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EN Japanese Brasserie

435 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

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(212) 647-9196


  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 2:30 am
  • Monday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Friday: 12:00 pm - 2:30 am
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:30 am

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Cuisine: Bars, Japanese Restaurants, Most Romantic Restaurants, Sushi Restaurants

4.8 of 5.0 from 150 reviews

price range:$26 to $50


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EN Japanese Brasserie Reviews

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  • Joshua ASuch a good, relaxing spot. The lunch sets are excellent deals, especially the crispy friend chicken.

    55555 by Joshua A

  • marcus LJust try the things you don't know! And ask if you don't know how to eat them. Adventure!

    33333 by marcus L

  • Elizabeth B.Recommended by sherif

    55555 by Elizabeth B.

  • Chez O.Delicious as expected. IWe were unsure of the ice cream sandwich dessert but really enjoyed it. If you're stuffed and want a lighter dessert that's still satisfying this is it!

    55555 by Chez O.

  • Benjamin P.THE FRESH TOFU. everything is great here but the the tofu (made fresh hourly) is the thing i have dreams about.

    55555 by Benjamin P.

  • Huaisi EElegant place and has a great variety of drinks to choose from.

    55555 by Huaisi E

  • Renaud #Book one of their 'private rooms' for your special occassions 🍾🍣🍱🍶🍸

    55555 by Renaud #

  • Tea KVery happy with my lunch here. Good options, attentive staff, nice atmosphere.

    55555 by Tea K

  • Jess BFood and ambiance are great but sooooo overpriced. $20 for 8 tiny tuna rolls??? Two apps, two drinks and two rolls cost my friend and $100+. Enjoyable but not worth cost

    33333 by Jess B

  • FINVOGUE DWhen in NY, I must have EN's salmon rice bowl. Rice is cooked with salmon for 40 min. It's come with roe & shredded shiso. It's insanely simple but tragically delicious. Cheaper option: garlic rice.

    55555 by FINVOGUE D

  • Nicole S.The steak on a piece of stone with little cubes of fat.

    22222 by Nicole S.

  • Grace LGreat place for a classy meal. A la carte beats prix fixe. Get the sashimi rib special if it's available.

    55555 by Grace L

  • ZubinSkip the mochi donuts

    55555 by Zubin

  • Ann YThe place is very spacious and I love the atmosphere there. Food are authentic and fresh. Highly recommend the Sparkling Yuzu!

    55555 by Ann Y

  • Esteban KEverything

    55555 by Esteban K

  • Massimiliano P.Amazing sake and shochu list

    55555 by Massimiliano P.

  • emily c.Get the black truffle chawanmushi (egg custard), anything with uni, the tofu salad, and the salmon rice pot. Just trust. Reserve tatami rooms in the back for a big group.

    55555 by emily c.

  • Irma Z.Beautiful space. Sushi and the black miso cod are delicious.

    55555 by Irma Z.

  • Grace MarieWagyu flank steak, grade A5 medium rare. No seasoning except for a sprinkle of sea salt. Stuff of my dreams.

    33333 by Grace Marie

  • flying felizTry the Sushi (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by flying feliz

  • flying felizTry the Tuna Roll (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by flying feliz

  • Anna BНевероятно вкусно! Нежнейший тофу собственного приготовления, суши с лососем и мороженное со вкусом мате и earl grey особенно порадовали

    55555 by Anna B

  • Living Jazz JSushi, sashimi, Japanese delicacies

    55555 by Living Jazz J

  • Rita SThe locally made tofu

    55555 by Rita S

  • Jeffrey W.Fried chicken lunch special is a great deal.

    55555 by Jeffrey W.

  • Alice F.Try the Uni tasting - From Peru, Santa Barbara, Maine and Japan. Very distinctive and delicious. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the Sea Eel Maki - Tasty sea eel roll before seeing "Something Rotten" in New York City. (via @Foodspotting)

    33333 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the otoro nigiri - Our server was jealous. Like buttah. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the Chicken Karaage - Karaage is great when done well. This one was great. (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Alice F.Try the House Made Cold Tofu - Custardy tofu with house sauce and salt (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Alice F.

