiter recommends. The service is spectacular here. Awesome for groups.

    55555 by Ashley Rudolph

  • suneel t.baked clams, spicy rigatoni, and veal Marsala. the rest is optional.

    55555 by suneel t.

  • Lindsey K.You're here for the incredible, entertaining experience. Let the waiters take over and enjoy your wine, chopped salad, spicy vodka rigatoni and veal parm. Try to save room for dessert!

    55555 by Lindsey K.

  • Michael D.Can't get a table? Use the Reserve app.

    33333 by Michael D.

  • Michael D.You are going to think you're too full for dessert. Get the carrot cake anyway.

    55555 by Michael D.

  • Jen MEvery cocktail is delicious and ridiculously expensive. As for the food, be prepared to eat a real dinner somewhere else. All plates are super tiny and expensive!!

    55555 by Jen M

  • #Soubetameadd Wmuito bom...

    55555 by #Soubetameadd W

  • Mike S.Baked clams were a highlight appetizer. I'd recommend 1 app, 1 pasta, 1 fish and 1 meat for 2 people.

    55555 by Mike S.

  • Headlines and HeroesKeeping the tradition of great Italian-American alive and well, with traditional favorites including Veal Parmesan, Chicken Scarpariello, Linguini Vongole, and Lobster Fra Diavola.

    55555 by Headlines and Heroes

  • Quoc C.Great wine, food and service all around. It can get pretty busy so make your RSVP well in advance. The only con I have is that we were seated very close to one another (table to table)

    55555 by Quoc C.

  • Bryan AndrewGreat dining experience! Fettuccine with shaved truffles is a must. Same with eggplant antipasti - comes with homemade mozzarella. Overall DELICIOUS with amazing service.

    55555 by Bryan Andrew

  • TraveleatshopWe were served by a server with attitude. He didnt even have the patience to answer our questions and take our orders. It was no surprise that we had wrong orders, which he then denied. Disappointed.

    11111 by Traveleatshop

  • Sohyung K.You'd have to win the lottery to truly enjoy this place. Solid Caesar salad though.

    55555 by Sohyung K.

  • Meg M.Presentation of cocktails is remarkable. Make a reservation a week or so in advance.

    55555 by Meg M.

  • Vivian de TorrijosVeal parmigiana. Mozarella!

    55555 by Vivian de Torrijos

  • DoubleDeuceThe lady on the 6th floor above the restaurant door feeds pigeons on the fire escape. They crap all over the restaurant door.

    33333 by DoubleDeuce

  • Rachel LSpicy Rigatoni

    55555 by Rachel L

  • Harumi U.Everyone talks about spicy rigatoni and veal perm so I will skip that. (Did I just mention them???). Look at this carrot cake. This alone should tell you how inventive (and good) they are with food

    55555 by Harumi U.

  • SiovonneVeal. Good date spot.

    55555 by Siovonne

  • Mark G.Good, but trying too hard. Try the veal parm, it's tasty but way too big.

    55555 by Mark G.

  • Chris SiskaAll the cocktails are delicious. Especially liked the Coconut, Pistachio and Almond. Can't go wrong with the menu but be warned that the carpaccios are VERY filling in addition to being very delicious

    55555 by Chris Siska

  • Daniel B.If You Want to Know How to Make The Type of Food served at CARBONE, Check Out SUNDAY SAUCE - When Italian AMericans Cook, LEanr How to Make "SUNDAY SAUCE alla CLEMENZA" Meatballs and all Your ITALIAN

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Jordan FoxThe hulking veal parm is amazing. Worth it.

    55555 by Jordan Fox

  • Cristian G.Try the amazing scampi and the rigatoni alla vodka. Incredible space - looks like a classic Italian gangster joint from a bygone era.

    55555 by Cristian G.

  • Mark AVeal Parmesan, Tuna, Ravioli

    55555 by Mark A

  • Alyssa CalderoneCaesar salad, angel hair pasta, penne alla vodka, cheesecake

    55555 by Alyssa Calderone

  • Peter RothSpicy rigatoni a la vodka and the baked clams were both amazing.

    55555 by Peter Roth

  • Time Out New YorkGarnished with lavender and served in an antique teacup, ZZ’s coffee cocktail was one of 2013’s best drinks. Crème de cacao, aged rum, and Campari offer a coffeelike balance of sweet and bitter

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Time Out New YorkThe 2014 Food & Drink Award Winner for Best New Restaurant, Carbone has turned the traditional Italian supper club on its head. We recommend the rigatoni alla vodka, veal Parmesan, and tiramisu.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Time Out New YorkDownright seductive, Carbone’s spicy rigatoni vodka is a must. Curves of fresh, house-made maccheroni arrive in a buttery tomato sauce, flecked with spicy Calabrian chilies and salty pecorino shavings

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Sarah S.Save your dollars, plan in advance and snag a reservation to this hot spot from pals Mario Carbone & Rich Torrisi! Love the throwback experience and food, especially Rigatoni and Cherry Pepper Ribs!