  • Susan J CampbellWhat we loved: the organic chicken, tuna avocado salad, Wagyu beef, snow crab roll, vegetable tempura: not as much, the fried chicken, the soba noodles

    55555 by Susan J Campbell

  • Brook ShelleyDelicious but pricey. Amazing sashimi and fried chicken. Try all the sake

    55555 by Brook Shelley

  • Chefs Feed"EN Japanese Brasserie is always very professionally operated. The freshly-made scooped tofu is my children’s favorite, and I agree. They do everything well." Chef Mark Ladner

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Ana RBlack cod and the tasting menu

    55555 by Ana R

  • Catherine P.The scooped tofu (warm), uni don, shiso garlic rice, and any one of the clay pots!

    55555 by Catherine P.

  • Wei V.Try the Iced Matcha (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wei V.

  • Wei V.Try the Fresh Tofu (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wei V.

  • Wei V.Try the Crispy Fried Chicken (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wei V.

  • Wei V.Try the Steak & Egg - USDA prime rib eye and a garlic shoyu egg served on a hot stone with mizuna and watercress salad and steamed white rice (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wei V.

  • Wei V.Try the Kaki-Furai Omuretsu - Fried oyster omelette with house made tartar sauce, mizuna and watercress salad (via @Foodspotting)

    55555 by Wei V.

  • Roula H.Had their omakase with Sake pairing which was good. The best dish was the scooped tofu.

    55555 by Roula H.

  • Emily SSkip the sushi and share a few traditional Japanese dishes instead--the freshly scooped tofu is not to miss and the rice pots are great too.

    55555 by Emily S

  • Cynthia L.Trendy but traditional at the same time. Average prices. Good but no standouts.

    55555 by Cynthia L.

  • Andrew S.Black cod is really good.

    55555 by Andrew S.

  • Gabriel H.Amazing cocktails. I really loved the Local Honey (made with Nikka Coffey grain whiskey, local honey with wasabi, Beefeater gin and bee pollen.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.A wonderful fancy sit down lunch near Hudson Square.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Wonderful miso soup. Very refreshing.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.Definitely try the Buta Bara To Renkon No Kinpira (shoyu-braised thinly sliced pork belly & lotus root).

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.One of the best upscale Japanese restaurants I have been to in New York City.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.The Uni Don special is very worth trying. I had never had sea urchin before, but I thought this was prepared tremendously with the roe, the wasabi and the seaweed.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Gabriel H.The black cod is one of the best dishes I have had. So naturally buttery and flavorful. Melts in your mouth. This dish is a must try.

    55555 by Gabriel H.

  • Stella msalt grilled salmon fro sunday brunch - epic

    55555 by Stella m

  • Michelle BUni don and duck warm soba are musts !

    55555 by Michelle B

  • Johnny W.Great for vegetarian, home made tofu made in hourly batches is a must. Sit at the sushi bar over all other spots. This place leads tofu in NYC.

    55555 by Johnny W.

  • Christine 지혜 Y.They put in the wrong der and it took us 2 hours to get our plates. I had to ask three people including walking up to the reception where is my dish

    22222 by Christine 지혜 Y.

  • GretchenYou can't go wrong with the miso black cod. Very tender and flavorful.

    55555 by Gretchen

  • Jeanne ChoUni don is a steal of a deal!!

    55555 by Jeanne Cho

  • Sonia SBerry panna cotta

    55555 by Sonia S

  • Chaosilky handmade tofu tastes really good. Wagyu beef is very tender.

    55555 by Chao

  • ZubinCod, warm tofu, plentiful roe with the salmon bowl

    55555 by Zubin

  • Sherry L.Great sake list. They make tofu in house, so this is a must have. Nice lunch options at reasonable prices.

    55555 by Sherry L.

  • Elio A.The space is really cool: high ceilings, cozy furniture and no music (shocker!). The food was really good: we tried the fried tofu and it was mind blowing. Then salmon rice and another tofu salad.

    55555 by Elio A.

  • Mika TakahashiMost beautiful space I've seen for a Japanese restaurant in the city. It's spacious and has high ceilings. The brunch menu is amazing I would recommend the sake teishoku (salmon).

    55555 by Mika Takahashi

  • Veronica ChouAll gooooooddd

    33333 by Veronica Chou

  • CCnycCod, tofu, uni don, chocolate mochi doughnuts, green tea ice cream

    55555 by CCnyc

  • StaceyLove, love, love it! FYI: it's getting difficult to get a reservation. If you want to go, make your decision a week before you're actually ready to eat!

    55555 by Stacey

  • NancerellaThis is truly one of my favorite place in Manhattan... If you go, you MUST order the home made tofu (warm version) and Salmon Rice pot!!! Amazing!!!!

    55555 by Nancerella

  • Ailie C.Love the ambiance! Nice pricey date spot. Start off with Crab Miso Soup. Get the Kuroge Washugyu Taki Shabu. And get their Yuzu cocktail.

    55555 by Ailie C.

  • Ina LiGorgeous interior and all food beautifully cooked. Worth the price. Must try the warm house tofu!

    55555 by Ina Li

  • Ivy GanDo not order sashimi - the chutoro was not very fresh. Great ambience though.

    55555 by Ivy Gan

  • Patricia L.Sushi trying too hard to be West Village. Appetizers are impressively over-salted, rolls are on par with your standard Seamless takeout order. If you're looking for Japanese, head elsewhere.

    55555 by Patricia L.

  • Rachel AltvaterTofu, restaurant week

    55555 by Rachel Altvater

  • EN IEN is having a very special White Truffle Christmas Eve event! 9 courses of Alba white truffle decadence! Limited to 16 guests... http://bit.ly/1yxw6kF

    55555 by EN I

  • Vic Z.Everything is great, but in particular, the house made (hourly) fresh tofu, and the fried chicken (which comes with tofu).

    55555 by Vic Z.

  • Brian P.Lousy rude waiter here. Food comes out at all different times. An entire cooked fish came out 45 minutes before a tiny appetizer. Left feeling wanting much more.

    22222 by Brian P.

  • Anuj M.Resto is extremely well lit at lunch with its large windows on the corner of hudson and leroy. The lunch sets offer great value vs. the dinner menu. The sashimi set was expertly done and satisfying.

    55555 by Anuj M.

  • Eric G.Literally everything is good. Everything.

    55555 by Eric G.

  • BeatriceReal ginger ale! Fresh fried chicken! Love the pork shabu shabu salad as well!

    55555 by Beatrice

  • Kev S.Get chefs choice and make sure to try the handmade tofu. I dont even mess with tofu normally but this will vaporize your brain.

    55555 by Kev S.

  • Nicole S.Some uni meals leave a lasting impression on a foodie's soul. The uni don is undoubtedly one of those rare meals. Read more about my quest for the best uni at www.urchinsurchin.com.

    55555 by Nicole S.

  • Liang S.The vegetarian sashimi is an art and culinary experience. Would recommend trying it at least once.

    55555 by Liang S.

  • Pei Chi RMiso black cod, braised pork belly.

    55555 by Pei Chi R

  • Connie ChiuEverything! We got one of the pre fixe style meals that had 5-6 courses and a sake pairing. The miso grilled cod was my favorite.

    55555 by Connie Chiu

  • James H.Black cod is a notch above Nobu.

    55555 by James H.

  • Chefs FeedScott Conant, chef of Scarpetta, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Truffle chawanmushi.

    55555 by Chefs Feed

  • Prashant 🚀 A.The set menu lunch is expensive but a great value for the quality and portion size. We enjoyed the fried chicken and the tonkatsu.

    55555 by Prashant 🚀 A.

  • Jessica ChengWagyu beef was seared perfectly and beautifully presented. Highly recommend. As well as all the desserts!

    55555 by Jessica Cheng

  • Lori L.The agedashi tofu here is made in-house, and is some of the best in NYC. Don't leave without trying the black sesame ice cream either.

    55555 by Lori L.

  • David S.The fresh tofu is amazing.

    55555 by David S.