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • Tasting TableEven the toast is exquisite. Hear us out! Each tiny bite is loaded with stunning deep red trout roe, truffle honey and black truffles

    55555 by Tasting Table

  • First We FeastIf anyone at your table isn't grinning when the dessert cart rolls around, send them home early with a wet blanket.

    33333 by First We Feast

  • Amanda G.The uni and tuna toasts are a must but don't miss the shimajji tartare and the tuna, foie and bone marrow carpaccio with brioche.

    55555 by Amanda G.

  • Emily JBest Italian I've had in a long time. Incredibly fresh/sweet tomatoes in the caprese. Would highly recommend the tortellini ragu and an order of their meatballs.

    55555 by Emily J

  • Drew A.Just order this... baked clams, Caesar salad, spicy rigatoni vodka, veal parm. Trust.

    55555 by Drew A.

  • Android ASpaghetti and meatballs.

    33333 by Android A

  • Brian C.The tortellini al ragu is amazing. Didn't love the Angel Hair AOP.

    55555 by Brian C.

  • Rory P.When you get to the Tortellini Al Ragu, shut out all distractions and focus on the intense cheese wrapped in silky soft pasta. For dessert, get the meatballs. Yes, they are that good.

    55555 by Rory P.

  • Charlie KBaked clams are amazing

    55555 by Charlie K

  • Adam NMolto bene. Order and eat everything.

    55555 by Adam N

  • Kat C.Fantastic cocktails (particularly the coconut and the squash) and life-changing small plates. Best when someone else is paying.

    55555 by Kat C.

  • Rebecca R.Caesar salad + spicy rigatoni vodka.

    55555 by Rebecca R.

  • emily c.amazing little joint for super fun drinks. great for dates or impressing. :)

    55555 by emily c.

  • Wilson Z.Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone spent a year touring the five boroughs’ classic red-sauce restaurants to round up the ingredients of a high-toned homage. the veal chop, the bass Alison, Tiramisu...

    55555 by Wilson Z.

  • Matt S.The burning coconut thing

    33333 by Matt S.

  • Layla JOctopus for appetizer and definitely the spicy rigatoni vodka. Chris Cobb is an amazing waiter!

    55555 by Layla J

  • Mutineer Magazine"Insane" wouldn't even begin to explain it. Wow.

    22222 by Mutineer Magazine

  • EvieWorth every pretty penny--the ribs, oxtail cavatelli, spicy rigatoni, and carrot cake are all standouts.

    55555 by Evie

  • Karmyn SSerious when I say everything is fantastic!! The food...the experience!! Just unbelievable!!!

    55555 by Karmyn S

  • Briana Adlerveal parm.

    55555 by Briana Adler

  • Josh SGrab a Caesar salad, Spicy Rigatoni vodka (add the Meatballs x 3 / order), double lamb chops then Veal parm, and sizzling pancetta. You won't need dessert, but get an espresso and add sambuca

    55555 by Josh S

  • Katie CGo for the baked clams!

    33333 by Katie C

  • Bill C.Fantastic rustic Italian, great service-delish

    55555 by Bill C.

  • Sherie S.Anything, everything. It's all delicious. Veal Parmesan amazing.

    55555 by Sherie S.

  • Brad P.The perfect destination for the next Special Occasion meal in your life.

    55555 by Brad P.

  • CoverYou've never been anywhere like ZZ's. Sip on the coconut cocktail & order as much as your wallet can afford. The uni on a pretzel roll is the standout. Pay with Cover and skip waiting for the check.

    55555 by Cover

  • Sam G.Best croutons and veal parm I've ever had

    55555 by Sam G.

  • Eliza"Yes, the prices are dizzying, but so are the portions, the quality of the ingredients and the sheer exuberance of the preparations." - Pete Wells, NYT

    55555 by Eliza

  • Evan K.Anything raw bar, Cesar salad, meatballs, rigatoni, VEAL PARM, carrot cake

    33333 by Evan K.

  • Mark E.Everything on the menu is incredible and there are no bad choices. Personal favorites include the Coffee, Pistachio, and Coconut cocktails. End your spectacular night by paying with Cover.

    55555 by Mark E.

  • Brad L."Best new addition 2013" according to Bloomberg restaurant critic Ryan Sutton, who recommends the Spicy rigatoni alla vodka.

    55555 by Brad L.

  • GQ MagazineFrom the same trio behind Torrisi Italian Specialties, Parm, and ZZ’s Clam Bar, all the tropes of the classic Italian-American red sauce joints are at play, but better than you’ve ever had.

    55555 by GQ Magazine

  • La Dolce VitaOne Michelin star

    55555 by La Dolce Vita

  • CoverClassic Italian-American. Order enough of the spicy rigatoni for the table. The meatballs are delicious and the veal parm can feed an army. Pay with Cover and skip waiting for the check!

    55555 by Cover

  • Chris R.Two words: Vodka. Rigatoni. That you can pay with Cover here only makes it better.

    55555 by Chris R.

  • Tom W.Love the old school Italian vibe. Don't forget to use Cover.

    55555 by Tom W.

  • Michelin Travel & LifestyleReinvented classics soar, especially baked clams, rigatoni alla vodka, veal Parmesan, and chocolate layer cake. – Green Guide Editor

    55555 by Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

  • naveenthe mozzarella to start. the meatballs. the rigatoni. the veal parm. split everything. to finish: an espresso with a splash of sambuca

    55555 by naveen

  • Sam T.The pricey ($54) veal parm is incredible, as are all the pastas, the meatballs, and the carrot cake. Great cocktail and wine list as well.

    55555 by Sam T.

  • Rachel K.So about that spicy rigatoni 👅.... AND Meatballs, AND veal parm AND octopus AND squash. #crackmeal

    55555 by Rachel K.

  • Kelly BThe tortellini with 5g of shaved white truffles = divine

    55555 by Kelly B

  • EaterThe "Coffee" cocktail is made with two types of aged rum, creme de cacao, Campari, and a touch of Toby's Estate coffee, and it's served in a fancy porcelain teacup. Try the rum-based "Coconut" drink.

    55555 by Eater

  • Thea R.Caesar salad, Spicy rigs, calamari salad, veal parm, lamb chops- BOOM.

    55555 by Thea R.

  • ZubinCaesar and aforementioned rigatoni were amazing. Ribs were wayyyy too fatty.

    55555 by Zubin

  • Nat H.Dogana Potatoes

    33333 by Nat H.

  • Kash G.Spicy rigatoni with meatballs is a life changing experience....

    55555 by Kash G.

  • Daniel B.Funghi Trifolati changed my life a little. I'm still thinking about it days later, and I don't even like mushrooms

    33333 by Daniel B.

  • Jessica S.Coffee cocktail on Time Outs 100 best dishes and drinks 2013

    55555 by Jessica S.

  • Alexandra L.You will spend an amazing amount of cash in minuscule appetizers and cocktails. And it will be amazing. Just make sure you've lined up where you're actually having dinner.

    55555 by Alexandra L.

  • Emil C.Get the pineapple cocktail

    55555 by Emil C.

  • Lauren JThe tuna carpaccio is life-changing. Worth the ridiculous price tag!

    33333 by Lauren J

  • Katie R.All things on toast are amazing (esp Uni)

    55555 by Katie R.

  • Krista C.Baked clams, antipasti, spicy rigatoni, and meatballs are fantastic! Also, the music and decor make you feel like you're in a scene from goodfellas. One of the best Italian spots in NYC for sure!

    55555 by Krista C.

  • Nilgun Nila O.Apricot coctails and cured japanese sardines:) great!

    55555 by Nilgun Nila O.

  • Alexis W.The pastas are off the hook, for two definitely order two!!!!! Finish your meal with amaro to get that warm fuzzy feeling...

    55555 by Alexis W.

  • Tiffany S.They have gluten-free pasta here! Don't be afraid to ask for it

    55555 by Tiffany S.

  • Carlos R.Excellent food, outstanding service!

    55555 by Carlos R.

  • Michael B.This place insists upon itself

    33333 by Michael B.

  • Matthew T.Bring a big group. Trust your captain. Order everything.

    55555 by Matthew T.

  • Will A.Sit in the back. Be sure to order the veal parmagiana despite the outrageous price. And avoid the chicken dishes. Save room for the lemon cheesecake. Overall a superb dining experience.

    55555 by Will A.

  • Alexis M.The food was worth the prices-get the beef carpaccio, the Caesar salad (made tableside), veal parm, and potatoes dogana. Tiramisu is skippable.

    55555 by Alexis M.

  • Brandon P.Lobster fra diavalo

    55555 by Brandon P.

  • StuartGood but $$$, like the Palm on steroids. Delmomico steak was great.

    55555 by Stuart

  • Bing Bing M.Awesome. A little pricey but well worth it.

    55555 by Bing Bing M.

  • Sarah S.Come for the music and the mushrooms. Everything else is good too.

    55555 by Sarah S.