  • VoiceStreetThe seven-course kaiseki menus are a good way to experience the whole menu, including standout dishes like the miso-marinated black cod, uni egg custard and Japanese strip loin with truffle butter.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • VoiceStreetExecutive chef Koji Nakan cooks some of the most refined Japanese food in the city, taking humble izakaya dishes and turning them into something you won't mind shelling out serious cash for.

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Neda PChef's dinner is a must!

    55555 by Neda P

  • Stephanie S.Tofu is amazing! So fresh.

    55555 by Stephanie S.

  • Katherine M.Delicious tofu and the most authentic matcha I've had, but quite $$$.

    55555 by Katherine M.

  • Julia M.Trust the omakase, otherwise definitely the miso black cod. Melts on your mouth deliciousness.

    55555 by Julia M.

  • melanie a.Impeccable service, wonderful attention to my gluten free needs. Which is rare for a Japanese restaurant! Thank you, EN!

    55555 by melanie a.

  • Rick V.Shiso garlic rice will haunt you. It's the crack that makes you come back to EN.

    55555 by Rick V.

  • Demirhan Cperfect taste and service.

    55555 by Demirhan C

  • Anirvan G.Saikyo Miso Black Cod mizuna is really good.

    55555 by Anirvan G.

  • DanwenFreshly made scooped tofu, egg with truffles (special for the night), uni don, uni roll, washugyu, sake flight, Black Sea bass... Everything is so delicious!!!

    55555 by Danwen

  • Annie K.Holly black cod

    55555 by Annie K.

  • Amy K.Get the seppun, their grapefruit cocktail!

    33333 by Amy K.

  • Chelle 💃.The house infused coffee shochu on the rocks is absolutely to die for; new favorite coffee cocktail...

    55555 by Chelle 💃.

  • Vanessa V.Restaurant week! :)

    55555 by Vanessa V.

  • Vanessa V.Menu for rest week

    33333 by Vanessa V.

  • Camilla C.home made tofu here is awesome

    55555 by Camilla C.

  • Kmart FashionOne of the most elegant dining experiences ever - a bit pricey but worth every penny. Our tip: Book reservations during restaurant week and snag a three-course meal for $40.

    55555 by Kmart Fashion

  • Kmart FashionOne of the most elegant dining experiences ever - a bit pricey but worth every penny. Our tip: Book reservations during restaurant week and snag a three-course meal for $40

    55555 by Kmart Fashion

  • Andy D.try the ginger cocktail! Excellent!

    55555 by Andy D.

  • James ChowHave the house made tofu. Amazing!

    55555 by James Chow

  • A.J. B.Jean-Georges himself loves the food here. Having been on a number of occasions I know why!

    55555 by A.J. B.

  • Damien Islam-FrenoyBest oysters in NYC!

    55555 by Damien Islam-Frenoy

  • New York HabitatGreat sushi at this place but it's the fresh tofu we love! If you want great Japanese food in the village look no further.

    55555 by New York Habitat

  • Time Out New YorkTry the freshly made scooped tofu; a delicate, silken dish with a nutty flavor. It’s one of our #100best dishes and drinks of 2011.

    55555 by Time Out New York

  • Justin K.Soyo Kaze tasting menu for 2 plus an extra (either fried chicken or shabu meat dish) is a winner

    55555 by Justin K.

  • Eric W.Tried a bunch of stuff and the black cod and pork belly were definitely the winners.

    55555 by Eric W.

  • Melody H.Expansive and a wee expensive. Really effing good cold tofu (housemade) and wagyu beef that dissolves on your tongue. $65 tasting menu available.

    55555 by Melody H.

  • SeamlessGo big and stay home when you order the Uni Don loaded with sea urchin from this popular West Village spot.

    55555 by Seamless

  • Caroline A.Fried Chicken Lunch.

    55555 by Caroline A.

  • Nuri ITry the home brew ginger ale - delicious!

    55555 by Nuri I

  • Shahi H.Edamame is awesome

    55555 by Shahi H.

  • HowcastKnowing a few things about Japanese polite society can spare you a lot of embarrassment. Show off to the waiters your proper Japanese etiquette! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5URSNK9Djk

    33333 by Howcast

  • Chico ZenWarm tofu a must, seppuns, mix drinks excellent, shiso garlic rice, fish collard specials. Private rooms are fun if you need them.

    55555 by Chico Zen

  • Derek K.Ridiculously delicious brunch - peaceful and nice

    55555 by Derek K.

  • Sevcan U.Fried eggplants were amazing just as the sesame icecream is

    55555 by Sevcan U.

  • Matthew G.The black sea bass nitsuke is unreal!

    55555 by Matthew G.

  • Jennifer  K.Highlights: warm house made tofu, fried chicken, cod & sesame ice cream

    55555 by Jennifer  K.

  • Jackie C.Sake flight was fun. Rest of the food was just ok. Best thing was the garlic fried rice. Cheaper food at st. Marks.

    55555 by Jackie C.

  • Elissa S.Ashley Olsen is here right now - the food is fabulous and you never know who you'll see.

    55555 by Elissa S.

  • Nicole RJesse at the bar serves up some of the best drinks in the city. Perfect pre-din cocktails!

    55555 by Nicole R

  • Sean G.Get the uni roll. Amazing.

    55555 by Sean G.

  • Mark P.Uni Don, Mochi Croquette, Miso Cod, Ginger Shochu...can't go wrong.

    55555 by Mark P.

  • Julie Q.I will make any excuse to come here for the Kuroge Washugyu Yaki Shabu. Get it while it's still on the menu!!!

    33333 by Julie Q.

  • Jerry C.Taste a bit of Heaven by doing the full boat: Chef's Osusume with the 7 sake & shochu accompaniment! You only live once.

    55555 by Jerry C.

  • Matt D.11/20/2010: Alert, their tofu vendor went out of business and they haven't had fresh tofu since then. No eta at this time on the return.

    33333 by Matt D.

  • Pete FWhat's the fascination with the hand crafted tofu? Doesn't really taste like anything. On the other hand, the black cod is amazing.

    55555 by Pete F

  • Matt D.Order wisely and you'll have a fantastic meal: warm tofu (a must order), tuna/avocado salad, black cod, pork belly, stone chicken, garlic fried rice.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • Matt D.Here's the right move: warm tofu x2, tuna and avocado salad, black cod, pork belly, garlic fried rice.

    55555 by Matt D.

  • VoiceStreetTry the Okara- it's delicious. Braised in shoyu & shot through w. tender bits of shiitake mushrooms, carrots, & snow peas, the okara has a crumbly, slightly spongy texture. Give it a try!

    55555 by VoiceStreet

  • Melissa K.Saw Yoko Ono eating dinner here!

    55555 by Melissa K.

  • Melissa K.The tofu is amazing!

    55555 by Melissa K.

  • Tasayu T.The portions were larger then expected and the taste was amazing! The Kakuni no Buta was slamming! And the Saikyo Cod Fish superb!

    55555 by Tasayu T.

  • Helen (Lena) M.I went for the seasonal organic veggie plate which came with a dipping sauce made of soy milk & tuna. It was light, scrumptious, & just what my body needed but i'm going back for the steak which they

    55555 by Helen (Lena) M.

  • Cece N1 of 2 - Great housemade tofu! Main waiter can use some improvement - asked how should I start with a set of sakes, replied " ask him (next table), he just had it".

    33333 by Cece N

  • AskMenStop by for the “fish heads, eel bones & beer” dinner, a monthly fete with dishes like whole roasted tuna collar, salmon skin salad & deep fried eel bones-all for $45 with Sapporo from the keg.

    55555 by AskMen

  • Jaidev S.Several great expeiences before but sloppy service today!

    33333 by Jaidev S.

  • Graham DDon't eat here.

    33333 by Graham D

  • Tammy H.Uni Don is the bomb!

    55555 by Tammy H.

  • Dean EHad a very average meal here. Pricey and not great...

    55555 by Dean E

  • Phoebe E.Go to sake tasting ('til 7:30 everyday): just pick your own 3 flights to sample. Also sign up for their 50 Sake Tasting event. Try the Toyo Bijin junmai dai ginjo if available.

    55555 by Phoebe E.

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