  • The Corcoran GroupTreat yourself to a night in Roma, or at least pretend to when indulging in old style delicacies like the Tortellini al Ragu. The cozy brick interior and traditional décor helps achieve this!

    55555 by The Corcoran Group

  • Pete L.Let the waiter order for you!

    22222 by Pete L.

  • Mallory W.Cesar very garlicky (sp?). Scallops were great. Awesome chocolate cake and cappuccino.

    55555 by Mallory W.

  • Andrea D.Eat here and all other Italian food thereafter will seem subpar; and you will pout upon encountering it.

    33333 by Andrea D.

  • Pamela JWhen they ask if you want the meatballs, say YES

    33333 by Pamela J

  • eva c.Spicy rigatoni alla vodka. Do it!

    55555 by eva c.

  • Rina R.Order the spicy rigatoni, Caesar salad, and a side of polenta. My new happy place.

    55555 by Rina R.

  • danielleAssorted Baked Clams, Caesar alla ZZ, Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, Chicken Scarpariello, Polenta Torrisi (best ever), Funghi Trifolati all amazing! (skip the Crispy Rabe)

    55555 by danielle

  • The New Yorker Manager"The portions and the prices are as formidable as the pretense and the patter." The Caesar salad is "excellent," the garlic bread "good."

    55555 by The New Yorker Manager

  • Rebecca E.Best caesar salad of my life and the spicy rigatoni is out of this world. For all the hype, I was very let down by the veal parm. The decor is stunning and perfects the whole experience.

    55555 by Rebecca E.

  • Jamie S.Duuuuuude. Spicy rigatoni vodka. Everything also tremendous, but this is heaven and big enough to split between two for dinner. Again: spicy rigatoni vodka.

    55555 by Jamie S.

  • Frank A.If you are lucky, the Mayor will be in the house when you are here!

    33333 by Frank A.

  • 7th.ListThe place feels like a lively night downtown, circa 1958. Classics include linguine & clams, veal Parmesan, chicken scarpariello & lobster fra diavolo. Full Menu - http://goo.gl/IkIR5

    55555 by 7th.List

  • Maximilian P.The nicest bathrooms of any restaurant in New York City, maybe the world. Fresh white roses.

    55555 by Maximilian P.

  • hana LBeef carpaccio, Caesar salad, spicy rigatoni!!

    55555 by hana L

  • SimonSeafood salad, Caesar salad , baked claims, cold antipasti , veal parm , chicken scarp , rigatoni alla vodka , linguini in clams , veal with peppers and everything else

    55555 by Simon

  • Amanda S.You don't need to pay $50 for good veal parm, go for the Scarpiello instead, updated w tangy sauce & sausage.

    55555 by Amanda S.

  • SharonSpicy Rigatoni, sweet corn polenta, carrot cake ! Must order!

    55555 by Sharon

  • Emily JSpicy rigatoni, t-bone w filet tartare & tiramisu. Perfecto!

    55555 by Emily J

  • Josh B.This place is amazing and magical. Period. Ingenious. Love it. A throwback to the 50's done right, with stunning modern touches. A magical night awaits. - the foodie magician xoxo

    55555 by Josh B.

  • Helen L.Service here from the Torrisi duo is impeccable! Old Hollywood feel and cocktails will transport u. Every pasta perfectly cooked.

    55555 by Helen L.

  • Daniel B.From the boys behind Parm and Torrisi Italian Specialties, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone bring their talents to Greenwich Village at the much loved former space of "Rocco's"

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Daniel B."Get the Veal, it's the Best in the City," Solozzo (The Godfather)

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Danielle V.Thomas is amazing. Drink a bottle of Forlorn Hope and he'll help you fall in love

    55555 by Danielle V.

  • Matthew W.The veal parm is out of this world.

    55555 by Matthew W.

  • Sunday Sauce ARead About "Rocco's" Carbone and Italian-American in GREENWICH VILLAGE in "La TAVOLA"

    55555 by Sunday Sauce A

  • Daniel B.This is the old "Rocco's" space .. Hope they serve it well ..

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • Daniel B.This is the old "Rocco's" space.. Hope they do it well.

    33333 by Daniel B.

  • Daniel B.From the team behind PARM & Torrisi Italian Specialties Mario Carbone & Rich Torrisi open in Greenwich Village at the old Rocco's space . Expect Baked Clams, Meatballs, Spaghetti Vongole, and ....

    55555 by Daniel B.

  • SimonRigatoni is a must

    55555 by Simon

  • Marc E.Tasting Table says: From the Torrisi and Parm guys... Expect the classics, done right: linguine and clams, veal Parmesan, chicken scarpariello and lobster fra diavolo.

    55555 by Marc E.

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